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NCAA Football 09 Cheats for PSP
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NCAA Football 09 PSP Cheats

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NCAA Football 09

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Altament play 27%
On defence turn off ofsides and run on the line of sgimage. you get a speed boost and tackle that qb!

By Chris
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Win bcs natinol championship @ season mode 22%
Pick any game,press sim season then stop it on bowl game (if you got into 1 then quit season with out saving season then go back to season mode you should have won the you-know- what.
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NCAA Football 09 344861How do you get the UGA blackout jersey Answers: 2
NCAA Football 09 577702How do you showboat to the endzone please tell me and how do you scramble in the pocket like move foward,backward side to side like a juke move. Answers: 1
NCAA Football 09 790782How do you get to the secondary quarterback? Answers: 1
NCAA Football 09 297182How do you get UGA's blackout jersey Answers: 2
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