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NHL 2K9 Cheats for PS3
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NHL 2K9 PS3 Cheats

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Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Third Jersey 100%
Description: Unlock any team's 3rd jersey option (apart from their normal home and away options)

How to unlock: Insert the following code at the in-game cheats screen: R6y34bsH52.
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Easy Goals 100%
First, get the puck and go down to your opponents side while holding R2 to go faster. Then, go to one side of the goal left or right. If you go to the left quick go to the right while the goilie is not on that side and press square and you should get a goal if not try agian.
By: coler2(171)
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4th uniform for any team 33%
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38 Trophies
NHL 2K9 - 5 Goals 5 Goals
Achieve a total of 5 User Goals.
NHL 2K9 - 25 Goals 25 Goals
Achieve a total of 25 User Goals.
NHL 2K9 - 75 Goals 75 Goals
Achieve a total of 75 User Goals.
NHL 2K9 - 150 Goals 150 Goals
Achieve a total of 150 User Goals.
NHL 2K9 - 1000 Goals 1000 Goals
Achieve a total of 1000 User Goals.
NHL 2K9 - 10 Assists 10 Assists
Achieve a total of 10 User Assists.
NHL 2K9 - 40 Assists 40 Assists
Achieve a total of 40 User Assists.
NHL 2K9 - 100 Assists 100 Assists
Achieve a total of 100 User Assists.
NHL 2K9 - 200 Assists 200 Assists
Achieve a total of 200 User Assists.
NHL 2K9 - 1500 Assists 1500 Assists
Achieve a total of 1500 User Assists.
NHL 2K9 - 10 PIMs 10 PIMs
Achieve a total of 10 User PIMs (Penalties in Minutes).
NHL 2K9 - 50 PIMs 50 PIMs
Achieve a total of 50 User PIMs (Penalties in Minutes).
NHL 2K9 - 100 PIMs 100 PIMs
Achieve a total of 100 User PIMs (Penalties in Minutes).
NHL 2K9 - 150 PIMs 150 PIMs
Achieve a total of 150 User PIMs (Penalties in Minutes).
NHL 2K9 - 500 PIMs 500 PIMs
Achieve a total of 500 User PIMs (Penalties in Minutes).
NHL 2K9 - 1 Win 1 Win
Achieve a total of 1 User Wins.
NHL 2K9 - 15 Wins 15 Wins
Achieve a total of 15 User Wins.
NHL 2K9 - 50 Wins 50 Wins
Achieve a total of 50 User Wins.
NHL 2K9 - 100 Wins 100 Wins
Achieve a total of 100 User Wins.
NHL 2K9 - 150 Wins 150 Wins
Achieve a total of 150 User Wins.
NHL 2K9 - Powerplay Specialist Powerplay Specialist
Score three Powerplay goals in one game.
NHL 2K9 - Boom Goes the Dynamite Boom Goes the Dynamite
Score a goal from behind the blue line.
NHL 2K9 - Kill It Kill It
Kill a full 2 minute 5 on 3 powerplay.
NHL 2K9 - Skillful Skater Skillful Skater
Score a goal after performing a 1-on-1 deke special move.
NHL 2K9 - Masterful Scorer Masterful Scorer
Score a goal using a goalie deke special move.
NHL 2K9 - Wraparound Wraparound
Score on a wraparound goal.
NHL 2K9 - Ride the Zamboni Ride the Zamboni
Win the Zamboni mini-game.
NHL 2K9 - Marty Turco Marty Turco
Get a shutout with Marty Turco in net while facing a minimum of 20 shots.
NHL 2K9 - Jason Spezza Jason Spezza
Get at least 6 points with Jason Spezza in a single game.
NHL 2K9 - Joe Thornton Joe Thornton
Get at least 2 goals, 3 assists and 4 PIMs with Joe Thornton in a single game.
NHL 2K9 - Rick Nash Rick Nash
Get at least 3 points and a shootout goal in a win with Rick Nash.
NHL 2K9 - Undisputed Champion Undisputed Champion
Win the Presidents' Trophy and Stanley Cup in a single season.
NHL 2K9 - Reel Him In Reel Him In
Resign a Superstar (95+ overall) to your team.
NHL 2K9 - Lumberjack Lumberjack
Get a hat trick with a player that's fully-bearded in the Stanley Cup playoffs.
NHL 2K9 - Team 2K Team 2K
Beat a Team 2K member or someone that has unlocked this achievement in an online game.
NHL 2K9 - Good Teammate Good Teammate
Average an A teammate grade.
NHL 2K9 - Alter Ego Alter Ego
Customize your Online Avatar.
NHL 2K9 - Critic Critic
Download and rate a reel from ReelViewer.

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