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Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals Cheats for PC
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Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals PC Cheats

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Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals

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Water fall 100%
To make a waterfall the buttom part has to be low and the top part has to be high and add water to the top and buttom
By: thedominater323(659)
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Crouching 100%
Hold down x to crouch.
By: MGSYoshi(23)
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Secret Dinosaur: Mosasaurus 100%
There is a secret Mosasaurus, the only extinct water dino. You do also need Marine Mania to get this dinosaur as you wont have a tank for it. If you have both Extinct Animals and Marine Mania, do these instructions and Mosasaurus will be possible to buy.

1. Have a bottlenose dolphin in just a large lake, not a tank.
2. Get a deinosuchus and put it in the same lake, it needs to be in there with the dolphin. Suggested you fence around the lake so the deinosuchus doesn't crawl out.
3. If your very lucky, the Deinosuchus wouldn't have eaten the dolphin right now. It should show "Father" on the Deinosuchus' family tree and "Mother" on the dolphin's family tree, not showing the other parent. When like this, the Deinosuchus will 100% not eat the dolphin.
4. After a long long long while, it should say at the top "Bottlenose Dolphin is now pregnant" which means your close to getting the Mosasaurus!
5. After AGES, the dolphin will give birth to an actual baby Mosasaurus! At this time, Mosasaurus will appear in the animal list, buyable!
F.Y.I: The newborn Mosasaurus will kill the dolphin and Deinosuchus, Deinosuchus will try to kill the Mosasaurus too.
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Secret Crossbreeds 100%
Requires you to first go into the games files and find where it says Crossbreeds=false and change it to Crossbreeds=true to be able to get these rare animals that never were put into the game. Ones that need specific genders are shown.

Dragon: Komodo Dragon (F) + Secretary Bird (M)
Phoenix: Dragon (M) + Secretary Bird (F)
Kraken: Deinosuchus + Whale Shark (Don't know how this works...)
Killer Penguin: Do the Lab technique or Rock hopper Penguin + T-rex
Unicorn: Preswalski's Wild Horse + Styracosaurus
Pegasus: Preswalski's Wild Horse + Secretary Bird
Minotaur: Ibex + Aurochs
Werewolf: Gray Wolf (F) + Gorilla (M)
Thunderbird: Secretary Bird + Giant Ground Sloth
Gryphon: Thunderbird + Lion
Water Dragon: Whale Shark + Dragon
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Screams 88%
Go to the freeform menu and spin the globe around.
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Herding 83%
Ive only tried this with bluebucks but if you get a bunch of them they'll start moving around in herds. my largest one so far has been 20
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Making Your Animals Happy 80%
Here is a list of all the animals you can buy in Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals (PC.) Next to them is their preferred habitat.

Cave Lion - Alpine
American Mastodon - Boreal Forest
Carnotaurus - Boreal Forest
Saber-Toothed Cat - Boreal Forest
Stegosaurus - Boreal Forest
Stokesosaurus - Boreal Forest
Triceratops - Boreal Forest
Utahraptor - Boreal Forest
Velociraptor - Desert
Bluebuck - Grassland
Dwarf Sicilian Elephant - Grassland
Giant Camel - Grassland
Warrah - Grassland
Giant Warthog - Savannah
Sivatherium - Savannah
Doedicurus - Scrub
Giant Ground Sloth - Scrub
Aurochs - Temperate Forest
Bush-Antlered Deer - Temperate Forest
Thylacine - Temperate Forest
Deinonychus - Tropical Rainforest
Deinosuchus - Tropical Rainforest
Dodo - Tropical Rainforest
Gigantopithecus - Tropical Rainforest
Styracosaurus - Tropical Rainforest
Tyrannosaurus Rex - Tropical Rainforest
Short-Faced Bear - Tundra
Woolly Rhinoceros - Tundra
Ankylosaurus - Wetlands
Dimetrodon - Wetlands
Diprotodon - Wetlands
Elephant Bird - Wetlands
Kentrosaurus - Wetlands
Protarchaeopteryx - Wetlands
By: Dinogirl3000(1085)
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Mixed animals breeding 75%
If you put a Masai Giraffe female and a Reticulated Giraffe male it will be a Masai Giraffe baby
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Modes 71%
Mode 1
Guest mode

Mode 2
Photo safari mode

Mode 3
Overhead view mode
By: pokemaster10101(1313)
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Getting a free item from mission 63%
Do a 5 star zoo save it 9 times go to the zoo choosing menu then it should say what item
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Wild 63%
Put animals out of cages so it will be wild
By: pokemaster10101(1313)
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Meerkats Dangerous 50%
Even thought Meerkats look harmless they ill attack and kill Koalas and Red Pandas
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How to get a allosorus,t rex,dodo and a branchasurus 44%
Name a dodo super allosorus
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Killer penguin 44%
Go to create protopterix then get 2 right on the first swipe then get 1 right on the second swipe if it dosn't work the first time you should eventauly get the killer penguin

(p.s. killer penguins kill and eat anything)
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How to be a dinosaur tank fish or species 38%
Atleast put in a tank fish or any animal then go to geust mode then the mod workd
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Cheat to an allosarus 36%
Type in alloman at the first man who goes in your park
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Zoo Tycoon1 Unlock Everything 33%
(on control Pad)
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Emu as a vip 33%
Name a dodo blue neck
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How to get a allosorus flying 31%
Step 1.get a t.rex
step 2. get one then get it in a crated
step 3.get 11 dodos
last step.drop in then look up then its flying
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Getting all dinos 29%
You can get all the dinosaurs by renamining 1 geust dinoman
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