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Madden NFL 09 Cheats for WII
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Madden NFL 09 WII Cheats

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Madden NFL 09

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Game Hints From EA 77%
1. When a defense looks prepared for your current play, just use a quick audible to regain the upper hand.
2. While playing through the Madden Test, try to be patient. Hurrying through the drills will cause your Madden IQ to suffer.
3. Use Formation Subs in certain situations to bring a new player into the game. That backup player just might have the skills needed for the current play.
4. Playing Superstar as a Tight End gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to play as a Lineman and a Wide Receiver.
5. Itís a good idea to use your EA Rewinds like timeouts, saving them for crucial situations.
6. Enter into endzone hotspots to trigger special player celebrations.
7. Calling a short yard FB run play with a backup RB is a good way to increase the odds that yards will be gained.
8. Read the Madden Moment description carefully, sometimes a FG is good enough to complete the Moment.
9. Remember to utilize the Field Goal Block Return play whenever a long FG is attempted.
10. Importing your Fantasy Football Team from your Fantasy League gives you the chance to test your teamís mettle on the field.
11. Use the stiff arm special move to break more tackles with the ball carrier.
12. Using an All Madden or Fantasy Drafted created team will give you the advantage when playing in Franchise or against a friend.
13. When punting is not an option, use the QB Sneak play to push for those last couple of yards in short yardage situations.
14. When a play doesnít go the way you planned, donít hesitate. Use EA Rewind to try it over again.
15. Utilize the Player HUB to see what part of the game your friends are currently playing in.
16. Use the Player HUB to send game invites as well as Online league invites.
17. Talk is cheap. Create custom Online Leagues with your friends to see who is truly the best at Madden.
18. Use EA Sports World to help track your accomplishments in all game modes.
19. When playing multi-player games, make sure to use the Bluff Play selection to hide from your opponent which play you are about to run.
20. Create new offensive and defensive plays in NFL Head Coach 09 and import them into Madden. Your opponent wonít know what to expect!
21. Take advantage of the new tackle breaking system. Press a button or move the highlight stick while getting tackled to attempt to break out of it.
22. New to Madden? No problem. Use the Beginner Game Style for a simplified Madden experience.
23. Madden knows how good you are. When you finish a game, advance to the Virtual Trainer to improve your weaknesses.
24. Longing for the days of Maddens past? Play Madden 93 with the 20th Anniversary Collectorís Edition.
25. Pause no more! Access Instant Replay, Challenge Plays, and view stats without ever leaving the playcall screen.
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Start in Superstar Mode 58%
After you make your guy and get drafted go to your virtual computer in the game, go to favorites, scroll down. Go to deph chart. Go to the position your guy plays. Press A on the name of the starter and switch it with your guy. He will start from now on.
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Go to gameplay menu then go to penalty menu then turn offsides off. Then when you are d make your player go the the line of scrimmage and try to go offsides then when the other team hicks it sack the QB
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Great field positon 47%
On a punt if its pr middle left or right go to the right side as a defender and tackle the kicker. He will either get hurt turnover on downs or a fumble if you dont make it to him you will just have to return the ball
By: kobij007(94)
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Sub in 47%
If you are on super star mode and you are not in a way to sub your self in is...first press + om the wii remote...then go down to coaching stradage...finally go to depth chart and you can sub your self in
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Sack machine 45%
With a lineman of your choice on defense go to either side and go for the qb it works a lot better than going straight up the middle and you get major sacks.
By: kobij007(94)
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Walk through people 44%
Hit A,B,A,B,A,B,A,B
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Brett Farve 43%
Enter Superstar mode and create a rookie quarteback. Save right before the NFL Draft and make sure autosave is off. Keep attempting the draft until you get drafted by the Jets. Save and from now on Brett Farve will be able to be used in quickplay.
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Awesome unlock all cheat 40%
When you come to the main page click c on the nunchuck 27 times and you will unlock everything!
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Field goal from back field 40%
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How to use hit stick 39%
Flick the remote forward
By: matt pokemon(65)
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Power move 39%
When you are running with anyone you push your wii remote foward and you will break out of the tackle.
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SuperStar Mode - Play for who you want!! 38%
When creating a rookie superstar save right before the draft. Make sure that auto save is set to off. Start draft by either starting event, skip event, or skip day (latter 2 are quicker). If you get drafted by a team you do not want to play for, quit out and repeat until you play for someone you want to play for.
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Madden 09 for wii 37%
Type this to walk through the other players when you have the ball. up down down left up left down right
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How to run faster 34%
Hold down b
By: matt pokemon(65)
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Perfect pass 33%
While choosing a play go to all play and go to deep pass and choose hail mary. when starting the play run back slowly until someone is about to tackle you throw it and will most likely be caught. run for td.
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Best run play 33%
Basic plays, middle run, put your tight end in motion and hike the ball when he gets in front of the half back.
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Hits that take off helmets 32%
Hit him, then change to another guy, and hit him too
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Nfl superstar is easy 29%
First get a rookie you you change his name to yours.then change his team to your faviorte team.after that put every thing on his overall 99 then you will be the best player and team.p.s. the best team is the chargers right now.
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Touchdown on return/punt return 26%
Swerve to avoid being tackled to get a touchdown
By: madden09(10)
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Call a shot 19%
Press a on a passing play
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2 TD KICKOFF RETURNS IN A GAME-75 whole gamer points
return at least 2 kickoffs for a td in a game

2 TD PUNT RETURNS IN A GAME-65 whole gamer points
make 2 td punt returns in a single game

300 RUSH YDS WITH THE JETS-10 whole gamer points
make 300 rush yds in a game with the jets

550 PASS YDS WITH THE TITANS-50 whole gamer points
throw at least 550 pass yards in a game with the titans

6 RUSH TDS WITH THE DOLPHINS-50 whole gamer points
get 6 or more rush tds in a game with the dolphins

6 SACKS WITH 1 PLAYER IN THE GAME-50 whole gamer points
get 6 sacks or more with 1 player in a game

7 PASS TDS WITH THE FALCONS-50 whole gamer points
throw at least seven pass tds in a game with the falcons

80% COMPLETION FOR A GAME-50 whole gamer points
make 80% pass completion in a franchise game, 5 min+ quarter length

CAN YOU BELIVE THESE SEATS?-30 whole gamer points
celebrate a touchdon in a wall hot spot!

CATH 10 PASSES-50 whole gamer points
catch 10 or more passes in a game with one reciever

COMPLETE A GAME WITHOUT AN INT-30 whole gamer points
complete a game without an interception, 5min or more quarter length

complete a game with out fumbiling 5min or more quarter length

HOLD A RIVAL UNDER 20 POINTS-10 whole gamer points
hold a rival team to under at least 20 points or more in a game

HOLD A RIVAL TO UNDER 300 YARDS-50 whole gamer points
hold a rival to under at least 300 yards total offense in a game

INTERCEPT 6 PASSES IN A GAME-50 whole gamer points
intercept at least 6 passes in a game

KCIK A FG FOR OVER 50 YARDS-15 whole gamer points
kick a field goal for over 50 yards in a franchise game

MIDWAY MONSTER-50 whole gamer points
create a good legendary player from the past

NOW HERE'S A GUY-50 whole gamer points
create a player name JOHN MADDEN

RECORD 12 SNACKS IN A GAME-50 whole gamer points
record at least 12 sacks in a single game game

SCORE 40 POINTS IN A RIVAL GAME-20 whole gamer points
score at least 40 points in a single rival game

SCORE 60 POINTS IN A RIVAL GAME-30 whole gamer points
score at least 60 points in single a rival game

SHINE IN THE SPOTLIGHT-30 whole gamer points
celebrate a tocuhdown in an endzone hot spot!

SHUT OUT RIVAL IN A FRANCHISE-50 whole gamer points
shut out the rival in a at least one franchise game

SLAM DUNK ALL-STAR-30 whole gamer points
dunk the ball over the goal post or at least try to after a touchdown!

STEAL THIER THUNDER-30 whole gamer points
steal an opposing players touchdown celebration
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Madden NFL 09 601324In madden 09 for wii, how do you put on an acceloration mode for nflsuperstar, so that if you are a RB, it skips all defensive plays? Answers: 4
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Madden NFL 09 610404How do you sign with one team after being with multiple teams in franchise mode? Answers: 0
Madden NFL 09 613313How do you turn on the play clock? Answers: 2
Madden NFL 09 624136I need to say something. YOU CANT UNLOCK PLAYERS period. the new rookies that are missing (such as tim hightower and colt brennan) can be retrieved by performing a roster download under play online. then go to the rosters and click load. then load the roster. you will need to do this everytime you start a new franchise or supperstar Answers: 0
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