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Castle Crashers Cheats for XBOX 360
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Castle Crashers XBOX 360 Cheats

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Castle Crashers

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Castle crashers 100%
On every wooden door use the bomarang
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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More Characters 97%
Description: The list below chronicles all of the hidden, unlockable characters in the game, and how each one is unlocked.
Alien Hominid - Have the full game of Alien Hominid HD on your Xbox 360's HDD and get at least one achievement in it.
BarbarianBeat King's Arena
BearWin the game with Skeleton
BeekeeperWin the game with The Barbarian
Black KnightBeat the Game with Grey Knight
BruteWin the game with The Eskimo
CivilianWin the game with Peasant
CommonerBeat game with peasant knight
EskimoComplete Icy Arena offline
FencerWin the game with Mechanic
Forest KnightWin the game with the Thief
Grey KnightDefeat the Barbarian Boss
Mechanic (Gear Knight)Win the game with Blue Knight
NinjaWin the game with The Red Dragon Knight
PeasantComplete the "Peasant Arena"
Periwinkle KnightComplete the "Volcano Arena"
Red Dragon KnightBeat Game With Orange Knight
Royal GuardWin the game as Green Knight
SkeletonWin the game as Red Knight
ThiefBeat Thieve's Arena
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Animal Familiars 97%
The extensive list below shows all of the familiar animals you can acquire, as well as how they are acquired and what purpose they each serve.
Power: Provides a magical boost
Location: Full Moon
Have Cardinal as your animal in Full Moon, and at the 2nd hut on the mountain path, it'll give you a golden key that unlocks a cell in the ark holding the Beholder.

Power: Attacks enemies and friends when they are about to die
Location: Snow World
Use the horn near a sign while walking up a ramp.

Bitey Bat
Power: Bites the enemy's head
Location: Pipistrello's Cave
Bitey bat is found after beating the Bat boss.

Burly Bear
Location: Tall Grass Field
Look for the tall grass on the cliff, and instead of going up the cliff, go left to the side of the cliff. A rock blocks your path, but can be moved by eating a sandwich. Bomb the crack behind the 2 treasure chest to reveal Burly Bear.

Power: Increases defense, agility, and strength
Location: Flooded Temple
In the 1st dry area, dig at the X sign marked before the 2 fish statues.

Power: Increase chances of finding secret items
Location: Industrial Castle
Beat the Brute at the top floor of the castle.

Power: Frogglet's catches items with its tongue
Location: Marsh
Find the X halfway in the 1st graveyard, where you will see a crypt.

Power: Increases leveling rate
Location: Desert
Look for the X in the sand towards the end of the level.

Power: Attacks enemies on the ground and picks up fruit from them
Location: Tall Grass Field
Before getting the animal Rammy from the bear with the banner, Hawkster can be found by blowing the horn outside the huts.

Install Ball
Power: Shoots enemies with his photons
Location: Alien Ship
Play through until the countdown begins. Shoot the mechanism that destroys the 1st green laser gate (after the toilet) and head straight up. There's a door there (hard to see what with it being dark etc). Go left slightly. It's still possible to exit the ship before the countdown ends.

Power: Increases agility
Location: Parade
The cat Meowburt is in a tunnel after the level Parade. Enter the level following Parade, and when the level begins, head to the left for the tunnel.

Power: Increases the chance of finding secret items
Location: Church Store
In the store for 750 gold.

Mr. Buddy
Power: Increase rate of digging
Location: Home Castle
Find a X on a straw pile near the back wall in the 1st room of the castle.

Power: Exposes hidden fruit in trees
Location: Forest Entrance
Repeatedly attack behind the area infested with vegetation before the Deadland exit.

Power: Points out the location of buried treasure
Location: Snow Store
In the store for 750 gold.

Power: Increases the amount of health restored when eating food
Location: Swamp Village Store
In the store for 585 gold.

Power: Rams the enemies down to the ground
Location: Tall Grass Field
Look for a bear with a banner.

Power: Increases agility and strength
Location: Sandcastle Interior
Scratchpaw, a tiger, is behind the 2nd barred window in the back of the room. Set him free by bombing the window.

Power: Increases speed in water
Location: Thieves Forest
Between the poo streak left by the deer and the river.

Power: Increases jump height
Location: Animal Ark
Eat a sandwich while standing under a door in the animal ark, then jump and press X, X, and Y button. Attack the door as it rises until you are high enough to grab Sherbert.

Power: Increases defense but decreases agility
Location: Marsh
Near the end of the level.

Power: Increases strength
Location: Cyclop's Fortress
In the 1st room of the fortress, find a crack in the wall and bomb it.

Power: Increases defense
Location: In the store for 680 gold

Power: Health is slowly restored over time
Location: Thieves Forest
The troll is behind a wall that can be destroyed with 3 bombs.

Power: Immunity against being frozen
Location: Snow World
The Yeti is behind a hut on a declining ramp.

Power: Exposes food in the grass
Location: Desert Chase
The Zebra is carried by the rider on a camel, who runs away from you in the desert. Chase the rider and knock him off with an arrow to score the Zebra.
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Familiar Stat Bonuses 95%
Description: Certain familiars give you stat bonuses. Here is a list of these:

Chicken+1 Strength, +1 Agility, +1 Defense
Snoot+2 Strength
Spiny+2 Defense
Snailburt+5 Defense, -5 Agility
Scratchpaw+1 Strength, +2 Agility
MeowBurt+3 Agility
Beholder+2 Magic
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Leveling-Up Tips 93%
Low level - Go to Thieve's forest and kill the first few thieves until you see them start to run away. From there a big troll will come out and shoot out smaller ones, attack these guys and take out as many as you can and avoid hitting the bigger one. The longer he's out, the more little guys you get.

Mid level - When you are mid leveled (25-40) you will want to go to either Lava World, or Marsh. In Lava World follow the walkway until you get to a metal wall, the metal wall can only be broken when you use a sandwich so just keep storing up on those and killing some Fire Demons racking up quite a bit of xp. (note: they never stop coming up to the point where you break that wall. Keep it closed and you have yourself an endless amount of them coming your way.) In Marsh near the end there will be another troll with 2 Druidic Knights, continue the same as the first troll in Thieve's Forest.

High level - If you are over 40 you probably wont be going up to fast if you use the first two strategies. Instead you are going to want to go to the last level with the four closed off bosses. The painter is the easiest one to get xp. off of, he doesn't attack you until half his life bar is drained, take advantage and while hes painting use your strongest attacks on him, take as much life as you can before the horde of paintings attacks you.
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Item Locations 93%
Below are the names and locations of the 9 items you must collect in the game in order to proceed.

Binoculars - Grab this item at the end of the Industrial Castle level, after slaying the boss.

Boomerang - Equip the Cardinal Animal Orb, and go to the Thief Forest. When you locate the owl pooping from a tree, the cardinal will find this item (so long as he’s with you).

Bow and Arrow - In the Thief Forest level, they are dropped randomly and regularly.

Compass - Find to the left of the blacksmith.

Horn - After killing the Corn boss, one of the Peasants will give it to you.

Key Weapon - Equip the Cardinal Animal Orb, and go the Full Moon level. When you reach the mountain path, go up until you reach the 2nd hut. Go near the hut and Cardinal will locate the item for you.

Spade - Head to the 1st desert level after you’ve complete the ship level. Leave the ship and find this item right in front of you on the left side of the sand castle.

Steering Wheel - At the end of the lava-colored level after defeating the dragons.

Treasure Map - You’ll receive this after defeating an opposing team during a mission at the sand castle in a game of volleyball.
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The Painter's Brush 87%
Description: When fighting the Painter in the Wizard's Castle, take a look at his brush. Its color can help you anticipate what he will paint:

Light PinkUnicorn
OrangeCarrot Clock
TealAngry Person
RedBig Monster
Light OrangeCat
Light PurpleNose-Snail
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Infinite Experience 84%
*** This trick works best with low level characters. In the Lava World area, there is a point where you need a sandwich to progress. If you do not have a sandwich, enemies will come and drop sandwiches when you defeat them. If you do not use the sandwich to progress, the enemies will keep on coming, allowing you to get as much experience as you want.
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Harder Difficulty 84%
Description: Unlock a harder difficulty level called Insane Mode

How to unlock: Win the game once through with any character.
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Trapped Developers [Easter Egg] 83%
In the alien aircraft, go left at the beginning instead of right. You can see the developers floating in some sort of stasis field.
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Free healing potions glitch! 71%
In the shack behind the home castle find the guy who teaches you how to use your items,
then talk to him, he gives you a healing potion, then says use RB and LB to toggle it through your items. Keep talking to him so he keeps giving you potions, untill he gives you
x5 healing potions
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Hint to fined all wepons! 62%
Get pazzo and go and do evry level then try to do evry levl with cardinal
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Easy money and Exp 61%
Equip giraffey and do the Wizzerd Castle levels then every time you beat the first 2 bosses save and exit the game.Once you hit level 50 do the same but in insane mode.
For fast easy money do barbarian boss once you are at level 35 or higher
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Easy money and exp 58%
Equip giraffy and do the wiziard castle interior level and beat the first three bosses and you don't need to exit the level just enter the doorway of what ever boss you want to fight. don't enter the fourth door it will take you to the wizzerd boss batlle for easy money just do the first two doors the third one dosen't give you money.
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Easy exp once you have betan game 50%
Keep doing home castle through to barbarian boss on insane mode but dont fight the boss, just exit to map when you kill the three enemys before the boss door and you should level up about 1-4 levels depending on your level 20+ 2-3 levels 30+ 1-2 40+ 1
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Easy experience glitch on castle crashers 45%
Ok so go to catfish area and when the catfish comes up before the health bar appears throw your boomerang and put your shield up 650 xp on normal mode. insane mode is 9000 xp per shot. also the cave with bitey bat boss stand in corner throw your boomerang shield up 9500xp for this one. but they patched this :( so I am giving you a walkthrough on how to delete the update. all you do is go to system, memory,and press y for details and it should come up clear system cashe this will make you unable to play online but you will be able to do these glitches. to go back online delete castle crashers from your memory and download again. this does not corrupt or erase any saved data. thanks:)
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Alien Buddy 44%
All you need to do for this amazing little buggy, is download alien homelord and beat the first level. Enjoy your demented alien guy!
By: SmexyCola(278)
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Have a babby dragon 42%
Have a partner the pink knight and she takes your damage when shes killed summon a babby dragon activate on title press up down left down right
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No head cheat 38%
1.fight in a arena or for a princess.
2.get your potion ready[DO NOT USE YET.]
3.keep doing your first attack until you see your foe`s head comes off then make your foe use a potion quickly, now you know the cheat.


to let you know reqires 2 player game.
By: fl4re volcano(19)
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Level 30 36%
All charcters level 30 and you will have the corn boss on the charcter selection team
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Pink knight 25%
Have the pink knight in light mode with the red knights first sword
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Castle crashers how to level up very quickly 24%
Up down rt left left up
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12 Achievements
Castle Crashers - Kay Eye Ess Ess Kay Eye Ess Ess
Collect all 4 princesses' kisses in a multiplayer game.
Castle Crashers - Traditional Traditional
Complete the game using any character.
Castle Crashers - The Traitor The Traitor
Defeat any boss by playing one of his own minions.
Castle Crashers - Deer Trainer Deer Trainer
Navigate the Abandoned Mill without hitting any obstacles.
Castle Crashers - Conscientious Objector Conscientious Objector
Complete the Home Castle through Barbarian Boss areas without attacking any foes.
Castle Crashers - Maximum Firepower Maximum Firepower
Using a catapult, fling a knight with maximum power.
Castle Crashers - Animal Handler Animal Handler
Collect all the animals.
Castle Crashers - Arena Master Arena Master
Win 40 Arena Ranked Matches.
Castle Crashers - Glork Glork
Win 20 All You Can Quaff Ranked Matches.
Castle Crashers - Melee Is Best Melee Is Best
Defeat any boss without using any magic.
Castle Crashers - Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter
Find and dig up ten buried items.
Castle Crashers - Medic! Medic!
In a 4 player game, resuscitate each of your fallen comrades at least once.

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