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WALL-E Cheats for PSP
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Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Unlimited health 100%
Use this to get invincible against enemies, getting hit by small ledges and hazards!
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Cheat List 90%
Description: Head to the in-game cheats menu and insert the codes listed below for the specified result.

BOTOFMYSTERYWall-E wears goggles
BOTOFWARBrutally kill all in range
EXPLOSIVEWORLDAll regular cubes become explosive
GLOWINTHEDARKDark areas become lit-up
GOLDENTRACKSTracks are made of gold
RAINBOWBLASTERLasers cycle colors
STEALTHARMOREnemies canít see you

*** For those of you who have tried using the codes and gotten an "incorrect code" message, there is a order of which codes go where.
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Hint 58%
Does little robots who make bubbles come out of them they are scared of the laser so zap them with your lazer and they will flip upside down and you can run around a object until he don't chase you anymore then you can do want you want to do but make sure they don't see you again.
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Cheat code 57%

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WALL E 54%
Go to right side on the 2 platform on level 5
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Chassing eve around the shipyard 49%
Follow were ever eve goes in the ship yard you will need 70 energy charges
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Fly! 40%
Enter the cheat or hints hWall-E Fly
Press Up, Down, R, R, R, Left, Up, Triangle, Circle, Square, R, L.
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To chase eve 30%
Follow were ever eve goes but you will need to collect 70 energy (battary)
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WALL-E 372105Can anyone help to make contact with eve, i'm standing right underneath her on this brown platform thing? please help! Answers: 1
WALL-E 402067How do you get out of the swimming pool plzzzzzzzzz help defeated all stewards and nothin happened and what force field blocking EVE Answers: 2
WALL-E 668996Does anyone know how to get the 2nd key in 'Robot rescue'. Answers: 1
WALL-E 328728I cant figure out what to do after I get all the boxes on level 1. Answers: 1
WALL-E 379646Im stuck in the yellow thing I think its a plane tip at the shipyard can somone help me? Answers: 1
WALL-E 398389Stuck on the last area of the engine room where you have to throw the crates at the buttons and the arms come down and you cross them the last one when I go across he plunges to his death even though it looks as if I made it across Answers: 1
WALL-E 402704How do I put in passwords Answers: 0
WALL-E 411353How do I give the power to the elevator - workday level and it shows to push the sqyare button but when I do nothing happens. I have 80 energy things Answers: 0
WALL-E 412985Well it looks like im not the only 1 stuck in the pool som1 help us lol Answers: 0
WALL-E 478756I have a glitch when I come to robot rescue part 3 please help Answers: 0
WALL-E 481701How to skip the levels? Answers: 1
WALL-E 494926I am at the inclined plane thingy and I keep going down the ramp and straight to get to the other side and I forgot what the directions said. help! Answers: 1
WALL-E 617553I have crushed all the bnl crates and have done everything but I don't know where the second microchip is to open the door to find the eve probe. Answers: 0
WALL-E 658320When you get to the bnl ware house garage door in level 1 how does wall e open it Answers: 0
WALL-E 915458The level of the beach, I can not leave the pool.Please help me! Answers: 0
WALL-E 966757How to win level shipyard part 2 catch the EVE race Answers: 0
WALL-E 966895But how about unlimited health? Answers: 1
WALL-E 966897Chasing eve in eve pursuit is hard because go-4 is faster than me. please give me a high speed cheat! not too much! Answers: 0
WALL-E 391832How many laps do I have to do while chasing the eve probe Answers: 1
WALL-E 341965What order do you put the cheats in? Answers: 1
WALL-E 358486Im stuck for the last part of the engine room where you have to jump to the platform. but I cant seem to jump to the last platform. anyone can help ? Answers: 0
WALL-E 381826On the "following eve" mission, where you cant touch the floor, what do you do after you jump on the buggie thing? I just keep hitting the hanging sign and land on the floor Answers: 1
WALL-E 310102Help! I am stuck in the Shipyard race with Eve. I have gone around 100's of times. I think something is wrong with game. Answers: 4
WALL-E 383321Wall-e stuck in empty swimming pool, escape? Answers: 0
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