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Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness Cheats for NDS
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Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness NDS Cheats

Rating: 3.7/5 VOTE
Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness Cheats

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Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness

Rating: 3.7/5 VOTE

Vaugn 100%
He loves dogs. Take your dog and hold it while talking to him. He loves that!
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Getting Married!!! 100%
If you are trying to marry remember to upgrade your house to the large one, and buy the husband's/wife's bed.
I tryed to propose to Denny when his heart was red but he said "Urgg, sorry im not quit ready to settle down yet... "
Hope it helps! XD

NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Getting married... (I forgot to add somthin) 100%
...Welll I forgot to add somthin from befor.
When you get married, you need your love to have a red heart, you have to upgrade your house three times AND have the husband/wife bed, and most important... YOU HAVE TO HAVE UNLOCKED THE CHURCH!
If your wondering how to unlock it... you have to have build the bridge to the forest, and then you need to make two offerings to the harvest goddess.
If your wondering how to make offerings... well that little pond-its where you need to throw the food to see the goddess.
Sooo, yeah! Thats it for getting married. I dont know who I want to marrie... Vaughn or Danny-there both really cute!

NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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What vaughn likes 98%
Description: Here is a list from special,loves,likes,hates and despises:

lovesmilk, matsutake, shiitake and hot milk
likesvegtibale dishes crops that are not corn or potatoes
hatesall colors of hearts(the grasses), cheese, yogurt and butter
DESPISESCARROTS (supprissingly he dose not like em at all so dont give em to him ok
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Farming Crops 98%
Ship 100 Spring Crops to unlock Cucumber.
Ship 100 Summer Crops to unlock Onions.
Ship 100 Autumn Crops to unlock Yams.
Ship 100 Wheat to unlock Cabbage.
Ship 100 each of 5 different crops to unlock Wheat.
Shipping 100 Crops from 2 out of 3 Seasons will unlock 2 Farming Characters.
Strawberries, Pumpkins and Spinach will be unlocked when you have unlocked 2 Farming Characters.
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Denny 98%
Catch 50 Fish to unlock Denny.
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Courting Vaughn? Married to him? 97%
If you are courting him, you can give him porridge or hot milk. But did you know showing him your beloved pooch will also up his heart level a bit? Yup! It works like a charm!

If you are married to him, you may notice he doesnt seem to be happy with gifts when he is just walking around your kitchen. He doesnt even like porridge as much! To keep his heart level up, give him a gift Thursday morning, when he is working at Mirabelle's. He will be happy you came to see him at work, and will accept the gift with a smile.

For all the days except Thursday morning, you can still make him happy. Talking to him daily will help, but there is something else you can do. Take your dog into your house and show it to Vaughn. He loves it! I just leave my dog in my house all day with Vaughn, and we are still at the perfect heart level! (Of course we have only been married about a season, but still)
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Blue feather 97%
When you have the opportunity to buy the blue feather, well, obviously buy it! But instead of automatically proposing, ship the first one. My apologies, you will only get 1g after spending much more than that. After you ship the first one, go back and buy another one. (If it is not available go back to Chen's the next day and it should be there.) use the 2nd one to propose.

You're probably wondering now why I said ship the first feather. It's because of this little thing called the shipping list. A good goal to have is to "complete" the shipping list, or ship every item possible to ship in the game. The feather is only available for a limited time during the game, which is when you have the opportunity to propose. After you propose the feather will never be in the store, so you need to ship it.
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Dog (Needs More Red Tick Beer) 97%
Description: Getting the dog on HMIoH actually isn't that hard.

How to: Talk to Mirabelle each day until she allows you to give her presents. When she allows gifts to be given to her, give her eggs or milk each day until you have two hearts on her, then simply talk to her every day to keep her at two hearts, until a rainy day. When it is raining, go to the forest. She'll come racing after you, talking about a dog with a scarf. You look for her (apparently it is a girl dog) When you find her, Mirabelle will clean her and give her back to you (though it would be a better idea to of already of bought pet food before you get the dog).
The dog'll live in your stable. It'll take a while to get used to taking care of a dog, I would know, I accidentally went almost a week without taking care of her.
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Mining Strategy!!! 97%
There are 255 floors to the mine. It may seem like a lot but with the proper wonderfuls and food, its actually really simple. You will need some green wonderfuls (preferably 6) and as many orange wonderfuls you can get. You may also need an indigo wonderful.

Put all the orange wonderfuls on your hammer. If you have 4 orange wonderfuls, you will get 4 of every stone you hit instead of one. Take 3 green wonderfuls and place them on the hammer (you may need to place the indigo wonderful on the tool also to hold more wonderfuls). Every time you hit a stone, you wont use any energy! (Plus you get a ton more stones!) Next, place the remaining green wonderfuls on your hoe. If you have 3, your hoe will also not use up any energy.

Now, to the mine! There are a few different strategies you can do. The one I enjoy most is to freefall through the pitfalls, stopping only to mine on floor 25, 50, 100, 125, 150, and 200-255. These floors are the floors that have useful jewels such as orichalc, and expensive jewels, such as alexandrite. The final 50 floors have all the jewels found on previous floors, including orichalc. I shipped my jewels on the 20th so income was more, and I made 1,200,000, no joke! Another strategy is to use your hoe and carefully go from floor 1 to 2 to 3 to 4:to 255, mining on the floors of your choice. If you have 3 green wonderfuls on your hoe, great! This will take a while, but it takes the least amount of energy, and provides good profit.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! The food! 50 hot milks and 50 boiled eggs will get you to the bottom of the mine easily, but only if you have the green wonderfuls. I recommend taking some hearts and chocolate as backup. So off to the mine you go, and good luck! :)
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Characters 97%
Description: Unlock the characters listed below, fulfill the specified requirement listed.

AlisaMeet her with Nathan
DennyCatch 50 fish
Dr. TrentRemodel the hotel
ElizaRemodel your house
Harvest GoddessMake an offering in the Harvest Pond
LannaCatch 70 fish
NathanMake 2 offerings to the Harvest Goddess
SheaBuild a bridge to the jungle
WadaMeet with Shea
Witch PrincessBuild a bridge to the mountains
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Area Near Tower 96%
Raise Wada's Friendship to 7 Hearts or higher. In the 3rd Year, visit him to unlock the area near the Tower. Manfred will give you a random item daily. Save your game before you speak to him and reload in order to obtain Crops and Grains not yet unlocked.
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Lanna 96%
Catch 70 Fish to unlock Lanna.
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Get a Horse, Fishing Rod, and a Dog! 95%
- For the horse, you need to have Chens friendship at 5000 points and he will give you a horse!
- To get the fishing rod, Taro has to be at 2000 or 5000 points of friendship.

- To get the dog you must have:
1. Have the west side bridge built
2. Have Mirabelle's hreat to two hearts


1. Walk across the west bridge.
2. Must be rainy, drizzly, or it can be snowy!

Well, good luck with the game and I hope you enjoy the game, I know I do!
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Vaughn's HORROR 95%
Just to you ladies out there who loooooooooooooooooooooove Vaughn, do not, and I repeat, do NOT, give him a carrot. He absolutely, beyond all doubt, hatey-hate-hates carrots.
On the other hand, I find that he likes porridge, but you need rice to make it. If you do not have rice, hot milk is good too.
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Tools! 94%
Table of Contents
Obtaining Wonderfuls........................[BM02]
Chen's Shop...............................[BM05]
Watering Can................................[BM11]
Other Information.............................[BM15]
Fishing Rod.................................[BM16]
Why Aren't My Wonderfuls Working?...........[BM17]
Whatís this about the Farm Degree?...........[BM18]
Why am I not getting wonderfuls in the Mine?[BM19]

Each Tool that you acquire throughout the game has something called Wonderful
Stone Slots associated with it. Equipping Wonderfuls on a Tool can have many
different effects on that tool depending on both the Wonderful, and the tool
that wonderful is being equipped to.

How do I Equip Wonderfuls to My Tool?
Good question! On the second day of your game, the general store owner Chen
will arrive on your island with his son Charlie. After they set up shop,
Charlie will be available in the early mornings and evenings (normally around
3 p.m.) to Equip and Remove wonderfuls. YOU CANNOT REMOVE OR CHANGE WONDERFUL
STONES YOURSELF. You can change/remove wonderfuls as many times as you want
in one visit or one day.

What do the Wonderfuls Do?
There are seven (7) different colored wonderfuls that you can find
throughout the game. Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple, and Indigo.
Sometimes what each wonderful does depends completely on the tool that they
are attached to. Certain wonderfuls always have the same effect no matter
what tool they are associated with. For example, the Indigo wonderful will
always give 5 extra stone slots on each tool and the purple wonderful will
always give 2 gold per wonderful attached to the equipped tool per charged
swing. For more information on each wonderful's effects on each tool, see
the specific tool section(s).

How do I charge my Tool?
Good question. Simply either hold the button associated with the tool
that you want to charge or keep the stylus pressed down on that tool until
light surrounds the tool before you swing. Once the light appears, your
tool is charged and you can reap the benefits of your wonderfuls.

Obtaining Wonderfuls.......................[BM02]
There are three (3) Ways to obtain wonderfuls throughout the game. Each one
requires time, patience, and in some cases, cold hard cash. I have listed
each way to obtain wonderfuls and the necessary information on how to attain
them below for your reading pleasure.

NOTE: You have control over which wonderful you receive from the Goddess and
the one you win at festivals by using the following method.

If you reach the 254th floor and save, then drop down to the 255th floor,
immediately after the Goddess stops talking check your rucksack. If the color
wonderful that you desire is not in your rucksack, then reload, and use a tool
10 times, and then drop again. The color will change!

The color rotation of the Wonderful given by the goddess (and at festivals)
is on a set cycle. (See below)

Enter the festival and if you win, you will get a dialog box telling you which
wonderful you received. If that is not the color you desire, simply reload
and use a tool about ten (10) times, then enter again.

The color rotation of the Wonderful given is set on a specific cycle.

Blue -> Green -> Red -> Yellow -> Orange -> Purple -> Indigo -> (Loop)

Say you reach the 255th floor, and receive a red wonderful, using a tool 10
times will nudge your farm degree up by 10 points and move you onto the Yellow
wonderful, and so on.

Each season certain festivals are held that you can win and receive wonderfuls
You must come in 1st place in order to receive a wonderful for all your hard
work. Below is a list of every festival that grants wonderfuls as a price as
well as how to win it.

Spring Festivals
SPRING 19 Sheep Festival
To win You need to have a sheep with at least 8 hearts. Your sheep must have
all of its wool and not be pregnant to enter, it also must be in good health.

SPRING 24 Cooking Festival
Prepare a dish from one of the menus with as many extra ingredients as you can
find to claim first place.

SPRING 29 Spring Crop Festival
Submit an exceptional crop. This is easy if you have a greenhouse, just make
sure it has had the minimum sun and water requirements. If you do not have
a greenhouse then leave your crop in the soil as long as possible before the
competition to raise its size meter as high as you can. The higher the rank
the better your chance of winning.

SUMMER 07 Chicken Festival
Have a chicken with at least 8 hearts to win the festival. You cannot enter
a sick chicken.

SUMMER 15 Mining Festival
Bring a Ore or Gemstone with at least 8.5 Quality points (the blue bar) to

SUMMER 23 Horse Festival
Have a horse with at least eight (8) hearts.

SUMMER 29 Summer Crop Festival
Submit an exceptional crop. This is easy if you have a greenhouse, just make
sure it has had the minimum sun and water requirements. If you do not have
a greenhouse then leave your crop in the soil as long as possible before the
competition to raise its size meter as high as you can. The higher the rank
the better your chance of winning.

FALL 16 Cow Festival
Have a cow with at least eight (8) hearts. Your cow cannot be entered if it
is sick or pregnant.

FALL 28 Fall Crop Festival
Submit an exceptional crop. This is easy if you have a greenhouse, just make
sure it has had the minimum sun and water requirements. If you do not have
a greenhouse then leave your crop in the soil as long as possible before the
competition to raise its size meter as high as you can. The higher the rank
the better your chance of winning.

WINTER 10 Dog Festival
Have your dog at eight (8) hearts to win.

WINTER 20 Fishing Festival
Bring a either a Large fish with 8.5 size marks or a medium fish with a full
red size bar (10 Red dots) to win the festival.

Mining is one of the harder ways to attain wonderfuls when you start off.
But once you can get down to the 255th floor, you may receive a wonderful
from the Goddess for your efforts.

If you have unlocked the Goddess by throwing 1 thing into the goddess pond
then every odd numbered time you reach the 255th floor you will receive a
wonderful from her based on your invisible farming degree.

Chen's Shop.......[BM05]
In the Winter Chen will sell wonderfuls in his shop if your farming degree
that morning end with the number 5. To make sure he has a wonderful in stock,
simply save before going to bed and the next morning, run to his shop and
see if he has one listed (it will always be the last item on his inventory

If he is not selling a Wonderful that morning, reload and use a tool 1 time,
you can either save after using your tool once, or keep track of how many times
you have used your tool. The next morning go check his shop again and see if he
has one for sale. Keep using your tool 1 extra time until one appears in his

The color of the Wonderful he is selling that day depends on the date.
Date Color Price
Winter 01 - 06 Red Wonderful 2,000 Gold
Winter 07 Indigo Wonderful 50,000 Gold
Winter 08 - 13 Yellow Wonderful 3,000 Gold
Winter 14 - 19 Blue Wonderful 2,000 Gold
Winter 20 - 22 Green Wonderful 3,000 Gold
Winter 23 - 25 Orange Wonderful 5,000 Gold
Winter 26 - 30 Purple Wonderful 2,000 Gold

There are two (2) types of tools, animal oriented tools and work tools. You
start out with a set of work tools which consist of the Axe, Hammer, Hoe,
Sickle, and Watering can. The Animal Tools (Brush, Milker, and Clippers),
have to be bought from Meribelle once she opens her livestock shop on the
island and Gannon sells the Work in his shop once he opens business on the

At the start of the game, your beginning tools only have one (1) stone slot
each. You can buy duplicates of the items at their respective shops as soon
as they are open.

Each year, the shops will sell a version of the tool with an extra stone slot.
The price rises with each extra stone slot that is available. The first year
of the game you can buy tools with three (3) stone slots for 3,000 gold.
At the start of your second year, you can buy four (4) stone slotted tools for
4,000 Gold. This continues until your 7th year, when you are able to buy the
highest quality tool available with ten (10) stone slots.

The axe (as you might have guessed) is used for chopping branches and, later
stumps. Whenever you chop a stump or branch you receive Material Lumber,
which can be used to upgrade your house, build a barn, make fences, and many
other things as well.

*Bought from Gannon
*You start off with a one (1) Wonderful Slot version of this Tool.

Wonderful Effects
Wonderfuls have the following effects when paired with this Tool:
RED Increases the Chopping Range of the Axe by 1 Horizontal Square
ORANGE Receive +1 Material Lumber when Chopping Wood
YELLOW Ability to Chop Stumps
GREEN Reduces stamina usage by 1 Point
BLUE Widens chopping range by 2 Vertical squares
INDIGO Adds an Additional 5 Stone slots to tool
PURPLE When charged gives you 2 Gold per Swing

Wonderful Maxes
Color Max # Max Effect
ORANGE 9 Receive 10 Material Lumber per Branch cut
GREEN 3 No Stamina Loss when using Tool
INDIGO 10 Have 50 Extra Stone Slots on Tool

The hammer is going to be your best friend very quickly once you unlock the
mine. Other than searching for precious Alexandrite and Pink Diamonds, you
will be dancing to Hammer Time with the stones around town. Every time you
whack a stone you will receive a piece of Material Stone, which you can store
in your Material Shed once it has been upgraded.

*Bought from Gannon
*You start off with a one (1) Wonderful Slot version of this Tool.

Wonderful Effects
Wonderfuls have the following effects when paired with this Tool:
RED Increases the Hammering Range of the Axe by 1 Horizontal Square
ORANGE Receive +1 Material Stone when crushing stones, or an additional gem
or ore when in the mine crushing boulders.
YELLOW Ability to destroy larger rocks on your farm, when you add your first
yellow wonderful to your hammer it also unlocks the rice paddy.
GREEN Reduces stamina usage by 1 Point
BLUE Widens smashing range by 2 Vertical squares
INDIGO Adds an Additional 5 Stone slots to tool
PURPLE When charged gives you 2 Gold per Swing

Wonderful Maxes
Color Max # Max Effect
ORANGE 9 Receive 10 gems and ores in the mine and 10 Material Stone
when crushing Rocks.
GREEN 3 No Stamina Loss when using Tool
INDIGO 10 Have 50 Extra Stone Slots on Tool

The Hoe will be used for (surprise!) Hoe-ing and tilling the land on your farm
as well as the ground inside of the mine, and eventually, your rice paddy.

*Bought from Gannon
*You start off with a one (1) Wonderful Slot version of this Tool.

Wonderful Effects
Wonderfuls have the following effects when paired with this Tool:
RED Increases the Tilling Range of the Hoe by 1 Horizontal Square
ORANGE Receive +1 Item from the ground inside the mine.
! - If charged may cause you to be unable to find Lithographs
YELLOW Ability to Till the Rice Paddy
GREEN Reduces stamina usage by 1 Point
BLUE Widens Tilling range by 2 Vertical squares
INDIGO Adds an Additional 5 Stone slots to tool
PURPLE When charged gives you 2 Gold per Swing

Wonderful Maxes
Color Max # Max Effect
ORANGE 9 Receive 10 items from the ground inside of the mine
GREEN 3 No Stamina Loss when using Tool
INDIGO 10 Have 50 Extra Stone Slots on Tool

You won't have much use for the Sickle at the beginning of the game, but once
you start growing grains such as rice later during the game, it will be a very
close friend of yours.

*Bought from Gannon
*You start off with a one (1) Wonderful Slot version of this Tool.

Wonderful Effects
Wonderfuls have the following effects when paired with this Tool:
RED Increases Range of the sickle by 1 Horizontal Square
ORANGE Receive +1 Item when reaped.
YELLOW Ability to Reap Buckwheat, Rice, and Wheat.
GREEN Reduces stamina usage by 1 Point
BLUE Widens sickle range by 2 Vertical squares
INDIGO Adds an Additional 5 Stone slots to tool
PURPLE When charged gives you 2 Gold per Swing

Wonderful Maxes
Color Max # Max Effect
ORANGE 9 Receive 10 items when you reap grains.
GREEN 3 No Stamina Loss when using Tool
INDIGO 10 Have 50 Extra Stone Slots on Tool

Watering Can...............................[BM11]
Guess what you use this Tool for? Thatís right! It squirts water onto your
pretty little vegetables and other things you grow!

Note: If you want to achieve the normal 3X3 square when watering, simply add
2 Red wonderfuls and 1 Blue wonderful to your Watering can.

*Bought from Gannon
*You start off with a one (1) Wonderful Slot version of this Tool.

Wonderful Effects
Wonderfuls have the following effects when paired with this Tool:
RED Increases Range of the Watering Can by 1 Horizontal Square
ORANGE Watering can holds 50 units more water until maxed with 5 Orange
Wonderfuls which makes it filled infinitely.
YELLOW Square waters receives +1 unit of water per squirt.
GREEN Reduces stamina usage by 1 Point
BLUE Widens watering range by 2 Vertical squares
INDIGO Adds an Additional 5 Stone slots to tool
PURPLE When charged gives you 2 Gold per Swing

Wonderful Maxes
Color Max # Max Effect
ORANGE 5 Infinite Water
GREEN 3 No Stamina Loss when using Tool
INDIGO 10 Have 50 Extra Stone Slots on Tool

You do not start off with a brush, but once you start getting livestock such
as Cows and Sheep, you are going to want one of these in your arsenal for sure

*Bought from Meribelle.

Wonderful Effects
Wonderfuls have the following effects when paired with this Tool:
RED Increases Range of the Brush by 1 Horizontal Square
ORANGE Lowers the Stress of Animals
YELLOW Earn more Affection when Brushing animals
GREEN Reduces stamina usage by 1 Point
BLUE Widens brushing range by 2 Vertical squares
INDIGO Adds an Additional 5 Stone slots to tool
PURPLE When charged gives you 2 Gold per Swing

Wonderful Maxes
Color Max # Max Effect
ORANGE 9 Lower 10 times the amount of stress with one brushing
GREEN 3 No Stamina Loss when using Tool
INDIGO 10 Have 50 Extra Stone Slots on Tool

There is no real need to buy this tool from Meribelle until you own a cow,
unless you want her to hurry and upgrade her shop.

*Bought from Meribelle

Wonderful Effects
Wonderfuls have the following effects when paired with this Tool:
RED Increases Range of the Milker by 1 Horizontal Square
ORANGE Receive +1 Unit of Milk per use
YELLOW Earn more Love points when Milking
GREEN Reduces stamina usage by 1 Point
BLUE Widens Milker range by 2 Vertical squares
INDIGO Adds an Additional 5 Stone slots to tool
PURPLE When charged gives you 2 Gold per Swing

Wonderful Maxes
Color Max # Max Effect
ORANGE 9 Receive 10 units of Milk per cow squeezy.
GREEN 3 No Stamina Loss when using Tool
INDIGO 10 Have 50 Extra Stone Slots on Tool

The clippers are used to sheer wool from your sheep. (Ndurr!)

*Bought from Meribelle

Wonderful Effects
Wonderfuls have the following effects when paired with this Tool:
RED Increases Range of the clippers by 1 Horizontal Square
ORANGE Receive +1 Unit of Wool per sheering
YELLOW Earn more love points per Sheering
GREEN Reduces stamina usage by 1 Point
BLUE Widens clipper range by 2 Vertical squares
INDIGO Adds an Additional 5 Stone slots to tool
PURPLE When charged gives you 2 Gold per Swing

Wonderful Maxes
Color Max # Max Effect
ORANGE 9 Receive 10 units of Wool per Sheering
GREEN 3 No Stamina Loss when using Tool
INDIGO 10 Have 50 Extra Stone Slots on Tool

Other Information.......................................................[BM15]
These are answers to some common questions I keep seeing on the message boards
hopefully by answering them in this FAQ it will help others out.

Fishing Rod...................................[BM16]
Can you attach wonderfuls to your fishing rod? No. The Fishing Rod, while
technically a Tool, cannot have any Wonderfuls attached to it.

Why aren't my Wonderfuls Working?.............[BM17]
You probably aren't charging your tool. Hold down the button associated with
said tool until it starts glowing, once it is glowing, use the tool. The
wonderfuls should start doing their job.

Whatís this about a Farm Degree?...............[BM18]
Your farm degree is a number, based on everything you do during the game,
for example, every time you use a tool, it adds one point to your degree.
You cannot see the exact number of your farm degree, but you do receive
a nifty title depending on how many points you have.

Why am I not getting Wonderfuls in the Mine?..[BM19]
Eeek! Did you not read above? You didn't unlock the Harvest Goddess by
throwing something into her Pond! Make sure you do that or all of your hard
work will be for naught!
By: DeAdZxUaN(278)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Oooh lala vaughn 94%
If you want to marry vaughn and have no heart event this iz a problem so do not open the bridge to the forest cuz you unlock sumeone called sabrina and she LOVES vaughn and he wats to marry her
strt by giving him his fav food PORIDGE if you can't milk ,chocolate ,ice cream, warm milk,can work he LOVES tresure and if you did open the forest and found a dog show vaughn him because he will realize he dosen't like sabrina after all
BUT WAIT! NEVER GIVE HIME CARROTS he hates them to be exact don't give him certain veggies plzz or ue weddin will not happen at all
By: carmelicecream(21)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Denny and Vaughn Marruage 94%
How to get Denny:.

* Get a fishing pole from Taro
* Catch 50 Fish
* Denny appears

How to marry Denny:.

* Give him fish every day and it should only take a year (and a half) to marry him
* Here are the heart events you have to visit
- 1st event is at his house from 9am to 1 pm and you say "Really?"
- 2nd event is at his house from 9am to 1 pm and you say "Wiw! That is Incredible!" then, "Yeah! I believe you!"
- 3rd event:: well I have heard where it is at and tried it to find out that: it doesn't work. I am already at a red heart, but that didn't stop me from seeing the events with Vaughn when he was already at a red heart I hadn't seen his events but went in order and still saw them. The person who told me where the last evets was said it was at the Diner between 6pm and 1 am and you say "A hard worker needs food."

I am positive about the first two events and about the next stuff a I am going to tell you.

How to Marry Vaughn:.

* get his heart to a red heart ( he likes Shiitake or chocolate or milk )
* see all of his events
- 1st event is in the East town (you must have Denny for this to work) 9am to 5pm, not raining, and you say "I'll look for it with you."
- 2nd event is at the Beach from 9am to 5pm, not raining, and you say "Well you could smile more," then "I would like to see you smile."
- 3rd event is in the Forest, on a Thursday from 10am to 6pm, and you say "Let's play with them."

* Once you have seen all of these and either of these peoples hearts are at red , give them the blue feather and Wa-la!

Hope this helps.

P.S You must also have a husband's bed to marry either of these peoples
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All special things to bachelors and bachelorettes 93%
Vaughn: Porridge
Denny: Sashimi
Elliot: Stir-Fried Veggies
Pierre: Finest Curry
Shea: Fish L
Mark: everything he like is worth +300 point

Natalie: Fruit sandwich
Julia: yogurt
Sabrina: pink diamond
Lanna: Yam pudding
witch: rainbow curry
chelsea: same as mark
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Seaweed 92%
When you go to the beach in spring, find the boulder. Touch it and you will get a jar of seaweed. It can be sold for 800g or be used in cooking.
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Taro loves and relax tea leaves 92%
Taro loves elli leaves, so, just give the diner a failed dish, and he should give you the elli leaves recipe.
Relax tea Leaves~just give the diner a weed (not yellow)

Ps ~ before you give the diner or a cafe ANY ingredients save, and if they fail to make your dish, just reload and do it again. They should be able to perfect the dish the second time around or something.

And I haven't tried it yet, but if you save before you give luke and/or madelynn an ingredient and they get the dish right, try reloading and they might cook you something better than the dish you got before.
By: Dogz rule(151)
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Keeping your residents. 91%
It might seem like hard work, but it's worth it. If you talk to your residents everyday, or every second day, they will stay for a loooong time. If you give them birthday presents, that will increase their heart level. I talk to my villagers every day,and I am on my third year. By just talking to the villagers, their heart levels have increased greatly. Gannon has 8 hearts, and I never give him presents except on his birthday! So if you talk to your residents, it really pays off, especially on certain festivals that require you to invite a few friends e.g the snowman festival where you make snowmen e.t.c
By: Dogz rule(151)
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You can, in this Harvest Moon buy 10,000G and 1,000,000G Tickets that are worth that amount if sold. I bought a 10,000G ticket for the fun of it and sold it back to the store I bought it from for 10,000G. I then bought another and took it back to my house where I put it in the shipping box, when I woke the next morning I had NOT gotton my 10,000G instead I got 1G! SO PLEASE FOR YOUR SAKE DO NOT PUT MONEY TICKETS IN THE SHIPPING BOX!
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How To Get Seaweed 90%
In Spring go down to the beach and on the far left you will see a big green rock click on it with your ds pen and in your rapsack will be a can of seaweed , you can pick this every day but only in Spring . ( Both Vaughn and Chen like it ! )
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Getting Denny and Lanna onto the island 89%
Right, what you have to do first of is get the fishing rod.
How to get that is, you have to talk to Taro everyday and try to give him colored grass. At first he wont accept it but after five days he will. After he has first accepted it, give him colored grass every day until one morning when he comes to your house and gives you the fishing rod.
Once he has given that to you, you will have to fish for 50 fish. The day after you complete that, you will have a cutscene where Denny introduces himself. He will be at the beach every day from now on.
To get Lanna, you have to fish for 20 more fish after you have got Denny.
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Money tips 89%
1.when you are in your field don't destroy your weeds instead sell them and make money.

2.when you get the fishing rod, fish all day long then go to your shipping box and sell them and you will get lots of cash.

3.sell things you find such as seaweed, flowers, etc.

4.don`t spend money on worthless things unless you really need them.

5. do not sell money tickets to the shipping box. (you get 1.g :(
By: kittycat101(69)
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What Vaughn Love, Like, Hate, and Don't you ever give it to him and it's very accurate!! 86%


Milk + Rice (Main Course recipe)


Milk, Shiitake, Matsutake

Hot Milk, Grilled Mushrooms, Grape Soda

Really Likes

Pirate Treasure, Fodder, Yarn, Fish Fossil, Eggs, Cheese, Chocolate, Bird Feed, Butter, Pet Food, Mayonnaise, Yarn, Yogurt, Edamame

Ice Cream, Apple Pie, Strawberry Milk, Omelet Rice, Omelet, Orange Marmalade, Spa-Boiled Egg, Bodigizer XL, Hungerizer XL, Mushroom Rice, Foiled Mushroom, Cream Croquette, Corn Flakes, Jam Bread, Spaghetti, Egg Over Rice, Egg Soup, Cheese Cake, Cheese Fondue, Bodigizer, Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Fondue, Tofu Steak, Toast, Donuts, Pineapple Pie, Dinner Roll, Hungerizer, Banana Juice, Bread, Bread Crumbs, Pizza, Grape Jam, Grape Juice, Raisen Bread, Pudding, Fruit Smoothie, French Toast, Pancake, Hot Chocolate, Popcorn, Matsutake Rice, Mixed Smoothie, Fried Egg, Peach Juice, Baked Apple, Boiled Egg, Lassi, Apple Jam, Apple Juice


Red Magic Flower, Blue Magic Flower, Fall Sun, Adamantite, Oil, Amethyst, Alexandrite, Emerald, Golden Lumber, Orichalc, Turnip, Pumpkin, Cabbage, Cucumber, Gold Ore, Silver Ore, Junk Ore, Mythic Stone, Fish (S), Yam, Sandrose, Material Stone, Fish (L), Diamond, Onion, Fish (M), Toy Flower, Copper Ore, Topaz, Summer Sun, Spring Sun, Pinkcat Flower, Pink Diamond, Winter Sun, Peridot, Spinach, Flourite, Mystrile, Moonstone, Moondrop Flower, Agate, Lumber, Ruby

Yam Rice, Onion Soup, Boiled Spinach, Rice Cake, Carpaccio, Pickled Turnip, Steamed Turnip, Insalata di Caprese, Cooked Pumpkin, Pumpkin Pudding, Pickled Cucumber, Sweet Yam Dumpling, Herb Soup, Corn Soup, Boiled Fish, Salad Spaghetti, Yam Pudding, Buckwheat Chips, Mountain Stew, Soy Milk, Natto, Spring Roll, Rice and Beans, Marinated Fish, Baked Yam, Roasted Rice Cake, Vegetable Smoothie, Tofu Skin, Stuffed Cabbage


Indigo Grass, Blue Grass, Red Grass, Empty Can, Stone, Stick, Elli Leaves, Yellow Grass, Black Grass, Fish Bone, Weeds, White Grass, Orange Grass, Toadstool, Tomato, Rubber Boot, Eggplant, Lithograph, Bell Pepper, Bottle, Green Grass, Purple Grass

Onion Salad, Pumpkin Soup, Carrot Juice, Mochi Mix Natto, Gem Natto, Herb Salad, Red Flower Mix Natto, Salad, Failed Dish, Mix Natto, Fish Natto, Tomato Salad, Miso Eggplant, Chop Suey, Dairy Natto, Grilled Eggplant, Stir-Fried Veggies, Vegetable Juice


By: TerraLeaf(900)
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Saving up for big things 86%
If you can't resist buying stuff (like me), this is the easiest way to stop it:

~Get 10,000g or more.
~Buy the 10,000g ticket from Chen's shop.
~Put it in your cabinet.
~Keep doing this whenever you get more than 10,000g.
~An advantage is that you forget about the money, and end up getting lots of money.
~This is also good if you want something that is expensive, because you save for it, without losing too much money.
By: Dogz rule(151)
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Having a Child 85%
Before you can have a child you have to get married! You can choose from six different marriage candidates. You just have to follow the steps to marriage and soon enough you'll have your own spouse.
Giant House!

The next step is to make sure your house is the largest size possible. You actually can't upgrade your house from the marriage-required large size until after you are married. Talk to Gannon when you are ready to upgrade your house to super-size, which requires 700 Wood Lumber and 50,000 G. Alternately, you can pay him a flat rate 80,000 G if you don't have enough lumber on hand.

After the marriage and house upgrade, you will need to buy your upcoming child a bed to sleep in. Chen will sell the Baby Bed in his shop after the super-size house upgrade has been completed, and you have been married for 30 days. The bed costs 10,000 G and will be placed just to the north of the adult beds inside your house.
A baby is coming

When you have collected the necessary pieces together, the pregnancy can occur. The pregnancy scene will trigger once you have been married for at least 30 days. If you did not have the necessary house upgrade and Baby Bed 30 days after your marriage ceremony, then the pregnancy scene will be delayed and occur the next morning after completing the requirements. If you collected the items before the 30 days are up, then the scene will trigger on the 31st day (or non-festival day).

During the event, Doctor will be called to examine your sick spouse. The Mineral Town doctor does not need to be living on the island at the time. He will travel from Mineral Town to your island and then return when the event is over.

Once the pregnancy scene has passed through, you will have to wait another 60 days. You can play the game as normal. If you are playing as a girl you will not loose extra stamina points during the pregnancy.
A baby has been born

After the two seasons has passed by, the birthing scene will trigger. Felicia and the Doctor will help with the birth of the child. The gender of the child is randomly set at the time of the marriage ceramony. There isn't a way to control what gender your child is, much like a pregnancy in real life.

The baby will stay in the bed for the next 2 years. The baby will not accept any gifts you try to give it, and you can not pick it up out of the bed.

Since you can not give the child any gifts, for the next 2 years the baby's heart marks will not increase or decrease. You can ignore the child for long period of time and it will not affect his or her affection rates.
Finally crawling!

After the 240 days have gone by, the baby will magically be crawling around the next morning. Don't forget that today is your child's birthday! Every year, enter your house after 6:00 pm to celebrate your little one's birthday.

Now that the child is out of bed you can start to give him or her gifts. Just like with everyone else, the child will not accept your gifts unless you talk to him or her for 3 days before trying to offer gifts. The different child genders prefer different gifts.

If you want your child to walk, you're going to have to wait another 2 years. At that point the little one will gain his or her footing and start walking around the house instead of crawling. The child still stays inside all day, but now you can see him or her at festivals as a guest.
By: TerraLeaf(900)
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Money making! 83%
= * Table Of Contents * =

1) Introduction

2) Getting Started

a) Things You'll Need

3) The Money Making Methods

a) Forage

b) Fishing

c) Farming

d) Mining


1) Introduction

It has come to my attention that many people are finding it difficult to
earn some cash during their first year of the game, as well as not having
enough to either finish building all the bridges or building the
animal sheds for their livestock.

Not to boast or anything, but I myself am currently a millionaire in
the game and have a lot of experiences in earning them as well. However, just
like anyone else, I was once a really poor player who struggled to even make
50,000 G during the first year of the game. And so, I decide to write my very
first guide, which focuses on how to become successfully rich in this game.

2) Getting Started

Before you decide to do anything, there are a few things you must know if
you haven't already. Your Stamina decreases very fast and your Full bar
goes down every one or two hours of the day, as well as along with your
Stamina sometimes. However, there are ways to slow them down as well as
increasing them too. Though you don't need to get all of them at once,
below are things you should get before you start trying to earn some cash.

a) Things You Need

- Farming Tools with at least 3 open slots or more:

The more slots there are, the faster you can make money. The tools you start
off with only have 1, but you can buy the tools with more slots once Gannon
arrives on the island. Look for tools that are sold at 3,000 G or more, as
those have 3 and more slots depending on how much they cost. 3,000 G are
3 slotted tools, 4,000 G are 4 slotted tools, 5,000 G are 5 slotted tools
etc. Mirabelle sells some animal tools that have slots as well so don't
forget to check her wares too.

- Kitchen and Recipes:

A kitchen and some recipes are required if you ever hope to make a lot of
money in one trip. You'll need them to make foods that restores stamina.
A kitchen can be bought after the first house upgrade and recipes can be
gotten when you obtain the Cafe and Diner, and have gotten one or the other
remodeled by having a certain amount of residents. The recipe you may want
the most is Pudding, which recovers about half of your starting stamina bar.
You obtain it by giving milk to the Diner owner after he upgrades his place
when you've unlocked around 40-45 or so people. However, the recipes he
gives out are random and they can only be obtained once per day.

- Wonderfuls:

Some of the most important things of all besides the tools, in making the
big bucks later on. These are used to give your tools various effects
depending on what color they are. These are used as a new way to
upgrade your tools and can be removed to place on another tool at any time
when Charlie is inside the shop during business days. The amount you can
attach depends on how many slots your tools have. The Wonderfuls can
be gotten from many places, namely:

1) Chen's store in Winter, which can be pretty rare if you don't do the
Farm Degree exploit (See Fogu for more info).

2) Floor 255 of the Mine, which you will only obtain during your odd
visits to the mine (1st time, 3rd time, 5th time etc). The color
you get depends on your Farm Degree (Again, see Fogu).

3) Festival Competitions, which can only be unlocked when you have
Gannon build the first bridge. The Wondefuls you get for winning
a competition is also determined by your Farm Degree (Once more,
see the Fogu website).

4) The Wi-Fi Ranking System, which you must rank in the Top 10 for
one or more specified categories of that week. The more ranks
you ranked in the Top 10 for, the more Wonderfuls you get. The
color you get is random though.

- Harvest Goddess Pendant Accessory

These are real life savers, as they'll help you get to the deeper
floors of the Mine since they increase your Stamina bar.
The first one which is red will cost you 5 Orichalcums to make.
The green one costs about 10 Orichalcums, which increases your
Stamina bar a little more than the red one does. Then the blue
one which costs about 30 Orichalcums to make, increases your
Stamina bar by a lot. These accessories' effects can stack but
there's a limit to how high the Stamina bar will go. You must
also equip them in one of the four equipment slots in order
for them to work.

2) The Money Making Methods

Format for each methods:

Method Level - Difficulty of the method to make money.

Stamina & Full - Amount of toll your Stamina and Full will take from this
method. The amounts are listed as: None, Small, Medium, and
A Lot.

Time - Comes in two categories, which are in-game time and real life time
because the in-game time obviously moves a lot faster than real time.
In game time means the time it takes inside the game to do the method
while Real Time simply means the amount of time it'll take you in
real life to do. The times are listed as: Short, Awhile, Half, Long,
and All Day.

Earn - The average amount of cash you get from the method. The amount would
be listed as: Little, Decent, A Lot and Loads.

Below are simple ways on how I make my money for each category. If you have
your own method for one of each category that you'd like to share, feel free
to send them to me and I'll credit you for it.

NOTE: Do NOT sell any of these things to Chen! He buys them off of you
for a really low price compared to how much they're worth!

a) Foraging

Method Level: Easy

Stamina & Full - Sta: None
Ful: Small

Time - In game: A Lot to All Day
Real Time: Short

Earn: Little to Decent

This method is simply just picking things off the ground, and it's the
easiest but slow way of earning cash. It also doesn't require any Stamina
usage but it takes almost all day and isn't as effective in Winter.
Ship every magic grass and flowers that you find laying around on the
ground. Also, don't forget to ship the Seaweed that's only available in
Spring. It's usually worth around 900 G most of the time, depending on
its quality. The Seaweed can be found on the giant rock that's sitting
on the beach.

Once you have the bridge built to the forest, there are a lot of magic
grasses and flowers there along the trails. If you want, you can leave
some items on the ground for days and pick them up later in the month
to receive them at a high quality. You're probably better off just
shipping them on the spot unless you're going for an S-Rank shipping list,
since only a certain amount of items can spawn in an area and because you
get the money that you would be missing if you left the item there.

Since Foraging doesn't really have a special item you should only be
looking for, there's not much to add in this section. If not enough things
are spawning around town, the next best areas are the Forest and Jungle
areas since they seem to spawn a lot of grasses and flowers each day.

b) Fishing

Method Level: Easy

Stamina & Full - Sta: A lot
Ful: Some

Time - In game: Short to A Lot
Real Time: Short to Awhile

Earned: Decent to A Lot

The most widely used method for the first year. To start fishing, you need to
befriend Taro first. Give him a magic grass each day and eventually, he'll
show up at your house with the fishing rod.

During Festivals

To earn some money while not using up any in-game time, take advantage
of the fishing tutorial cutscene or any festival events that are held
at the Meadow. Since in-game time stops completely, be sure to bring food
and magic grasses with you in order to fish for as long as you can
hold out. Also, remember that you can't access the diary during the tutorial
and festivals.

At The Beach:

The best place to fish would be the Beach. Not only can you fish up rare
items in certain seasons, but that's also where you're likely to catch a
Large Fish, even though they're pretty rare. The rare items that you can
fish there are:

Spring: Bottle
Summer: Pirate Treasure
Fall: Fish Fossil

Though the bottles are only worth 1 G, the treasure and fossil are worth
a lot. The treasure is worth around 20,000 G while the fossil is usually
around 5,000 G. To make sure you get a good day's worth of catch, you
should save your game before you start fishing. After fishing for a long
while, you can either reload your file if you aren't satisfied with
your catches or just call it a day and put them in the shipping bin.

c) Farming

Method Level: Easy to Normal

Stamina & Full - Sta: Medium to A Lot
Ful: Small to Medium

Time - In game: Short to Awhile
Real Time: Short

Earned: Decent to A Lot

This is probably the best way to earn a decent amount of cash for a
long while until you start mining. This is also where your slotted tools
and Wonderfuls come in handy. For farming, the colored Wonderfuls
best suited for job would be: Red, Blue, Green and Indigo.

The Red Wonderfuls adds one horizontal range per stone on your
tools while the Blue Wonderfuls adds a vertical range on both sides
per stone. Equipping three Green Wonderfuls to your tools makes them
use no Stamina except for when it's late at night, and the Indigo Wonderfuls.
adds five artificial slots to your tools. These Wonderfuls are useful for
digging plots of areas for your seeds and watering a lot of crops at once.
Not only do they get the job done faster but they also consume less
Stamina too, if you don't have any Green Wonderfuls yet. The most Indigo
Wonderful you can have on a tool is ten, and they probably can't be
attached to slots that are made by another Indigo Wonderful as far as
I'm concerned.

Without a Greenhouse:

To gain a lot of money from the crops you grow, I suggest these, as they
are the only ones I have ever used and/or found useful:

Spring: Turnips or Potatoes
Summer: Tomatoes or Corn
Fall: Eggplants or Yams (To get Yams, you must ship 100 Fall Crops)

I started off with Turnips, Tomatoes and Eggplants in their designated season.
After I got Yams unlocked, I started growing them, as they grow back really
fast and only requires you to water them once per stage and also require
little sun to grow. They also only have two stage growths after the seed.
Anyway, you can choose whatever crops you want to grow but these are the ones
I've chosen as a start.

If you have the Greenhouse Built:

If you have the greenhouse, go for Yams like I did if you want to ship crops
at a fast rate. I'm not quite sure how much they sell for but I earned
a lot for growing 6 3x3 plots of them. Otherwise, you can go for any
other crops you want if you have the correct seasonal sun items for them.

* Destiny_Breaker's Method *

I recommend strawberries and cucumbers to grow in the
green house. Both are continuous and only take three days to regrow max.
True, you have to water more but the fast regrowth rate makes it worth
while, AND both are spring items so you can use only one sun stone.

d) Mining

Method Difficulty: Starting is Hard.
Otherwise, it gets
pretty easy.

Stamina & Full - Sta: A Lot
Ful: Little to None

Time - In game: Little
Real Time: Awhile to Long

Earned: Decent to Loads.

This is probably the best way to make loads of money, provided that you
are willing to actually go for the last floor of the mine and have
a lot of food prepared for the journey down there. Wonderfuls that
you should take but aren't necessary are: Green, Orange and Indigo.

Put all of your Orange Wonderfuls on your Hammer. The green ones
should go on your Hoe unless your hammer still have some open slots
left. Also put an Indigo on your Hammer if it's necessary. The reason
why you would want to put all your Orange Wonderfuls on your Hammer
is because for each Orange you have on your Hammer, you get an additional
quantity of an item you get when you charge smash a rock. So if you have
three Orange Wonderfuls, charge hitting a rock can net you four gems or ores
if you get any. Four Orange will net you five and so on. The most you can
get at a time is ten, as Charlie won't let you add any more than nine
Orange Wonderfuls on a tool.

On the way down the mine, you can smash every rock for the gems and ores in
there. If you don't have any accessories yet, you may want to make your
way to floors 50-74 first. Just make about 50 or so Puddings and pit dive
your way there. Collect at least 15 Orichalcums from mining and make
your way to Chen's shop if it's open. If Charlie's there, he'll tell
you about making accessories. Use the first 5 Orichalcums to make the
Red Harvest Goddess Pendant and put it on one of the four equipment slots,
which increases your max stamina. After seven days, go back to Charlie and
use 10 Orichalcums to make the Green Harvest Goddess Pendant, which
increases your Stamina even more when you have it on one of the four
equipment slots. Equip the green one and you should be ready to take on
any floors below 100.

Here are the suggested floors that you should go to when doing some
serious mining:


Floor 25: Adamantite, which are used to build Makers if you have a
Maker Shed.

Floor 50: Orichalcum, which are used to make accessories. Those will help
you a lot later on.

Floor 100: Mythic Ores, which ships for a very high price of about 9,000 G.
Be sure to have your Hoe with you, as this floor doesn't have
a pitfall.

Floor 125: Alexandrite, which ships for around 20,000 G as far as I know.

Floor 150: Pink Diamonds, which also ships for around 20,000 G.

Floors 250-254: Various Gems and Ores, as well as Mythic Ores, Alexandrites,
Adamantites, Orichaclums and Pink Diamonds. Also the
floors where I make all my money from since everything there
is bound to be high quality, meaning they'll ship for more
than the average price.


Instead of wasting my time by mining on any floors besides 50, I pitfall
my way all the way down to Floor 250. I then charge smash everything on my
way down to Floor 254. Because I have a Hammer with 9 Orange Wonderfuls,
I get about 10 of each items I get from charge smashing the rocks. After
completing the Mine, I ship everything and earn about 2-5 mil. Doing all
this takes awhile, as you have to reload a lot if you end up fainting from
a pit fall.

Anyway, these are all of my current but basic methods for now.
Thanks 4 reading! (:
By: DeAdZxUaN(278)
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Help to Vaughn 83%
He likes Shiitake so in the fall collect at least 40 of them by going out every day to collect as many as you can. If you collect at least 40 they will last all the way until next fall, saving you money by not buying chocalate.

If you get Vaughn to an orange heart, he will start perticipating in stuff like the Sopring festival and he gives you a cookie!

Hope some of this helps!
By: UmbreonFan21(148)
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To Get The Dog 83%
1. Ask Ganon To Build A Bridge In West Side
2. Talk to Mirabelle And She Have 2 hearts
By: zaiizo(16)
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What you need for Marriage 82%
* Upgrade your house to a large size
* Purchase the husband/wife bed for 10,000 G from Chen's store
* Have the church, Nathan, and Alisa living on the island
* Unlock the 23 main portraited characters: Taro, Elliot, Felicia, Natalie, Gannon, Eliza, Mirabelle, Vaughn, Julia, Chen, Charlie, Denny, Witch, Harvest Goddess, Nathan, Alisa, Regis, Sabrina, Pierre, Lanna, Shea, Wada, and Mark (if playing as a girl) or Chelsea (if playing as a boy).
By: TerraLeaf(900)
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How to get a dog 80%
Well it has to be a rainy day. Then go into the forest with the cave people. look around and stuff and then you will see a dog. you will see mirabell ( the pet lady ). then talk to her. go to bed and in the morning to talk to mirabell. if that doesnt work then try the witches forest or when you see the dog and mirabell go to the pet store and talk to her
By: moon13(5)
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Milking mini-game 80%
Sometimes, your cow has the milker picture above her head. This might occur several times in a row. If you don't want to do this event, here is a way of avoiding it:
~Have more than one cow
~Gather all your cows up into one group. (go to Noe's house if you don't know how to gather up your cows)
~Stand behind your cows and milk them. Make sure that your cows look like they are just one cow, before you milk them. Don't brush them when they are gathered up because only one cow will get brushed.
~You can do this cheat even if your cows don't have the milking icon.
By: Dogz rule(151)
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Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Basics
III. Affection
IV. Buildings
V. Chickens
VI. Cows and Sheep
VII. Horse and Dog
VIII. Festivals

II. Basics

Animals are an essential part of any productive ranch.
What's a farm without animals anyway? Not only are
animals good for income, but their products can be
used for cooking and gifts! Not only that, but you
can enter your animals in festivals to win Wonderfuls!

The first thing you need to do is to make enough money
to build a barn or chicken coop, and then you must purchase
animals from Mirabelle But I'll cover the buildings in a bit.
First we need to cover the controls:

Touchscreen-tap to use tools, raise affection, walk, and
distribute food.
D-pad and A, B, Y and X-these just allow you to use your
specific animal tools.

III. Affection

Raising affection is done by doing everyday things
such as milking. The more affection the animal has
the better chance you have at winning the festivals
and the better ranked products you get! There are
five things that will raise your animals affection:

Petting/picking up/riding your animal:

This is done by tapping the animal while you are right
next to it. Doing this raises the animal's affection
and, if you have a cow, will allow you to check
on how the animal feels. Also every so often you will
see an icon over the animal that looks like a hand.
Once you touch the animal, you will be sent to a screen
with a close view of the animal. With your stylus, you
can now touch the animal and make it happy! The best
way to do this is to perform fast, tight circles with
your stylus. This will get the animal happier! There is
no time limit, so take as long as you want.

Feeding your animal:

This is an everyday task that MUST be performed if
you want to keep your animal alive and receive products.
The fodder can be bought or grown in your field, while
the chicken and pet feed must be purchased from Mirabelle.

Brushing and curing:

Brushing isn't really an essential task, but it is good
quick affection raising. It can only be used on animals
that are big enough so chickens can't receive this extra
affection boost. Brushing also reduces the stress on the
If your animal gets sick for whatever reason, then animal
medicine from Mirabelle is the first thing you should get!
Give the medicine to the animal to make it feel better and
make sure it doesn't happen again!

Letting your animals outside:

Letting your animals outside on a non-rainy day is a
great way to raise affection and relieve animal stress.
Also, if you grow Grass, then you won't have to feed
your animals that day you put them outside. HOWEVER,
be aware that you must bring your animals inside
when the day is done or they might be hassled by
the wild dogs!


That's right! Getting products from your animals
actually makes them happy! So you get money and
affection everytime!

IV. Buildings

Before you can get animals, you have to hire Gannon
to build the appropriate buildings. I will list the
buildings and their upgrades along with any materials
you need.

Chicken Coop:

Actual construction:
200 lumber and 10,000 G OR 20,000 G

1st Upgrade:
400 lumber and 5,000 G OR 20,000 G

2nd Upgrade:
1,200 lumber and 20,000 G OR 70,000 G

Feeder Box:
100 lumber and 500 G OR 5,000 G

200 lumber and 500 G OR 10,000 G

1st Upgrade of Feed Dispenser:
1,000 lumber and 5,000 G OR 50,000 G

2nd Upgrade of Feed Dispenser:
3,000 lumber and 30,000 G OR 170,000 G

Shipping Bin
200 lumber and 1,000 G OR 10,000 G

Actual construction:
200 lumber and 12,000 G OR 22,000 G

1st Upgrade:
500 lumber and 7,000 G OR 30,000 G

2nd Upgrade:
2,000 lumber and 30,000 G OR 125,000 G

Add Feeder Bin
100 Lumber and 5,000 G OR 5,000 G

Birthing Pen:
200 lumber and 500 G OR 10,000 G

Upgrade of Feed Dispenser:
1,500 lumber and 7,000 G OR 80,000 G

Shipping Bin:
200 lumber and 1,000 G OR 10,000 G

Stable (you already have the stable):

1st upgrade of Feed Dispenser:
1,000 lumber and 5,000 G OR 50,000 G

2nd upgrade of Feed Dispenser:
3,000 lumber and 30,000 G OR 170,000 G

V. Chickens

Chickens are the most basic animals in the game. They
are the cheapest to buy and easiest to breed, but their
affection is hard to raise and their products aren't a
very reliable source of income.

Once you get your chicken coop, Taro will come by with
a free chick and will also give you a chicken tutorial.
After this, I suggest you go buy some chicken feed. If
you want more chickens you can either A. get an
Incubator and hatch one of your chicken eggs or B.
simply buy a full-grown chicken from Mirabelle.

A chicken will lay one egg every day as long as you
feed it. This egg will start out at a very low quality
(Rank C) but the Rank shall increase as the affection
goes up. Thus giving you more money!

After all of the expansions you SHOULD have a max of
12 chickens. However, I am not too sure about this.
Any confirmations will be loved!

VI. Cows and Sheep

Cows are the first thing you should get in my opinion
because their products are a better source of income.
When you first get the barn, Taro will bring you a new
pre-mature cow and give you a tutorial. I suggest buying
fodder, a milker, a bell and a brush as soon as possible.

To have a new born calf, you must give a full-grown cow
a cow miracle potion. You must also have a birthing pen,
I don't have an exact number on this, but I believe it
takes about 15 days or so for a pre-mature cow to reach
the milking stage. New-born cows take about a season or
so to mature into a milking cow. Any confirmation on this
would be helpful.

Every so often, you will see a milker icon over your cow's
head. Upon milking it, you will be sent to a mini-game
where you will milk your cow. You will see a large milk
bottle at the top along with your farmer. On the bottom
screen, you will see your cow along with three icons that
have milk sizes in them. To play, tap the blue paw
print on the right when the arrow is over the milk bottle
with the L in it. This will insure better milk rank. Be
warned! The tempo gets faster with every tap that gets
a "GOOD" message! And if you get a "BAD" message when
you tap the paw, it means your timing is off and you
will be punished with a small decrease in the amount
of milk in the large bottle at the top.
The notes are your time limit. However, if you fill
the bottle ALL the way up, the mini-game will automatically
stop and you will get the S-ranked milk!

Cows are probably the easiest to increase affection. You
can do each of the five affection increasing chores to
make them like you more. Therefore, your milk rank will
increase faster thus giving you more money!

Sheep are somewhat similar to cows. They can be brushed,
petted, and, unlike cows, sheared once a week. Sheep are
also very different because they need to be unlocked.

To unlock sheep, you must get 3 boy farmer sub-villagers
to move to the island. This can be somewhat difficult.
The requirements are things like: "Ship 100 Cheese" or
"Have 4 Chickens on your farm."

Other than unlocking them, sheep aren't really all that
different. Although, I am not 100% sure, but I think
sheep have a shearing mini-game. Once again, I am not
sure. Confirmation would be appreciated.

VII. Horse and Dog

The horse and the dog do not produce anything that
you can sell, but they DO have some very useful

The horse is a great means of transportation. The
horse doubles your speed making island travel a breeze!

The dog has a unique purpose. If it has enough hearts,
you can leave it outside and it will scare away the
wild dogs that come to terrorize your animals! This
feature of the dog protects your animals from getting

You cannot buy the horse and the dog. Instead, you must
make friends with certain villagers:
For the horse, you must make friends with Chen, the shop
owner, and Charlie, his son. Chen is hard to make friends
with early in the game because you do not have a kitchen.
An easy way to get around this is to just simply talk to
both of them everyday. When you have them at the appropriate
friendship level, Charlie and Chen will come to your house
in the morning and give you your new horse!
For the dog, you must make friends with Mirabelle, the
owner of the Animal shop. Talk to her everyday to increase
her friendship points. When she is at about 2 hearts, walk
into the Forest on a rainy or snowy day and you two will
find a little dog!

The horse and the dog are feed with Pet Food that you must
buy from Mirabelle. The dog can be petted everyday to raise
affection while the horse receives affection through riding
and brushing.

Now, I'm about 99% sure about this. Since there are only one
of each, I assume that if you neglect these animals, they
will not die. HOWEVER, I am NOT promoting anyone to do
this! If you don't feed your pet, then they won't like you
very much!

VIII. Festivals

There are many festivals in the game in which you can
enter your animals. The day before each festival,
Mirabelle will come by to ask which animal you would
like to enter. When you choose, that animal will be
taken away for a day. You will get it back at the end
of the festival. Mirabelle will only accept adult animals!
Here are all of festivals:

Sheep Festival:
Spring 19th
Make sure your sheep is not shoven, not pregnant or sick
and has seven or more hearts to be declared winner!

Chicken Festival:
Summer 7th
Make sure your chicken is healthy and has seven hearts or
more to win!

Horse Festival:
Summer 23rd
Make sure your house has seven hearts or more to win!

Cow Festival:
Fall 16th
Make sure your cow is healthy, not pregnant, and has
seven hearts or more to be declared the winner!

Dog Festival:
Winter 10th
Make sure your dog has seven hearts or more to win!

If you win the festivals, you will receive wonderfuls
for your tools and a big boost on your farm degree!
By: DeAdZxUaN(278)
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Food Attributes 78%
Do not leave food(crops, fish, etc...) in your rucksack, especially if you plan to enter a contest with it. The rank of the food will go down. ex) A into B
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Cows/sheep glitch 75%
This has happened to me twice. Occasionally, one of your cows or livestock will magically wander into the walls or the barn. There are only 2 ways to get them out that I know of.

1.) Turn off the game (without saving) immediatly! If you have saved your game after your cow or sheep went missing, this won't help. If you haven't saved it after your animal went missing, after you turn the game off your animal should be walking around regularly.

2.) If the first way didn't work, sorry, but there is only one thing you can do. Sell your animal that is stuck in the wall. The animal will be removed, and hopefully it won't happen again.

There are a few ways to avoid the glitch, or at least avoid any damage being done from it. First of all, save often! You should be doing this anyways, but if you save at least once a day, you will not have to make up as much if you turn off the game without saving. Another way is to simply count your animals and make sure you have the same number every day. I noticed even when my animal was stuck in the wall, it's food was gone the next morning. I didn't realize anything strange until I was missing a milk every day. Make sure you can see all your cows and sheep every day, and that you always get the correct number of wool and milk.

I noticed using the bell does not get the animal out of the wall. While my cow was responsive to the bell, it was actually stuck in the wall, unable to walk into the normal part of the barn.

Lastly, what animals are affected by the glitch. I have only had a cow, well, 2 actually, affected by the glitch. My horse, dog, sheep, and chickens have all been fine. But I still recommend being careful with ALL your animals. Good luck, and cross your fingers you dont get the glitch!
By: daria(370)
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Pierre on Island 75%
First, you must have the cafe and dinner expand by having a 25 sub villagers in your village. Next, you must give the owner of the cafe and dinner an ingredients once, if they failed try again until you've got a recipe. Try to give them lots until you've got 5 new recipes, the next day Pierre will come. By the way, he is a cute little guy that you can get married with him :)
By: TerraLeaf(900)
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Fishing rod= easy money! 75%
Talk to Taro everyday until you reach around 3000 friendship points. Before spring ends (if you start befriending him from the very start) then you can get a fishing rod! And then you can ship out the fish and unlock Denny and Lanna!
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Tip for those growing rice! 73%
If you're growing rice, there is one main thing you need to remember: check on the rice very often. I lost all my rice, and I had all four paddies full of rice because I checked on my rice too late. Your rice probably won't grow at the same rate every year, and that was my mistake. My first year growing rice was dry, with not much rain. but this time, I had a lot of rain and my rice grew faster. So just make sure you check on your rice once a week or so, especially once it's fall.
By: daria(370)
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How to get sheep fast. 72%
What you need first is 4 cow's and 4 chickens then you upgrade your barn and build another feeder. You wait a month and then sheep are availible at the store.
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Planting a tree 72%
Yeah, it took me a while to figure this out, but you can only plant a tree if you have a greenhouse. If you plant a tree outside a greenhouse, then the little tree will be crushed/frozen/blown away come winter.
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Home made fodder. Friendly to the pocket! 70%
If you want to save on money, then here is a tip I found out a couple of days ago:

Buy grass from chen's shop.
Plant alot.
Wait until the grass is FULLY GROWN.
Use your sickle to cut the grass.
You get fodder!
By: Dogz rule(151)
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Get BIG money (takes a bit of time though) 70%
Every season, apart from winter leave all the grasses and flowers. On the last day of the season (when there is no festival on) put all of them in your rucksack DON'T SHIP THEM. When you reach the first day of a new season put them all in the shipping bin. You will get more money because most of them will be "S" quality and those types of grasses and flowers are only found when it is the season you picked them in.

P.S. If you combine this with some of the other mining, fishing and crop growing techniques you will have more money than you can find what to do with!
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How to alisa and nathan back 69%
Okay- when Alisa and Nathan leave, wait a month or so and then go to the harvest: goddess lake and give her something. then, the next day Nathan and Alisa will be back! So cool huh?
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Tools + Wonderfuls 67%
If your tool can only hold 2 wonderfuls and you have no indigo wonderfuls (these add more wonderful slots to your tool) just check out Mirabelle's (for milker, brush, or shears) or Gannon's (for axe, hammer, etc.). You will notice that the price of these tools may change daily. Thats because the price tells you how many wonderfuls it can hold. For example, a tool that costs 3,000g will hold 3 wonderfuls while a tool that costs 8,000g will hold 8. Just buy the tool (if it holds less wonderfuls than your previous tool wait and come back the next day) and voila! More space for wonderfuls on your tool.
By: daria(370)
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Marriage julia + have food in the winter+ and the dog 67%
What do you need:animals
look if you wanna marrige julia (like me) then you need two animals you need more than one animal that produce food then take one
egg,milk,or somthin like that for yourself and give the other to julia
qauz she loves eggs butter milk chees and everytin what animals produce here favorite is yoghurt you will get 800 friendship points
anyway how to get the dog:you need the west bridge if you build that you need 5000 friendship points (also to 2000) then on a rainy dizzly or snowy day go to the brige and get the dog ^_^ hes a qutey
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How to make easy money of animal items 67%
Save up 99 milk,egg or wool don't ship yet save up 99 more then
ship I made 10,000g try it
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Tips to Win the Mining Festival and Fishing Festival 67%
Your entry have to be at least S rank. For Mining you can give Regis gems, not have to bet the rare one but a S rank item is enough. For the fishing festival your entry must be a large fish and S rank, Lanna is your rival in this festival so beware because she is good.

Btw, Mining Festival and Fishing Festival will need Regis and Denny living on the island.
By: TerraLeaf(900)
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Safe Cheat for Watering Crops 67%
Here is a strategy that I am using. It helps me alot if I have just planted lots of crops.

-Get a watering can with 4 slots. It will cost 4,000G. It might not appear for a while. But if Gannon puts a 5 slotted one in, it will cost 5,000G. That won't matter just buy the watering can that has 4 or more slots in it. However many slots there are means that is how much it costs. e.g: 7 slots 7,000G, 3 slots 3,000G e.t.c
-Have a blue wonderful and 3 green.
-put them all in the watering can
-charge it up.
-you will be able to water more blocks if you have more blue wonderfuls.
-this also works even though you do not have 3 green just means, you will be using stamina.
if you are harvesting rice, put the same wonderfuls on your sickle.
By: Dogz rule(151)
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House Items 67%
When Chen sells the cabinet, fridge e.t.c, don't but the beauty box until you know what you want to put into it, because if you buy it, you need to have orichalc to get the accesories to put into it. And it will be a waste of money if you buy it and then you don't use it.
By: Dogz rule(151)
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Make Money By Mining and Watering Tip 63%
A great way to make a lot of money in Spring is by mining. You should follow these steps:

1. Every day in spring, go out and forage for wild grasses (blue, indigo, purple)
2. Do not ship any grasses, collect them until the 30th (i collected about 50 of each color)
3. On the first day of summer, go to the mine and go as far down as you can, collecting gems, and restoring stamina along the way with the grasses. Pay attention to the floors where you can get rare gems.
4. When you are done, ship everything, unless you want to keep a few for Sabrina, etc.

You should get a lot of money by using this method, I got 169,000. The reason this works best in spring is that there are blue, indigo, and purple grasses, which restore a lot of stamina, unlike the other ones. Note: all of the areas should be open for this to work best, so you can get more grasses.

Next, a tip about watering:

I've seen some people not plant seeds in one square of their 3x3 grid when they grow crops. You may think that the middle square can't be reached, when watering or harvesting. However, at least in this game, if you upgrade your watering can so it can at least water a 3x1 area, you can. To water the middle square:

1. Go to the bottom left square and face up.
2. Hold down the button that corresponds to where your watering can is.
3. While holding the button, face your character right, and let go. The middle square and the bottom middle square will be watered.

When harvesting, just tap the veggie, etc, that grows in the middle square, and your character will just collect it. This must be done from the top, bottom, left, or right square.

Thanks for your time~
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Sheep 63%
Upgrade your animal barn then the animal shop will upgrade an you can buy sheep
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Denny's third Heart event 60%
It is at the Diner from 6pm tp 1 am

(I finally figured this one out the Diner has to be upgraded for it to work)

Hope this helps
By: UmbreonFan21(148)
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Natalie (likes and dislikes, specific) 60%
Okay, so if you're trying to get Natalie to marry you, here's what you should know.
Favorite: Fruits
Likes: Flowers, Chocolate
Favorite Flowers:
- Spring : White flower (sorry don't know specific name, grows around town)
- Summer : Any flower (try to save the ones from spring, get as many as you can because there's no specific flower that I found that she likes in this season)
- Fall : Blue flower (again no name)
- Winter : Any flower ( save from Fall )
Hates: Mushrooms

Hope this helps
Oh and here's her heart events

Time: 5pm - 11pm
Place: taro's house
What to say: "I can help"
Note: Ship a lot in this season, and doesn't work if raining or on Mon - Tues. works any other day

Time: 6am - 11am
Place: taro's house
What to say: "Natalie's right"
Note: Elliot's friend points fall after this

That's all I know. Hope it helps
By: UmbreonFan21(148)
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Blue feather 59%
When your loves heart gauge is oarnge you should b able to buy a blue feather at chens shop. When you get the blue feather wait till your loves heart gauge is red or else you just waisted your money. I cant guarentee he'll say yes
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Cheats for denny 57%
1st heart event aka purple
location:denny's shack
time 9am-1 pm
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Cold hard cash( Money in the winter) 56%
Step 1: Open the bridge from town to forest.
Step 2: Climb up the mountain, allthe way to the top.
Step 3: Collect all the white grass.
Step 4: stock up on them, then put it all in the shipping bin.
Hope I helped.
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What boys like 54%
If you area girl in the game, the easiest thing to do is give the boy you like the stuff they love. you have to experiment at first, but after a while, you learn what they like.

Shai: A native on the island
loves: large fish
likes: all kinds of grasses, mushrooms, fish(s)(m)
okay with: animal products, home cooked meals
hates: weeds, litterbugs, stones, flowers, logs
really hates: chocolate
(don't worry, he does not show a pulsing hart sign, because he is one charicter that is harder to get love points with, he has also never seen the oposit gender)

Mark: if you are a girl in the game, this is the other charictor you could have become.
Likes anything you give him. he loves weeds, but it takes him longer to merry, because weeds only give like one love point
hates: nothing

Elliot: is one person who was ship wrecked with you in the beginning of the game
likes Anything home grown
Hates weeds

sorry, these people are the only ones who I could figure out what they liked and hated most.:(
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How to get rid of weeds...permanently! 53%
Well, almost permanently that is. The trick is, pull them. Start with something small, like your animal pen. Every day, pull all the weeds, rocks, and logs, clearing the area entirely. (Shipping these items on the 10, 20, or 30 will get you more money.) At first, your pen could be full of new weeds every day. But after a while, the number of new debris in the pen decreases. Eventually your pen will get no weeds, or maybe 1 or 2 a day. I havent tried doing this to my entire field, but both my chicken and cow pen, and growing areas are completely weedless, and get no weeds anymore.
By: daria(370)
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Unlocking Shea 53%
Get Gannon to build the third bridge to the Forest.
By: RosesxAreXDead(20)
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Marriage 50%
Fill up their heart gauge and once their heart reaches red get a blue feather from Chen at 1000G ,ship the 1st one and get another one from Chen and propose!
PS.i'm DeAdzXuAn
forgotten to log in :(
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Marriage!!!! 50%
In order to marry at all you have to have unlocked nathan & alisa and they have to be present on the island at the time you propose :)
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Easy money at hardly no cost!!! 50%
OK. This is what you do:

-Get lots of lumber. To be on the safe side, get 5 to 7 lots of 99's.
-Get a chicken coop and some chickens.
-Get at least 2 to 3 feeders. This is where the lumber comes in. But Gannon uses 100 pieces of lumber.
-Get an incubator. I don't know how much lumber you need to make an incubator. But I am guessing about 100 to 200 pices.
-Put the chicken's egg's in. In 3 days, you have a chic!
-It takes about 2 weeks for the chick to grow. Enter it in a contest or 2 (you don't have to). Then sell it. It will cost about 3,000G. If you enter it in contests, you get more money.
-This works better if you have more incubators.

P.S If you want sheep, and you are just multiplying your cows, the chicken strategy is great idea. It is what I am doing right now in the game.
By: Dogz rule(151)
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Money from weeds! 48%
Okay so like your wanting to get rid of your weeds but dont want to waste your stamina? Well heres what you do, I did it and got over 2,000 gold! you gather all the weeds in your field ( I didnt because I only needed a small area) And put the weeds into yopur rucksack. the next day ship them then the day after that you should have a decent money increase! you can also do this with rocks and branches! but I like the weeds cuz there are ALOT of them! hope I helped! You can do this every time you find weeds! its better when spring just stats every year though! hope I helped! =p
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Do not sell seaweeds read it is long but usefull !!! 47%
On the beach there is a big rock that you find seaweeds on it at fall I think kepp it because you can cook it ( only if you have a diner and caffe ) but it will not be easy they might fail to cook it if you cook it or not take it to the mine start diging when your stamina is low eat it and try to reatch the last level but your stamina will heal more if it's cooked or use it to harvest your plants if you have too mutch
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At the beginnig of the game when you are going through all the turitals, you can get free seeds. When you do the Farming turital and Tora asks you to plant 1 bag of seeds plant all of them. Then, when the turital is over, all three bags will still be planetd PLUS you will still have 2 bags left in your Rusack! Cool huh?
By: UmbreonFan21(148)
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Money in The Begging (and a lot of it) 46%
When you first start the game and you have your 2 bags of seeds, plant them right after you meet the merchiant family (skip the turitals). Then go to sleep. The next day, do the turital on planting crops and you will have 3 bags of seeds! Plant them and make tons of cash after you harvest them and sell them.

Hope this helps!
By: UmbreonFan21(148)
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In order to get a dog you have to have the bridge to the moutins built (other wise known as the westers side of the ranch) it has to be raining drizzeling or snowing
By: Bettyboop839(22)
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Helpful Money/Game Strategy 44%
Here's how I got so far on my game

1. At the beginning make sure to start growing crops right away.
2. Talk to as many people daily as possible to gain friends
- friends such as Taro or Chen will give you gifts after so many friend points
3. To gain money, daily collect herbs/grass and rocks and weeds and sell them
4. Whomever you chose to marry, give them (if they like these) easy, nonpurchased items such as crops, flowers, or mushrooms
5. Don't spend your money on anything unnessarary such as chocolate, if you don't really NEED it at the moment then it can wait for you to buy it later.
- if you DO buy something, make sure its a necessity or for a special occasion
6. Buy the Bridge before you buy an animal barn, while your saving up money for the bridge, collect material wood (up until you have +200 pieces) so that after you buy the bridge you will have enough material to use for the barn, saving you money
7. Fish often, once you have a fishing rod, fish and sell the fish they are worth waayyy more money
8. Try not to rush yourself, enjoy the game and make progress whenever you can. ave your money (very important), save your game often, and upgrade your house after you've built the Bridge and Barn OR you can save your money and build the next bridge but either way you'll have plenty of time to get that money back if you gather weeds and flowers to sell often

Hope this helps you, it sure helped me
By: UmbreonFan21(148)
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Fishing rod 42%
To get a fishing rod you'll have to talk to Taro for about 2-4 seasons
By: Bettyboop839(22)
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Quick Sea Salt Money 40%
Go down to the beach. On the left theres a rock covered with seaweed. Tap it. You will get sea salt. Put it in shipping bin and youll get 1000 bucks. You can only do this once a day.
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Get a cow 40%
Buy a barn at gannons shop and you will start off with a cow
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Strategey 40%
Whatever you do, DON'T "upgrade" ANY "roads" until you've gotten access to ALL areas. It's a waste of money until then because things happen and progress with the more things you have access to.
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Romy's cheats 36%
How to Build a Bridge by romy weng for example the first bridge. 1. wait until spring. 2. get the seaweed ten time. 3.ship all the seaweed 4. when your money get more than 10,000 you should buy lumber to have more lumber to build that bridge. 5.when you got 500 lumbers, then hire Gannon to build the bridge
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Upgrading fridge 33%
If you upgrade your fridge with Mythic Ores,and keep them in your cabinet, gannon doesnt take them out whaen you go to upgrade them
By: klaraawesome(23)
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Likes 33%
Elliot likes:crops

Taro likes:anything from farm execpt for weeds

natalie likes:fruit

felicia likes:yarn,buckwheat

Vaughn likes:by-products

Julia likes:animal products

Chen likes:home-cooked meals

Charlie likes:curry,sweets

Gannon likes:supplies,cuisine

Eliza likes:flowers,sweets

Mirabelle likes:animal products
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The LInk to Forget-me-not valley (HMAWF) and Flower bud town (HM: magical M) 32%
Ever thought when you played Harvestmoon a wonderful life (Gamecube) that every time you walk around he beach there is small islands. Well after getting married and having a child talk to charlie.(make sure to have all his upgrades and shipped every stone) After awhile, charlie will talk about a nearby island.

" I have seen an island afar but the closest one is valley"

"Once the shipping is done I will be heading on a trip to the nearest island with the nearest Inn, theres a lady that makes exellent food with a special spice"

"I heard of a farmer not to far from here who seems to like some competition. Hes accomplished much and has found many ores. Think he will visit us one day"

Harvest goddess:

"I remember the time I turned myself into stone because people werent happy. A brave helpful farmer regained the happiness and restored me, maybe you will follow that farmers footsteps."

"My harvest sprites arent as helpful this season as they usually were back in flower bud town. Their Note collecting song was so delightful and tunning." (Collecting notes is the main thing on Magical melody)

"In Forget-me-not-valley, Flower bud town, and mineral town there were alot of nice people as you.
But I will never forget my best friend, tatakura and mukumuku. they cheered me up when I was down"

Think you can find these sayings in the game :)
good luck.
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Cheats to bluefeather 28%
Do not sell the blue feather I sold it and got 1g
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Cathing denny 27%
Catch 50 fish
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Denny(HM: Island of Happiness) 23%
Catch 30 Fish to unlock Denny
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Get A Great Cow 18%
You Build A barn from gannon and the next day it is built and taro brings you a cow for free !
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Have much MONEY when the even took place 17%
After the event finished, you should be fishing in the river before returning home with empty hands. And you should bring plenty of food in order to have an abundant results.
Trust me, it works! :D
By: Bob Jamb(4)
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During the tutorial and say YES when you meet Noe. Then, when he tells you to find him, go around and chop up your wood and stone. (BUT IT REQUIRES STAMINA and you cant go to the rest of the town.)
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Marriage With a Small Home 13%
You don't half to have a big house to marrie someone you just marrie them and then DON't Go to your HOUSE! if you do they will Not Like you!
Just Take out your hammer and bang it over and over intill you Faint Then
they wont!
By: GamePlayerGirl4(7)
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How To Get Money Faster 12%
After you are finish cutscene go and take some grass or wood or stone and put it on shipping bin it will be sell, cool right(Try It
By: rakha24197(8)
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