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NASCAR 09 Cheats for PS2
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NASCAR 09 PS2 Cheats

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Walmart Track & Car 83%
Description: unlock a Walmart-related track and the car

How to unlock: From the in-game cheats menu, insert Walmart Everyday as the password.
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Unlockable: Walmart stuff 69%
Go to Chase for the Sprint Cup. Go to Edit Driver. Enter...
First name: WalMart
Last name: EveryDay
Do it excatly this way...otherwise it won't work. You'll unlock...
...a WalMart sponser for custom cars.
...a 2.5 mile road course based on the streets of Chicago.
...and a Walmart car for each series.

Happy WalMart day!
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Michael Mcdowell 69%
For your driver's name, enter Michael Mcdowell00 to unlock Michael Mcdowell (#00)
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All Fantasy Drivers 69%
Description: Unlock all fantasy drivers

How to unlock: Insert the cheat CHECKERED FLAG into the in-game cheats menu.
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How to complete medallion tasks on lap 5 cars quicker 60%
In order to complete the medallion tasks lap 5 cars quicker at any track in any series go to the select race menu when it asks difficulty put rookie and put race lenght to short 8% and put unlimited fuel and tires off if it is not off it will not work then select your favorite car then select track then start the race and keep going as fast as you can and the other cars will pit (NO PITTING IN WHELEN) and you dont pit and you will lap the cars and you will have the medallion complete you will run out of gas but the medallion will be complete and you restart from the regular race menu on a different or same race at that track and you will be on the pole.
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How to get the Lap 5 Cars medal (part two) 59%
This hint works most of the time for me. OK, when your in race now set the race length to medium or long, which ever one want just not dash or short. Then turn the unlimited flue & tiers off. Then when the leaders pit, don't. Go around one more time and pass at least 6 cars. Then when the medal pops up pause the race and quit (trust me it works, you'll still have the medal).
*will only work on tracks that are 1.5 miles long or less.
*But DON'T cause a pile-up, they WILL pit early and it WILL screw you up.
*Also DON'T wait to long or you will run out of gas.
*O and the best thing to go is go around them when they are just off pit road.
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Walmart car and chicago pier track 57%
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How to get the Lap 5 Cars medal 55%
Want to get the gold medal? Here is a hint! Instead of going the oppisite direction, spin people out.
I know, it might not work, but it also causes a huge wreck! If he has enough time, he could come around
and smack everyone!
*Might not work on road courses or big tracks. (Example: Talledega, Speedway Blvd.).
*Mostly works on short tracks. (Example: Bristol).
*You might smack everyone and then be out of the race.
*You might pop your tire from the metal out on the track.
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Hint : Wal-Mart Track 51%
When you are raceing at the Wal-Mart track and you go on a turn dont go on the inside of the turn stay in the middle of the turn and you will get a faster speed. But cars can still pass you on the inside but you will have the faster car.
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Easy wins 50%
Set damage to visual, fuel & tires off, about 25-50%, and select a track that is not short or a road course. then drive the wrong way and crash into other people really fast. they will flip and may catch on fire. keep doing this till everyone is eliminated. then you either win by default, or just run. the race. no need for rewind :D
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Hint: get 1st @ Tiburon and Bristol off of pit road under yellow! 47%
Are you tired of doing short pit stops at Tiburon/Bristol, being 1st or 2nd when you get off of pit road, and on the restart your in 42nd or 43rd? Well I got a tip that could make it a bit easier to get a top 5 or win!
It's kind of simple. The key is to get the pit stop to be as long as you can. I know it sounds crazy, but it works! It works in race now and Chase For the Sprint cup!
Unless one of the things you got to do to keep your contract is to keep the in one piece, beat up the race car, then pit UNDER YELLOW (if you pit under green, this won't work) and ask for*...
...all four tires CHANGED! damage, YES
...and put in as much gas as you can!
The more laps you go down, the more it works**. Pitting by yourself under yellow also works, but you have to take damage repair and all four tires.

*= wedge adjustments don't affect your timing when pitting unless done by it's self.

**= only works under yellow.
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This is not a cheat i do this all the time 43%
Do you want to cause a traffic jam. alright in the begining go get some speed turn and go right in front of them stay there some of them will get away but some cars will come at about 100mph and hit them then get out of there.
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Michael mcdowlll flip 41%
Turn right into a wall and flip 8 times at texas 2 unlock michael mcdowell
By: polobob(37)
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All chase plates unlocked 33%
Go to chase for sprint cup and put for first name: chase
for last name: plates
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All car crash 29%
Left right up down down right up up down left x x x
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How to go through cars 27%
Up up x x right left square circle down down
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Unlockable: Michael Mcdowell 26%
In the My Driver Screen enter Michael Mcdowell00 as your driver's name to unlock Michael Mcdowell (#00)
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Cheats 25%
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For Michael Mcdowell go to EA SPORTS EXTRAS /Cheat Codes and enter MICHAEL MCDOWELL00
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