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The Sims 2 Apartment Life Cheats for PC
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The Sims 2 Apartment Life PC Cheats

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The Sims 2 Apartment Life

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Prevent your sims from aging! 97%
You would first hold ctrl,alt and C to create a type-able cheat box at the top of the screen. Then you would enter: "aging off" (do not include the quotations, only the words aging off) to make your sims never grow a day older..repeat the same steps except type in the box "aging on" to make your sims continue their aging process. Thank you!
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More Money 96%
Get the cheat box which is "ctrl shift C" then type in:
motherlode:50 000
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Maxmotives 94%
Press Ctrl+C+Shift then type "maxmotives" Gives the best mood ever.
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Money 94%
Hit (shift+ctrl+c) then type in motherlode
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changelotzoningChange lot zoning (1)
boolProp aptBaseLotSpecificToolsDisabled falseAll building tools available
printLotClassPrint lot's class
changeLotClassificationChange lot classification (2)
clearLotClassValueReset changeLotClassification code
Vsync [on or off]Toggle vertical sync for game performance
boolprop locktiles[ true of falce]Toggle floortile lock
Aging [on or off]Toggle aging
apartmentBuildBuyRestrictions [on or off]Toggle buy/build mode tools
ExpandExpand or contract console window
HelpLists console commands

1.usage: changelotzoning [residential, community, or apartmentbase]
(Before rezoning a lot using this cheat, make sure there are no Sims currently
living in the lot. To use this cheat, enter the lot that you would like.

2.usage: changeLotClassification [low, middle, or high]
(This changes the lot classification of the lot. The lot will remain this
classification until the following cheat is used)
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Sims 2 Cheats 90%
Ctrl shift c
maxmotives = maxing all motives
unlockcareerrewards = unlocking all career rewards
aspirationpoints # =type in the number of points you want them to have if you give them alot then go to aspirations menu to buy stuff with points go to the last on green tank called the exlir of life and drink it the will regain lost days in adults and elders but will not take you out of the age group you are in. but make sure you aspiration level is high above gold
aspirationlevel 1-5 = to make them have platinum aspiration pick 5
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Fulfilling your wants 89%
Description: This cheat is able to fulfill your wants and get you a load of aspiration points.
Open the cheat box ( Control + Shift + C ) and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
if you haven't already. Once doing that just simply hold down the control button and click your want! You get aspiration and influence, so if you want one of the rewards but do not have enough points yet, you can have it within a few seconds!
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More Money 89%
Open up cheat box and type in ' familyfunds(put the families last name here in brackets)50000( or whatever amount you want)' then press enter and you wil have more money!
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Help 88%
Type in Ctrl shift and c then type in help it give you all the cheat!
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Apartment Cheats
Open the cheat box by pressing down Ctrl+shift+C

Code Effect
gameVersion After typing 'expand' in, you will see your game version in the cheat box.
changelotzoning [residential | community | apartmentbase] Before rezoning a lot using this cheat, make sure there are no Sims currently living in the lot. To use this cheat, enter the lot that you would like
clearLotClassValue clears any "changeLotClassification" cheat used on the lot and sets the lot class to the correct calculated value.
apartmentBuildBuyRestrictions [on/off] Enables buy/build mode tools in apartment lots.
Expand Expands or contracts the cheat window.
Help Lists a handful of cheats for the game.
boolProp aptBaseLotSpecificToolsDisabled false makes all building tools available for building apartments
printLotClass prints the lot's class (low, middle, or high) as well as the specified numerical lot class value.
boolprop locktiles[ true/false] Set to 'false' and you can then place floortiles outside the lot.
Aging [on/off] Set to 'off' and sims wont age.
changeLotClassification [low | middle | high] This changes the lot classification of the lot. The lot will remain this classification until the following cheat is used.
Vsync [on/off] Turning 'off' can increase game performance, but at the cost of slight graphical loss.
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A whole lot of money 85%
Okay first you (shift + ctrl+ c ) then you type in familyfunds the last name of you family then add 9999999 there hasto have seven nines then you have a whole lot of money thank you and dont space familyfunds
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How Do Get More Money !! 84%
Well Here Is A Money Cheat That You Can Use Over And Over Again.
Just Follow These Easy Steps.

1. Hold down Ctrl,shift key and press C.
2. Type in motherlode
3. if a box comes up and you cant get rid of it just type in exit.

I Hope You All Enjoy Using This Cheat
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How to get the highest job promotion 84%
Open up the cheat box by pressing ctrl+shift+c type in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true (type it in exactly like that) then hold down shift and click on the newspaper (make sure your holding down shift at the same time your clicking the newspaper) Something should pop up if you dont already have a job click adult jobs and choose your career, then go back and click the button to the right of it click number 10 and there you go you have the highest promotion for your job.
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Money!!! 80%
Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and I white box will appear and then type in "motherlode" and hit enter and you get 50000.00
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How to have twins 78%
First when your sim is about to give birth stop time and open the cheat window
and then type in "forcetwins"without the quoations and play time and when she is gonna give birth press enter

hope it works
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Move ALL Objects 75%
To move all objects, get the Cheat Box up and type in:

moveobjects on

You will be able to move most things and sims aswell!
To turn it off, get the Cheat Box up and type in:

moveobjects off
By: Thesims2lover(16)
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Becoming a witch 69%
First type in "boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true" (the way it is) then click on your mailbox go to the second make NPC then good witch or bad witch. When the witch arrives greet her (it helps if you typed boolProp before you entered the household) make her selectable (hold shift and click on her) you can slide the relationship bars up then talk to the witch and become bestfriends straight away then ask her to teach you the ways of the light/dark (depending on the witch) and you will be turned into a witch
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Reach Top Alignment of a Witch without the studing 69%
If you have your relationship high with the desired alignment witch, just click teach me the way of darkness or light twice. Or use Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true to make the high witch selectable to cast magus mutato twice in a row. Speed is a factor aswell. She will usually cast both spells in a quick fashion before your sim reaches the mailbox to cast their first spell. Make sure your sim is clean of any interaction also abit away from the mailbox. It doesn't always work. If it don't work. To try again, purchase witchbgone and do the process over again. Only the high witches can do it. Use a single witch to cast both spells. Two witches casting a spell doesn't work.
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Pool 67%
(this doesnt have to be strictly Apartment Life. You can do this with many or with no expansion packs)
If you want your sim to gain body skill, or just want to have fun, try this: make your sim go swimming in a pool. Then type in "move_objects on" (without the ") then go into buy mode and pick up your sim while they are swimming, then move them onto land. All you will be able to see is your sims head because they are swimming in land! they can still do everything like go to the toilet, make food and sleep, etc. but when they walk, they dont walk they swim! this gains body skill and they can still look after themselves. The way to get them back to normal is to tell them to swim in the pool then get out by a ladder, and they will walk again!
¢¾Happy simming!¢¾
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Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true 67%
It lets you drag up your motives, relationships, personality, interests, Skills etc and if you hold down shift and then click on a Sim it comes up with tons of stuff you can do
(with relation ships you must drag the other Sims relationship up as well as your mission>Sims otherwise the other Sim wont like you)= )
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To get 50,000 in sim money really quickly just type in the cheat box type in 'motherlode'.to get 1,000 in sim money type in the cheat box'kaching'
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All cheats. 67%
Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true=>make all cheats available.
boolprop petactioncancel true=>control the animals reaction.
boolprop controlpets true=>control the pets
maxmotives=>full filling the sims and animal needs/wants.
moveobjects{on-off}=>moving every thing around the lot but not the beach.
aging{on-off}=>continue aging/stop aging.
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The biggest cheat 67%
Boolprop TestingCheatsEnabled true
it will let you get a bunch of things in make a family!
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Teen Pregnancy (Without inteenimator) 65%
If you want to make your teen pregnant but don't want to download anything, then this is the way I do it. You open up the cheat window (ctrl, shift, C) and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. Once you have done that then hold shift and click on your sim. A wide range of options will come up, go to spawn and usually you will have to click more before you find the option sim modder. Once you have clicked on sim modder then a baby figure will appear somewhere near you. If you click on set age then go to the name of your sim and then it will show options of age, if your teen wants to be pregnant you have to make her become an adult by clicking on adult. She will then change into an adult. Once she is an adult hold shift and click on her again, go to spawn and click on tombstone of life and death, a tombstone will show up near you and if you click on it continue to look for either serge genetic merger with... ,or make me pregnant with ..... (either one will work)
If you choose the name of the person that you want to make her pregnant with and then once she is pregnant click on the tombstone again and choose the option speed up my pregnancy. Once she has the baby then you can go to the sim modder again and change her back into a teen. If you want to make her have the same clothes don't stress because they are still in the closet.
By: tegan168(33)
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Make The Man Have A Baby ! Its So Funny ! 63%
Okay So First You Have To Do All The Steps You Do To Make The Teen Pregnant EXCEPT Change The Age Click On The Baby That Appeared Beside Your Sim But Make Sure Your On The Man Then Click Sim Merger Then Make Him Pregnant With The Girl Its So Funny When He Goes In to Labor ! He Is So Confused On Why HE'S Having The Baby !
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If you want to break up a couple. 60%
You need to have a roommate and have two double beds one aginst a wall and the other where two people can use it. Ask the husband(if the roommate is a guy) To meet neighbors then once he leaves the room make sure the roommate and wife are in the same bed and have the husband walk in. It works the other way too but using the wif to leave the room if you have a female roommate.
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How to make the grim reaper part of your family 60%
Go to the cheat box then type in boolProp testingcheatsenabledtrue. Then shift+click on any sim, click spawn, and then click tombstone L and D. Then click add family member and the grim reaper should come up. click it then he will be controlable. if this doesn't work, exit and then re-open your family and he shoould be there. It's also fun to see him plant a garden.
hope this works
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If you want to break up a couple. 57%
You need to have a roommate and have two double beds one aginst a wall and the other where two people can use it. Ask the husband(if the roommate is a guy) To meet neighbors then once he leaves the room make sure the roommate and wife are in the same bed and have the husband walk in. It works the other way too but using the wif to leave the room if you have a female roommate.
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How to get alot of easy money WITHOUT cheating! 56%
When you live in a apartment and you meet someone and you have a good relationship, they will call/tell you landlord different good stuff or if you have a bad relationship, they with tell your landlord to raise your rent.

When you have a good relationship, you friend may say something like
"Hey __landlords name__ did I ever tell you that I work at a discount furniture place? If you ever need furniture just call me and I will get it for you for cheap!"

Then you go into buy/sell mode and buy the most expensive things (helicopter, hot tubs)

Then once you have bought them, you sell them again, getting more money than you paid for ( like stock markets)

Eg. Buying a Helicopter at discount price of 18,000 simoleans, then selling it for 20,000 simoleans. Gaining a profit of 2,000 simoleans.

You do this if you do not want to actually 'Cheat'

Enjoy! =)

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To make a baby without woohoo/speed up pregnency 55%
Cheat: lcik (together at once) ctrl shift c then hold shift and click (with shift and computer mouse) on a sim then click spawn click tombstone of L and D you will see a grave or it (with the computer mouse) then click more then click : Simulate genaric with and pick a person He/she will be pregnent. If you'd like to speed up the pregnecy click the tombstone and click more then speed up my pregnecy! Your welcome for the cheat! I hope it helps~
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Zombie wizard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 54%
First press ctrl shift c and type boolprop testingcheatsenabled true and you must have a wizard and get a normal sim and press shift clik sim and you must see roys death maker like that and a tomb will come out and clik the sim the normal sim in the box where the heads only shows and clik tomb and choose death and when that sim is alredy dead get the wizard and cast a spell that makes the dead sim to be alive (you must have a dark wizrd first) andyou will have a zombie and theach the zombie the way of darkness and you have a zombie wizard
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Swimming around the apartment and the garden !!! 46%
To make a person swim around the house or garden you hav to put the person you want to do this into the pool. take away the steps out and go to the building option on the bottom left of the screen and find sum stairs. insert the stairs into the pool and when thy walk out of the pool thy will stand up and thn fall back into swimming again but this will be under the floor.
enjoy !
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How to earn a lot of money on sims 2 without cheating 45%
For those of you who don't want to use the cheats 'motherlode' or any other cheat then I know a way that you can gain money, quite fast.
First, get yourself a character. Create a using the 'create family' tool in the neighbourhood menu. You can create just one sim, or a whole family. Personally I think one sim would be better, because you can make him/her marry whoever he/she wants and choose many other things for that sim.
Then, place that sim in a cheap house. Make sure you buy all the necessary things. Don't buy any expensive things yet.
Get your sim a simple job that pays just enough money for you to pay your bills. Using your spare time when your sim is not working, get your sim to practise their skills (charisma, creativity, mechanical etc. ).
After a while, your sim would have maximized every skill... and you would have plenty of money from all the promotions you would receive after achieving a skill point.
You can then apply this to other expansion packs - for instance:
If you have the Sims 2 open for business, you can open a business to make more money. You can also get your sim married to make their spouse maximize their skills and get a job etc.
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All things 43%
Hold shift and control at the same time
then while holding those two buttons press c
then a white bar will come up and type in
boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true then click enter
then go to your mail box and hold shift and click on the mail box and all of these choices will come up

thanks, maliyah
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Any 40%
Any cheat on the sims 2 game will work on the sims 2 apt. life =]
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Boolprop testingcheatenabled true 40%
When you enter this cheat go to a lot and you will be able to bring up your helth by cliking on you where your motives are at and you can bing up your helth or down if you exit the cheat terns off you have to renter it. you can also bring your skills to.When you shift cilk on eny thing it bings up a menu.
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Free Bookcase 38%
If you don't have enough money to buy a bookcase,Enter the debug cheat(boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true) and then press Shift+N and then go to live mode and Shift click on the trash can outside trash can and click on test salvage(i forgot the last one but thats the two words that it starts with) intil you see a book quickly put that book in your sims inventory and place it anywhere in your house. you now have a small handheld bookcase.
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Earn 20 thou. quick! 36%
When you create more than one person and move both into house. once the mail person comes move one of them out than move him or her back in and BOOM! 20 THOU FAST!
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Full mood, skills and friendship 34%
First enter boolprop testingcheatsenabled true

Than hold shift and slide the bars up
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Swimming pool glitch (might not work) 34%
This also works on any other expaision pack but I found it more funny on this one! Make a child and a adult,build a pool get the cheat window up, type in moveobject on, place a swing on the ground make the child use the swing, go onto buy mode and move the swing over the pool now exit off buymode the swing should stay on top of the pool, stop the kid playing on the swing once they get of they should be swimming in the pool with there everyday clothes on, then they will stat swimming through the ground. To stop this exit without saving the won't be swiming in the grond.You can also do this an adult, but its more funny with the child!
Hope this solved you humer buds! Happy Simming! :)
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List of cheats 33%
Press ctrl + alt + c
press tab to cycle through all cheats available
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MONEY!!! 33%
Press and hold Ctrl + Shift + C and then a white box will appear on top of your screen then type in the word Motherload. ONE WORD. And then you will get $50000.00 Simoleans.

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Teen have baby i think! 30%
Do that boolprop thing then press shift click on sim teen click tombstone of l and d then click on get pregnant with... and then sims name. theres your baby but if you want pregnancie qwicker click speed up my pregnancy.
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Cheats For apartment Life on PC (very helpful and works!) 29%
If you type in Boolprop testingsheatsenabled true in the cheat window (ctrl-shirft c) create a family of your likeing move them into an apartment (NOTE:make sure the apartment is 2/4 or 3/4 in order to make this cheat work) make all the people in the apartment selectible by shift clicking on them once have done that shift click on your sim then go no to spawn then tomstone of L and D (life and death) click any sim (not the sim that is new) kill that sim when there tomstone is there shirt click on the tombstone and click walk like a ghost on your sim thety should start walking like a ghost.In order to stop this you muyst kill your sim exit off the apartment (don't save cause I done that once and I never got to see my sim again) go back on and your sim should walk normal again.

Hope you enjoyed this cheat! Happy simming!
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Boolprop TestingCheatEnabled on 29%
If you go on L D tubstone it can do heeps of awesome stuff e.g Turn into Alien, Make baby come quicker and all crazy types of stuff!
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New teen have baby !!figured it out!!!! 19%
Download inteenimator. put it in sims 2 folder. go on game. click enable. play the game. click on sim my biological clock have naby with ... your pregg
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Getting Around Aspiration 18%
If your sim, for example, wants something that will make there aspiration go "Wahoo," yet you do not need or want it, buy it. Then, sell it. Simple, there aspiration goes up, and you did not even spend a nickel!
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Find it out 13%
Some apartments have garages as 1 whole floor not counting that the same apartment as 4 other floors!
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Become rich 9%
X x x o x
By: bigmoney(11)
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Cheaty 8%
Say moneylode in the thingy
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