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NHL 2K9 Cheats for WII
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NHL 2K9 WII Cheats

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Rating: 3.3/5 VOTE

Third Jersey 91%
Description: To unlock any team's 3rd jersey option (apart from their normal home and away options)

How to: Insert the following code at the in-game cheats screen: R6y34bsH52.
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Reebok Premiere III Pads 76%
Description: Unlock the Reebok Premiere III Pads

How to unlock: Enter this code at the in-game cheat screen: playaspremierIIIgoaliepads
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Play as any position in NHL 2k9. 60%
First go to the menu during a game then go to options. Then you should see controller options. press controller options and then press 1. then you will get hidden options such as playing G, C, RW, LW, RD or LD for the whole game.
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Get a 3rd jersey 58%
Enter R6y3bsH52
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NHL 2K9 55%
When you get a frachise or season go to your roster and click on a player and edit him. When editing turn everything up to 99. Don't forget to make sure you have rookies so your team will be better and stronger than all the other teams.
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Deking 48%
Breakaways: before you get to the goalie use the control pad on your wii remote (not the nunchuk), swing the puck to the right, then the left quickly and the goalie will fall for it easily....

cutting across the net in real game play situations while holding one direction of the control pad is an easy way to score as well
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EASY 44%
Want to slow down the other team When in a game PAUSE it then go to OPTIONS click on MYNHL and blast HUMAN SPEED BURST EFFECT, SPEED BURST TIME and SPEED BURST RECOVERY then lower the CPU's
By: hopppyec(27)
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Easy win 40%
When in game play go to the pause menu and click on MY NHL change the human controls all the way up and put the computer contols all the way down you will be faster then the other team and alot easier to score on the goalie breakaways will always go in and onetimers are hard to do on the wii but if pulled off right you will beat the goalie every time
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Koolness 34%
Press the a button then press b at theme time and shoot thehe will pick the puc up on his sick
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Easy Goals (not like the "nooby" Easy win stuff) 33%
To score easier goals,

1) When on a 1 on 1, shake the numchuk, to make a special deeke. Also works on any other situations, like breakaways, etc...

2) Wrap arounds, are an easy and effective way to score goals.
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Hockey 29%
When at halfway line point the nunchuck control directly left, then slapshot, the puck will rebound off the barrier and will easily beat the keeper and you have just got urself a G O A L ! ! !............... (only works with right-handed skaters)
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Change Sides 29%
When coming on the right push down on the control pad (on wii remote) left and shoot you will score!
(same thing for left)
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Broken leg 26%
Press B+A+C+AA+C
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Hane a penality 24%
You are comming from nowhere you bump in someone and there is gonna be a real fight.If you are a pro !
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How to score 99% of the time 20%
Fake the shot then shoot
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The game 18%
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COOL!!! 16%
When in back of the net pass to your team mate and shoottt!
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Awsome 14%
Go on cheat codes at options and tipe 67nkhs99bjask
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Players in detail 13%
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Cheats 11%
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Free player 11%
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