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Carnival Games Cheats for WII
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Carnival Games WII Cheats

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Carnival Games

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Various Items 100%
Description: Unlock the items below by performing the following actions

SombreroOn Dunk Tank, look for a green hat and hit it
FezLove Lane and click on the monkey
Monkey MaskClick the monkey Fortune Way
Cowboy HatIn Shooting for the Stars, shoot the hat
ZapperLook for a UFO in the sky and click on it
Army HatGo to pigskin pass and to the left is a hat on the floor. Aim for it and it will unlock the hat
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View the Credits 100%
Description: View the game’s credits

How to: Select Games above the character’s head on the start screen.
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Places Prizes 75%
First go to rodent row and you will see a mole in one of the dirt piles click it 3 times and you will get a prize second go to lucky pass on top of the push a prize machine click it and you will get a prize third go to love lane and click on the monkey thats on top of the meter-o-love and you will get a prize fourth go to claw alley and there will be a space ship flying in the sky click it and you will get a prize 5th go to fortune way there will be a bucket next to the great swami a monkey will come out click on it and you will get a prize

Sometimes these monkeys and flying saucers and all the other things wont be there so be listening and on the look out. -ollie
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Unlockables 71%
Alley Ball: Score 100 three times in a row to win the Dinosaur Scales.
Balloon Darts: Pop three small green balloons to win the Jester's Hat.
Collection Plate: Get each lit up plate.
Dunk Tank: Hit the Scuba Tank under the target to win it, hit the Green Hat above the
target to win it.
Football Toss: Hit the Army Helmet on the ground in Football Toss to win it.
Frog Leap: Land in the center lilypad.
Going Nuts: Catch the purple nut to win the Jester's Boots.
Lucky Cups: Get the ball in the gold cup and any green cup.
Meter-O-Love: Get the highest rank.
Nerves of Steel: Get through all three stages without touching the wire to win the Cat
Pigskin Pass: Hit the army hat.
Prize Claw: Get the purple googly eye hat and select it where it falls afterwards.
Shoot For The Stars: Hit the Cowboy Hat to win it.
Spilled Milk: When the blue and red stripped bottles appear at random, knock that
stack down to win the Pirate's Garb (blue bottles) and Pirate's Hat (red bottles).
Super Day At The Races: Win in first place in less than a minute.
Super Hole in One: Get through at least four holes.
Super Hoops: Score 24 points.
The Great Swami: Keep playing until you get the special card to win the Swami Hat.
By: jakattax(573)
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Winner sash 71%
Click on the bird in luckey pass
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UNLOCKABLES!! Please, please read. 70%
How to unlock items:
In every place you go, (where the games are) there will be a monkey hiding. Also there will be a U.F.O and some other things. Just click on them and you'll unlock something. *Note: once you click on something and unlock a prize, you cannot earn different prizes by clicking the same thing.*
I hope this helps! I was the guest that put *I hope this helps!* on every post. Now I'm coolness1800! Cool, huh?!
By: coolness1800(493)
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Nerves o steel 60%
In nerves o steel if you press the A button when your hand is above the gold globes on
both sides you will win a prize
By: jakattax(573)
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Hard Games you think you'll never get past 40%
a. Hoops- Use overhand throws to shoot baskets. When you throw a ball, a green target will appear showing you where your ball was targeted. Once you get your shot lined up where you want it to be, keep your hand steady and keep repeating the same motion.

b. Collection Plate- Use underhand tossing to try and get the coin on the plate. Press the A button to lock the target. (My suggestion: Aim for the lowest left corner plate and flick your wrist like a frisbee. Gently!)

a. Spilled Milk- Use overhand throwing to throw the ball and knock over the 3 jars. Aim for the bottom end of the top bottle (the middle, too) for the best result.

b. Balloon Darts- Hold the Wii remote like a dart to throw it (BE CAREFUL NOT TO THROW THE REMOTE!). You can't lock the target, so you need to be quick. The smaller ballons are worth the most points.

c. Frog Leap- Use overhand throwing to catapult the frog into the flower. The lily pads move so make sure you plan it just right before you launch your frog. Use the correct strength, too. You want to get the frog off the catapult, but you don't want your frog 100 miles away!

d. Bowler Coaster- Roll the ball by spinning (shaking) the Wii remote. Lots of force won't make it easier to win. Less is more in this game.

a. Shooting Gallery- you have 25 bullets to shoot at the duck targets to score points. Press A or B to fire. Hitting the Bullseye is worth 25 points. Anywhere else on the target is 10 points. Be careful, shooting red ducks ANYWHERE is -15 points. Sometimes there will be presents instaid of a duck.Shoot those. Those are good because they give you a bigger present at the end!

b. Pigskin Pass- Hold the remote like a dart and aim. Get ready like you are getting ready to throw a real football. The tire swings fast, so time it right.

c. Shoot for the Stars- You have 300 bullets to shoot out as much of the star as possible. Press A and B to shoot. Hold down A and B for rapid firing. Keep a steady arm and make sure you don't use up all your bullets in one spot.

a. Hole in One- Hold B down while you swing the remote like you were actually golfing. Always keep your head and body compleatly still while you're putting, or you won't end up a pro.

a. Nerves of Steel- Thread the metal ring around the wire by holding the ring by pressing A. Keep an eye on the clock and keep your hand steady.

I hope this helps you!
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Tiny Helpful Things You May Want To Know 40%
- button: pause the game at any time
Home button: Opens and shuts the HOME menu (2nd pause button)
+ button: confirms a selection on some screens
B button: used in making some motions while you're playing the game

Hope this helps!
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Test Your Strength! 33%
In the game Test Your Strength, choose one of theese to get the best results- 1) swing your arm in a large, wide line or 2) swing your arm in a short quick line. If you do both, you will barally ever get to the top. Hope this helps!
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How to get credits 29%
At the menu when you are choosing whether you want "single player or multiplayer" click on the sign up above the mans head then youll get the credits
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Dunk Tank Secrets! 25%
On Dunk tank, when you play the 1st time,u should c a hat and a helmet. Instead of aiming 4 the target, aim 4 the stuff so you can wear it! Have Fun!
By: syd898(60)
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Unlock scuba tank and sumbraro 25%
Go to lucky pass and play dunk tank. there will be a hat on top of the dunk tank board will be a green hat and under the dunk tank board will be a scuba UNLOCK it hit a ball at them when the green circle is on it and you will unlock the scuba unlock the green sumbraro do the same to unlock the scuba tank but hit the green sumbraro on top of the dunk tank board when the green circle is on it.
By: coler2(171)
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