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Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns Cheats for NDS
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Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns
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Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

The Charm Effect 100%
Using charm pills are effective in decreasing the amount of monster that you need to fight.By using charming a monster fights for you against other wild monsters. Caution : be careful not to get close to them because they'll still attack you, and if a wild monster kills it and level up, you'll also be sorry...
By: arks(28)
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Do It For Me 100%
Rather than using Fuuma talisman that decreases our sp, why not let someone else summon it?! just seal a monster in this talisman, and then throw it at a monster. And, viola! summoning complete...
By: arks(28)
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"X-tra" Charge 100%
If you find difficulties in defeating a hard monster(especially tods...gulp)try using charge pills and let them sprint like a ferrari till they hit a wall/monster/or even out of borders! (Too bad some monsters and bosses could'nt use this trick like in the first game )
By: arks(28)
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Amphibious Feast 100%
Frogs are nasty and such a pain,especially when they spread eggs which gives birth to cute by amazingly strong tod hercules!omg
In order to dispose this infest, try using range weapons or melee(i recommend asura/falcon for multiply hits) weapons equipped with yami-uchi + status effect talismans to get a 1 hit kill.Indeed using reviving weapons and talismans are very useful supports.
Be wise not to face multiply numbers of them unless you level up high or feel brave enough to take risks...
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Observing Time 100%
Are you a strategical person and wanna know the location of your surroundings? try using the tag combo,area attack talismans or healing items! it will occur a ingame scene and you'll have a peek around(it also works when your blinded)
By: arks(28)
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Survival Tips 100%
Entering dungeons needs high attention, especially you'll lost all money & item if your annihilated or reset without saving in a dungeon floor, so here are some tips :
- Always bring some kikans.ALWAYS
- Bring healing items such as hp & sp retorations
- Upgrade your weapon with talismans.Burn them and increase sp level
- Use your surroundings! Use anything to keep alive and defeat your enemies(traps, scattered items,point blank attacking positions,etc)
- Do not be petty using the items you have! The choices are rather low rations or death.
- Do not kill frogs in narrow paths,near important items and stairs! their eggs will scatter after death and my might impede your way.Be care by using multiply attacks because more tods means death...
- Save some room for Ten'i or smoke bombs for emergencies
- Use tag combos & change members for higher survival
- Throw arrows, caltrops,flame/charm/darkness pills etc to enemies
- Make sure to refill your sp in order to avoid damage penalty
- Run in the dungeon to gain auto-heal status(using yuukon is quite wise)
- Make distance between your enemies.Use point blank positions, stay and fight in a wide area, use tag combos and area attacks to damage/kill multiply enemies(saves power & time)
- Do not run too long in a dungeon! this may decrease your sp bar drastically!
- And at last, escape! if you can't take it anymore, unless you have the heart of a lion and like taking risks...^^
By: arks(28)
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Space Saving Talisman 100%
In the first place it kind of sucks only allowed to bring no more than 20 items, but you could use a trick!
If you have many talisman in your inventory or scattered near the ground and feel sorry to dispose them just stick them on an weapon( I recommend using weaponry wtih lots of slots) and you could peel them of afterwards.Easy, huh?
By: arks(28)
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Leek BBQ 100%
A leek is not such a good weapon in the first place, but it could be delicious when it comes to BBQ! First get youself a leek and find flame trap,then step on the trap(glek!) But no worries, you'll get youself a 1,500 hp restore treat!
By: arks(28)
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Trap Revealing 100%
Use a reppu talisman to reveal hidden traps below
By: arks(28)
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Free Status Curing 100%
Each time your inflicted by a status effect,try switching characters! It's convenient & efficient(doesn't work on eternity,seal,sleep,power ups and some status though).
By: arks(28)
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Trap Destroyer 100%
Having enough of this trapfield? try using a weapon breaker that allows you to sabotage anykind of boobytraps.
By: arks(28)
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Leveling Up Shino Faster 80%
It's kind of annoying how characters level up so slowly isn't it? Well, equip items that will earn you more experience! Like an Asura blade. Equip it to Shino. Every monster she defeats will give her 10% more experience! Depending on her level, if it is low (about 10's through 20's), defeat all the monsters on the floor you're on, and she will level up once or twice. If her level is kind of in the middle (50's through 70's), defeat all the monsters on two or three floors and she will level up. If her level is high (80's through 99), defeat all the monsters in the dungeon (like Mugen Castle). Shino will level up once or twice. This works with anybody who can equip with a sword.
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Reveal Mitsumoto's Face! 80%
You'll know when XD
Remember Ryuuji and Shuuchi?
Whenever he asked of you a favor to unfreeze his friend or something, you had to fetch him an item that would unfreeze him. After that, when you reach Mugen, they will be somewhere in the city. Talk to them, they will thank you, and I think they might ask for another item, but I might be wrong. Then they will tell you that they're going to make a bath house for the girls to bathe in. After you've beaten Mugen Castle and you have gotten to at least Hirume Tower (You don't have to beat Hirume Tower to get the bath house, you just have to have reached it), go talk to Ryuuji and Shuuchi in Mugen again, and they will tell you that the bath house is ready. Then you make Izuna say "Sure, I could go for a bath!" and the girls will all go into the bath house. Finally, all the elderly gods will go off to a tea house, and only Mitsumoto, Utsuho, and Kagen are left, and guess what Mitsumoto wants to do while the girls are bathing?
Yep, he wants to peek at them! Utsuho and Kagen will try to stop him, but Mitsumoto says "You can't stop me! This is my destiny!" XD
So then he will run into the bath house, and there will be steam everywhere. So, you're going to help Mitsumoto out, by
blowing the steam away!
When you blow in the mic, he steam will go away, letting you and Mitsumoto get a peek at the girls. (DON'T WORRY, THEY'RE IN TOWLS XD)
And then Izuna gets mad, splashes boiling hot water on him, and guess what? HIS MASK COMES OFF! You will be able to see Mitsumoto's--surprisingly--attractive face! So for the rest of the game, you will be able to play as Mitsumoto without his mask :3
By: Dream Axel(22)
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Photo the Playable Characters 67%
In order to get the playable characters photographs, when you've finish the task from himiko, this would occur a scene.When they all gather around, before you talk to all of the gods try taking photographs of them(izuna,shino,fuuka would be taken defaultly) including granmaster gen-an and the poor mitsumoto! Say cheese people!
By: arks(28)
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Poor Mitsumoto 67%
Mitsumoto is the ninja guy who has 0% luck in attracting women. not only ichika but also denied by azuki and other girls. in the game whenever you use him in a exploring team and use a tag combo, he always get 'smack' at the end and suffers injuries which decreases his hp (eventoe he's just supporting) and occurs with all of the other playable characters(T_T)
By: arks(28)
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Quick lvl gaining 50%
By using the massacre killing trick , but changing equipments by using melee fighting with the asura blade & kirin arm combo you could gain exp more easier.
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Utsuho Support 50%
Using this god is quite simple and easy, since he can use a variety of weaponry(he's my favourite character though) and choosing him as a tag support partner may allow the player to cast and inflict anchor state eventhough the damage is not outstanding
By: arks(28)
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Worried about loosing your valuable weapons/items from fainting in dungeons? 50%
If you stick a Kikan to your weapon (or any other item, actually), you won't loose it when you faint! It'll go into storage, so you just gotta go pick it up! ^^
By: Dream Axel(22)
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Viewing various scene 33%
Try beating each dungeon more than once, to see various side scene and occur special events (especially with the duo miners)
By: arks(28)
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Sp max 25%
021DDF50 000003E7
021F5E20 000003E7
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