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NASCAR 09 Cheats for XBOX 360
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NASCAR 09 XBOX 360 Cheats

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Walmart Track & Car 100%
Head to the in-game cheats menu and insert Walmart Everyday as the password. Doing this will unlock a Walmart-related track and car.
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Michael Mcdowell 81%
Enter this code at the password menu to unlock Michael Mcdowell: Michael Mcdowell00
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All Fantasy Drivers 77%
Description: unlock all fantasy drivers

How to unlock: insert the cheat CHECKERED FLAG into the in-game cheats menu.
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Unlock Michael Mcdowell 12%
Go to cheat code & type in Michael Mcdowell00
By: tjking131(8)
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24 Achievements
NASCAR 09 - Keep On Truckin' Keep On Truckin'
Win a Craftsman Truck Series race (minimum of 11 opponents).
NASCAR 09 - Nationwide Reward Nationwide Reward
Win a Nationwide Series race (minimum of 11 opponents).
NASCAR 09 - Sprint Ahead Sprint Ahead
Win a Sprint Cup race (minimum of 11 opponents).
NASCAR 09 - Craftsman Champion Craftsman Champion
Win a Craftsman Truck Series Championship in Career.
NASCAR 09 - Top of the World Top of the World
100 Rated Car for All Track Types.
NASCAR 09 - Nationwide Champion Nationwide Champion
Win a Nationwide Series Championship in Career.
NASCAR 09 - Unfriendly Unfriendly
Take track ownership from a friend.
NASCAR 09 - Chase Champion Chase Champion
Win a Sprint Cup Series Championship in Career.
NASCAR 09 - Are You Experienced? Are You Experienced?
Win a Sprint Driver Challenge Event.
NASCAR 09 - Experience Wanted Experience Wanted
Win 10 Sprint Driver Challenge Events.
NASCAR 09 - The Ultimate Experience The Ultimate Experience
Complete All Sprint Driver Challenge Events.
NASCAR 09 - Mach 1 Mach 1
Achieve a 761 Rep Rating.
NASCAR 09 - Movin' On Up Movin' On Up
Achieve a 3000 Rep Rating.
NASCAR 09 - To the Top To the Top
Achieve a 5500 Rep Rating.
NASCAR 09 - Custom Car Creator Custom Car Creator
Complete a Custom Car for all racing series.
NASCAR 09 - Trade Your Setup Trade Your Setup
Upload a Car Setup to EA Locker.
NASCAR 09 - We're Talkin' About Practice We're Talkin' About Practice
Record a Lap in "Test and Tune" Mode.
NASCAR 09 - Kid Dyno-mite Kid Dyno-mite
Achieve a Top Speed of 200+ MPH.
NASCAR 09 - Worst to First Worst to First
Win a race after starting in last place (minimum of 11 opponents).
NASCAR 09 - Online Horsepower Online Horsepower
Win a Ranked Race on Xbox LIVE.
NASCAR 09 - Cross Country Cross Country
Drive 5,000 Total Miles.
NASCAR 09 - Move Over Jeff Move Over Jeff
Won 82 races.
NASCAR 09 - Chase for the Cups Chase for the Cups
Won 8 Sprint Cups in Career.
NASCAR 09 - King Me King Me
Won 201 Total Races.

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NASCAR 09 459525Can someone explain about car setup and what all the different things do? Answers: 1
NASCAR 09 467683How do two drivers play Answers: 1
NASCAR 09 555972How Can I get better gas mileage? I always have to pit one to two laps before AL cars. Answers: 1
NASCAR 09 578454Set up for dega I win but the car is to fast on the start can you help me I need to slow down a little on restarts Answers: 2
NASCAR 09 602229How do I make a pant scheme online? Answers: 1
NASCAR 09 725179How do you get the number for nascar Answers: 0
NASCAR 09 760107Has anyone completed all the Sprint driver challenges? Is there a walkthrough anywhere for them? Answers: 0
NASCAR 09 753506How do I go fast with xbox nascar 08.i cant go faster then the oter cars I have tryed all the settings. I feel help Answers: 0
NASCAR 09 773485Going faster in NASCAR 09 Answers: 0
NASCAR 09 831799Is nascar 09 off games and demos on the xbox Answers: 0
NASCAR 09 831885Question is how to eliminate black flags. you cannot scroll down to flags, its shadded out and will not open so you cannot choose other than all flags. Answers: 0
NASCAR 09 876906Can I pick certain drivers for a race or do I have no choice on that? Answers: 0
NASCAR 09 304709My friend just got Nascar 09 for his 360 and can't quite keep up with the other drivers online. He has maxed out all of his stats on the super speedway race tracks. We think it just something to do with the adjustment with the gears or something. We've had it topped out about 194. The other drivers seem to pull away. If anyone has any tips, they would be greatly appreciated. Answers: 6
NASCAR 09 427962Can anyone please tell me how to keep from scrubbing off 12-14 mph around corners? Especially Daytona and Dega. Answers: 2
NASCAR 09 476730Does anybody know how to get all of the different paint jobs for all of the cars? Answers: 1
NASCAR 09 676764Gear ratio nascar o9 Answers: 0
NASCAR 09 341254Is there a way to manually pit in the game? Answers: 3
NASCAR 09 427959Can anyone explain what settings do to the car. Such as bump, rebound etc. etc. Answers: 1
NASCAR 09 545097When I entered michael mcdowell00 it said code not recogized is the cheat real Answers: 1
NASCAR 09 290812I need a set up daytona, texas ,and atlanta Answers: 3
NASCAR 09 695706Where do I find setups for different tracks? Answers: 0
NASCAR 09 424973When I enter in Checkered Flag to unlock all fantasy drivers it says it doesn't recognize the code. Are there really fantasy drivers, if so why doesn't my game recognize the code? Answers: 2
NASCAR 09 412406Is there a way to turn off the black flag? Answers: 3
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