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Order Up! Cheats for WII
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Order Up! WII Cheats

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Order Up!

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Nugget Took a Nosedive 50%
As Nugget, the paper boy, rides past at the start of the day, knock him off his bike to play his newspaper mini game.
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Kitchen on Fire 50%
Burn an item on the stove, grill or fryer and it will catch fire. You can play the mini game to put it out by spraying it with the fire extinguisher. If you do not manage to do so, the sprinklers will come on and your restaurant will be closed for the rest of the day. (On Order Up! To Go, you will have to wait an hour or pay 200 COIN to get back in).
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Order Up! 314469How do you salt and season the food? Answers: 3
Order Up! 375356How do you use an assistant? Answers: 2
Order Up! 319398Anybody have success with pleasing the critic at the mexican restaurant? Answers: 5
Order Up! 389019There's no heatmetter on the screen, as it says on the manual. I have to guess if the food's ready from the steam. Where's the metter? Also please I would like to ask how can I use the chef I hire? He's shown on the down right side of the screen, he talks all the time but he doesn't help. Thank you. Answers: 1
Order Up! 492817I haven't been able to use any of the Chef Spices that i've purchased from the market. I've read the book and it says I must first move to the cooking view where your to-be-spiced ingredient is located. I've scanned the whole kitched scene and I can't find. Should I be using a nanchuck to locate it? It driving me nuts, i'm sure it's a simple thing to do. Please someone help -) Answers: 2
Order Up! 554732I know answers were already posted to the question about how to impress the food critic but it's literally impossible to do. I've tried every which way and still not good enough. Do you only put barb-q sauce on his burger or do you also add salt, pepper, garlic salt, etc? What about the fries? Do you just salt those? I cut the tomato and leaf the lettuce perfectly and till no. He always says the ame thing, "that I didn't properly season hi food." ARRRRGGGGHHHH! Someone, help! Answers: 1
Order Up! 328791How do you save? Does it auto-save or what? Answers: 2
Order Up! 354599For the Mexican restaurant, I got the "Carne Asada" special (salt, pepper, onion powder) all cooked "Perfect". Does anyone have the rest of the "Specials" recipes? Answers: 1
Order Up! 558037Can anyone get perfect with folding in the Mexican restaurant I can only get good Answers: 1
Order Up! 554792I've tried a 100 times to pass the food critic on the first level. Do you add salt to his fries and burger? Do you also put other spices such as black pepper, garlic powder, etc? Or do you only put barb-q sauce and that's it? Please help! Thanks. Answers: 6
Order Up! 646688How do you go to the market after you get the spices and run out? I've tried everything but I can't go to the market. Answers: 1
Order Up! 652904Does anyone know any things that can help you get money quick, i'm getting tired of just cooking, there has to be a way to get some quick money...? Answers: 2
Order Up! 777393How do you use the assistant chefs Answers: 1
Order Up! 923977Where is the newspaper to clean your restaraut? Answers: 1
Order Up! 947630What do the order up gme symbols mean? Answers: 0
Order Up! 951047How do you take the food from your assistant on order up Answers: 1
Order Up! 975006How do you chop in wii Answers: 0
Order Up! 981823How do I actually use my assistant chef on order up! I am not playing on Nintendo wii, I am playing on my I pad. Answers: 1
Order Up! 984034How do you get the food critic to come? Answers: 1
Order Up! 998316How do you unlock the chefs specials Answers: 0
Order Up! 375539I have tried 20 times to beat the critic and have tried is driving me foolish almost to the point where I dont want to play it...any ideas? Answers: 2
Order Up! 307754Ok, for the life of me, I can't figure out how to make the Food Critic happy in just the first level! I've tried everything I can think of and I still have problems! PLEASE help me! Answers: 4
Order Up! 819143How do you make your hired people work? Answers: 1
Order Up! 391749I dont have a clue on how to pass with the stupid food critic. it always says you have failed to impress the food critic. how do I freakin impress him? I am getting really mad bout it. Answers: 1
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