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X-Men Legends Cheats for PS2
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X-Men Legends PS2 Cheats

Rating: 3.3/5 VOTE
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X-Men Legends

Rating: 3.3/5 VOTE

Extreme costumes 76%
On the main menu enter UP, UP, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, START
By: pheonix82(116)
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Iceman tip 64%
Iceman can freez fire so yo can get past a fire line that blocks the way.
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Easy Level Up! 56%
WHen you can access the danger room you should collect the discs which require a team to complete,once that's done keep on playing these danger room missions its a win,win situation even if you fail you characte still keep EXP(note: the higher your lvl the more EXP you need so it will get a lot more harder to Level up your X men)
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Easy EXP. for up to lvl 13 54%
After you aquaire the danger room go to magma's throwing training and keep defeating the ropbots but not throwing them and continue to do this until you get lvl 13 characters.
By: zero56(358)
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How to kill the first boss 48%
Just use the super claw and do it all over again when you have low health and no health packs dont panic just run away from the boss to recharge health and energy but you have to change the hp and ep type when you change it read the info in the box
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Comstems all open 39%
Up(2),left, right,down(2),right, left, then press start and a box will be on you sceen if you did it corret
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X men legends 36%
Left, right,left,right,up,down,start
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Level 99 35%
Up up left right dowm
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Unlock Everybody 31%
On the main menu prees up,up,up,up,down,down,left,left,right.
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X-Men Legends 677433Is the game multiplayer Answers: 1
X-Men Legends 524596I need help on the ice tunnels because the only person I got available is wolverine and no other x-men and wolves on low health. Answers: 7
X-Men Legends 547730How can we beat pyro Answers: 2
X-Men Legends 559441Im in the ice tunnels and there is no way out can someone plz tell me how? Answers: 2
X-Men Legends 576122On the timing time on the ship who has to repair the ship for more time Answers: 2
X-Men Legends 591705How do I beat Marrow for the second time? Answers: 4
X-Men Legends 631993I've only got rough in the main tunnel and I need ice man how do I get him back Answers: 1
X-Men Legends 732599How do you beat dark blob on the astral plane Answers: 3
X-Men Legends 942280Is there a way to get back to the mansion after beating the master mold Answers: 0
X-Men Legends 520599How do I get pass the broken bridge in level 10 Answers: 3
X-Men Legends 550260Where do I find danger room disk combined powers 101? Answers: 1
X-Men Legends 845689I need help on level 2 after the part when you haf to use iceman to make the brige and then there are a bunch ov guys Answers: 0
X-Men Legends 849560How is the last character? Answers: 0
X-Men Legends 898113I neeed help trying to pass the magma test can anyone help? Answers: 0
X-Men Legends 929580How do I rescue Gambit? Answers: 1
X-Men Legends 942302Is there a way to get back to the xmansion after beating the entire game? Answers: 0
X-Men Legends 951705How do I free colossus Answers: 0
X-Men Legends 324518How to beat tanks Answers: 3
X-Men Legends 526662After finishing level two at the harp facility where do you find beast Answers: 1
X-Men Legends 313288The cheat codes for x-men legends does not work can I have the real ones? please Answers: 1
X-Men Legends 604199How do I put the cheat codes in for x-men legends? Answers: 1
X-Men Legends 651686How become almost all of the cheat codes work Answers: 0
X-Men Legends 669958What is the highest level a character can reach ? Answers: 2
X-Men Legends 672963How do you beat marrow? Answers: 1
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