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My Baby Boy Cheats for NDS
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My Baby Boy NDS Cheats

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My Baby Boy Cheats

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My Baby Boy

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

How to get 5 golden teddy bears on pictures all the time 95%
You need:

Modern Santa outfit with the Red Rattle:

1. Red Bonnet - Modern Santa
2. Red Coat - Modern Santa
3. Red Pants - Modern Santa
4. Brown Boot's - Modern Santa
5. Red Rattle

Original Santa outfit with Green Rattle:

1. Green Bonnet - Original Santa
2. Green Coat - Original Santa
3. Green Pants - Original Santa
4. Black Boot's - Original Santa
5. Green Rattle
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When walking through the park or the city with the baby. 95%
Things to avoid:

1. Bee's - Stop and they will not sting your baby and you will get a happy heart.
2. Dog's - Go as fast as you can and you will get a happy heart.
3. Traffic Sign - Stop intil the light turn's red then you can cross the street and get a happy heart.

Thing's to look for:

1. Guy playing guitar - Stop you will get a happy heart.
2. Women in purple dress wearing tan hat - Stop you will get a happy heart.
3. Butterflies - Stop you will get a happy heart.
4. Squirrel's - When you see a squirrel go as fast as you can and you will get a happy heart.

Happy heart - is just another way to say the baby is very happy.

If you do all these thing's when out on a walk with the baby your very likely to get a couple of present's from granny. I know I have that is how I know this cheat work's.
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Picture Quality 95%
You need to have five golden teddy bears on all five pictures for granny to get one secret gift each month from granny that you can not sell or buy in the store.
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Money $$$ Money 94%
At the beggining of the game you get a toy. Sell the toy and go back to your toys you will notice that its still there you can keep reselling it and still have it its easy money
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Easy Money 94%
If you purchase the more expensive toys and sell them back, they'll start coming back to you, allowing you to continue to resell them.
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Secret Toys 93%
Granny give's you these toy's when you take really good care of the baby or when you get 5 golden teddy bear's on 5 of your picture's for granny but they do not count as part of the 341 item's there just bonus toy's:

1. Red Rattle
2. Yellow cube
3. Dong! Rainbow Arch
4. Bong! Chicken Arch
5. Foam ball
6. Grey cuddly blanket
7. Blue ball
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Secret Clothes 93%
These are clothes you can only get from granny for taking really good care of the baby and not from the store:

1. White and brown cow undershirt
2. Lilac body with smiley
3. Black and white cow body
4. Purple T-Shirt - Alice the cat
5. Orange and black T-Shirt
6. Yellow Bear - Pajamas
7. My Baby Boy - Pajamas
8. My Baby Girl - Pajamas
9. Plum-Colored - Pajamas
10. Red Coat - Modern Santa
11. Red Bonnet - Modern Santa
12. Red Pants - Modern Santa
13. Brown Boots - Modern Santa
14. Purple sneakers
15. Blue Dungarees Bear
16. Pink Skirt
17. Mustard - Colored Sweater
18. Skater's Helmet
19. Hare Ears
20. Red Star Glasses
21. Pink Brazillian Bracelet
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Star points 86%
You can only earn up to 999999 in star point's.
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Delete a Profile 82%
Press the R button, X button, then the B button to delete a profile.
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Talking to the Baby 76%
Instead of actually talking, instead just blow lightly into the microphone. It saves time and breath
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Camera's 75%
Just so every one know's there are 3 type's of camera's in this game:

1. Disposeable Camera
2. Compact Camera
3. Reflex Camera - This one cost's 2500 point's. This is the one your going to want if you want to get 5 golden teddy bear pictures all the time.

If you hit the L or R button and want exit out of picture mode hit the select button.
By: ymmas626(1149)
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Stratagey.. (: 68%
When you are teaching your baby too do something, talking too him/her
is best,, cause if you don't then it takes longer, too teach,

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What each teddy bear is worth for each picture: 60%
1 teddy bear - 40 point's.
2 teddy bear's - 75 point's.
3 teddy bear's - 100 point's.
4 teddy bear's - 200 point's.
5 teddy bear's - 500 point's.
By: ymmas626(1149)
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Max of hours in game 52%
You can only get up to 99 hour's in the game.
By: ymmas626(1149)
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Pass the month your on 37%
You can only do this twice.But if you wanna pass the month you have to feed the baby twice and wait to you have to change his diaper then after you change him give him a bath and try to pull him under very slowly.then take the baby for a walk and put it in the middle of the street and wait for the car if the car dont come by two min start over but if you keep starting over you will get 28 new things from grandma.(you will know when the car is coming if you see a yellow light I ()swear this works
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Pimp suit for you baby boy 32%
Once your 10 months old you get a pimp suit!
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Wants you beging my baby boy for nds it says what are you gonna name your baby boy......type in fagolisious......then it will say ok whats will you name your other baby boy......this cheat me.....have fun with your Twins!
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My Baby Boy 455607He keeps crieing. Answers: 6
My Baby Boy 373596There's no more gel in the bottle when I go to bathe the baby! What am I supposed to do about that?! Answers: 6
My Baby Boy 381863My baby is six months,i need him to turn twords a sound.I can't get him to d please help.=] Answers: 9
My Baby Boy 461292I Am Stuck on the first month. how do I get him to look at me when I call his name. it won't work Answers: 7
My Baby Boy 389879How do make my baby claps his/her hands Answers: 4
My Baby Boy 609865I want this game but I saw a pic in the reviews on another site and it said questions for baby. It asked what gender. so can you change the gender of the baby without buying the other game? Answers: 5
My Baby Boy 499494I still can`t get my baby bo get hold of it, i`been trying in years! Answers: 2
My Baby Boy 533251I can not get my baby to take steps in month 10, I get him to stand up but than he automatically turns and starts to crawl. Answers: 4
My Baby Boy 731472How do you get stars to get clothes Answers: 1
My Baby Boy 474308How do you get the other 34 items to complete the 341 items? Answers: 1
My Baby Boy 478235I play on My Baby Boy, and I dont know how to make it roll over on its tummy, any help? Answers: 4
My Baby Boy 485050On My Baby Girl how does she grab the first toy ever in the toy trunk? Answers: 4
My Baby Boy 505925Im stuck on the second month and how to I get the baby boy to smile at caressing? please help. Answers: 7
My Baby Boy 589223Im stuck on the second month plz help! The baby wont stop crying and I cant get it to follow anything with its eyes! Answers: 9
My Baby Boy 718010What do I do when my baby reaches a dog when were out for a stroll? Answers: 1
My Baby Boy 681927How do I take the toy and give my son the toy Answers: 2
My Baby Boy 695728Can you still have a girl even if you have the game my baby boy? Answers: 2
My Baby Boy 707848PLEASE HELP! I cant get my baby to take the toy I have tryed holding it close to his hand talking to him ive tryed with two different toys I cant do this someone HELP I HATE DOING THIS Answers: 2
My Baby Boy 736416Im stuck on month 7! I cant get him to have firm legs.Help? Answers: 2
My Baby Boy 389414How do I get to play outside when he fully walking and get let him feed hisself Answers: 5
My Baby Boy 455589I'm giving my baby boy a bath and the soap is not on the wash cloth. What do I do. Answers: 4
My Baby Boy 487437I get a ! mark when I am trying to change nappy, this stops me from being able to change nappy, please help? Answers: 6
My Baby Boy 497974I washed him with the towel cloth and I dont know were the sponge is Answers: 3
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