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NASCAR 09 Cheats for PS3
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NASCAR 09 PS3 Cheats

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Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Walmart Track & Car 93%
Description: Unlock a Walmart-related track & car

How to unlock: From the in-game cheats menu, insert Walmart Everyday as the password
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All Fantasy Drivers 60%
Description: unlock all fantasy drivers

How to unlock: Insert the cheat CHECKERED FLAG into the in-game cheats menu.
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Cheat codes.they rock 27%
Code effect
checkered flag unlocks all chase cars
race the pack unlocks all fantasy drivers
ea sports car unlocks ea sports car
walmart everyday wal-mart cars and chicago pier racetrack
By: cski24(74)
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For Michael Mcdowell go to EA SPORTS EXTRAS to Cheat Codes and enter Michael Mcdowell00 for Michael Mcdowell(#00)
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24 Trophies
NASCAR 09 - Keep On Truckin' Keep On Truckin'
Win a Craftsman Truck Series race (minimum of 11 opponents).
NASCAR 09 - Nationwide Reward Nationwide Reward
Win a Nationwide Series race (minimum of 11 opponents).
NASCAR 09 - Sprint Ahead Sprint Ahead
Win a Sprint Cup race (minimum of 11 opponents).
NASCAR 09 - Craftsman Champion Craftsman Champion
Win a Craftsman Truck Series Championship in Career.
NASCAR 09 - Top of the World Top of the World
100 Rated Car for All Track Types.
NASCAR 09 - Nationwide Champion Nationwide Champion
Win a Nationwide Series Championship in Career.
NASCAR 09 - Unfriendly Unfriendly
Take track ownership from a friend.
NASCAR 09 - Chase Champion Chase Champion
Win a Sprint Cup Series Championship in Career.
NASCAR 09 - Are You Experienced? Are You Experienced?
Win a Sprint Driver Challenge Event.
NASCAR 09 - Experience Wanted Experience Wanted
Win 10 Sprint Driver Challenge Events.
NASCAR 09 - The Ultimate Experience The Ultimate Experience
Complete All Sprint Driver Challenge Events.
NASCAR 09 - Mach 1 Mach 1
Achieve a 761 Rep Rating.
NASCAR 09 - Movin' On Up Movin' On Up
Achieve a 3000 Rep Rating.
NASCAR 09 - To the Top To the Top
Achieve a 5500 Rep Rating.
NASCAR 09 - Custom Car Creator Custom Car Creator
Complete a Custom Car for all racing series.
NASCAR 09 - Trade Your Setup Trade Your Setup
Upload a Car Setup to EA Locker.
NASCAR 09 - We're Talkin' About Practice We're Talkin' About Practice
Record a Lap in "Test and Tune" Mode.
NASCAR 09 - Kid Dyno-mite Kid Dyno-mite
Achieve a Top Speed of 200+ MPH.
NASCAR 09 - Worst to First Worst to First
Win a race after starting in last place (minimum of 11 opponents).
NASCAR 09 - Online Horsepower Online Horsepower
Win a Ranked Race on Xbox LIVE.
NASCAR 09 - Cross Country Cross Country
Drive 5,000 Total Miles.
NASCAR 09 - Move Over Jeff Move Over Jeff
Won 82 races.
NASCAR 09 - Chase for the Cups Chase for the Cups
Won 8 Sprint Cups in Career.
NASCAR 09 - King Me King Me
Won 201 Total Races.

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NASCAR 09 529694I am stuck in the truck series in career mode, how do you advance to the next level?  Do you need a certain amount of Rep Point? Answers: 3
NASCAR 09 637376How do you get out of the pits without a penalty for the PS2? Answers: 2
NASCAR 09 541262How to go to 2 players Answers: 1
NASCAR 09 553898Can I create my own sponsors Answers: 1
NASCAR 09 619371How do you get to the in-game cheat menu Answers: 1
NASCAR 09 644398Whats a fast setup for Daytona in sprint cup? Answers: 1
NASCAR 09 674547What does driver tabs mean Answers: 0
NASCAR 09 681542How can I load my nascar 09 game, when it doesnt load? Answers: 0
NASCAR 09 683579I am currently doing the Nationwide Series but can I go back to the truck series. I haven'e figured out how to go back, is it even possible? Answers: 1
NASCAR 09 697367How do you slingshot in nascar 09? Answers: 1
NASCAR 09 744819Is there a way to get every car paint schem from the 09 season  if so how? Answers: 0
NASCAR 09 768871How to make car faster or gear down for speedways Answers: 0
NASCAR 09 777535How can I get a car setup Answers: 0
NASCAR 09 776744Can you unlock dale sr Answers: 0
NASCAR 09 778023When using online play sometimes my car is not visible. I can only see the different camera angles. How do I correct this? Answers: 0
NASCAR 09 787321How do you change your race number in career? HELP! Answers: 0
NASCAR 09 818209How to change the number of laps on nascar 09 on plastation 3 Answers: 0
NASCAR 09 899431How can you get two player on nascar 09 at home with friends Answers: 0
NASCAR 09 932571I can't get the micheal mcdowell cheat it always says invalid Answers: 0
NASCAR 09 942709Can I operate the analog buttons in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue or Tekken Tag Tournament 2 games if I use a PS2 Dual Shock Controller on my PS3? Answers: 0
NASCAR 09 969423How do I stop my car from slightly turning left when I play? Answers: 0
NASCAR 09 971715How can I set up my car to create "pack racing" at superspeedways offline on nascar 09 ps3? my car is always so much faster Answers: 0
NASCAR 09 975525Why do tire's overheat At Bristol in nationwide car? Answers: 0
NASCAR 09 975778How to turn off cautions Answers: 0
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