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NHL 2K9 Cheats for PS2
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NHL 2K9 PS2 Cheats

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Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Third Jersey 96%
Description: Unlock any team's 3rd jersey option (apart from their normal home and away options)

How to unlock: Insert the following code at the in-game cheats screen: R6y34bsH52.
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The rules of 2 players 57%
You can only play a game with 2 ppl in "play now" There are no penalties,fights, offsides, 2 line pass etc. It's pretty much noo rules in teh that thiers no fighting tho. Sorry
By: gymsock(624)
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Flying like a bird!! 54%
Use the Islanders against the Oilers. Be on the Oilers side. Skate around the rink with the puck 3 times, then press triangle, square, then triangle. after that go to the center of the rink. press r2 and l2. you will "fly" for about 5 seconds.
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Fighting on Demand 53%
If you click d pad down a popup will show and the other team will msot likely hit select and then you ahve a fight to figth hit o and x. you can only have 3 fights every 5 mins though.
By: gymsock(624)
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2k9 nhl 45%
Hey ppl you now how they say you can only fight in the second peirod but if you go to the options go humen play and you will see peniltys click that off and hit Quick game and if you hit your opponet hard a nough press select fastand wala for ps2
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Make old back then hockey players on your team 41%
By using:X,O,Triangle,Square At the same time you could get all the hockey players like maurice "Rocket" Richard and many more great NHL hockey players on NHL2K9 for PS2. By sumbmiting this in (create-a-player) go to there (First Name) and hold all 4 buttons on your controler.

By: Justin Brabant Montreal Canadiens rock!
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334hhi 29%
To be able to had a season with a created team
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NHL 2K9 970642I am having a problem loading the franchise I saved. I load with l2 and the franchise pops up and I select and it loads. but I cannot do nothing more it does me to take me to the franchise I loaded. how do you get there after you do that. Answers: 0
NHL 2K9 972231Please help me! In my Franchise when I make a trade and the other team agrees I click OK when It tells me that the trade has went throught, then my game crashes! Reaky, I can't make a single trade in my whole franchise! Answers: 0
NHL 2K9 974259What does "ignore salary cap" mean? Answers: 0
NHL 2K9 975526It wont let me fight still on this game.I press the d pad and every button and no message shows up and I hit each guy like 5 times and nothing happens.Please help to try and figure out what i"m doing wrong. Answers: 0
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