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Carnival Games

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Herding Chicken 87%
To unlock an item, herd all three chickens into their own pens by tapping it until it goes in.
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Unlock wiskers 86%
There is a orange ball and then a cat roll the ball to the cat
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9999 Free Tickets! 85%
To get 9999 Free Tickets name your character ZZZCD! Well Have Fun, I hope this cheat is helpful!
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Free Tickets! 85%
Name your character ZZZCD to get 9999 free tickets! :)
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Unlock butterfly wings 82%
Find the blue butterfly. Keep clicking on it until it lands on one of the white flowers
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Unlock friend ship flower 81%
There is a girl crying by a seesaw tap on her you will start playing with her
By: marissamorrison(154)
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Carnival Games Cheats 81%
-Have a look around your carnival until you find a blue butterfly. keep pressing it until you unlock the butterfly wings!
-To get nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine tickets (9999) just name your character ZZZCD and you will start with 9999 tickets!
-To get Swami's hat you go up to her ( she's near the radio and the kid next to the seesaw) and keep asking her "can I have your hat?" until she gives it to you!
-To get the flower Friend you go up to the girl and tap her. you will get it!
-To get the Organ Grinder you go to the top left corner of your carnival and tap the monkey that pops out of the barrel. you will get the Organ Grinder!
-To get the gizmo, you have to go to the top right corner of your carnival, and then tap the flashing red thingy. Then you will get the Gizmo!
-To get the Dragon Wings you have to go to them cut outs and then take you picture once on all six of them. Then you will have the Dragon Wings!
-To get the clucker you have to find the chickens that are running loose on you're carnival and chase them into the pens. You will have the clucker!
-To get the Angel Wings you have to get top prize in the meter o love ( practice makes perfect) and you will get them!
I really do apreaciate you taking your time to read those tips.
Now go and try them yourselves! :-) :-D
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See-Saw 79%
Look around the midway and you will see a girl next to a see-saw. Play with her and you get a prize, but it's only the first time.
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Receive a chicken hat/headpiece. 79%
Round up all the chickens by clicking on them to receive a chicken hat/headpiece.
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Hint 78%
When you see a butterfly tap it until it flies away and you will unlock butterfly wings!
By: sarahrox(40)
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Unlock Gimzo 78%
To unlock the gimzo, go to the blinking object in the northeast area of the carnival and click on it.
By: drybones7952(67)
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How to get 9999 tickets. 77%
Enter you name as zzzcd and you will start of with 9999 tickets
By: str8stylin2(68)
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Cheats and Hints 76%
-Name your person ZZZCD to start out with 9999 tickets.
-Don't shout into the microphone when playing Loud Mouth, blow into it!
-Notice those cut-outs spread over the carnival, approach it from behind, and on the top screen, it will ask you9 if you want to take a picture. When you take all 6, you get the dragon wings!
-Ask the swami "Can I have your hat, and after a few tries, you get the swami hat!
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Radio Replay 76%
Enter the Carnival and go to the far right. Then, go up until you see a boom box on a bench. You will also hear music. Tap the boom box to play a game.
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Unlock dragon wings 76%
There are these things that have a body with out a head if you get close to one it will ask you if you want to take a picture push down A. ( There are 6 )
By: marissamorrison(154)
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Cat and Ball of Yarn 76%
Find the cat with yarn inside a speech bubble. Go a little to the right and you will find an orange ball of yarn. Keep pushing the yarn until you get it to the cat. You will get a cat mask!
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Unlock the organ grinder 76%
Go far north till you get to the duck game look left you will see an open space and you will see a barrel. clice barrel when a small animal peeks out
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Picture Cutouts 75%
Take a picture behind every cutout and you get a special prize!
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Unlock Organ Grinder 74%
To unlock the Organ Grinder, click on the monkey in he barrel next to Shooting Gallery.
By: drybones7952(67)
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Unlock gobbler 73%
Round up the chickens in the pins
By: marissamorrison(154)
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Get lots of free stuff 72%
1.take a picture of your guy with the dragon to get dragon wings.2.tap the blue butterfly when it lands on a white flower to get butterfly wings.3.find the gizmo to get it.4.tap the bee hive and boombox to play their games.5.find and tap the ball of yarn and roll it to the cat to get a cat mask.6.tap one of the barrels to get thewind up monkey box.7.get all of the chickens in their pens to get the clucker.
By: wacky3762(180)
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Unlock won a bee 70%
Tap on bees nest then there is a game you have to collect as much honey as possible.
By: marissamorrison(154)
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Unlock juke box 68%
Click the radio on the bench. you will unlock a game beat the game to get the item
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Monkey 68%
Go to the left and there is a barrel and.....a minkey pops out of it. When the monkey pops out of it you will recive a dancing monkey in a box.
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Space ship 67%
There are loads of crop circuls. in the far left hand side there is a flashing object. pick it up and use it (ITis called a gizmo). now press Y and you will get carried of by a space ship to another crop circul!
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Pictures order 67%
You can take pictures in the small stands in any order, except for the knight and dragon one you have 2 do that one last.
By: asaninja(520)
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Teleporting 66%
Enter the Carnival and go the far right. When you cannot go any farther, go up until you reach a red flashing box. Tap the box to unlock the gizmo. The gizmo will allow you to go to all the round areas of the path. Note:You will go to these randomly.
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Unlock shark fin 65%
3 rounds of bumper boats
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Get 9999 tickets 64%
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Grab chikens 63%
You need to find three chicken next to a cage but all in differnt places. click on the chicken the when there in there click the door cage and win a prize
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How to play a secret beehive miniegame 62%
First go next to spilled milk in the game and turn left and you will see a bee hive and tap on it by Jordan
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How to get the great swamis hat. 61%
To get the great swamis hat go to her both and pay the 25 tickets when you ask youre question ask (can I have your hat) then the ticket she gives you will say do you like my hat SOMTIMES but most of the time.
By: str8stylin2(68)
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How to get 9999 tickets 60%
Name your charcter zzzzcd for 9999 tickets!
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Ticket Bonus 58%
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Samwi's Hat 56%
Go to Samwi's question thing, and get take 375 tokens (15 goes) after you've done it 15 times you should get the hat has he says "you like my hat" or something like that and it there we go Samwi's Hat.. =P =P
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Unlock a prize 52%
Go around the carnival and when you find a chicken on the loose tap on it until t gets into it spin.I think there are 4 or 5 chickens on the loose well have fun with your prize
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Cat 50%
If the cat has a chicken inside some clouds abouve his head,look for a chicken about a meter away from him and tap it until he gets it
then you unlock sumtin
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Dragon feet 44%
Beat the one game where you don't want hit the line 2 rounds you need to beet to get dragon feet
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How to beat the game in 1 click! 38%
First,go to the sawmu get the hat and give the kat its yarn then get the flower then beat the squirrel game go to a person click them then exit then log back on and it will say thankz 4 playin. Love,Zoie
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Disco fevah outfit 26%
Glamour goggles, disco ball, club shirt, club pants, mukluks
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On NEW Carnival games DS 25%
To lure the bull to his master unlock the cow mask.
then put it on and go to the bull click on the bull then he will follow you
bring him to his master then you get a prize ENJOY!
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Action replay and what it does for Carnival Games (NDS) 23%
It lets you get 999 tickets and ALL items!
By: lolrew(17)
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