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Alone in the Dark Cheats for WII
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Alone in the Dark

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Gunmaster 75%
On the first level go into a car with it's headlights on and open a glove pocket and inside
will be a gun with ammo.
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Alone in the Dark 283349I am stuck in the parking garage, I can't find my way out. I have nothing xtra, just flashlite, and lighter. How do I get outta here? Answers: 5
Alone in the Dark 290267I'm in an old elevator, that won't work, with Sarah. I can get above the elevator and there's an iron rod. The iron rod is useless, 'cause I can't get it down. Everytime I try to jump down, I seem to loose it. There's a hatch in the elevator, and another one above it. There's an lock on it, and when I shoot it, a rope falls out. So now I can climb down and there's this metal door. So I wondered if I needed the iron rod to open it, but I'm not sure. I would really appreciate some help :o Thanks! Answers: 2
Alone in the Dark 293011I'm at the museum after the part where you have to drive the forck-lift. There's an alarm I can't seem to shut down. You can walk untill the middle of the room but then the door on the other side already closes. I thougt about shooting the camera but I haven't got any bullets left. what to do? Answers: 2
Alone in the Dark 293834I got thru the sewer but am stuck with NO GUN but found the extra ammo at the top of the ladder. Once I jump down into that pit with that mutant, I have NO GUN still. I can't reach the ladder thus can't shoot the mutant in the glowing spots...Must I go thru the sewer in the dark to keep the gun? Answers: 2
Alone in the Dark 352172How do I find the health kit in the restroom? Answers: 1
Alone in the Dark 286203When you get out of the restroom when you have get the first aid get then break the door open there are some ropes how do you get past Theres now-where else to go after the second rope. Answers: 3
Alone in the Dark 297728When I am on the rope I can't get on the train. Please Help Answers: 7
Alone in the Dark 388145Hy! How do I reach the spotlights on the 1st. floor? Answers: 1
Alone in the Dark 287068How do we open the inventory? I go in option for know how but it show me to go up and down many time, i'll try but I never open it, I can't! Answers: 2
Alone in the Dark 293820Hello when you are in the level in the back of the ambulance how do you kill the big bat I try the alchohol bottles but I keep dying Answers: 2
Alone in the Dark 293842I have just scaled the wall at the start and got back in the building, all I have is a bin and a table, I can move the table all round the room but what do I do next? Answers: 1
Alone in the Dark 296533In the room where the girl is in the red dress. There is like a table with a globe on it. I used the globe on the doorway and drop all the way down. climb back up to balcony. Grab on to electrical wire. Swing and swing until I reach other balcony back in the outside area I started from. I keep getting stuck there or dying. Can anyone tell me how to get past this whole area? Answers: 1
Alone in the Dark 299969I am near the ned of the game. I go into this room with spiked walls on both sides, there is a pair of "light sensors" on the wall as well. There is also a wooden thingy that needs to be moved in order to trigger the light sensors so that you can go up. I would then trigger the light sensors and run towards the platform to go up. I can't make it by running or running then jumping. I keep jumping up instead of forward. Been at this for quite awhile, can anyone help? Cheers. Answers: 1
Alone in the Dark 301710I'm near the end of the game in a room that has a completely dark floor. There are two lights on the right, one on the left. I can move around partially in the room but am unable to see the actual floor in the darkness. How do I make it visible so I can cross the room? Answers: 2
Alone in the Dark 305876Hokay so im in the construction hut thing and I cannot get out I got in and a guy was there and then I knocked down the door but wat do I do in the room with the oven? help please Answers: 2
Alone in the Dark 308356How do I get the guards hand in the museum? Answers: 2
Alone in the Dark 321188Im in the sewere and I fell in this dungon place and there is this gut walking around and I cant get out. How do I get out? Answers: 1
Alone in the Dark 344069Im in a big castle loking building and I killed the zombie dude but I cant enter the code in to the elevator theres a sticker that says 23 on it but I cant get the code right? Answers: 3
Alone in the Dark 344668Im stuck on a walkway with lights on either side and spikes coming from the floor, how do you get past the door at the end? Answers: 1
Alone in the Dark 356209Im stuck in the room where the girl comes and the police guy is dead what to I do from their Answers: 1
Alone in the Dark 387102What is code for the door keypad Answers: 2
Alone in the Dark 391624Episode 9.1 . I hav been stuck on this chapter 4 weeks, I cant seem to get away from the car thats chasin me, please help x Answers: 2
Alone in the Dark 406958How do I beat the bats at the park Answers: 2
Alone in the Dark 412430How do you beat driving sequence in tailed by an alchmest Answers: 0
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