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The Sims Cheats for GC
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The Sims GC Cheats

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The Sims

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Ask and u shall recieve 100%
Press L+R and type midas and you will get everything like clothes and items
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Unlimited Story Mode Cash 83%
First Press L+R at the same time on the menu. Enter the cheats ,"midas"(unlock all items) and ,"free all",(all items free). Then start a story mode. You will be at your mom's house in this one. 1st sell everything in her yard. Then go to were you buy items and buy as much as possible of the $15,000 monkey butler hut. Put as many as possible of those around her house. Then finnish the level. At the end before you leave to the next house your mom will pay you at least over $100,000 for "sprusing up her house" if you did it right.
Your money bar for every level after that will be stuck at $99,999. When you buy or pay for any thing your cash will never lower(:
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Want to make more money and your tired stuck in chapter 2 update your abode when you go to buy mode? 60%
- First press L and R at the same time.
- Type MIDAS to free everything. (You have to heard a hokey hokey or something like that to  enable this cheat).
- Then press again L and R at the same time.
- Type FREE ALL or FREEALL (i don't know if this work on a continue game)
- Start the game.

OK this are the first steps now this is for the chapter 1 money from mom ( Not your real mom!)
before completing the goals:
-first borrow 800 money from mom then sell everything in the house including walls and floors.
-update the house as you  want and buy lots of expensive things ( remember  you got the cheat enabled so buy everything you want).And it wont cost you nothing! but when you are selling it wont cost nothing. you only can pay the bills and other things and the other things are unlocked
-then complete all the goals.
-And when you re leaving your mom will give you extra money and you will be billionaire(depends on the update you have done).

Then you will go to  an annoying house that you will have to repair and clean the house  and get promoted to lever 2 and 3.
then you will be stuck in a lever that says update your abode when you go to buy mode ill tell you what to do!

-Do as the first chapter sell everything including walls floors and plants it will cost you nothing
-do the house as you want
update with expensive things
and ill think that will do.

I know its long but il work thrust me!
when I get to other levels I will write more.
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So real 44%
Push L+R and enter fisheye or fish eye to have your sims view
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MoRE SimOlEONs $ 30%
If you want m0rč simoleons,heres wh@t 2 dO.FiRst you gotta press L+R then type in freeall and then go to play the sims. after you BuILd a house and make sure your family can afford it then move them in. after that evict the family,keep on doing thas much as you want! until it reaches $999.999


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Filling your hunger faster. 20%
Go to any refrigerator and eat three (3) times in a row.
have a snack
have quick break fast
have break fast
This will fill your hunger meter but it will decrease the bladder so when you finish use a toilet.
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