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WALL-E Cheats for WII
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Rating: 3.5/5 VOTE

Lazer Gun for WALL-E 97%
Go to MAIN MENU, click on BONUS FEATURES, then click on CHEATS:

Enter the following character's exactly as written: WALL-E, EVE, EVE, WALL-E.
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Giant Robot level. 95%
Make Wall-e into a cube (c or z) and keep throwing him against the 2 red BnL signs. Barrels come out and destroy the robot. after his arms are done, Eves arm/laser will do the rest. Shoot at him until a BnL screen shows up and the stage is complete!
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Wall-e cheats 94%
Go to bonus features then enter the cheats spindel. all the cheats I have here go from the left to the right on the spindel.

Wall-e super laser cheat.
wall-e, seering wheel, eve, cleaning bot.

all bonus features.
wall-e, eve, steering wheel, police bot

laser all the time
wall-e, eve, eve, wall-e

unlimeted health
wall-e, cleaning bot, steering wheel, cleening bot

wall-e and eve any cube any time
cleening bot, police bot, eve, eve

all multiplayer costumes
police bot, wall-e, cleening bot, steering wheel

all holiday costumes
steering wheel, steering wheel, police bot, police bot

wall-e and eve laser any time
polce bot, eve, cleening bot, wall-e

wall-e any cube any time
steering wheel, cleening bot, steering wheel, cleening bot

all single player levels
steering wheel, police bot, cleening bot, wall-e

all multiplayer maps
eve, cleening bot, wall-e, steering wheel

eve permanent super laser upgrade
eve, wall-e, wall-e, steering wheel

all game content
cleening bot, steering wheel, police bot, eve
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Cheat List 89%
Description: From the in-game cheats menu, insert the codes [listed below in table] for the specified result.
BOTOFMYSTERYWall-E wears goggles
BOTOFWARBrutally kill all in range
EXPLOSIVEWORLDAll regular cubes become explosive
GLOWINTHEDARKDark areas become lit-up
GOLDENTRACKSTracks are made of gold
RAINBOWBLASTERLasers cycle colors
STEALTHARMOREnemies can not see you

If you have tried using the codes and gotten an "incorrect code" message, there is a order of which codes go where.

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Infinate heath 65%
Wall-e m-o auto m-o
By: Inwlt6(21)
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All holiday costumes 60%
Auto auto security bot security bot
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Pick up boxes at any time 53%
At the main menu go to Bonus Features and then go to cheats and then put - MO, Security Gaurd, EVE, EVE
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Shortcut 46%
You know those tubes with recycling symbols on the sides and green light in front?jump on 1 and you will be transported somewhere.
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Unlock everything 44%
In the code area in the multilplayer section go to cheats and to otto or the cleaner,auto pilot or the wheel,wall e and eve
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All wallops but really hard 43%
On level 1 stage 2 there is liquid at the end. so go as far as you can towrds the end then go straight. there you should see a pile of garbage throw a magnet cube at it and boom all 270 wallops come up. but you have to aim just at the tippy top or it wont work.
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Really helpful thing when you have the laser gun. 37%
If you are stuck in a room full of enemies dont take them all out 1 by 1 just shoot rapidly.
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Wall-E (WII) 33%
Being able to automatically shoot BnL: circles without throwing anything
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WALL-E 384444I'm stuck on the part where wall-e and eve have to get past the robot I have tried so many ways and I can't get past it? Answers: 5
WALL-E 398074There is a bit very early in the game as playing wall-e. there is a BnL hologram there but throwing cubes at it wont work. Whatever we do we cannot find a way of getting to the other side. help Answers: 1
WALL-E 349965On the level where WALL-E and Eve are getting hit by the storm, how do you find shelter on that tiny island Answers: 1
WALL-E 369048What is a steward Answers: 2
WALL-E 384570Help with axiom: In the axiom, you come to a section where there are robots to be destroyed prior to flying some moving platforms. Platforms must be activated with explosive cubes and then they start moving. First there are 2 platforms following each other moving back and forth, this one is easy, second, there is one moving back and forth followed by one moving right and left! I have tried 100 times and I am still stuck! PLEASE HELP. Answers: 2
WALL-E 407264I'm on the spaceship where Wall-e encounters one of the robots that pulls Wall e in and throws him if he gets too close. Once Wall e destroys the robot, a cube charges a moving magnetic platform that carries Wall-e across a red pit. Eveytime I get on the platform I lose control and fall in. How do you control Wall-e on the platform? Answers: 2
WALL-E 410254How to get past the big walle Answers: 8
WALL-E 428663How to complete level 3 on alle on wii Answers: 1
WALL-E 441719Wall.e game on wii-how to defeat big robot level 3 stage 3 Answers: 1
WALL-E 507800I am just at the very beginning of the game. I am just past where you can get charged up. There are cubes there and it keeps telling me to pick them up and throw them but where are they supposed to go? Also it doesnt seem like there is anywhere else for me to go. Thanks Answers: 1
WALL-E 521798I'm on the level where eve has to not let wall-e get too far out of sight, but I cant even see where wall-e is in the first place to do this, can anybody help please Answers: 2
WALL-E 675161I have found EVERYTHING (radio's, wallops, collectibles, sketchbooks) except for 1 suitcase on level 2. I have repeatedly gone back through each stage and keep coming up empty! Does anyone know where it might be? Level 2 is all Eve. Flying through tunnels, activating pylons, scanning trees, blowing up vans & cars, etc. I'm SO close to the end! Answers: 1
WALL-E 733869For the wii version: sandstorm--stage one. I am stuck at the very begining where Eve takes you to the top of a hill and there is a van on top of a platform that needs to be weighted down in order for the BNL sign to open up. It looks as if you have to throw the heavy trash cubes into the BnL sign but how? Wall-e can not toss at this level because the "toss" command is now the "stork jump" command in this level :0! Is there a game guide anywhere for the wii version? Thanks for any help. Answers: 1
WALL-E 388294On level 1, stage 1. Cockroach leads you to some boxes (not cubes). Any ideas on what you are supposed to do with them? Answers: 1
WALL-E 407749How do I get past the big robot? Answers: 2
WALL-E 363057How do you get past the part on Wall-e (Wii) where you have to get the cubes and go up to the bnl sign and it powers the things that turn so you can jump on them to go farther. this is the part where you are getting eve to a safe place for the storm. I couldn't get the cube over to the bnl sign when the vans where in the way so I just had eve carry walle over and I got past. I just couldnt get walle to go past the bridge. so there is a bridge and I got eve to pull him up there I just couldt get her to go onto land. help please! Answers: 3
WALL-E 387546Hi I am stuck on the level where you make your way through the buggies,but I cant get through I keep causing traffic jams and get killed Answers: 4
WALL-E 388869We can't seem to get all the trash destroyed near the end (after the one where you go through all ten rings). Any hints? Answers: 2
WALL-E 390732Where can I find the plant? Answers: 1
WALL-E 400467I'm playing multiplayer and we're playing co-op clock stops. How do we stop the clock?!?! Answers: 0
WALL-E 404168Where can you find the souvenir in level 2? Answers: 3
WALL-E 405303Hi my bro needs help on level 1of2. I think he said "do you create a traffic jam of chairs". help much appreciated. Answers: 2
WALL-E 409443At the "Get Safety from the Storm" level, after I reach a platform by placing a blue cube in a charger, I don't know what to do! Answers: 0
WALL-E 415287How do you get past the robot Answers: 1
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