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My Pokemon Ranch Cheats for WII
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My Pokemon Ranch WII Cheats

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My Pokemon Ranch Cheats

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My Pokemon Ranch

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Level 50 Mew 100%
How to unlock: Deposit 999 Pokémon at the ranch.
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Mii Additions 100%
Description: More Miis can be chosen to inhabit your ranch when you hit certain levels. Below are a list of those levels.

Level 4+5 Miis
Level 8+5 Miis
Level 11+5 Miis
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Ranch Leveling 100%
Description: Below is a list of the levels you can level-up your ranch to. Those numbers are on the left. In parenthesis next to that number is the maximum number of Pokémon that can fit into the ranch at that level. The numbers on the right are how many Pokémon that have to be placed into the ranch for the level-up to occur.

2 (25)7
3 (30)10
4 (40)15
5 (50)20
6 (60)30
7 (80)40
8 (100)50
9 (150)60
10 (200)80
11 (250)100
12 (300)120
13 (350)150
14 (400)200
15 (500)250
16 (600)300
17 (700)350
18 (800)400
19 (900)450
20 (1,000)500
21 (1,000)600
22 (1,000)700
23 (1,000)800
24 (1,000)900
25 (1,000)999
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Level 50 Phione 100%
How to unlock: To receive a free level fifty Phione, deposit 500 Pokémon at your ranch. Hayley will then offer to trade you the level fifty Phione for a Pokémon of her choice that you’ve imported from your copy of Pokémon Diamond or Pearl.
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Tornado-Earthquake 100%
Tornado-zoom all the way out and shake wii controler Earthquake-Near the ground shake controler
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Mew 100%
You get mew whean you get to lv 25
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Earthquakes & Tornadoes 98%
Description: While zoomed in, you can shake your Wiimote to cause an earthquake. If you zoom out, you can shake your Wiimote and a tornado will come through your ranch. Be careful, though, as this will affect both your Miis and Pokemon.
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Description: Quick Pokémon Leveling 96%
By playing with your Wii’s calendar and time settings, you can easily level up your Pokémon by simply manipulating the Wii’s settings. So, if you need to go ahead a day in the game for your Pokémon to level up, do so quickly by changing the date!
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Free Manaphy Egg 94%
How to unlock: To receive a free Manaphy Egg, deposit 250 Pokémon at the ranch.
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EASY pokemon 73%
Go to the ranch, exit, go to settings, go ahead 1 day, go back to ranch, get new pokemon.
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Cheats 68%
To get pokemon faster go to the ranch then leave click wii then settings then calander then date and make the date a day past the day your really on
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Easy pokemon 67%
Go to pokemon ranch on a new day then leave go to wii menu then click wii opitions then click settings then on calender then click on date then make it a day a head of the real day and go back to the ranch and she gives you a pokemon. NOTICE after you get a certin amount of pokemon I think 15 you can freely move around the raanch.
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MEW 41%
Say no when hayley asks wut pokemon she should bring. then go ahead 1 day. keep doing thins until you encounter a MEW
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