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Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility Cheats for WII
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Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility WII Cheats

Rating: 4.6/5 VOTE
Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility Cheats

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Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility

Rating: 4.6/5 VOTE

Advice you will need!!!! 90%
No matter what always work at On The Hook. money only sometimes increases 7g per day but sometimes it can go up 20g at one time. take note that whenever you start working part-time that you always leave after closing time. you mostly leave at 10:00 when you work at On The Hook. Its very tempting but dont spend any money until you have at least 7000g. If I spend at all, I always spend less than 450g. its hard, but face it, you gotta save. I would recomend getting a barn and cow first. A chick and coop is cheaper, but then with the cow you can earn more money quicker to get that coop of yours. Get ostriches, silkworms , and horses last. They should cost the most and only silkworms do that much good. If you just always spend money, skip the horse. You can get eggs and ride an ostrich.
Your Sweetheart
I would recomend that you marry Renee. She of course is a farm girl, of course does farm work. Perfect for you and your life! If you just cant marry her, then it should be Anissia. She is good with sick people, so if you ever get sick she should help you. If your animals get sick, she might help them. if your a girl, I just cant help you. I myself am a girl in real life, but that does mean I shouldnt be a guy. I personly wouldnt get married if I were a girl, but thats your choice. Also about Renee, if you cant find her its no wonder. You really just need to get to the Animal Festival, she wont be there but the next day you can see her at Brownie Ranch. In the morning she is mostly with the animals up the hill.
Pets Guys Will Like
The Monkey: at the hot springs
Weasel: at the forest
Baby Boar: Up the hill at brownie ranch district
Pets Girls Will LIke
White Cat: at On The Hook
Pets All Will Like
Turtle: Over the two bridges at Caramel District
Border Collie: Found at Brownie Ranch District
Rabbit: found at brownie ranch district
Small Dog: found by lighthouse at waffle town
There is lots more animals out there but I just named a few.
P.S. there is a penguin at one of the islands
A quick way to make friends, pets and MONEY.
Also good for restoring heath.
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Free gift location 100%
At the very beginning of the game, there is a free gift to collect. It is inside of Hamilton's House, which is located on the beach.
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An EASY way to befriend THE VILLAGERS. 89%


How do I know it worked
Because I am befriending every villager and the GOOD NEWS is that EVERY BACHELOR/NETTE loves herbal tea. AND I  got Anissa, Tobi, Luke, Chase, Barbara, Candace, Luna, Jin, Owen, Kathy, Gill and the other that I forgot in 10 hearts. It took me like 3 seasons.

How to make herbal tea
Its easy, Just buy a pot and for more herbal tea, put one at time or you can buy it in Sunday Inn IN 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

IT ISN'T SOOOOOOO EXPENSIVE just ask colleen and go to the drinks sections.

BY: The same author who put
How to get the blue feather
One Free Anissa heart at beginning of the game
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Raise Shelly's Heart Level 89%
Request a Rucksack Upgrade from Shelley without the needed materials and Shelley will still gain heart points. You can do this indefinitely. This can make moneymaking easier in the Tailor Shop.
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The Bear 88%
The Bear. Everyone hates the bear. how you get past it is this:
Give it two* honeys** a day (any type) you do this by holding it in your hands
do this for about 1-2 weeks (get a lot of honey, but not too much!***)
She will eventually let you pass. (for the rest of your game)

*If you give it too many she will get mad. (lose one to two hearts)
**You can get honey at ethier Brownie Ranch or that flower place by it.
*** Dont get too much otherwise you will have a lot leftover. just keep four at a time. Then buy more.
By: Elizabeth/advice you will need
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New Game+ 88%
Description: Unlock the New Game+, where you can play on a new island as your child with all of your money and Makers, you will need:
1) Collect all 5 rainbows
2) Reawaken the Harvest Goddess
3) Give the Journey Rucksack to your child.
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Increase Villagers' Affection 86%
Give villagers many undesirable gifts and you will get unlimited chances to give them better ones : their affection will stop at zero, so do not worry about negative numbers. It may be tedious, but giving hundreds of desirable gifts is an easy way to raise heart levels.
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Pregancy events... 85%
(Requires lots of patience)
Getting you, or your wife pregnant:

1. Before getting your child, you must have a house level 2 or more, and be married to your favorite bachelor or bachelorette :)

2. After being married, you must wait seasons (Be patient!) When exactly three seasons after the day of your marriage pass, you'll trigger an event, of you, or your wife is pregnant!

3. One week after the pregancy event, you can decide your child's gender, or leave it random!
(Warning: You can't change the baby's gender after you choose the gender. Just in case, save the game before that happens)

After a month of your pregancy event, you'll have your baby! You can decide his/her name!
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Child's gowth, personalities, ect... 84%
After giving birth to your child, you must exactly wait a year for your child to be fully grown, but after that, you'll trigger some events of your child's growth, like, baby, crawling, walking, talking and fully grown child. You will trigger this events on each seasons:
You will trigger this event when you give birth to the baby. For a whole season, your baby will stay, and sleep in the craddle. Buy a rattle in the junk shop, to raise, his/her friendship faster, of course, this is optional.

This event occurs after a season of given birth to your baby. After you wake up, you'll trigger an event, you'll see your baby crawling! After that, your child will crawl for a whole season.

You'll trigger this event after a season of seeing your child crawling. It also occurs after you wake up. Then, your baby will walk, and also go out of your house! But don't worry, he/she'll never get lost )

After a season of seeing your child walk, you'll hear your baby's first words! Note that all of these events occurs after you wake up. After the event occurs, your baby will talk, of course, like a baby. He/she'll say, like "Mamaaa" or "Dada" "Love" "Full Tummy" ect...

-Fully grown:
After a season of seeing your child talk, your baby, who's not a baby anymore, will be fully grown! It also occurs when you wake up. Depending who you marry, will determine your child's looks and personality, but don't be scared! He/she'll also help you do chores, also go on walks together :)
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Be Careful... 78%
If your Love intrest asks you to a event, you HAVE TO GO, If you dont he'll/she'll lose a heart, and be upset with you for a day or two, so be careful, and make sure you're on time.
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Describing your child's looks and personalities... 77%
Otherwise, take a look if you're curious :)
These are fully grown childs. They got different personalities, wear different clothes and have different facial features, depending on who you marry. But don't be scared! They're all good children. It'll have all the townspeople talking about your child!

Father: Toby or Julius
Mother: Maya or Renee
Personality: Carefree and friendly
Facial features:
Boy: The boy will have, messy hair and tired eyes. Wears yellow clothes.
Girl: Hair curled at ends and also tired eyes. Wears pink clothes.
Father: Owen
Mother: Phoebe
Personality: Hyper and curious, lively child.
Facial features:
Boy: Bob hair, straight, big eyes and wears blue clothes.
Girl: Short hair to the chin, big eyes and wears pink clothes.
Father: Chase or Calvin
Mother: Luna or Selena
Personality: Sometimes rude, and pretends to dislike everything. But they're warm hearted children.
Facial features:
Boy: Two long bangs in front, short in the back. Serious/Angry-like eyes. Wears purple clothes.
Girl: Long, flat hair and spiked at the ends. Serious/Angry-like eyes. Wears purple clothes.
Father: Luke
Mother: Kathy
Personality: Happy, hyper and hot blooded.
Facial features:
Boy: Hair styled to the front. Mischievous look and wears orange clothes.
Girl: The hair is slightly lighter than others, short hair holded behind the ears with a side band, and wears orange clothes with a blue jumper. Mischievous looks.
Father: Gill or Jin
Mother: Anissa or Candace
Personality: Serious and polite
Facial features:
Boy: Hair swept to the side, and wears glasses. Wears green clothes.
Girl: Wears two ponytails and uses glasses. Wears a green dress.
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How to Get to toucan island. 76%
Ok If you have darens rainbow (the green harvest sprite) when you go across the rainbow an find the yellow harvest sprite most people think you have to finish his rainbow recipe to get to toucan island......well guess what.....YOU DONT! all you do is talk to pascal (the ship driver you can find him at on the hook) and talk to him and he will offer to sail you t toucan island! NOTE:The fish at toucan island are almost worth 700 dollars a piece!
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Rival Relationships 75%
In order to unlock the rival scenes, you must first find out which villagers go through the scenes. Those couples are:

Alissa+ Jin

You must raise at least 2 hearts with one of the villager's in those couples in order to unlock the first rival scene. You will see them have their rival scenes at different places.

Alissa+Jin- Meringue Clinic
Candace+Julius- Town Square
Maya+Chase- Sundae Inn
Renee+Toby- Caramel Falls
Calvin+Pheobe- Ganache Mine

After the first rival scene, in order to unlock the second scene, where one of them will propose to the other, you must get 3 hearts with one of the villagers in each couple. After the second rival scene, you will soon receive a wedding invitation inviting you to the wedding.

A season after the couple marries, they will have a baby. The children they have are as followed:

Alissa+Jin- Van (Boy)
Candace+Julius- Angie (Girl)
Maya+Chase- Dakota (Girl)
Renee+Toby- Matt (Boy)
Calvin+Pheobe- Heath (Boy)

After another season has passed, they are already grown up from a baby to a child.

If you were planning to marry one of the rivals, you can prevent the rival scene by giving them gifts they dislike, lowering the relationship level OR, avoiding coming to the rival scene spot.
By: samgirl112(235)
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EVEN MORE advice you will need 73%
Remember how I said that you should marry Renee? Well, you might not be able to afford strawbery milk or whatever else she likes. But the cheapest and easiest (yes EASY) is to give her yellow herbs. She loves it and you should find at least one per day. Check the Forest in ganche mine district and in the little plain next to browine ranch. I did this strategy and now im married to her. She wont go any father than 7 hearts if you dont get the first rainbow. (no matter what you give her.) And once the mayor tells you about the blue feather, dont freak out if it doesnt come in 2-4 days. It usally takes almost 2 weeks or more.
Your 1st Year
Some people like to take their games nice and slow, but I dont. The 1st year on harvest moon tot (not in real life) I just explored really. I saved as much as possible. I made most of my money by selling herbs and part-time jobs and from stuff on the ground. Once You can afford a cow AND a barn, buy it. I would just wait on the chickens. (Until I can afford a chicken and a coop. and have over 2000g left for feed and junk)
2nd year
Now you should be close to marrying, have at least one cow or sheep(probaly cow), 5 chickens and a duck or two. This might be overwheming, but hey, thats how it goes. Instead of buying all your crops, I just buy Spring/Summer/Fall seed mix. about 4 of them should do. this way, you dont have to water as much, and you still get a vairty of crops. Also, if you ever have any spare time and energey in your day, (even at 10:00) fish. fish fish fish fish. In my first year I also fished and earned over 15,000g in one year just by fishing.
Once you get married (to Reene), It should take about 2 sesons for your wife to get pregnat. (depending on how you treat her, give her gifts every day) after that, it should take about 2 sesons to a year to have a kid. yup, in all a year in a half about. Crazy, but I delt with it.

hope this helped, n plz rate helpful. (if you hate it dont rate this.)

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1600 dollars fast! 72%
This is actually quite simple. go into the mines and make your way down to the 30th floor. you will see a pond. if you notice in the corner there is something shining. go towards it and click check. you'll find a fruit that recovers all your stamina.(you will need lots of stamina for this.) get out your fishing rod and throw it in to the pond. wait til you catch something. when you do you'll find you've caught the king fish! all you have 2 do now is go out of the mine and stick it in shipping box. hope that helps! :)
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Rival Hints 71%
First of all, this is from the Advice you will need person.

If you are desperate to marry someone and to get their minds off another person, ALWAYS avoid the place where the rival events are supposed to be. This may be very hard, but you can sneak in to their rival place. All you have to do is check where the rival and your future spouse is. To do this, you must go to your friendship list (not at the town hall, on your menu.) and press A or enter or watever on them. It will ask you if you want to track them, say yes. Exit the menu, and in the corner of the screen you will see their pic and where they are. If they are not in the rival "spot" then you are free to go. If you forget or are too lazy to do this, save before you go to the rival spot. this way, if you do incounter a rival event, you can just shut down and you wont have encountered the event.

I know where one rival event is. Here it is.
Toby and Renne: Caramel Falls
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Shelley the tailor 70%
Okay, when you unlock the tailor shop you'll get a free rusack upgrade. The next time you ask for an upgrade shelley will gain heart points. even if you don't have the necessary items to make it. I perfer to just say yes and continue, she'll just tell you that you can't. So no matter what she'll gain heart points and in no time you can get her at 10 hearts.
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16,800 IN 4 DAYS 69%
Only if you have a coop & animal barn

build a coop and upgrade it to lvl 2 & buy ((8)) silkworms & yarn maker ((come with it a dying pot)) & blue herbs/flowers buy them or find them or grow them Anyway

Everyday feed the silkworms ,4 days later you will find

in the coop ground ((8)) cocons take them

go to the animal barn & go to the yarn maker put the ((8)) cocons in the yarn maker then you'll have ((8)) silk yarns

go to the dying pot to dye them blue , dye them with the blue herb or the blue flower to have ((8)) blue silk yarn

& sell them to get the 16,800

the ((1)) blue silk yarn = 2,100
the ((2)) blue silk yarn = 4,200
the ((3)) blue silk yarn = 6,300
the ((4)) blue silk yarn = 8,400
the ((5)) blue silk yarn = 10,500
the ((6)) blue silk yarn = 12,600
the ((7)) blue silk yarn = 14,700
the ((8)) blue silk yarn = 16,800

In one month you can get 117,600 if you have ((8)) silkworms
and in a year you can get 470,400 from ((8)) silkworm

silkworm - give - cocon
cocon - give - silkyarn
silkyarn - give - blue silkyarn

Hope I helped
By: Arwi(49)
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Daren’s Rainbow Recipe: Shining Herb Fish 67%
Daren’s rainbow recipe called for a “Good Herb Fish.” I happen to have caught a Hauchen and used it with the herb to make the dish and got a “Shining Herb Fish.” I wasn’t sure if it would qualify as an ingredient for the rainbow, since I had already made it, I figured I’d use it. IT WORKED! Daren accepted it as an ingredient for his rainbow. Cool…I didn’t have to make another one!
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How to Adopt a Child 67%
If you are a boy get Jin to 6 hearts and then talk to him in his house and he will ask you if you want to adopt a child, say yes and you will get another kid. (I think this only works if you don't have a kid already).
By: receiver(203)
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One free heart of anissa at the BEGINING of the game!!!!!!!!( FOR ANISSA LOVERS ) 67%
First you need to start a new game. When you are staying at a farm(don't remember the name) in some part of the game when you staying at the farm, Anissa's mother (FORGOT THE NAME =_=) will ask you to deliver some strawberries as soon as you finish harvesting them, you have a total of three. When you're delivering it, give one tho Anissa. When you give her a strawberry, she will ask you: Why are you giving me this?
Because you're beautiful
And when you finish the task and have a new house check your list of friendship and she will have one FREE NON-HARD WORKING HEART!
That's it folks!

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Blue feather hint! 67%
If you propose to the person in a spot they don't like, and they take you somewhere else, they'll probably say yes.
BEFORE you ask them, it's good to have your house upgraded to 3 or 4. But you don't have to. You might also want to upgrade your rustsack to the one before the journey one, just to be safe. You should have them at 10 hearts.
By: cookythecat(142)
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An easy way to get a free chicken. 65%
An easy way to get a free chicken.
1 Have a coop.
2 Have Chase in your town.(In order to unlock him you must have finished Daren's rainbow)
3 It doesn't matter if you are a boy or a girl. Befriend him until he reaches 2 hearts (Give him one herbal tea per day)
4 When he reach 2 hearts he will go to your house and give you a decent egg.
5 put it in an incubator and in a few days you will have a chick. A FREE CHICK.
(WARNING: If you're a boy and want to marry the girl that works at the inn avoid the rival cutscene.)
The same author that wrote:
How to get the blue feather
One Free Anissa heart at beginning of the game
An easy way to befriend the villagers
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If they said ’’..Oh a blue feather.......'' 60%
If you want to marry and have 8-10 hearts with the one you love a week or less than week hamiliton will come to your house and tell you about the blue feather and a week or less you'll wake up and get out from the house and see a blue bird go after him to caramel falls walk a bit and you has found the blue feather

Now the ANSWER is:
go to the you love in his favorite place and give him the blue feather and watch what happens

Here is a list for some of them:

Toby : caramel falls
Gill : town hall/ waffle square area
Kathy : brownie ranch
Reenee : caramel falls

but when Toby isn't there to make Toby go talk to her when she wants to leave keep talking to her tell Toby has gone

Thank you and I hope that I have helped :p
By: Arwi(49)
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Quick Cash $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 58%
An easy way to make money in this game is to go to Caramel Falls and Caramel River and fish (After getting the FISHING ROD from Toby). What I did was fished all day and went to the HOT SPRING after I ran out of energy. You can catch anywhere from 4-8 fish in day. Depending on how many fish you catch you can make about 1000$ plus.
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More money a day!!$$$$$ 56%
First, get a part time job on anyday of the week except monday. Normally, a shop closes at 5-6pm. After you get kicked out of the shop (rude), go to On The Hook and work another part time job. You will make more money! (On The Hook is closed on Mon. :P)
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More advice u need!!! 54%
Ok this is same person who posted advice you will need.
I for got another pet (all will love)
Squriell: gull islands
If the mayor has told you you have made progress on your ranch then n given you the left half of the harvest sprit blanket here you go. talk to gill. talk to dale. talk to the mayor. go to the clocktower n take out the key. keep trying to put it in until it works. then water all the big trees with the "beauitful flowers in bloom" make sure it says check in upper right hand corner. get all the reipies from sprites and get the items for them. then go back to the sprite that you made the recipe for. you will get a rainbow. (dont do all the rainbows at once. I know where 4 of 5 sprites are
1: By the Clocktower(in town square).
2: Maple lake by the pond
3: Browinie ranch
4 gull island
5: probaly at the toucan island or at the mountin.
hope I helped!

I'm off to Club Penguin!
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Make money faster!!! 50%
On a Wednesday go to the fish store,On the hook,and work part-time from early 7 or earlier till the job is done or the afternoon.You will make much more money then other shops!Also if you work there part-time every single day your money will increase from $290 to $350 for just working there two days!(It also helps if you have full stamina and is not drowsy)
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Where to find a SAURY 44%
Here is some helpful places for you to look:
1. Cream Beach {Behind the houses}
2. Gull Island {Try looking around Colin's Tree}
Now here is a helpful hint on how to catch it easy:
Okay, if you dont have enough time to go mining at Ganache Mine, then ignore Ramsey The Blacksmith's and go to General Store. once there, Buy a series of rods.
[Remember, you only get to have one rod, so its kinda like youre upgrading it.
Here are th prices:
Iron Fishing Rode = 3,000 G
Copper Fishing Rod = 7,500 G
Silver Fishing Rod = 15,000 G
Gold Fishing Rod = 30,000 G
{If you run out of money, Then go to On The Hook or Meringue Clinic, and to gain extra money at night, go to Sundae Inn. and if you have a farm take out your Sickle and cut the grass until you get so tired you collapse, then go into your barn and get alot of fodder and then go ship it!}
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BEWARE! Of other people how whant to marry your true love such as kathy whants to marry Owen and Maya whants to marry Chase {whish I could in real life}.For more of thease google RIVELS OF TOT.
I think I spelled that wrong.
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Help in the beggining 40%
Whene you first start work at the on the hook in the morning as soon as you wake up
do it until you can afford decent iteems
By: kingarthur1995(23)
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MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 40%
You go to the Clinic everyday if it is open and work there 4 as long as you want. If that don't work then go to On The Hook those 2 will give you more money then any other 1 ok. I hope that I helped!:)
By: animal lover(105)
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How to Help Your Fellow Gamers 40%
PLEASE don't post crap like from that "Advice you will need" person. Yep. That was from me. Years ago. Please forgive me. Anyway, please post helpful information that has not already been posted, and please have as few spelling errors as possible. I could barely read those posts I did all those years ago. :)


Advice You Will Need :D
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How to get more money 39%
This isn't a cheat with pressing buttons like on the game cube but is something that will help almost everyone get a big thing of money every few times. if you have unlocked the brownie farm you can go there and buy some livestock to make some money off of the animal products. when you unlock the level two animals go to there after you get 6000 moneys go and get the horse it dosen't matter which color it ends up being just wait for it to grow up then save up enough money to get a hores mericle postion. then use the mericle postion on the hores after the horse is pregnit after the hores has the baby faul wait till the baby faul grows up like the mom horse wait just a few more days then the hores will be worth a some what big amount of money. once you get 6000 more money you want to go buy one more horse then buy two more mericle postions and wait for the new baby horse grows up (you can also just keep the horse you had from you other horse and use that). once you get the two horses use the mericle postions to make both the horses pregnet in the same day the once the horses have the two fauls wait till they are grown up. then wait about a month and then sell the now adult horses or wait whey longer then they'll be worth a whole lot more money when you sell all of the horses or just keep getting more horses by using more mericle postions and wait till their all worth a load of money then you should be able to get an ostrich which would be worth a lot of money but you'll be able to get a lot of money be doing the same thing with the ostrich like with the horses to get more and more money to buy stuff like buying all the land you can buy and get more barns then have more and more ostrichs and make even more money then with the horses.
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How to get the blue feather. 38%
1 you have to complete Daren's  Rainbow, Yellow harvest sprites (Gull Island) Rainbow and Ben's Rainbow.

2 Have a 3 level hammer.

3 Go to Gelato mountain and go where the big root is blocking the way

4 Brake the boulder(He/She will automatically break it)

5 have a bachelor/bachhelornette at 8 hearts and the mayor will go automatically to your House as soon you have 8 hearts with him or her.

6 after one or two weeks the blue bird will go through the big root(remember the rock must be broken) Then go to caramel falls and go as if you go to the spring. And you have the blue feather. You can propose to him/her immediately. I proposed to Chase as soon as I got the blue feather.

HOPE IT HELPED OR GIVE IT A 100 percent it will work
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$MONEY$ 33%
An Easy Way To Make Money Is Go To The Clinic And Get A Part Time Job Every Day You Will Need To Go To The Lady At The Front Desk In The Clinic I Found Out That You Can Make The Most Money There Besides Any Other Job Try It Out If It Does Not Work Try These Ones On The Hook,General Store And Souffle Farm.

Happy Money Making!
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Speed sickle leveling 31%
Go to your grass and level it up every day down there im already at lvl 4 almost max and I just started its also a great to not hav to buy fodder
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Ok this isant such a cheat you have to work but when you have a barn use your sickle and cut all the hay you can go in your barn. Take from the thing and ship it in the shiping box. youl get more money if have upgrade
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Easy money(for beginners!!!only!!!!!!!!) 30%
Every day water the only seed you have(the potatoe the lady gives when you leave her farm)then go directly to on the hook,you will work there until 10 pm it gives you alot of money about 350 a day if you star real early when you have enough money buy more seeds =) thats it thx for reading
By: kingarthur1995(23)
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Money Hint 30%
1Ok first you save up for a coop and 1 chicken

2then you go to sleep

3then you go into the coop and put the egg in the incubator

4then you go to sleep after feeding it

5keep selling the eggs until you get a chick then you put the new egg into the incubator now you dont need to lose anymore eggs to the incubator

6once that chick is born let them out everyday except the rainy days so the produce better eggs

7now once you hav enough money for a mayonaise maker then you buy it and make mayonaise with all the eggs

8this also works with silkworms just without the mayonaise
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How to get a perfect patato 14%
1. water the patato for six days

2. on the sixth day pick them

3. they should come out either perfect or exelennt.

thanks for readin

b zach beem tabor ia
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