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WALL-E Cheats for PS2
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WALL-E PS2 Cheats

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Cheat List 90%
Description: From the in-game cheats menu, insert the codes [listed below in table] for the specified result.

BOTOFMYSTERYWall-E wears goggles
BOTOFWARBrutally kill all in range
EXPLOSIVEWORLDAll regular cubes become explosive
GLOWINTHEDARKDark areas become lit-up
GOLDENTRACKSTracks are made of gold
RAINBOWBLASTERLasers cycle colors
STEALTHARMOREnemies can not see you

If you have tried using the codes and gotten an "incorrect code" message, there is a order of which codes go where.

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Home sweet home 85%
Sunbeam is on wall-e's house's top, press R1 and find the things.
Arfifact is necessary. One BnL crate is on the top of wall-e's house's "tracks".
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Glitch on some levels 75%
Sometimes, when you play a level as Wall-E the game glitches and you can play as EVE! This happened to me once and I flew around the map everywhere. This glitch is very rare, though.
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How to destroy high place BnL crates 71%
Throw a explosive cube or use your laser
By: vpsitor(287)
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Unlock all level include bonus level 67%
Type in Level
By: shelljonathane(6)
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Cheat code forv wall e 65%
To get a lazer that changes color go to the cheats menu, click on one of the cheat code collums and enter: RAINBOWLASER. NOT LAZER
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Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

If you can't jump on a high place 58%
If you can't jump on a high place go all the way back and the speed will come and you jump
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Walle does a back role 58%
If your on a hill turn into a cube and walle will do a back role and might land on his head!
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Walle and eve 58%
When finding a magnetic cube throw it at the police bots or mo this will make them not able to move for a short while
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Sniper shot 57%
Find some place high and aim at enemy and shoot be sure to move on to a different place after 1 shot

by: shot master
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Cube defense 56%
When the shewards are throwing small bnl cubes at you turn into a cube. it will deflect the incoming cubes and will give you a better chance of surviving.
ps:(don't move when you are in cube form.
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Try to beat me! 55%
On some levels there are sunbeams to regenerate your health.Use that advantage to make easy kills.First stand in a sun beam with full health.Next If enemies appear stand in the light and if they attack you, you keep growing health so you are invincible.So you can kick enemies butts! by avery wiechman which is pronounced (weak min) age 9
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Major Glitch 55%
You can go passed invisible barriers in the ship yard (walle ps2) and see the whole underground part of the level and stuff your not supposed to see.
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Smash hit 54%
Jump in the air and press O
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Laser stomp 50%
By pressing triangle and circle walle zaps his laser to the ground which makes the ground have a circle of laser which hits whatever is on the laser.
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Hint to attck enenies without wasting your lazer 50%
Go slide into the enemies
By: arceas17(151)
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Unlock playground level 50%
Type in play
By: shelljonathane(6)
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Swith to a reject bot to or any other caracter thats a bot with the R2 button
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Walle and eve 46%
You dont always have to throw cubes at enimies you can just ram them in cube form but be careful they can still shock you so be quick
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Eve makes stardust
By: vpsitor(287)
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How to jump and land below a tree 43%
Go to the Holo-detector level and there is a palm and go to the palm and jump to the rock thing and jump again to a palm and there you go
By: vpsitor(287)
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Everlasting 42%
Wall-e heath is always full
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Infinate heath 40%
Wall-e m-o auto m-o
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Infinite points 39%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Unlimited health 33%
Wall-e, M-0, Auto, M-O
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Wall e ship glitch 30%
In the shipyard level there is a big ship. in that ship go up the ramp and you will be blocked by shopping carts in that same cargo box you can jump to the one beside it and continue moving right when and you fall down you will fall in to a straight lane. keep moving through the straight lane and in the end go right youll notice that you pass through the red thing and there you can roam around freely and when you fall youll be stuck in mid air and you wont die.
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Rejecter 28%
Play as any reject bot any time and swich from one to a another
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Eve blaster 19%
Go on the cheats menu and put WALL-E,eve,WALL-E,eve and you will have eve's blaster on any level
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WALL.E the game 18%
For all mini games wjzxnwerasdfvcq1
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WALL-E 330198I can't get past the propellars in the shipyard have tried jumping to upright propellar on second propellar, just can't cet over to next flat one from there Answers: 7
WALL-E 354491There is one level where you have to cut out the picture of eve with wall-es laser. then wall-e follows eve to a place where wall-e should catch eve by going fast. how can wall-e catch eve, because she is always going faster then him? Answers: 6
WALL-E 324678How do I get two players Answers: 2
WALL-E 345048My broher is 4 and we are stuck on ship yard were you follow the white robot and were stuck on where you have to go up the skate bord ramp and to the other side we can't do it the gaps to far apart Answers: 4
WALL-E 351054I am in the 1st part of the shipyard, I followed the red beam and now eve, I can't get across the pipe. How do I get across the thing to get to the middle to the rest of the crates? Answers: 1
WALL-E 368296On the shipyard level, how do you complete the "race" to catch eve. i keep going around the track successfully but never catch eve, what do you do? Answers: 1
WALL-E 388546Where do you enter the codes made of names? (like Wall-E,Auto, Eve, Security Bot?) Answers: 3
WALL-E 391764Hi I finished all the other levles but im stuck on the box gate in the second playground please tell me Answers: 1
WALL-E 477508How do you get the third artifact on the level ship yard I have the ring doll and paint. Answers: 2
WALL-E 515410How do you get past the first stage? Can't seem to figure it out.... Answers: 1
WALL-E 312420How do I get past the machine Answers: 1
WALL-E 408039How do you catch G04 on the epilounge level Answers: 1
WALL-E 321623I am on lvl 4 but I dont know how to get the lazer powered thingie 2 work Answers: 4
WALL-E 332895After buying the cheats, how do I activate or use them? Answers: 5
WALL-E 334431What do I do at the propellers Answers: 1
WALL-E 340293I can't use laser stomp Answers: 1
WALL-E 377016My son and I are stuck where Wall-e has to get a box in the tornado....we keep getting lown off the platform. Can someone tell us how to get the box so that he can go on to the next level. Answers: 4
WALL-E 394407My sister is at the part where she is collecting blue power things and she needs to get the code into opening a metal cage. Its 4 panels blue, red, yellow and green and each time it flashes different colors. What does she push to open it? Answers: 1
WALL-E 410612Wall.e for ps2 how do you get past the tornado with the cube spinning in it? Answers: 2
WALL-E 411768In the chapter, trash shoot, what does Auto do to EVE as a threat? Answers: 1
WALL-E 413893When wall-e finally meets eve she wants to play with him and wall-e have to be fast and smart....How do I get by Eve? Answers: 1
WALL-E 415637How does wall-e pick things up? Answers: 1
WALL-E 419449What do we do in the level life on the axium we don't have enough cubes Answers: 1
WALL-E 421939I am stuck on eve pursuit on PSP Answers: 1
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