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Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution Cheats for NDS
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Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution NDS Cheats

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Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Tips and Tactics for Game Play 95%
These tips work well on other platforms for Civilization I hope they help with your NDS game play!

Building Your Population

It is recommend that you build your population as early as you can, since even if you only have a handful of cities with 31 population in the capital, you will be able to generate enough research and gold to win the Tech or Economic victory conditions.

At 31 population, each population will generate 1 Production and 8 Resources (Research/Gold), giving you 248 research per turn (without Libraries and Universities).

Catapults & Early-Era Armies

If you see that an enemy army or catapult is heading your way, your 1st instinct is to head them off - IGNORE THAT INSTINCT. LET them come to you. All catapult and early era armies will only have ONE Movement cost, which will mean that unless they are on a road, they will have to be left undefended for a turn.

Normally you will notice that a Catapult/Catapult Army is accompanied by an Archer Army, so what you need to do is get TWO of your offensive units (more if there are more than 2 armies/catapults heading your way) to be 2 tiles away. Then wait for them to come near to your tile. At this point attack all the units on the tile.

Your own Horses and Catapult armies will work great for this strategy. It is also highly recommend that you try to get the upgrade that allows an extra movement AFTER they've attacked for both units. This will mean that after attacking you can go back into your own territory, and heal/wait for the next set of armies. Doing this you can slowly advance, into the enemy territory defeating their units before they can even attack.

TIP: If they are occupied by Knights, try to leave a weak spot in one of your cities, since the AI habitually seems to head for that weak spot. Use this to your advantage by attacking them when they are just behind you (blocking their path will result in them attacking you, so always go for the offensive, and never be defensive).

Japanese & One Tile Cities

When playing as the Japanese, find a piece of land that only has ONE ground tile, that is surrounded by ocean and ONLY ocean. Build a city here. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PROTECT THIS CITY, since the AI cannot possibly attack it unless they can land somewhere on the tile, which they wont be able to do.

Aircraft also cannot take cities, so your pretty safe. Now, the city itself will not produce anything BUT science/gold and will grow exponentially because it'll be getting a food source from the sea/ocean. On top of that, what you need to do is, RUSH the production for Courthouse when you have the option, and RUSH build a wall so some other AI doesn't flip it (though you will be told long before hand that there's a chance of a flip). With a courthouse, you will be using all your population on beakers, and when your population goes above something like 12-13, you will start producing some actual production. At this point simply build libraries and universities (rush them if you have the gold).

This one city is a gold mine, since it can not be taken by any means besides flipping (which the wall protects against) and it'll produce continuous amounts of research or gold each turn. Put a great leader in the city, and you will be amazingly rich/knowledgeable.

Also build a Harbor in the city as soon as you can, since harbours give +1 food from tiles, which will mean that your city will grow even faster.

If you are short on money, use the 1st few turns to get gold instead of research, but after you've built a courthouse and harbour (with that money), your population growth should be incredibly high. Enough for you to be able to put up buildings without any other resource tile.

This can also be done with another civ, however, you need to get the Harbor first, since without it, the city wont grow (The Japanese have special begining bonus).

Tips For Win On Deity

For a sure bet win on Deity difficulty, you need to play the 'Beta Centuari' Scenario as the Mongols. In this scenario, you will notice a large amount of Barbarians and they are pretty much everywhere.

So at the start of the game, fortify your unit and start creating another Modern Infantry/Tank/Artillery - please note that in this scenario you start with ALL of the technologies, and Technology victory is disabled.

With this unit start taking down all of the Barbarian huts, since the Mongols have the special ability to turn Barbarian Huts into Cities when captured, in a couple of turns you will notice that you have close to 5-6 new cities where your opposing civs will usually only have the one or 2 (the quicker you go around converting these barbarian huts the better).

Near the end game, you may have some problem with cities with large armies of Modern Infantry. The best way to deal with them is a combination of Battleship Fleets on the side (for +27 Naval Support) and armies of Artillery that have City Infiltration. Using Spies to destroy fortifications is also very helpful. Sending in multiple bombers to deal heavy damage before you deal the final blows can also help (not to be done if your against the Aztecs who heal themselves after each victory).

Each time you convert a city you should also switch it from producing Research beakers into Gold. This will increase your Gold Reserves significantly.

Also note that you should NOT build the Library unless you have absolutely nothing else to build.

If your city is next to a civs, then you should build a Wall before anything else, and the Hollywood Wonder as well (so that they don't). This will stop your cities from being flipped via Culture.

Bombs Away - Nuke Em Boys!

When using Nukes, you should keep your units a minimum of 2 tiles away from the enemy city that you are about to bomb, otherwise you will find that your units will also take a hit, since Nukes will destroy everything in the city (and unless it's a capital, the city itself) and do major damage to the units AROUND the city.

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution Cheats
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Quick level up. 79%
Positon troops around a Barbarian village. Put them in defensive mode (press y button). Wait for barbarians to attack. as long as you don't destroy the village they will keep coming.
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Switch from old to new 69%
When a unit is active,fortify it.After a while when you can switch that unit to a new one in the production menu,that unit you fortified becomes a new unit.For an example,if you have a galleon fortified in the water,it can turn into a cruiser when you research steam power.
By: Lt Marsh(187)
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Quick City Defeat 48%
Build the Manhattan Project wonder. Put infantry around a city you would like to capture. Fire the missle at the city. The city will be empty and free to take. Capture it.
Note: This only happens once.
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An easy way to pummel the enemy! 47%
All you need to do is build barracks! Every new unit you make will be upgraded and very
hard to destroy! It's so simple! You may be thinking why am I writing this, but people
never read the descriptions, they're boring! So build barracks!
By: georgie101(42)
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I won the domination victory on my second day of owning the game! First never listen to your foreign advisor listen to your genreal guy, or never let there be peace. Also kill the barbarians, it helps give you exp, then because it is so early and you should have some exp on your side you should be able to kill the foe fast and capture the capital fast but if they grow, work on science and get more advanced units.
Also if your stuck on a small island build your capital near water your capital shouldent be vonerable to the water attacks other nations throw at it. Going to the very start it may help, but I always chose the mongols and/or the Greeks.
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Advances/strong units 33%
I am always no.1 in science. do this by focusing soley on it. focus on the advances that get you catapults, gunpowder, philosophy, stealth bomber, battleship, and mobile armor. these are very useful. philosophy and gunpowder are advances. catapults, and mobile armor are the best ground attackers. catapults in the begining armor later on. you need gunpowder for all of these besides philosophy. stealth bomber is best for air attacks, battleship is best sea unit.get theres and swarm your enimies. build asmany wonders and take over others that got them before u. wonders can boost units and cities.
By: pudding(510)
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Alpha Century 20%
At main menu press left, right, left, right, down
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To get every thing 5%
To get it all
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