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Cocoto Fishing Master Cheats for WII
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Cocoto Fishing Master WII Cheats

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Cocoto Fishing Master

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Managing to catch a fish!!! 100%
It is almost impossible to catch a fish, but in order to do so, you must move the wii remote very slowly. Just slightly tilting it. It doesn't always work though.
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Help catching fish 86%
Finally figured it out, while chasing the fish hold your wii remote horizontally out in front of you, then when it says "strike the fish" bring your remote up in a curve sharply, but the key is to keep your remote up in a vertical position afterwards until you need to reel it in.
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Striking the fish (Catching the fish) 67%
Man this game has finicky controls, especially when striking the fish, the advice from an earlier post finally got me to catch the fish, now im catching 3 out of 5.. hold the wii remote parrallel with the floor aimed at the TV and as soon as it switches screens from the "follow the fish" to the "strike the fish" screen swiftly move the wii remote to the vertical position (aiming at the ceiling and hold) ** should only use wrist movement to "flip" the Wii remote, I was moving my entire arm previously and it doesnt work.. you should hold the Wii remote vertical (aiming at ceiling) until it goes into the next screen for reeling in the fish.......this was very frustrating until we figured out how to catch the fish, the exocet fish are easiest to catch, exocet are the bluish ones thatjump out of the water, you can catch them on the blue fly bait..hope this helps, happy fishing!
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Cocoto Fishing Master 282434How do you catch the fish!.lifting remote up loses them Answers: 3
Cocoto Fishing Master 290469Where is the fourth fish in the first level?I cant seem to find him... Answers: 2
Cocoto Fishing Master 299222How do you hook fish Answers: 1
Cocoto Fishing Master 282188I am having problems catching fish. what advice do you have for me to catch them? Answers: 1
Cocoto Fishing Master 304494In the volcano level how do I get the 4th fish he wont take the bait? Answers: 2
Cocoto Fishing Master 317443How do you catch the big fish on the Volcano level? Answers: 2
Cocoto Fishing Master 317282How do you do world transport to get from level 1 to level 2? Answers: 1
Cocoto Fishing Master 330145Bodd fish on second level, I can't seem to hook him any advice? Answers: 1
Cocoto Fishing Master 634840How do you keep the line from breaking Answers: 1
Cocoto Fishing Master 719548I can catch 5 of the 6 fish at jungle level. The grey dot fish looks, but never bites the seahorse. any ideas why? no more rods to buy. Answers: 0
Cocoto Fishing Master 732573What do I do after I catch the last 4 fish on level 1 Answers: 0
Cocoto Fishing Master 732575What do I do after I catch the last 4 fish on level 1 Answers: 0
Cocoto Fishing Master 472566I can't even catch the eye of the second and forth fish in the jungle Level. How are you guys catching them? Answers: 0
Cocoto Fishing Master 572410I cant find the forth fish on the volcano level where does he hang out....whats the deal I have two of all the others.... Answers: 1
Cocoto Fishing Master 314496How do you catch the 4th fish on the 2nd level?PLZ HELP Answers: 1
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