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Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Cheats for PS2
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Mercenaries 2: World in Flames PS2 Cheats

Rating: 4/5 VOTE
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Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Reset Factions to Neutral 87%
Enter this cheat in the faction menu using the d-pad:

up, up, up, up, down, down, right, left

You will hear a sound if you entered it correctly.
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Gain $1,000,000 83%
Enter this cheat in the faction menu using the d-pad:

right, down, left, up, up, left, down, right

You will hear a sound if you entered it correctly
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Cheat List 82%
Description: Insert the cheats [listed below in table] at the Faction menu:

$1,000,000Right, Down, Left, Up, Up, Left, Down, Right
All Factions Become NeutralUp, Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Right, Left
Fuel Filled CompletelyRight, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up
Infinite AmmoRight, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, Left, Left
Infinite HealthUp, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right
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Car bomb 82%
Find any car and put a c4 on the roof and then drive into a bunch of enemies, leap out of the car and quickly pull the trigger
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Carpet Bomb 77%
How to unlock: Check Cmdr. Leviathan's job list before the last Allies or China mission. When the job is completed, the Carpet Bomb will be avalable for purchace.
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Heli Shuriken 75%
You must use ambassador / transport heli and infinite cheat . then find rogue travelling the bridge that right on east maracaibo . then winch the piloted heli , the pilot will get out and die . the heli still flying but spinning . when you landed the shuriken , will stopped . this can be used to throw to area of full enemy .

By : sky light
By: sky light(481)
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Stealth item 75%
The stealth item is :

1.L115A1 / Dragunov = for take out enemy with extreme range
2.supressed MP5 = kill enemy silently
3.flash grenade = blind enemy eyes
5.C-4 = destroying building
6.cover = stealth / protect you
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Battering ram 75%
You need a minister / warhorse / su shuang ( in front of these transport . there is ram to hitting normal vehicle ) land in front of light vehicle to hit a vehicle .
By: sky light(481)
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Get a nuclear buster bomb 75%
Sky light : did you know how to get nuclear my man
night light : no . how about you
sky light : easy , in case you did know im excellent cheater
sky light : aright lets begin :
step 1 : begin the final round mission
step 2 : when you near solano bunker . cancel contract to get nuke
step 3 : you can only target the solano bunker / his base
step 4 : it cost you $ 550.000 but just activate 1 million dollar cheat
hint 1 : solano's bunker will destroyed with nuke even you cancel mission
hint 2 : you cannot targeted other location unless the solano bunker
night light : wow it really work
sky light : remember you must targeted the solano bunker
By: sky light(481)
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Joseph's cheats 71%
$1,000,000 Right, Down, Left, Up, Up, Left, Down, Right
All Factions Become Neutral Up, Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Right, Left
Fuel Filled Completely Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up
Infinite Ammo Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, Left, Left
Infinite Health Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right
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Gain Infinite Ammo 68%
Enter this cheat in the faction menu using the d-pad:

right, left, right, right, left, right, left, left

You'll hear a sound if you entered it correctly.
By: TheSorrow(1522)
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Annoying Glitch 68%
If you try to hijack a helicopter. make sure it isnt being shot at because if it explodes while your hijacking it, and your still on the ground you glitch and get stuck their.
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Guerrilla 1 mission : easy way to pass this mission 67%
This one require heli pilot and paladin tank , summon allies with escubedo gunboat , takeout enemy officer , takeout radarjammer , takeout SAM near radar jammer , use the tank when delivered , takeout the AA gun quickly , destroy all key facilites if the AA takeout , if out of airstrikes use C-4 do not let the Heli fly , takeout the VZ but don't shoot the hostage , bring the hostage to safeplace , call extraction to complete mission .
By: sky light(481)
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Surviving the nucler bunker buster blast 66%
Go to the factions menu then press up,down,up,down,left,right,left,right.when you are in the blast you will not die.
By: crazy09(89)
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Amphibious Tanks 66%
To go underwater with a tank, simply back up into the water. Keep driving backwards and you've got yourself an amphibious tank!

NOTE: Do not drive forwards while underwater. You won't get anywhere.
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Never ending health it is the same as the first game 65%
Enter on pda faction bar page (up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right)
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Impound sniper rifle 65%
Impound sniper rifle is Dragunov , it has high firing rate sniper . but to get it do not complete the sgt.chen's jobs is allied warehouses , just find one of warehouse guard who carry random weapon , its located the third warehouse in south of caracas , I found that sniper guard near garage , that guard carries Dragunov .
By: sky light(481)
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Stealth trick 64%
If enemy is on your left front . try throw flashbang but cook it into half , keep throw until flashbang is stopped , run quickly before enemy spotted you .
By: sky light(481)
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Shark teeth 64%
You need a small vehicle , gather the exploding barrel to near the crane , park the car under the crane , throw C-4 in up of crane , the when exploded , it will eated by wrecked tank .
By: sky light(481)
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Flame circle 64%
This one is familiar to Fires on the maracaibo tecnique . but you need to put the car like shape of circle , low all car to 23 % , put c-4 to barrel , pull trigger to create flame circle
By: sky light(481)
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Blaze car 63%
U have to have the code for infinate health for this to work. so any way take the code off temperaraly...
then find a car. crash into stuff or damage it in some way untill you get to around ten percant helth. quikly press select and put the code in again. then drive around in a flaming car.

note:when you get out of the car it WILL blow up!
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Ultimate battle match at PMC 63%
Just put lots of AN and chinese / other faction that has rival , put few machine gun/TOW missle/Grenade launcher vehicle , helichopter ( such as : alanzo , rogue , minister , ambasaddor , tien kou , ) . then put each gunner and each heli . it will be like war completion match . you can give reward to winner ( survived from match ) .
By: sky light(481)
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Exploding trap 63%
Pun infinite cheat ammo , then put lots of C-4 in road to lure enemy vehicle ( even enemy has 2 / more vehicle ) , when you pull trigger , they will explode in time .
By: sky light(481)
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Easy way to destroy the UP HQ 63%
You should carry AT missle and sniper . go to rooftop of left red building , takeout the tank first with AT , then use AT to jammer , quickly destroy the UP HQ
By: sky light(481)
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Sailing the boat without driving it ( like pirate ) 63%
You must bash it in front . if you bash it on sides the boat will turn in your command if you bash on rear the boat will reverse and so on
By: sky light(481)
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All cheats that i know 61%
Unlimited ammo- right, down, left, up, up, left, down, right

all fractions become neutral- up, up, up, up, down, down, right, left

invincability- up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right

ful fuel- right, down, left, up, right, down, left, up

$1,000,000- Right, down, left, up, up, left, down, up

No other cheats will work that people will say. So dont enter other cheats
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Infinate Health 61%
At the PDA factions screen , with the d-pad type up , down ,up , down , left , right , left , right
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Add fuel 60%
Right down left up,right down left up
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Heli guide (all the locations i know) 60%
Ambassador: brought after get to the choppa mission
tien kou: brought after that chinese mission with the pirate wharehouses
zamora: fly around the plav hq in a venuzeala heli and around that area you should see a red heli icon on your map. that should be it
ribera: start the oil rig mission and swim or boat to the rig climb to the decks and there will be one flying around the rig hijack it and stock pile it for the next heli*
alteza (sorry if I spelt wrong) : corprate bonfire mission at the end where the dude burns the last package 1 will spawn and fly to the wherehouse (the heli doesnt attack you for some reason) and hijack it. the second way is when blonco is escaping to the chopper will spawn on the pad with blue lights
gunny bird: at pirate hq or at pirate imound island
rouge: one should be flying around east marecibo
castro: I found mine around the area the zamora should be
minister transport: after the mission when you rush to hq YOU MUST capture not kill carmona at the stockpile helipad. Use your call 4 extracion flareon the heli pad and while the minister transport is landing use 1 of your alredy stockpiled helis and land on the stockpile pad MAKE SURE the misister transport and your heli is on the pad and exit your heli to complete your delevery as normal but you should find a minister transport on the pad where you take off from
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Hint of Dragunov sniper 60%
If you get Dragunov ( hint I tell you before ) . try shoot enemy/friendly piloted heli , 1 hit will destroy the glass on the heli window / will kill the pilot with 1 hit

note : when you shoot the heli . small explosion mean Glass on window will break
By: sky light(481)
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Heli kill enemy without weapon 60%
If your heli doesn't have weapon and only have gunner . here the method :

method 1 :
try activate infinite HP . then winch the exploding barrel , when you aim to enemy correctly . then drop the barrel . it will explode into enemy .

note : carefully when you winch it . it will explode if you winch not carefully

method 2 :
if you has Gunner ( such as minister,warhorse,su suang,alanzo ) . try make heli's gunner direction to enemy . the gunner will kill enemy easily

method 3 :
use the object that can be winched ( unless the heli can winch the object that can they do ) . then use the winched object to hit enemy .
By: sky light(481)
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Stealth mode 60%
In stealth mode . do not run , if you run it will cause 1 million noise . try move slowly ( unless enemy not facing on you , then bash / flashbang and takedown . I usually use supressed SMG / sniper rifle
By: sky light(481)
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Chain destruction 60%
If you see building that near other building . just put one C4 in middle on between building . if you detonate it . the both / more building will destroyed

hint : if you want test this hint . you must find oil refinery located at south of east maracaibo . then put C4 in three of those oil building

O = oil building
IIII = factory
A=A = houses
C = C4
II = off road

By: sky light(481)
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Tank hammer 60%
You need the ewan's heli . then winch the tank you find , use this to destroy enemy vehicle ( not efective on enemy tank ) with tank hammer
By: sky light(481)
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Stronghold mission 60%
If you do oil 1 mission / alex grisha 1st job you think very hard . this will help you :

method 1 :
if you need hard defense . try use tecnical MG , Brigante , bashy scout , verity scout that make your guardian using the MG as Machine gun nest

method 2 :
if you need an explosion power guardian . do not put Verity scout / dongzhi tank hunter in around you needed to guard . just put guard and TOW in rooftop warehouse

method 3 :
this one familiar that heli party . but if you want use some explosion ammo heli . put outside of gate , put few TOW,guard,50 cal gunner in near gate and dock
By: sky light(481)
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Other way to destroy the UP HQ 60%
You need diplomat heavy tank ( the why is destroy tank with 1 hit ) , keep far away from Stateman IFV , shoot the IFV with long range , break wall to destroy the radar jammer , call few number of your airstrike , takeout the radar jammer at hangar but watch out from paladin / stateman , destroy the stateman that guarding the dock , get far away and bust the rubin's office , escape and get out from maracaibo .
By: sky light(481)
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Giant missile 60%
You need a ewan's copter , winch the heavy duty gunboat ( such as : pirate culican , allied freedom , VZ escubedo , chinese huang gai ) then throw the gunboat to target .
By: sky light(481)
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Other way to complete final contract 60%
You require : diplomat tank 3x , 5x AT weapon crate , 3x C-5 crate , 3x fuel air bomb , sniper , MP5 silenced , 2x grenade crate , 1x stateman (for first step) , learn stealth sniper shot , 2x AT allied soldier , 2x allied officer , 1x UP GL pick-up ,1x ambassador gunship,2x Repair tool box, 2 carpet bomb and 1x Allied AT armored car

step 1 : embark to stateman IFV with your allied assasin teamate
step 2 : do not let your APC has scratch (if scratched use repair box) while in road
step 3 : destroy first tank guarding the cliff
step 4 : assault to first bunker and destroy tank
step 5 : destroy first secondary bunker tank and second tank
step 6 : clear all tank to summon GL gunner and AT gunner
step 7 : disembark your APC and your squad to hold enemy for your next double summoning support
step 8 : summon diplomat tank and call few airstrike ( if diplomat destroyed , find safe place to summon another diplomat's life / if diplomat out of cannon use AT missle from AT crate)
step 9 : destroy tank and bombarment tower
step 10 : summon the ammbasador near solano bunker while area clear
step 11 : call airstrike while near apache door
step 12 : after call , quickly get it apache and escape faster
By: sky light(481)
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Appearing APC at cumana 60%
After completing first chinese mission , few number APC you destroyed are respawnded even you stil destroying it (unless you leave cumana)
By: sky light(481)
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Underwater glitch 60%
Put infinite health cheat and take a tank underwater and turn the turrent around and you'll have a submarine.
By: chegue(223)
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How to get the big carriers choppers and rare 1's!!! 59%
In the chinese campaign 1 when you get to the place where the captive is take the chopper and cancel mission, then on your way home latch on to the same helicopter to try and bring 2 home. it will take about 3 tries or more depending on skill.Tehn in the chinese job for the guy in cumana when you need to steal oil from the allied outpost get a tien kou and latch on to the chinese carrier. then the same thing might happen where you could get two! I have about 30 chinese Su Shuang's and 43 allied minister transports. Another transport you could get w/out going on a mission is the rebels castro it cant carry as many but it can lift about the same. the dual blade vz chopper is the rarest chopper in the game you can aquire this by going to your menu and seeing bounties fin the guy with the HIND gunship. dont kill him DONT KILL HIM REMEMBER DOINT! then bring it back to HQ then save. come back on and he will have it again. there is another rare one though at the rebel base they have a chopper with an shrk on it! HOPE THIS HELPS!
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Make ewen's mission easier 59%
When you get to ewen to make him your helecopter piolet get in a car with him and drive to the marked spot on the map and you will find a helecopter and once youve collected th crates for ewen defend im from the baddies for the remaining time then get in the helecopter but whilst you are getting in keep on pressing L3 and when you are in the helecopter you will have your players health and not the helecopters so you will have more health and the mission will be easier for you.By Ryan Oakes
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SO go to the allied or chinese base (whatever just two factions that hate each other) then put them in the same area. I put 30 chinese guys and 30 alies at the mansion and all of my walls came down. as a plus put one factions vehicle on eah side for a simulated attack!
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Flaming cars!!!!!! 59%
[press up,down,up,down,left,right,left,right] when ever you get a street racer DO NOT ACTIVATE INFINITE HEALTH WNTIL LATER Ok crash car sliglty wntil it caches fire.DONOT crash hard into some thing at top speed twice once is enough so when it caches fire press[up,down,up,down,left,right,left,right] after done peaple will move out of your way so you can go as fast as you can [you can use other cars as well]
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Fun thing 59%
For this you need a fuel air bomb

use the infinity life cheat the go to aforklift thenorder the fuel air bomb and get in the forklift and you will go

By: cruisemisile(18)
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Great Wheels of Fury! 58%
Shoot an unused car until it's smoking, preferably about 25 health left, then, driving your car bomb around, go max speed into a vz roadblock, ditch, and watch the car explode.
Also don't over use, and try to only use fast cars, heavy type vehicles won't work, and the wider the vehicle the better. The guerilla scout buddy wouldn't be good cause it's too small to cause any lethal damage, unless running over a vz soldier.
By: darkanaith(39)
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Wen you throw your smoke bomb go to the stockpile and tack the item off your list
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Scouting using satelitte 58%
Use the airstrike but do not use it ( for example : fuel air bomb / air superioty / tank buster ) . use these if there enemy tank / hiding near building .
By: sky light(481)
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Unlimited health 57%
Up down up down let right left right in the fraction menu and you should hear a soft click
By: joey24(19)
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Unbeatable guy 57%
Put in infinite health and ammo and keep on doing the 1 mill$ cheat and U R unstoppable
By: sgallagher410(51)
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1 million rocket 57%
Put infinite ammo . then drive rocket altilery to near dock , then use the rocket , it will rapidly launch the rocket into the target you choose ( only piloted heli )
By: sky light(481)
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WP grenade / WP flashbang ( Willie pete ) 57%
To use this tecnique . you need to cook grenade into half at picture , then throw at enemy that prevent enemy to run .
By: sky light(481)
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Instant fuel air bomb 57%
To use this , you need go to dock and find the fuel machine thing , put c-4 to it to explode like fuel air bomb
By: sky light(481)
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Get a helicopter 56%
While playing press select go to the map press x then go all the way up then you will see pirate island set a check point then find a way there and its helicopters there
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Fortifiled fortress 56%
In dock at east maracaibo . find the building that in oil 1 mission , put verity AT missle / other car that has gunner ( not tank and buggy ) , put 1 gunney scout in rooftop , put few pirate in rooftop , put lots of pirate in front of fortress , put few heli and SAM , put few pirate gate captain in gate fence and some gunner car , then put few rival front gate and some gunner for invader .
By: sky light(481)
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Sweet cheats 55%
Here are some good cheats for this game

Infinite health: Up , Down, Up, Down, Left, Right

1 Million$: Right, Down, Left, Up, Up, Left, Down, Right
By: tsecrist(41)
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Cheat 55%
Use the infinite health cheat (up,down,up,down,left,right,left,right) then sit down and relax.
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Some are the same 55%
I sort of entered a cheat earlier telling everyone that all the cheats from the first mercenaries game were the same in this one. That's not entirely true yet a few cheats still work. I verified to check and see which of the same cheats worked in this game and discovered that only the invincibility, unlimited ammo, and extra money cheats work. So look up those three cheats from the last game then go to the factions part of the select menu in this game and enter them. You will hear a click if you entered the code correctly.
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Hint try not dying with unlimted health 55%
Did you know by being under a house by blowing it up you can die
By: triplehfan80(200)
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Other cheat menu 52%
You can also enter in cheats in the bounty screen in the PDA.
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Moving Snipers 52%
If you've been ordered to snipe a target, stay on low ground, not high, and, if target is moving, follow him and remove any soldiers around you. High ground should only be used when there is a hidden spot you can use for sniping.
By: darkanaith(39)
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Destract 50%
Blow up bildings that are far from you to destract
the enamy
By: spot95(40)
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Car/truck comandeering 50%
To commandeer a factions vehicle that your on good terms with and not get the driver shooting at you, as soon as your character is about to throw the driver out, hold down the circle button until he gets in. This will only work if there is an empty seat in the vehicle.
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How to get cortez roket artilery: 50% to salonos bunker (look for the area in the bottom right corner)

2.go along the rode back to the city oh yeah use a chopper to get there (in chopper)

3.u shood see a truck somewhere along the rode - get out and get in DA truck the truck to home base and save(picking up teh truck WILL NOT work)
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Mercenaries 2 ps2 cheats and how to get the nuke too! 50%
When you have started the game, press select then go to the factions menu. type your cheat codes there here are all the cheat codes, $1,000,000
rigt,down,left,up,up,left down
right. 10000 fuel right down left up ( 2 ) infinet helt up down ( 2 ) left right ( 2 ) infenet ammu right left right ( 2 ) left right left ( 2 ) and this is how you get the nuke, collect all the collectibles! cool hey!.......................... by miguel rapadas
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Helicopter party 50%
Method 1 :

when you in oil 1 mission . just find lots of alanzo then deliver lots of universal petroleum soldier to executive's location , then put gunner to few alanzo , when done tell the executive , while lots of Venezuelan coming . its gonna be heli party . the heli might be landed together if they friendly

method 2 :

if you do job from alex grisha ( protecting barrels ) don't begin first . just put friendly guard,vehicle with gunner ( not tank and guerilla buggy because can't look around ) and some alanzo / transport with gunner at window / heli without gunner ( do not use heli with exploding bullet and rocket ) . then begin will be super battle !

BY : sky light

NOTE : heli only patroling around the Dock
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Keep blasting 50%
Enter infinite ammo , then throw lots C4 to car . now detonate it . when detonated the other won't blow unless their turn
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Tower of heaven 50%
Buy lots of Gunney bird . then stack the gunney bird , do not stack to more than 7 ( it will destroy if you stack up 7 or more )
By: sky light(481)
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Scaring the enemy/friendly with grappling pistol 50%
You need grappling hook pistol . first get closer to piloted heli , call air superioty , hijack the heli . you will get grappling pistol but you can't move but you can look around . it shoot white wave to scare enemy ( but it not hurt enemy )
By: sky light(481)
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Never give up even run out ammo 50%
If you out ammo . then use vehicle with gunner or bash or grenade or tank or heli nearby to defeat enemy
By: sky light(481)
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Escubedo gunboat with TOW missile launcher 50%
You should get VZ escubedo gunboat , then park in dock located near east maracaibo , then park with rear must near dock ( that make verity tank hunter to board on your gunboat in rear to keep away from enemy boat ) , then put lots of allied army , push the allied army into boat , then reverse but carefully when you reverse . then escubedo get extra Gunner seat

By : Sky light
By: sky light(481)
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Need cover 50%
If you need take cover :

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Super exploding trap 50%
Use the exploding trap tecnique , then buy a vehicle , then block off the road , put the C-4 in vehicle , lower all vehicle HP into 25 / 23 , pull a trigger when enemy is lured . it will super boom
By: sky light(481)
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Get a bodyguard 50%
To get bodyguard . you must do job from Lt.zhang is stolen fuel truck , then use chinese driver to throw smoke grenade , cancel the contract . the chinese driver is still follow you and not dissapear . use these to war with other faction
By: sky light(481)
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Oil 2 mission : the easy way to pass this mission 50%
Step 1 : you must takeout all officer with sniper in long range
step 2 : put listening device in post 3
step 3 : use brigante
step 4 : plant C-4 on your brigante
step 5 : pull trigger to officer
step 6 : put device in post 2
step 7 : takeout all VZ army patrolling around post 1
step 8 : put device in post 1
step 9 : quickly drive brigante into post 3 to steal kidnapper
step 10 : pass the VZ roadblock quickly
step 11 : stop to closest UP oil refinery
step 12 : call extraction to complete mission
By: sky light(481)
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Mount the heli gunner with the soldier to embark to heli 50%
This one is hard enough to figure out , you must push the friendly soldier to circle in near heli pilot room , get in gunner seat and your friendly will embark to heli but I don't know can be controled by you / CPU
By: sky light(481)
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Which one faction in war in sun mission is easiest 50%
Allied (easy) : do you don't want universal petroleum is eliminate it ? if allied is hostile , keep work with job to bribe , do allied contract easiest (allied set 2 heavy tank and 1 IFV caused they harder to destroy , deadly apache gunship) , preventing chinese HQ destroyed

china (hard) : do you hate the universal petroleum ? do this faction contract , preventing allied HQ destroyed . are you sure to face allied which they infinite apache , heavy tank , deadly bradley IFV
By: sky light(481)
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Tristan 49%
Up down up down left right left right
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Infinite health 47%
At factions screen in your PDA press up, down, up, down, left, right left, right and if youve got the cheat right you should here a click

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Walkthrough to beat Job misha needs you to do 46%
O.K. first you have to go to the island that you need to go to,take a boat because if you take a helicopter,the SAM sights will take down your Helicopter.Now after you get off your boat,kill all the pirates and go up,now kill more of the pirates that stand in your way and now go to the heliport,kill all of the pirates at the heliport including the ones on top of the woodin platforms.Make sure all of the pirates are dead so some remainers will not enter the helicopters and start fireing missles at you.Now get to where the buildings are at and kill all of the pirates that will start shooting at you.You have to make sure all pirates are dead because most of the pirates have RPG rocket launchers and will destroy the car misha wants.Now go inside the large building and kill all the pirates inside,now take the sports car (which is Misha's car) and bring it outside.Kill all of the remaining pirates tha you missed and destroy all of the SAM missle launchers with a RPG and take a helicopter that is back at the heliport.Take it,press the down directionel button and pick up the car and take it back to misha.Now you have a jet pilot.
By: KingLeo(762)
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2 red chests locations 44%
1. NE of nerida. SE side of docks area. behind a building 2. west carcas. east of allied outpoast. in front of a building facing east.
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Floating tank 44%
You should use ampibious tank tecnique . then get out from tank . tank will blow and floating
By: sky light(481)
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How to get to other islands 43%
Yo bro put in the unlimeted health cheat then hijack a tank then you ar home free to roam around the under water reef
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Vehicle's And Heli's 42%

VZ Cortez Delivery:

Go to cumana and go along the road that leads to Solano's Bunker, Keep looking right until you find a patch of water, a River boat and a house on the shore of the path, you will find the VZ Cortez Truck.

Allied Statesman IFV Delivery:
IF your lucky you might find it in front of your mansion, Like I did.


VZ Ribera Delivery:

Find Garcia and there should be a VZ Combat Helicopter Protecting him.

Guerrilla Zamora Delivery:

Found near the far southwest of a Guerrilla Camp. (NOTE: you can get the Prototype Rifle there, NOTE 2: You can also Winch any Heavy Vehicle with ewans helicopter)

Ewans Helicopter:

Get a Helicopter (Any would do) and then get any vehicle to bring it to your destination, while he's still airborne get in your helicopter and wait until he lowers the vehicle and then Winch it, but be careful, if you don't descend with the helicopter winched, it will go out of control and crash... and probably your helicopter too. (NOTE: You can't save this to your Stockpile)
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Machanic 42%
When you get the machanic you can sometimes get her to build specialized cars / boats if you have them in your stock / at your safe house
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Accuracy 40%
Don't worry about getting an enemy troop out of the car without damaing the car, unless you're using an rpg, that'd be hard. Just take a fast high damage gun(preferably smg, my gun choice)and shoot the turret and the driver until their dead. Bringing the vehicles health down 5 or so damage won't make a big difference.
By: darkanaith(39)
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All wepons and cars and helicobters 40%
Up down up down left right xx
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Fires on the maracaibo 40%
You should do alex grisha's first job , cancel job when you see stacked barrel , buy lot pf car , park car in line of barrel , lower the all car HP into 23 % , drop the top barrel , it will became chain fire
By: sky light(481)
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Flail 40%
To use flail . you should use heavy transport heli , use armored object ( such as tank hammer tecnique , APC , iron green crate , iron large green crate , wrecked Vaca t1 in pirate's junkyard ) , then spin your heli that make your flail winched too , then get nearby enemy .
By: sky light(481)
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Oil rig mission to penetrate blanco and his army 40%
First you need a boat , go to dock in under the oil rig , move silently , then throw the flashbang before he has chance to shoot you , takeout all AA missle man before that ribera arrive to attack you , quickly kill all enemy , enter to building on left of blue helipad , quickly jump into fence to subdue blanco quickly , kill the pilot , throw smoke grenade to large helipad , use ribera / put C-4 to structure for cut oil rig , use ribera quickly fly , jump over large helipad , then Timberrrrr! for oil rig and just say bye-bye for blanco

note : if you want ribera , just put it into PMC helipad and quickly to oil rig
By: sky light(481)
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Island level 38%
When you have 2 do the level with the bridge and the palice its easy to find 1 of the war boats and then blow up the targets on the front turret the go and save the guy get him out of blast zone and then call in the air attack
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Table of life 38%
All you need to know is put the infinate health and infanite ammo cheat. then get a rpg or anti tank and then shoot at the table in the garage.

warnig: must have the 2 cheats on or you could run out of ammo or health.
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Easy money 38%
To recieve easy money, go to your helicopter pilot (ewan) and try the stage 3 winch challenge and put the max wager. Everytime you do this, the wager will go up and up. I'm currently at $2.1 million each time from doing this.

For something as easy as this, if you lose your money -- you can always just bet it again.
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Moab 38%
At end secend way to get a moab find all bountys
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Free sports car 37%
After you finish getting the sports car for the jet piolet quickly get in the sports car before the cutscene starts and it will be in the garage.
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Beating the game 35%
Put in the cheatcode ulimitedheath
By: triplehfan80(200)
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Transport Cargo 33%
If you need to transport cargo quickly and safe call a choper then prees v and grab it then transport the truck to destination
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Afinety ammo 33%
R2 l2 l1 r1 r1 l2 r2
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Things hurt in life 33%
When your are coming too a enemy car the will try to hit you with the car so just try too dodge the car
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Ultra trap 33%
This one require lots of car to block off the road , put lots of C-4 , if you lured it call airstikes . if your airstrikes hitting the trap pull C-4 .
By: sky light(481)
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