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Lego Batman Cheats for XBOX 360 Page 2
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Lego Batman XBOX 360 Cheats

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Lego Batman

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

46 Achievements
Lego Batman - Hero. Hero.
Complete the first episode - Hero.
Lego Batman - Super Hero. Super Hero.
Complete the second episode - Hero.
Lego Batman - Crusader. Crusader.
Complete the third episode - Hero.
Lego Batman - Villain. Villain.
Complete the first episode - Villain.
Lego Batman - Super-villain. Super-villain.
Complete the second episode - Villain.
Lego Batman - Crime Lord. Crime Lord.
Complete the third episode - Villain.
Lego Batman - Sidekick. Sidekick.
Complete a level in co-op.
Lego Batman - Memorabilia. Memorabilia.
Collect all Memorabilia.
Lego Batman - League of Assassins. League of Assassins.
Unlock all the Villain characters.
Lego Batman - Justice League. Justice League.
Unlock all the Hero characters.
Lego Batman - It's the car, right? It's the car, right?
Unlock all Vehicles (Hero/Villain).
Lego Batman - 1007 Mountain Drive. 1007 Mountain Drive.
Complete Wayne Manor bonus level.
Lego Batman - Unbreakable. Unbreakable.
Finish a level without dying (Character) with no extras.
Lego Batman - 0000001 00000011. 0000001 00000011.
Build the giant LEGO Robot.
Lego Batman - The city is safe... for now. The city is safe... for now.
100% game completion.
Lego Batman - Cobblepot School of Driving. Cobblepot School of Driving.
Smash all the cars in the robot level.
Lego Batman - Vigilante. Vigilante.
Rescue 25 civilians.
Lego Batman - Be a Hero. Be a Hero.
Super Hero on every level.
Lego Batman - Super Builder. Super Builder.
Build 50 LEGO build-its.
Lego Batman - Nice Outfit! Nice Outfit!
Collect all suits.
Lego Batman - Dressed to Impress. Dressed to Impress.
Get all suit upgrades.
Lego Batman - The Richest Man in Gotham. The Richest Man in Gotham.
Max out the stud counter.
Lego Batman - The Most Dangerous Man on Earth. The Most Dangerous Man on Earth.
Defeat Joker, Two-Face, Riddler and Catwoman as Batman.
Lego Batman - Heads I win, tails you lose. Heads I win, tails you lose.
Defeat 10 goons and 10 police officers with Two-Face in a level.
Lego Batman - Who needs curiosity? Who needs curiosity?
Defeat Catwoman 9 times.
Lego Batman - Shot to the goon. Shot to the goon.
Defeat 8 goons in 8 seconds.
Lego Batman - Throwing up. Throwing up.
Throw 50 policemen with superstrength.
Lego Batman - Atomic Backbreaker. Atomic Backbreaker.
As Bane do the Backbreaker on Batman.
Lego Batman - Oh, I got a live one here! Oh, I got a live one here!
Shock 30 people with Joker's hand buzzer.
Lego Batman - Kill-a moth. Kill-a moth.
Defeat Killer Moth.
Lego Batman - Smash Gordon. Smash Gordon.
Defeat Commissioner Gordon with Harley Quinn's Hammer.
Lego Batman - Start of something wonderful. Start of something wonderful.
Shock the Joker with the Joker.
Lego Batman - Boy Wonder. Boy Wonder.
Perform 20 backflips in a row with Robin.
Lego Batman - Thanks a million. Thanks a million.
Complete Arkham Bonus level.
Lego Batman - Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
Glide for 9 seconds.
Lego Batman - Gentlemen, start your screaming. Gentlemen, start your screaming.
Knock 5 people into the ground with a vehicle at once.
Lego Batman - Natural Habitat. Natural Habitat.
Smash all street lights in Episode 1 Chapter 1.
Lego Batman - Make it snappy. Make it snappy.
Build the Croc ride on.
Lego Batman - The Destroyer of Worlds. The Destroyer of Worlds.
Destroy 12 objects at once with Bat Bombs.
Lego Batman - There and back. There and back.
Destroy 10 objects in one Batarang throw.
Lego Batman - Kiss from a Rose. Kiss from a Rose.
Eat 15 enemies with the Venus ride on .
Lego Batman - Ice to see you. Ice to see you.
Freeze 50 enemies as Mr. Freeze.
Lego Batman - Say hello to my little friends. Say hello to my little friends.
Destroy 20 policemen with penguin bombers.
Lego Batman - Scare Tactics. Scare Tactics.
Scare 5 enemies with Scarecrow.
Lego Batman - Down the rabbit hole. Down the rabbit hole.
Use Mad Hatter's mind control to walk 5 enemies to their deaths.
Lego Batman - Eat floor... High fiber. Eat floor... High fiber.
Slam 20 goons into the floor with Batman.

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Lego Batman 511315What are some tips on how to get the last minikit in artic world? whats the easiest way? Answers: 0
Lego Batman 619233How do I get past the giant plant on level 4 poison ivy ? Answers: 1
Lego Batman 642800How do I get passed the first part in top of the tower? Answers: 0
Lego Batman 690078How do you get past "Zoo's Company"? Answers: 1
Lego Batman 776126How do you pass the pipes in flight of the bat Answers: 0
Lego Batman 774270Hey ya'll, how do I get pass the toxic waste in level 4 poison Ivy? Answers: 1
Lego Batman 430468Can you put in a code to get all the minikit peices Answers: 1
Lego Batman 624994How do you get past the second part of under the city? Answers: 1
Lego Batman 627243In "a surprise for the commissioner" how do you uses the crane to defeat the commissioner? Answers: 3
Lego Batman 732707How do you get hush and were are all the hostages and how do you get Ra and were are all mini kits are they hide somewere is there any ones that new cheat codes Answers: 0
Lego Batman 740037What are the L and R buttons for the cheats you enter at the main menu and why when I enter the codes I never hear a sound? Answers: 0
Lego Batman 747533How do you get firefly Answers: 1
Lego Batman 747928How do you disable 'decoy' so you can use the technology suit? Answers: 0
Lego Batman 768092How do you unlock the new area in the batcave Answers: 0
Lego Batman 786843How do you get past in the dark night Answers: 0
Lego Batman 800391How do you get across the pond in batman lego 360 Answers: 1
Lego Batman 800414How do you get across the second pond in penguins lair Answers: 0
Lego Batman 853346How to unlock last 2 people Answers: 0
Lego Batman 890507Freeze Henchman cheat code is wrong. It is listed as the same as the Yeti does anyone have the right code? Answers: 0
Lego Batman 891246How do you beat Scarecrow Answers: 0
Lego Batman 892064How do you get last minkit in green fingers Answers: 0
Lego Batman 899314How do you defeat harley on to the top of the tower? Answers: 0
Lego Batman 911028We are on level one of the game in 2 player mode and our robin character will not stand still. he runs no matter what even if you aren't touchng the controller. we tried rebooting the xbox but no luck. Anyone have any thoughts as to what this could be? Answers: 1
Lego Batman 911867When you are mrs freez and how do you win Answers: 0
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