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Rock Band Cheats for WII
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Rock Band WII Cheats

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Rock Band

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

All Songs 90%
Description: To unlock all of the songs in the game automatically, hit the following buttons on your guitar at the title screen: Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue. If done properly, all songs will be accessible for play. Keep in mind, however, that this will disable your ability to save your game.

You can also unlock all of the songs by using the Wiimote.
Insert the following cheat on the Wiimote at the game's main menu:

B, 2, 1, B, B, 1, 1, B, 2, 1.
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Unlock all songs 47%
Red yellow blue red red blue blue red yellow blue
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Unlock all songs 47%
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Talky parts 23%
When there is no pitch lines on mic you only have to the words right and pitch does NOT matter.
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Remember 12%
Remember on the gutar, when you press a button put down the switch too or you will lose the level.I know because I played the PS2 version, but I got a used to it.
By: pokemon234(304)
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Allways 10%
Allways push the pedal down on the drums when a golden line comes.
By: pokemon234(304)
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Rock Band 282440Why doesn't the wii version have a rocker maker or music store? Answers: 2
Rock Band 602662Wireless guitar wont work. I changed the batteries also and that didnt help. on the guitar the blue lights are flashing and it doesnt work. Answers: 1
Rock Band 280084For Rock Band for wii do you have to put another wii remote in each of the instrunebts? Answers: 5
Rock Band 282413Guitar hero vs rockband Answers: 4
Rock Band 282686Does anyone know how to get the pedal on the drums to work? Answers: 3
Rock Band 288565My guitar override does now work when I tilt the guitar up? Instead, override works when the select (-) button is pushed. this is annoying! how do I fix this?! Answers: 3
Rock Band 296148How do you do more tours after the first? Answers: 1
Rock Band 2994511. When I turn the power off on the back of my guitar, will the blue light on the usb connector continue to blink until I turn the guitar on again? Answers: 3
Rock Band 316354Can you play wii rock band without performing the system update in the wii menu like it's supposed to? Answers: 1
Rock Band 317165Can you customize people? Answers: 1
Rock Band 322705I cant figure out how to turn on my console without using a wii remote. Gh3 guitar can turn my console on and off.When I use the wiimote to turn on rockband my console recognizes it as an instrument and assigns it a player number. Can someone please advise me STEP by STEP instructions on how to start game once I have all instrument assembled? Thanks Answers: 2
Rock Band 323106With Wii Rock Band, is it possible to just simply PLAY the instruments without being in a song or practice. I.E bang the drums and hear the sounds without playing along to something. Sort of a "free play" mode or something. Thanks. Answers: 2
Rock Band 331578How do you get transparent instruments? Answers: 1
Rock Band 335394I baught a guitar seperate for rock band wii and it did not come with a usb connector is it suppose to? Answers: 1
Rock Band 339382How to get both guitars working together. Only one at a time seem to make the noise? Answers: 0
Rock Band 344393How can I sing with having the original sound in the backround? Answers: 1
Rock Band 370912With rock band when you hit b to get the the songs it just gos back Answers: 1
Rock Band 372916Can I use my guitar hero guitar with Rock Band Answers: 5
Rock Band 372982Are you able to just play the guitar when playing solo and if you can how do you set it up like that? Answers: 2
Rock Band 373404Why can you create a character on the PS3, but not the Wii? Answers: 1
Rock Band 373411What do you earn in Rock Band Wii? (i.e. in Rock Band PS3, you earn the bus, jet, etc.) How do you get that stuff in Rock band Wii? Answers: 0
Rock Band 378879How do you unlock bouns tour Answers: 1
Rock Band 379911Ok u=I just got Rock Band 2 Special Edition for the Wii but, I'm having a problem when you plug in the drums and all but only has 2 places to plug them in so I can't play them all at once can I solve this problem because it is very in convinet and we only can do up to two player when we have 3 people n 3 part to the game? please answer ASAP please help! Answers: 1
Rock Band 382794Can I transfer the songs from rockband too rockband 2 Answers: 1
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