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Alone in the Dark Cheats for PS2
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Alone in the Dark

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Key Code 69%
The Key Code Number on Level 1 is 924
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Lighter Tip 64%
For those who don't know how to make the lighter to a flame thrower well it's easy.First equip the lighter then you will automatically equip the first aid spray.Then hold the L1 and R1 buttons to make a flame thrower out of the lighter.
By: mastex(241)
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Saving Ammo 56%
Save some ammo for strong monsters like the mole creature.You can use some melee weapons like the chair or the fire extinguisher on zombies.
By: mastex(241)
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Sub machine gun 40%
Up up l2 l2 l2 l2 r2 r2 r2 r3 l3 x x down left left right right down down l2 l2 r2

and then you have a sub machine gun
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All ....... 39%
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Kill the morher bat 33%
Get your most power full gun and sont it in the hend
By: killer441155(9)
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Alone in the Dark 284981How do you kill the mother bat Answers: 3
Alone in the Dark 282921What is the code for the 2nd keypad door? Answers: 3
Alone in the Dark 282036When looking for the first med pack in the restroom in the park! where is it? I get to the point where two people lock themselves in the toilet, but my character can't hold onto the fag bin? what do I do? Answers: 6
Alone in the Dark 296320Hi im stuck in this place with the forklift place can some one help me plaese I dont kn what to do? Answers: 2
Alone in the Dark 287968In the musiem I am stuck where there are two bioscanners and I cant get past them. how do I get past the scanners?it rejects my handprint! Answers: 1
Alone in the Dark 293082Hi I am at the castle, and cannot get past the gunk stuff on the floor, does anyone know how I do this ? Thanks Answers: 5
Alone in the Dark 293480Chopper got attacked by mother bat,stuck on a ledge and don't know what to do Answers: 6
Alone in the Dark 293722How do I get past the section where I have crashed the train and there is a jump onto another side of the track. I cant figure out where to jump or how to get to the other side of the platform. The platform number is 88 if that helps on where exactly we are stuck! its so annoying! Answers: 1
Alone in the Dark 297550I'm stuck at the part where there is writing on the wall in latin in that building thing in the park after you get chased by those 2 guys. I have no idea what to do, can someone please help? Answers: 3
Alone in the Dark 301403At the area with spotlights and slime I have made it to the last switch (the broken one) and now I am stuck I cant open the door and I cant make the switch work. Please help. Answers: 2
Alone in the Dark 301851I need help on the part where you enter into a room underground where there spikes on the floor and light beams on the side. Theres a door at the end of the walkway and I dont know hoe to open it. Someone please help me. Answers: 5
Alone in the Dark 301992Just arrived outside house and gunk in front of door. How do I get in? Answers: 1
Alone in the Dark 302587Hi Am stuck where it says when the flames bends the pathway extends what red things and before that how do you open the door Answers: 1
Alone in the Dark 333412Im stuck in a collapsed floor with a table that has to be pushed around to get out but I cant get out, can someone help me? Answers: 3
Alone in the Dark 410328How do I pass the first panel.there is written 23 but when I press it I dont know which button to press after it to enter the code. Answers: 1
Alone in the Dark 434580How do you get past level 5? 1st and 2nd part? Answers: 1
Alone in the Dark 631640In life line episod, in the restroom I took the medkit and I need to get out of this room, I saw the broken wall ,, but what shall I do, I tried everything, I am stuck there. Answers: 1
Alone in the Dark 288349I'm stuck in a room in the sewer where I just killed a monster whose head glows when I close my eyes. I keep getting ammo from near a mini waterfall....but I can't get out. Anyone know what to do here? Answers: 4
Alone in the Dark 290444OK its kinda early in the game for me to be asking questions but.. W.E! Im stuck at the part after you rescue the girl in the elevator at the begining, I do what It says on the walkthrough to go over to the other Eleva. All I find is some dead guy with a flash light and thats it I try to open a door Its got alot of smoke comming out of it, and then I get attacked.... PLEASE HELP Answers: 4
Alone in the Dark 290559How do you put out the flames in the parking lot? Answers: 2
Alone in the Dark 295893Im stuck at the part with the black slime thing I open 2 lights then im stuck were the fire extinguiesher is wat do I do now? Answers: 2
Alone in the Dark 296812I'm at the part where the helicopter crashes and you have to climb the rope, but I don't know what to do next - do you jump on the train carrage cause I can't reach it and keep falling. Can anyone help? Answers: 3
Alone in the Dark 306803In the Deeper Underground stage, How can I open the door after you go down the elevator? Answers: 1
Alone in the Dark 297611Im stuck in the house with the bars on the windows right after the sewer and I cant figure out how to get out. can any one help me out? Answers: 1
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