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Banjo-Kazooie Cheats for N64
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Banjo-Kazooie N64 Cheats


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Puzzle 100%
go inside bango's house and go on the green carpet and press top c button then look at the pickter of the mole. Some times it dos not work util a couple tries.

Secret Room in mad monster mansion[Sent by Richard] Well its not that good of a cheat but any way In mad mon... there is a secret room outside the church.Look at all the stain glass windows outside the church and the one with a picture of banjo-...Then jump into it.
Cheato Codes[Sent by KMC] There are 3 codes You will find Cheato at a different location for each cheat.Once you get the code you must return to the Sand Castle in Treasure Trove Cove and spellout the word by using Kazooie's Beak Buster on the lettered floor.Oh! by the way you can not activate the cheat unless you chat to Cheato.1) Double Blue ggs...At the Bubble Gloop Swamp entrance...walk into the small pipe (Make sure you have full enery)Beak Barge the ice block (opens a path to Cheato,but your to big to fit)Leave the pipe ,enter the Swamp ,allow Mumbo the Shaman to turn you into an alligator(it will cost you 10 mumbo tokens)Go back through the pipe and go through the small ice pipe (path) Cheeto should be around the corner (The code is "Blueeggs").Each time you find Cheato he will give you one code.2)Doubles the amount and capacity of Red Feathers...In the Lava chamber that links you to Mad Monster Mansion you will find a very thin (and scary) walkway above the lava, then Beak Barge the rock and you will find a pumkin-sized tunnel, go into mad monster mansion and allow mumbo to turn you into a pumkin (It will cost you 20 mumbo tokens) then return to the tunnel, Cheato should be around the corner.The cheat is "redfeathers".3)Gold Feathers spell...Cheato is in the watery caverns connecting to Click Clock Wood . You will have to raise the water level by hitting the switch inside the casket near the entrance to Mad Monster Mansion.When you return to the cavern there are 2 other switches you can hit to raise the waterlevel.Beak Bust Both and a timer will appear.Swim down into the tunnel and into the next cavern.If you swim to the surface before the timer runs out,you will be able to climb into a high cavern where you will find Cheato and get the Gold Feather Spell.Spell is "goldfeathers" Banjio--Kazooie is really fun!
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Hint 100%
Bottles says R button makes a sharp turn when flying, but he does'nt say that you can use it when swimming!
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Break the Click Clock Wood boulder 100%
It is possible to break the boulder blocking the Beaver's hole in Click Clock Wood on the Spring level. Stand on the ledge above the rock, then find the correct angle just to the right of the rock. Drop eggs onto the boulder to break it open. Now, swim into the hole on this level to find some glitches, such as the Beaver still asking you to move the now destroyed rock.
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Refill All Items 100%
Get all threee Spell books, go to sandcastle in treasure trove cove. enter BLUEREDGOLDFEATHERS to refill eggs, red and gold feathers.
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The blue egg 100%
No, I didn't use a gameshark.I really got the blue egg fairly.

I went to gobi's valley and for fun decided to beak bomb gobi,the camel who sits in front of a door after you get a jiggie from him,I went under him when I beak bombed him and WENT THROUGH THE MOUNTAIN. Thus I found the otherr side of the door and found a casket with the blue egg.
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Extra Life 100%
when you start in Banjos house -go outside to the yard , jump onto the dustbins and flip onto the roof and you get the extra life.
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Bottles bonus game 100%
Empty the pool with leaky then return to Banjoes house, stand on the carpet and look at the picture of bottles by using C up, bottles will then bring you to a puzzle Complete it in the set time and you will get a cheat keep doing it no matter what he says and you get more and more cheats.
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Skip dialogue 100%
Press L + R + B to skip the dialogue display.
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Find Mumbo Tokens 100%
Boggys igloo : On the sled ride down scarf : At the huge snowman's leg : on Snowman's other leg : By the bottles : In water drop outside Wozzas cave : In xmas tree pot : Under snowman near witch switch : On Boggys sledge race : On wooden cabin.
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Extra lives in Mr. Vile's games 100%
With Mumbo's help, turn into an alligator in the Bubblegloop Swamp. Now, enter the nose of the giant alligator statue. Now beat Mr. Vile at his games to get a puzzle piece, then leave and re-enter for a new challenge. Beat Mr. Vile in his 3 games to earn extra lives. *** If you lose any of the games, you will lose a life.
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MOO Cheats 98%
After you get the puzzle piece from the black crab in the sandcastle Beak-Bust the letters on the floor to spell ''CHEAT". After that spell one of these codes:
Infinite blue eggs : BANJO BEGS FOR PLENTY OF EGGS
Infinite red feathers : NOW YOU CAN FLY HIGH IN THE SKY
Infinite gold feathers : A GOLDEN GLOW TO PROTECT BANJO
99 Mumbo tokens : DONT BE A DUMBO GO SEE MUMBO
Full life scale : AN ENERGY BAR TO GET YOU FAR
Breath underwater : GIVE THE BEAR LOTS OF AIR
Disable all codes....This also works on Bottle's codes, If spelled correctly you will hear a cow MOO....if done incorrectly exit the sandcastle and re-enter to try again.
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Extra stuff 98%
when you find a spellbook, it will tell you a spell. if you want to use it, you have to go to the house in the pirates level, with the alfabet on the floor. simply type the spell on the floor there an it will give you something.
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Ice key #2 98%
You must have a GameShark to do this. Enter the levitation code on the GameShark. Go to the cave with the ice key in it. Levitate up through the roof of the cave, over the wall, and down into the room with the ice key. When you grab it Kazooie says, ''Mamby we should save this for later.'' Go to the view totals screen, scroll right, and you should see the ice key under the words ''stop 'n' swop''.
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Monster Mansion Secret Room 98%
Go outside the church, there is a stained glass window with a picture of banjo and his feathered friend jump through it to find a secret room.
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Bottles Bonus games 98%
Start a game file and chat to Bottles. When he asks you if you need him to teach you the basic moves answer ''no''. Then go inside of Banjo's house and use the up-C button to look at the picture of Bottles and the game will begin. After each level you beat, Bottles will give you a surprise code.
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Jump further 98%
During any jump, press Attack.
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Less damaging fall 98%
To take less damage from a fall, press Z just before you land.
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100 red feather 98%
I sent one in earlier about the blue eggs and if you want to get 100 red feathers the do the same but type in [nowyoucan flyhighinthesky] you should then get 100 red feathers,
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Get another power life 98%
when you are in the pirates level, go to the house with the alfabet on the floor. type there, acandybarwillgetyoufar. Igot this cheat while I was lookin tmf. It doesn't always work .
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Less Damage 98%
When falling from a high distance , press B just before you reach the the ground banjo will take less damage.
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Ice Key 98%
If you want to no how to get the ice key if you go to freezeezy peak you can drop down into the back of the cave, but it is no use only if you have banjo­tooie. you have to swap it over.
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100 blue eggs 96%
Go to treasure trove cove and fill up leaky with some eggs he wil empty the pool and you then go into the sandcastle.You the win the crab and type in [cheat ] you wil hear a niose as you type in the letters and then type in [Banjobegsforlotsofeggs]as you type this in you will not hear a sound so be carefull. If you type it in correctly the egg sign will turn up and you will get 100 blue eggs.
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Infinite air 75%
Go to treasure trove cove and go into the sandcastel with the letters on the floor and type in (givethebearlotsofair)
By: fidget64128(7)
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Big head 75%
Ok frist go to treasure trove cove and shout from your backside 2 eggs inot the bucket and it will defill the poll like thing then go inside the sand castle then spell banjokazooie then bet the crab and get the puzzle peace then leave the hole iland then go to banjo's house and look at the bottle's pic. and he will say to put a moving puzzle together then go back to treasure trove cove and then make it where you can walk in and spell bottlebonusone

: D
By: chriscool(12)
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Banjo wont take damage when hitting the ground 50%
You need good vision and great timing.
if banjo falls from a high spot (like tree in click clock woods) press B when banjo is an inch away from the ground
he should not take any damage at all
but its hard to know when he is a foot or inch away from ground
so you need great timing to get it right
extra hint: in clank cavern go into clank's blow hole (big junk shark)
you should fall into his mouth
use the you C button to look at his teeth
if you are greatly good at this game their is a magic guys skull on his teeth
you need to find a way in from his teeth to get the skull
(it wont let me put in shark and magic mans names for some reason)
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Banjo kazooie n64 get ice key without cheats!!! 22%
First go to freezeezy peak go to wuzzu's cave grab the orange jinjo face away from the ice key and perform a back flip and if you did it right you will get the legendary ice key.note the n64 may freeze!
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