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NCAA Football 09 Cheats for PS2
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NCAA Football 09 PS2 Cheats

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NCAA Football 09

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Cheat List 92%
Description: Enter the following codes to unlock the cheats listed below:

HOOK EMAll-time Texas
FUMBLEAll-American Team
BOOMERAll-Time Oklahoma Team
GO BLUEAll-Michigan team is now unlocked
ROLL TIDEAll-time Alabama team
WOOPIGSOOIEAll-time Arkansas team
WAR EAGLEAll-time Auburn team
SIC EMAll-time Baylor team
DEATH VALLEYAll-time Clemson team
GLORYAll-time Colorado team
UPRISINGAll-time Florida State team
GREAT TO BEAll-time Florida team
HUNKER DOWNAll-time Georgia team
KILLER NUTSAll-Time Ohio State Buckeyes Team
WE AREAll-Time Penn State team
THANKS#200, first and 15
TIBURONAllows your QB to throw passes beyond the line of scrimmage
CHAMPSCause your opponent to fumble when he tries to juke
FORCauses the ref to spot the ball short for your opponent
08Causes the upright to become very narrow on your opponent's field goal attempts
ELITE 11Causes your opponent's QB to throw passes high and wobbly
OFFENSECauses your QB to be almost impossible to sack
NCAADoubles your opponent's penalty yardage for 1 game
UNDEFEATEDGives you 1st and 5
IMPACTGives you 5 downs instead of 4 to make a 1st down
HEISMANGives you points when your player is injured
FOOTBALLGives you unlimited timeouts for 1 game
GRIDIRONGives your kicker greater distance for 1 game
TURNOVERImproves you team's pass rush for 1 game
IN THE ZONEImproves your player's catching ability for 1 game
SIDELINEIncreases the wind in your direction on field goal attempts
DEFENSEIncreases your DB's chance of jamming a receiver at the line
REGISTERINGIncreases your opponent's chance of dropping a pass
BLITZIncreases your opponent's chances of injury for 1 game
GAME TIMEIncreases your opponent's fatigue factor for 1 game
WITH EAIncreases your opponent's fumbles for 1 game
BREAK FREEIncreases your player's ability to break tackles for 1 game
HAND PICKEDIncreases your player's chance of intercepting a pass
NO SWEATIncreases your QB's passing accuracy for 1 game
LIGHT SPEEDIncreases your receiver's chance of burning coverage deep
EA SPORTSKeeps your QB from throwing interceptions or fumbling
UPSETSuper Dive
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Easy 5-Star Recruit 82%
On the first week of recruiting in the offseason, go to create a player. Choose either a punter or a kicker. Turn all the sliders up except for the 'kick power' and 'kick accuracy'. You will now have a one-star kicker/punter that you can convert to another position which is much easier to recruit than a five-star QB or HB especially if you are working with a small school.
You can usually recruit 8 of these athletes or so. Try to alternate which position you set the player for (K/P) because you are less likely to get a kicker if you already have 6 kickers on your roster.
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Impact Players In The Zone in Practice and Pennant Codes 63%
Impact Players In The Zone In Practice: ZoneOut

Pennant Codes: Select Pennant Collection from My NCAA, press Select and enther the following codes:

Sic Em Baylor Bears
Oskee Wow Illinois Fighting Illni
Fight Texas Tech Red Raiders
Thanks First And Fifteen
For Blink
Registering Boing
With EA Butterfingers
Tiburon Crossed The Line
EA Sports Cuffed
Upset Super Dive
Touchdown Extra Credit
In The Zone Helium
Turnover Hurricane
Impact Instant Freplay
Heisman Jumbalaya
Game Time Molasses
Break Free Nike Free
Hand Picked Nike Magnigrip
No Sweat Nike Pro
Light Speed Nike Speed TD
Elite 11 QB Dub
NCAA Stiffed
Football Take Your Time
09 Thread & Needle
Offense Tough As Nail
Defense Trip
Blitz What A Hit!
Sideline Kicker Hex
Fumble 2004 All-Americans
Roll Tide All-Time Alabama Crimson Tide
Woopigsooie All-Time Arkansas Razorbacks
War Eagle All-Time Auburn Tigers
Death Valley All-Time Clemson Tigers
Glory All-Time Colorado Buffaloes
Great To Be All-Time Florida Gators
Uprising All-Time Florida State Seminoles
Hunker Down All-Time Georgia Bulldogs
On Iowa All-Time Iowa Hawkeyes
Victory All-Time Kansas State Wildcats
Geaux Tigers All-Time LSU Tigers
Raising Cane All-Time Miami (FL.) Hurricanes
Go Blue All-Time Michigan Wolverines
Hail State All-Time Mississippi State Bulldogs
Go Big Red All-Time Nebraska Cornhuskers
Rah Rah All-Time North Carolina Tar Heels
Golden Domer All-Time Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Killer Nuts All-Time Ohio State Buckeyes
Boomer All-Time Oklahoma Sooners
Go Pokes All-Time Oklahoma State Cowboys
Quack Attack All-Time Oregon Ducks
We Are All-Time Penn State Nittany Lions
Lets Go Pitt All-Time Pittsburgh Panthers
Boiler Up All-Time Purdue Boilermakers
Orange Crush All-Time Syracuse Orange
Big Orange All-Time Tennessee Vols
Hook Em All-Time Texas Longhorns
Gig Em All-Time Texas A&M Aggies
Mighty All-Time UCLA Bruins
Fight On All-Time USC Trojans
Wahoos All-Time Virginia Cavs
Tech Triumph All-Time Virginia Tech Hokies
Bow Down All-Time Washington Huskies
U Rah Rah All-Time Wisconsin Badgers

(same codes to unlock the mascots, but different mascots for schools)
Bear Down Arkansas Mascot Red And Gold Iowa State Mascot
Rock Chalk Kansas Mascot
Go Green Michigan State Mascot
Rah Rah Rah Minnesota Mascot
Mizzou Rah Missouri Mascot
Go Pack North Carolina State Mascot
Go Cats Northwestern Mascot
On On UK Kentucky Mascot
Go Deacs Go Wake Forest Mascot
All Hail Washington State Mascot
Hail WV West Virginia Mascot
Ramblinwreck Georgia Tech Mascot
Go Carolina South Carolina Mascot
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Code: 2004 All American team 63%
To get 2004 All American team (Includes Adrian Peterson freshman yr.) type in Fumble to get that team
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Easy points in dynasty 58%
Go to settings switch to heisman and start dynasty when in dynasty go to settings and switch to junior varsity and you get heisman difficulty points
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Bump and Run or Tight Coverage 58%
Find a explosive and quick reciever who is lined up against a defender playing about 2 yards off. Hot route him and push up on the right analog stick to get this slant and go type route the reciever will juke the corner and beat him long this just tap the recievers button to lob a deep pass over the top... GOOD LUCK
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Code: All-Oklahoma team 56%
Type in Boomer to get the team
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Go to dynasty mode pick FLORIDA in customise schedule pick hardest teams. Then in game go to AI and turn off penalties and put your stats to 99% and computers to 1%. Then stay in cover3 ALL THE TIME and be the right end and go next to your left end and blits.THEN they will throw a pic. On offense do option all the time.
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Cheats 53%
Tipe in 08 for the uprights for the other team
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By: soldier 101(22)
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Always Win 48%
What you want to do is when you are playing your game pause the game and go to settings and then to AI and set all your stats to max and all of the CPU stats to the min so you will get all of points for your freshmen and will get good stats on madden 09
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Hint: Get tons of tokens easily! 43%
To get alot of tokens set the difficulty level to heisman then go to play now and select your opponent as a Div. 2 team and you play as a top 10 team like USC, OU, Ohio State, LSU or whoever. Then play them and start racking up points and tokens!
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Trick Plays 42%
Use Indiana offense book and go to Formation>Shotgun>Wildcat. There are three or four good trick plays in there but make sure you up your wide receiver and tailback's throw stats first.
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6000 41%
Enter AJ as a cheat and get 6000 campus legend points to add to your person.
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Another thing about getting alot of tokens 35%
You can also go to rosters and change your opponent's players to 59 overall and yours to 99 and play like that
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My ncaa 29%
At the beggenin of the game go to my ncaa then go to setting and you can get your AI up and no penelties
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Get automatic points 18%
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