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DropCast Cheats for NDS
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DropCast NDS Cheats

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DropCast Cheats

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Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Awards 100%
Description: Awards are sort of like Xbox Achievements. Here’s how to unlock them. *** you have to win matches to unlock awards associated with them.

ApprenticeWin 8 multiplayer matches a row without losing
AdeptWin 16 multiplayer matches a row without losing
Cast MasterCounter 100 incoming blocks in one match
Counter SpecialistSuccessfully counter incoming attacks 3 times in a row
Defense FreakCounter 60 incoming blocks in a multiplayer match
IrritantDisrupt 450 blocks on the opponent's board within a match by rendering them dead or inactive
Master DestroyerDestroy 50 blocks on an opponent's board in a single match
Obsessive TendenciesActivate the special spell 8 times within a single match
Puppet MasterUnlock all characters in Story Mode
PuppeteerWin18 multiplayer matches in a row without any losses
ResilienceSurvive 40 minutes in Ingrid's Curse
Sole SurvivorWin 8 1 vs. 3 multiplayer matches without any losses
Tile SmasherForm a cluster of 60 blocks or more, collapse it
ZipperzeeWin a match in Story Mode under 00:01:20
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