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MLB Power Pros 2008 Cheats for PS2
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MLB Power Pros 2008 PS2 Cheats

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MLB Power Pros 2008

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

How To Get Mia To Marry You 76%
First of all, you need to be Single. You should buy a one family house and a car. I had the Mansion and a Premium Sports Car. You also need to have five FULL hearts. The best way to do this is to take her out to eat (Make sure she likes the food!) or to the movies. Get an engagement ring too. (Its 10,000 dollars). In some cheats they say there is an event that makes her fall in love with you. The event occurs after all the games the regular season (It doesn't matter if you made into Postseason or not). You have to wait for her to come - it takes her awhile to find you but she will come so stay. After she interviews you she will think about how great you are. Take her on another date and ask her to marry you. She will accept and then you will find out your wedding date. Mine was the second week of January. If you do this correctly, you will have a happy life with Mia. Enjoy!
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How To Get Original Pitch 70%
When Making A Pitcher Success mode, Practice With Siitch At The Lake And After You Beat All Of Them, He Will Teach You An Original Pitch That Can Go Fast, Break Alot Or Another Of Many Choices!
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Get Power And Contact Hitter 63%
When Making A Fielder In Success Mode, If You Beat Siitch's Ninja Training You Will Learn Contact Hitter And if You Practice Baseball ( Still At The Lake After beating Ninja Training) Enough He Will Give You A Book He Wrote And You Will Learn Power Hitting
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When you pick the special abilities, take the 50 yard/ 5 sec. this way your created player can steal bases, hit more doubles and triples and win your team more games.

as an aside for the ladies part. Mia is a waste of time if you want to go out with her. she likes the family restaurant.
Emma is a solid girl. falls in love fast. she likes the Ethnic and Mexican restaurants. a strategy to maximize likeability is to alternate between each restaurant and it take her to one rite before a game as she will come to the game and aslong as you get a hit she'll like you more
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When you play MLB LIFE, at the beginning when you are choosing the guy's special abilities
ex. Fielding Wizard, big hitter etc. Chose to have the ones such as Big Hitter or something that applies to hitting because fielding doesn't help you unless you are a pitcher.
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Get more pro points! 51%
Play with a guy with alot of power in home run mode, and then play over and over again at coors field, and you will get alot of points, or if you want even more points use someone with little power and try to pull the ball, and you will get more points!
By: Tim lincecum 08(61)
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Recover Vitality 51%
While playing MLB Succesess Mode, you should go to the hot dog stand and get Duck's Spicy Special. It only cost $4 and recovers up to 50 vitality.
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Arrange team 40%
Pick a team that has little good players like the mets so that you could then change a lot of players that are bad out and get a lot great players like Carl Crawford and Ichiro.
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Best of the best 35%

By: Tim lincecum 08(61)
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Mlb life 35%
Go to the edit roster then edit the player you want to be then go on the mlb life and you can be that player
u r the best if edited correctly
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Mlb life cheat 33%
Pick your favorate teem and go to the option on the main menu that says data, change all the players on that teem into the best that they can possobly b by pressing customize rosters, and then go to mlb life be your favorate player and win the world series as the best of the best!
By: Tim lincecum 08(61)
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MLB Life Mode 33%
If you change a current player (rookie or otherwise) you can make them really good. Then you can go to MLB Life Mode and select a player, pick the one you made, and you have yourself an easy ride to the majors, and a high salary the next season.

Have Fun ~SQUID~
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How To Beat The Water Spider In Success Mode 27%
Listen To The Splashes Or Keep Mashing The X Button
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Success mode 25%
It really helps if you are a RP
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Free money in Mlb Life Mode 23%
Go to schedule by pressing Sqaure-Then Go to The Next Season And You Will Make a very large amount of money the most money you can get from that is how much your salary is
First Cheat oh yeah!
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MLB Power Pros 2008 866225Who is the best person to use in mlb life mode Answers: 2
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MLB Power Pros 2008 529227When you go to rumors in mlb life it says there is a cute doctor but I havent seen her how do I get to see her Answers: 6
MLB Power Pros 2008 530265What do you improve in practice in success mode if your a pitcher or batter? Answers: 3
MLB Power Pros 2008 536533How do you increase your "Style" skill level? Answers: 1
MLB Power Pros 2008 538146I have a pitcher in MLB Life Mode, and his top speed is 94mph but he will only throw as fast as 88mph. How do I get him to throw his fastest? (I have a Play Station 2 if that helps at all.) Answers: 4
MLB Power Pros 2008 548191Can you have lock on hitting without using the rookies on success mode. Answers: 1
MLB Power Pros 2008 570011How do you get practice to change position, learn breaking ball, ect. from the shop in season mode? how much do they cost? Answers: 1
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MLB Power Pros 2008 893012If you already passed success mode, is there any way that you can use him or any other major leager in there again? Answers: 0
MLB Power Pros 2008 895715How do you get into the aa Answers: 0
MLB Power Pros 2008 895863How much is the new fields you can buy then play on when you buy them? Answers: 0
MLB Power Pros 2008 928580How do you change teams in the Wii Controller mode for the Home Run Derby? Two different discs I have are the Yankees and I can't access the different teams. Answers: 0
MLB Power Pros 2008 941967I cant make it through AA in success mode Answers: 0
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