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Overlord: Raising Hell Cheats for PS3
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Overlord: Raising Hell PS3 Cheats

Rating: 3.7/5 VOTE
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Overlord: Raising Hell

Rating: 3.7/5 VOTE

Skip the 1st Troll 96%
Description: On Legendary, the 1st troll is very hard and consumes alot of minions. There's an easy way to completely skip him (Make sure you have 10 minions)

How to: Head straight to the troll, and you will get the cutscene of him getting ready to face you. When you see that, send all of your minions to open the gate where the crane is, and rush there (the troll will probably kill a few of your minions as they open the gate, but that's better than wasting 20 - 40 minions trying to kill him and also, if the troll is blocking the path, simple lead him away and head through the gate).

Once that is done, go to the crane and the game will autosave. This is where the trick comes in: That autosave assumes you defeated the troll as you went further than you were suppose to, therefore, simply leave the area and come back, you will find the troll has vanished as the game thinks he has been defeated.
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Extra Lifeforce 92%
Need some extra lifeforce? Visit the tower dungeon and use the staged fights to earn lifeforce needed to make the upgrades. A mix of minions will let you set ambushes and revive any losses.
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How to kill last boss(god) 69%
First what you got to do is take 20-25 minians and sweep them close to him. he should attack, when he gets his face stuck in the ground send your minians after him they will jump on his back then when he pulls his face out he will get angery. when he does sweep your minians to a wall on the side of you then put a guard marker and he will attack them. he will break the statue and rocks will fall on his this 4 times to kill him
By: shane7890(83)
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Easy minion life 63%
Go to the dungeon and summon 15 red minions then use the dungeon to fight with dwarfs who pump fire . then move to the center and put a guard marker then the dwarfs will start shooting fire on the minions while you go behind one of the dwarfs and hit him he will and will give you 4 life forces of course they are many but your minions wont be damaged cause they are made from fire.
By: khalid gx(52)
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Stayin alive 63%
This is a special way I learnt to survive in the dungeon helped me survive for longer and sometimes for the whole thing:if you are low on health in the dungeon or just dont want to lose any health you can lure the enemy to you then make sure they are following you then run to the closed gate you came out of stand as close to the gate as possible then when the enemys come start attacking them from your current position in front of the gate here comes the good part. They still think you are preparing for battle in your gate area so they dont attack you!
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How to kill melven underbelly(fat guy) 48%
To kill him all you have to do is stay behind him and send your minians on his back, and hit him)
By: shane7890(83)
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1000 minions or more 36%
To get 1000 minions is esay first play the game on legendary, kill the wisard then on the abees levels get the bonos aremar where it and get 100% evil enagey then you will get 1000 minions or more remeber it's not on nomal.
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Overlord: Raising Hell 289743How do I get servants cause I can't knock anyone over? Answers: 4
Overlord: Raising Hell 292049If any 1 knows were the statue of the mother goddes is plz reply thank you for your help Answers: 5
Overlord: Raising Hell 310409How do I get Fat Melvin to explode the second time by the empty food platter in the Melllow Hills Abyss? Answers: 3
Overlord: Raising Hell 312339How do I get to HEAVEN'S PEAK? Please I need help. Answers: 5
Overlord: Raising Hell 364398Where can I find the green minions Answers: 5
Overlord: Raising Hell 291434How do I get sir williams to helo in the abyass, plz help! Answers: 2
Overlord: Raising Hell 295215How do you get to the hafling campfire I cant find it and I need to find the servant there if you no plz let me no Answers: 2
Overlord: Raising Hell 308397I have gotten 5/6 roots in the evernight forest but I cant get the last one it the one where it close to one of the end of the line of roots and it lets you go under it to go destroy a root and the root is located by pioson plz help! Answers: 3
Overlord: Raising Hell 348799How do you get sir william to clean up the snail stuff in the abbys cos I can't even reach him in the lava pit Answers: 1
Overlord: Raising Hell 385288I have the unique item (axe) are thier a lot more (sword, mace etc.) are they all weapons? I know everything is everywhere (ha) but uh if you know where some are exactly help me up Answers: 6
Overlord: Raising Hell 410292What is a mana pit?i forgot. Answers: 1
Overlord: Raising Hell 435628What do you do when you get into the Heaven's Peak Abyss? Answers: 1
Overlord: Raising Hell 439386I am stuck I have up to 80% corruption but I dont know where to get the rest if only I hade a list of evil thing to do and incrise my corruption level?. Answers: 4
Overlord: Raising Hell 440786How do you get the last root node in Evernight forest, the one that forms an arch Answers: 2
Overlord: Raising Hell 452205Please help I still cant find the mother godess statue I went to the construction site in golden hills and still cant find it thanks alot Answers: 3
Overlord: Raising Hell 461811Were do I find the smelter Answers: 4
Overlord: Raising Hell 469920In evernight forest I pushed the stage to the back and I am stuck . what can I do? Answers: 2
Overlord: Raising Hell 407409How do I blow up the door my minons are not fast enough to get there?golden abyss Answers: 1
Overlord: Raising Hell 335903Can anyone tell me where heaven 's peak 's abyss is? Answers: 4
Overlord: Raising Hell 322384Where do I find the all of the minion hives? I cant find the red miknions hive right now, I looked everywhere.PLEASE HELP! Answers: 7
Overlord: Raising Hell 322385Where do I find the all of the minion hives? I cant find the red miknions hive right now, I looked everywhere.PLEASE HELP! Answers: 1
Overlord: Raising Hell 324721CAN I GET OVER FIFTY MINIONS FOR THE VERSION ON PS3? Answers: 1
Overlord: Raising Hell 327520Could some one tell me where the first lady you get to go to your castle is and how do you get her? Answers: 3
Overlord: Raising Hell 333304How can I defeat the red creature in the Mellow Hills the reds are not working Answers: 1
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