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TimeSplitters 2 Cheats for PS2
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TimeSplitters 2 PS2 Cheats

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TimeSplitters 2

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Story Mode Secrets 75%
Complete the following levels in story mode[on normal level or above]to unlock extra playable characters in other modes...

Siberia      hybrid mutant

Chicago    big tony

Only a few are listed
By: Dinogirl3000(1085)
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Ez kills 45%
If theres a gasoline tank in the back round shot in and it will exploe
By: chapo121(1519)
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Get passed 1st Level on hard easily 40%
First pick up all the weapons. Go to the west wall (on your left). Use your sniper rifle to kill the dude on the building (by shooting him in the head), then take out the camera with a shot to the lense. There is another dude walking toward the fence on your right. shoot him (in the head of course). Now a dude might come out (depending on where the one guy was standing when you shot him in the head. If he doesn't come out don't worry... Ok, now go through the "gate" in the fence. turn to the right as soon as you get out (have your gun ready). once you turn the corner there should be a dude standing there, if he isnt there don't worry. just turn to your left, there is a girl (and no she isnt a good guy). If you have a clean headshot with the pistol, TAKE IT! there is a camera on the wall next to where she was standing, shoot it in the lense. IMPORTANT!: If you set off a camera there is a sniper in a window on the dam (right at the top, on the left). go up the stairs where you killed the 1st guy. Go accross the wood and fall down the hole, pick up the bombs... Now you have to go into all the buildings there, there will be two drawers. open them and throw a bomb onto them. After you do that, go back up the stairs and throw a bomb at the satilite,into the room and by the window push the button. Go back down the stairs and down the small flight of stairs into the dam. Go up the stairs in the dam until you reach a steam pipe, duck and continue. Up the stairs there is a camera if you time it right you can destroy it. There is a dude not paying attention, shoot him in the head with the pistol. Keep going up and there will be a dude walking away from you shoot him in the back of the head (i know it isn't fair but you have to)....
I'll add the next part when I have more time... Sorry Everyone.
By: MasterSnipe(301)
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Waterfall Glitch/Cheat 20%
(I am the only one who found this! I searched the whole internet and only I found it!)
Play the arcade game shrink and get in last place by getting killed. Now run over to the waterfall and just run straight under it! Look! Your in heaven. Literally! Just kidding. Now run around to the other side and you see clouds all around you and you should see the waterfall. On 2 player its fun cause your friends can't find out where you are. They go looking for you and..... BOOM! You can shoot and kill them. On there screen your there but you really not. Note that if you step forward toward the waterfall when your in heaven that you get back into the game. Also your friend can see you but can't shoot you. I didn't say they can kill you with bombs. Be careful. It only happens rarely. Also don't venture 2 far away in heaven or you will get lost and you have to restart the game and it will sometimes freeze if you go to far out. Hope this helped.
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