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Test Drive Unlimited Cheats for PS2
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Test Drive Unlimited PS2 Cheats

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE
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Test Drive Unlimited

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Save Money 68%
Win Free Vehicle Upgrades by beating clubs. You can save money up to 400,000 for an A class car upgrade.
By: IndonesianGamer(475)
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Easy money (111,000) in 4 mins 51%
There is a time trial called (TRAFFIC) that awards 111,000$ in 4 minutes. NOTE= you must reach expert rank to unlock this challenge.
By: tdu(41)
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Confuzed cops glich 47%
When you are in a cop chase with only one cop chasing you, you can turn around, head to where the cop is coming from, go right past them (make sure you dont hit the cop or this will backfire) repeat this 3 or 4 times in a row then the cop will sit in the same position for 10 or so seconds. So drive!
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How to lose cops easy. 46%
You need:

Two or more cars
Ok so..
First. You need a wanted level or not.
Second. Go to nearest race and press "change car".
Third. Then quit race and get back in race.
Fourth. Then again go in race and change back your old car.
Fifth. Now cops will leave you until you get wanted level.
By: Latvietis6(107)
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Cops! fun but annoying!!! 44%
When you are getting chased just drive into a large field and sit there for a while. the cops will go away soon.
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Free money and cars 42%
Go to the main menu and enter triangle, circle,
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Great car to get! 38%
A great car to get would be the jaguar XJ220 it may cost 160,000 but its worth it! plus the max speed upgrade only costs 20,000!
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30,000 in just 1 min 29%
Near laborghini motors 'where gallaro is available' there is a time challenge that awards 30,000 in 1 minute!
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If you get this car (E) you will win all races that it can race in

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Easy 27%
On online mode wait near a junction on highway and wait for a challenge put the finish line on the otherside and simply drive accross and you will win
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Unlock All Cars And $500.000 Cash 24%
At Main Menu Press:Triangle,O,L1,R1,Triangle
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How to get out the car 24%
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Unlimited cars 23%
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Test Drive Unlimited 23%
When a name apperes press enter set the finish line 9.1 meters away at the end there will be a portal
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Earn money $1000 22%
To Earn money simply just click the buttons HOLD L1 Then Press L2,L2,up,left,left,down,up,R2
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Cheat 14%
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Test Drive Unlimited 491757Is there any audi dealership in ps2 version? Answers: 3
Test Drive Unlimited 620850How do you sell cars! Answers: 6
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Test Drive Unlimited 528470How do you own every house and vehicle Answers: 3
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Test Drive Unlimited 773748How do you unlock that 50 mile long race? Thank you if you answer! Answers: 1
Test Drive Unlimited 790155What do the arrows on the left do? Answers: 1
Test Drive Unlimited 825357Can you do the extra races without going online if so how? Answers: 0
Test Drive Unlimited 870918Is there downloadable content for TDU? Answers: 0
Test Drive Unlimited 873605How do you sell your cars? Answers: 0
Test Drive Unlimited 895695How do I get test drive unlimited on my ps2 hard drive Answers: 0
Test Drive Unlimited 901226Is there a Mercedes dealer in the game Answers: 3
Test Drive Unlimited 944977What do you do if you have finish all the races and are at 79% and the game isn't done. Answers: 0
Test Drive Unlimited 977714How do I get the club cars after I win president Answers: 0
Test Drive Unlimited 997556How do you get out of the car? Answers: 0
Test Drive Unlimited 502055How do you put the cheats in and how do you get to the main menu? Answers: 5
Test Drive Unlimited 416103Hoe do you get in the airport? Answers: 3
Test Drive Unlimited 439947When you become a club president you get a message telling you that your next car purchase is free since I became club president of 3 clubs and since then I have bought 2 different cars and had to pay 4 them both. why didnt I get it 4 free? Answers: 5
Test Drive Unlimited 449268The cheat isnt working for me :S im online play though ? Answers: 1
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