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Wonderland Online PC Cheats

Rating: 3.2/5 VOTE

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Wonderland Online

Rating: 3.2/5 VOTE

Secret Character 91%
At the start of the game before the ship sink.. dont talk to the captain, instead go to the door next to it, and talk to the bartender there.. continue talking to her(repeatedly) until she says about switching places with her.. instead of playing your created character.. you will play the character of the bartender..
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How To Move Items In Bulk 87%
To move items in bulks instead of one at a time, just hold down the left CTRL button then drag your item to its new spot. Once done, a window will pop up asking the quantity you want to move, choose your amount then hit OK.
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Money $$$ Money in 1 night 81%
Want to get easy money? go to the mine (the cave in kelan) and auto there for the night and make sure you have food. when you wake up you will have your inventory full of ores! sell them to the props shopkeeper in kelan and my brother got 3k!NOTE: he did not have full inventory just have
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How to get Breilat at starting! 75%
Firstly, go in the bar room Then talk to Breilat for 10 times then you will get her!
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How To Get Brelliat, Control Her Hair Color, and Her Perks 73%
-To obtain and become Breillat, you first create a new character. When it loads up on the ship, ignore the ship captain and go into the door next to him. You can play the mini games on the left side, if you win you can get a voucher from each one that is redeemable at Breillat (bartender girl). Once you redeem the voucher (if you got them) talk to her several times until she asks you to take her spot so she can see the world. You want to say "yes" and she will disappear and you will become Breillat, its that simple.

-For her hair color, some may wonder why her hair color changes so much whenever you switch from your character to Breillat. It's because her original hair color is much different that say your characters original hair color. Well the simplest way I've found to control what her hair color is when you switch over is whenever you are creating your character you want to become Breillat is to use Maria (the nurse) as a base for your hair color in the end. Maria and Breillat have the closest hair color scheme so use Maria first to find the hair color you want in the end and remember the color gauge (the bars). Once you get the color you want you can switch the character if you so please and use the hair color pattern you remembered from using Maria and apply it to the new character. ** If that was confusing, heres a example

** Say you used Maria and went +2 Red, +3 Green, and -3 Blue (+ is Right / - is Left from original starting place) you would then go to like Nicole and used +2 Red, +3 Green, and -3 Blue on her hair color. I hope that can help you a little :/

-Lastly, her perks. As some may or may not know, Breillat has no stat scheme like all other characters do. Breillat has +0 stat scheme, where as Maria has like a +2 Int and +1 Agi. She does however have the ability to take up the stat scheme of which ever character you choose. *For example, You use Daniel for his +1 Str and +2 Con and then become Breillat. Now Breillat uses Daniel's stat scheme. Or if you use Nina for her +1 Int, +1 Wis, and +1 Agi and become Breillat, now Breillat has the same.

~~This is the end of this cheat/tip/hint I hope everyone can find it useful and hopefully understand it all too. If you have any questions about this, just send me a message.
-Server: Taurus 4
-Name: Krimson
If im on but am not answering, im either (A) Botting (Remote Control) (B) Using a ALT account at the moment (C) Sleeping (D) Pestering me with something NOT related to this tip and/or spamming~~
By: DGXRaven(240)
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Player&Pet Combo - Double Item Drop - Fast Cash - Dual Log 68%
~~Player&Pet Combo + Double Item Drop~~
To get the double item drop from monsters, just have you and you pet attack the same monster. When you and your pet attack the same monster, they form a combination attack with their power. If both attack and kill the monster, and the monster drops an item, the item will be duplicated and given to you and your pet. And since you and your pet share the same inventory, you get both items.

~~Fast Cash~~
To get the fast cash you just need to have the remote control, a pet, and a nice spot to sit. Find a spot where the enemies spawn and they are the 2 or more of the same enemy (example, two Poisonous Mushrooms or two Hyperkinetic Chickens). Recommended to not get two different types of one enemy (example, Poisonous Mushroom and a Fresh Mushroom). After you find your spot, fight the first group yourself, having you and your pet attack the same enemy till none are left. Once the battle is done, sit and activate your remote. Finally, leave your computer, sleep, use a different account. Come back in a day or after the night sell the items and make a great profit.

~~Dual Logging~~
Dual logging is just as it sounds. Just make another WLO account. Start up the WLO client and login with your normal account, then start the WLO client again and login with your other account.

*For getting faster cash, do the same with your second account as the first to get fast cash.
By: DGXRaven(240)
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Multiple Cheats with a price 67%

Brielette-Talk to her 10 times

Icecream-play games southwest of bar than talk to brielette (Must be done before getting her)

Secret Skills:

Earth: Acrolith Attack 116 int and 9 wis/Summon mosquito 40 con 58 int 59 wis 30 agi

Water: Sleep 2 int 47 wis/ Revival 1 int 53 wis/ Normal 3 int 58 wis


Wind: Shadw Atk 85 agi/Afterimage atk50 str 103 agi/Storm atk 65 str 124 agi

And PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE enter in this Buzz Code (ATTENTION THESE DON'T GIVE FREE IMs OR MONEY) "12729482" Thank you all
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The secret skills water,earth,wind 63%
Water attribute: (all of them r supporting skills)
Free from mess - WIS 42, INT 1 - ravel from Mess
Sleep          - WIS 47, INT 2 - Turn enemies to sleep, last 2 rounds(the same as freeze), lv1 can sleep 1 enemy, lv10 can sleep 4 enemies)
Revival        - WIS 53, INT 1 - Revive a dead team member, lv1 revival with 10% of MaxHP, lv10 revival with full MaxHP
Recover Normal - WIS 58, INT 3 - Recover all the debuffs from a person except earth attribute debuffs, coz it is against water
Earth attribute: (1st one is magic skill, 2nd is supporting skill)
Acrolith Attack - INT 114, WIS 9 - summon acrolith to atk enemy (only to 1 target)
Summon Mosquito - WIS 58, CON 12 - summon a mosquito to atk enemy (only to 1 target)
Wind attribute: (all of them r melee skills)
Shadow attack      - AGI 85
After image attack - AGI 103, STR 50
Storm attack       - AGI 124, STR 65
P.S. Those r the atking skills, I dont need to explain too much
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Golden antlers 62%
The golden anglers eqp them then put on a helmet or hat and the hat will change colors :) (makes gold ears look like snow ears)
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How 2 get unlimited vacuums 61%
After getting the quest Elfs tear at holy village exit the village and youll see a river get in and go up the waterfall when you enter take a left and youll see a statue talk to it then go look around for a item on the ground named elf tear enter holy village give the tear to the guy and he will give you a vacuum he will leave and if you leave and come back without the vacuum in your inventory he will be there talk to him and youll recieve the vacuum again
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Easy lvl and money for doing absolote notthing 53%
When you do the quest for aunt and get the potatoe for her you ge ta remote control then go to the first village t o the cave where there are rock monsters and select the remote and click on the auto fight and auto move then sit back for an hour or two and then you should have lots of ores to sel and might of grown a lvl Warning! be carfull take food with you so you wont loose exp for dieing
By: ryandoz(47)
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Getting off the island 53%
You can get of the island by making a boat or Raft in your home and going to a beach. When on the boat move to the end of the screen that leads to more water. You should the see a world map and you can ride to other places.
*note one:You should be a high level when you do this because the other places have high level wild creatures.
**note two: I have only tried it on the beach by the troll but my guess is it works on all.
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You can gain reward for all igg games 53%
Enter igg buzz code 6570153 when you register to get free gifts , it works for all igg games.
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How level up faster 52%
Try using 2 accounts while playing WLO.. less chance being defeated by the mobs and and high chance of gaining more items ( your choice if your gonna focus on one account only or two accounts).. too have those two accounts have the same exp.. all of the char should hit the enemy.. for example accountA kills enemyA and accountB kills enemyB, accountA should hit enemyB before it dies, the same for accountB.. I advice to use normal attack.. im using 2 accounts and theyre both lvl 23 now.. for two weeks.. I dont know if its fast for you but it's way fast to me.. and im enjoying having 2 accounts.. (some ppl you see roca with them, but me im with my other char following me ^^)
By: mcdohl10(107)
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How to get Sam 52%
Sam is a "powerful" pet and of hard to get it. First, go to the Holy village and click the wolf that are doing something. Then , go to the house of Holy leader and talk to the guard that protect holy leader. After that, be sure to bring some friends ( if you are 10-20 lv , bring 3 friends that 70Lv ++ if you think no need to bring too much friend, you must 100LV ++ and you must be fire or water (of course, bring another 100LV friend (with fire or water, if you are water, bring fire friend if you are fire , bring water). Then, go to the pine and you will see a hut. Go into the hut and go to the underground floor. Go to take the money and the hijacker will come. Then, go out the hut and you defeat all of the hijacker and hijacker leader. Both of their level is 67-70, and many hijacker will joining combat ( that why I told you must 100LV). defeat them and Sam is yours.
By: chaosvath(34)
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Free Buzz Code! 52%
In the process of Registering, theres a Buzz Code option slot at the very bottom, enter the free buzz code ------> 13369875 to get free in-game items! =) thank you!
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How to get a fire panda and a training ticket 51%
Its easy all you have to do is register a new account and when you are registering there appears one field that says "buzz code" there you put 13816192 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              13816192      end_of_the_skype_highlighting its as easy as this and if you pay for igg points you will earn twice as you payed
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How to level up super fast (3000+ exp in one battle) 49%
Need: 4 account or make a party with your friend。 (at least 3 account, you can use 3 account at the same time in your pc)

Account A:water must be have the freeze and Drain Water 【the A's speed must be the fastest】
Account B:fire must be have the Hot Fire Attack
Account C:fire must be have the Hot Fire Attack
Account D:fire must be have the Hot Fire Attack

all use the Monster pet。【must be have the attack skill】
in the chicken farm

now begin!

1st round:
Account A use drain water
Account B use Slowdown
Account C use Slowdown
Account D use Hot fire Attack to A’pet
all the pet defend

2nd round:
Account A use freeze
Account B use hot fire attack to his pet
Account C use hot fire attack to his pet
Account D use hot fire attack to his pet
All the pet attack

Account A use freeze
Account B use Slowdown
Account C use Slowdown
Account D use Slowdown
All the pet attack

Account A use freeze
Account B use Slowdown
Account C use Slowdown
Account D use Slowdown
All the pet attack

originally posted by: xretsim
(i edited some part to be more accurate)
By: mcdohl10(107)
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Aligote Quest 47%
Go to welling village and go in the first house on the right. There will be a grandma and a little boy. The grandma will say that she needs aligote and bla,bla,bla. Go up the street, across the fat guy. There will be things that look like grapes, and if you click on them you will get aligote. Then you go back to the grandma and she gives you "something". I'm not going to tell. It's a surprise.
By: coolpups12(30)
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How to have 2 time the wepon of roca 46%
When you rearly finished the quest where you need roka, before returning to the chief of the village( father of roca) take away the wepon of roca, then talk to the father of roca and roca will go away from you team. at that moment take back roca... she will return with her machete, so youl have one in your bag and the other she wil have it
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Easy Gold 44%
If you have a vaccum use it evry time you are away from your computer then when you are done sell the wood to the prop shopkeeper in kelan and poof lots of gold on your game
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New Buzz Code 43%
7083619 Get new buzz code
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Make free money -tip 41%
If you have fugu hot pots sell them
*50 of them =600 gold**100=1200*
make a profit now!
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How to get unlimited fishing rods!!! 41%
Go to elliot in welling village with fishing rod in bank n he will give you a new one!
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Easy money 38%
Ok so say you haven't gotten the remote yet but you have a fishing rod......go to a spot with water (like starters beach or next to one of the caves) dua anyway those 3 spots are almost like safe zones the monsters never come there anyway you fish with almost empty inventory (except rod and tent of course lol) and you fish overnight

makes about 200 in one night
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Theres no cheats 38%
U cant use cheats on wonderland online
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Free Training Ticket+Fire Panda 36%
When you make a character, just type in the buzzcode 23136517
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To get higher exp than u expect 32%
* if you already have gs, train with burstmates...
* if you don't have it yet, train individually...
* go AFK and leave many heals.., set your remote depends to u,..
* make friends to others so they'll help you too...
* self-discipline, industrious and wisely use your items..

------ they can lead you to your ambition lvl faster ----------
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Finding niss 30%
This is how you find niss people or begginers I have a cheat for you now lets get started you find her/niss by this big tree on the part of north island with the cave on the bottom if you look on the bottom of your map youll find her!So GOOD LUCK begginers have fun and find niss thats all the information I have right this moment but stay tuned america with dcddes !
By: dcddes(13)
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To earn lot of money 30%
To have more money you can get a remote in the welling village then you go to the rock monster cave then use the remote and you will earn items then go to selling place so you can earn money
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How to keep roca after the quest 29%
After you finish the quest roca will go back to her father. Go to her father and get the prize, after that click on Roca and you will be asked to continue with her, click on yes.
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Golden antlers 29%
The golden anglers eqp them then put on a helmet or hat and the hat will change colors :) (makes gold ears look like snow ears)
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How to get off the island 28%
Have you ever wanted to get off the small island you start off on?well no more you just beat a troll to get to another island butt the trolls really hard so you have to be a high level or have roca.
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You can gain reward 28%
Enter this to your buzz code when you register at wonderland online 2667522.
By: regis232(9)
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Gold Footmen's Helmet (Glitch) 27%
To Get a Gold Footmens Helmet just simply wear the helmet then wear some Gold Antlers.Then wait about 10 seconds. If it does'nt work then wear helmet then put on the antlers a re-log
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Getting Roca 26%
You can get the "pet" Roca,(called a pet even though she is human) by going to the island chief's house in the first village and accepting to do the quest. The trick is though not to do the quest because Roca will be returned to her father.In my opinion Roca is one of the better "pets" so I suggest you keep her.
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How to lvl up faster if your lvl 1 or 3 24%
Battle monster that higher than your lvl but not much higher just 2 lvl higher than yours and also don't always die because it can decrease your lvl.....
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Get Roca and Xaolan as "pets" 24%
This is the REAL way to get Roca as a pet.

Do the quest that she acts as a bodyguard for. When you finish the quest by talking to the elder, she'll leave your party. DO NOT FRET! Simply talk to her again and she will rejoin as a permanant team member. Even though she is human, she counts as a pet and as such can be stored like one, alone with all the other fun pet options (yes, you can even RIDE her!). Xaolan is the exact same way, so don't worry about not being able to use Roca if you take Xaolan with you after you save her from Pirates.
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How To Get Gold For Nothing!!! 23%
Go to C3 and then push ctrl+A+O+alt+f4
Caution:(be sure to hold the button till it's over)
Then you go to holy bank and acess money and you will see 500k in your bank for no reason and be sure that you r at C3:)

Good luck(if it didn't work try it again and it will work)(^_^)

Have a nice day in your game(^_^)(*_*)($_$)(@_@)(^o^)yay!
by:Donovan Jackson
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Money cheat 20%
Look for someone called arber and give him 50k he has a cheat no one in the world can get he made him self he will make it into 4 times bigger with will get you 200k wow its real I got over 50 mil from him cause I kept doing it ! wow !
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Geting 1k in 1 minute 19%
Go to igg download angels online try to be a higher lv when you be lv 50+ join a league then take totem and take riddle than you can attack 1 monster there for 500gold and tell alaacool a lv 1 acc and pass then he will make it lv 50+ and make it join a good league
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Easy money 18%
First get 80 gold then go and ask people if they have 30 granite and that you will pay them eighty gold for all of them. then take them to the item buyer and sell them for 160 gold or 130 gold then do this again and again until you get all the gold you want.
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Healing During Combat*No Need For A Spell* 16%
What you do is while in combat, when you get the option to select what you want to do to kill something, click on the brown bag. Double click on a food item, and then click on you someone in your team to use it on. No need for a spell!

By: JJ
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Skip lvl 15%
Alt + shift + ctrl + intert + delete + ctrl + w + l
click fast and skip current level
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Have a 1,000,000 money faster 12%
Hold shift ctrl c and type "give me money"
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How to get money fast and level up 12%
level up to 200
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Gold 11%
Press 92746 numbers then alt+f4

And then you wlo be off and you haw to turn on wlo and then just click on server Cancer 4 and log in and go to welling bank and here!
Gold for nothing :)

Note :

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Cheats 10%
Shift control c type "give me money"
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Armor Cheat 9%
Greedisgood 1000000
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Greedisgood 1000000 9%
Greedisgood 1000000
By: Lerun(15)
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15948267 9%
Lvl pu 100
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Cheats 9%
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Syahril 9%
Lvl up 100
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Cheat infinity gold 9%
Ctrl+alt F4
By: koneksiputus(19)
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Get married in 5 seconds 8%
Hold shift ctrl c and type in "marriage"
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Gold 8%
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Have a pet 7%
Hold capslock and type in "cats and dogs"
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Unlocking all worlds 6%
The cheat is Wonderlandvictory The hint is:use and type Iwantounlockeverything
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