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Master of the Monster Lair Cheats for NDS
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Master of the Monster Lair NDS Cheats

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Master of the Monster Lair

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Minecraft yo dude 100%
If you make lots of O shaped parts you can make 2 parts be monster rooms and 1 to conect more O shapes
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Free special item 86%
On every map you have 4 corners, also on every map (except the first one) you have one *buried in the durt* item.

when there's a "wall" of red blocks next to one of them, then there is definitely an item in that corner.

if you don't belief me, just check it out!

written by Aqua21/Disgaea21 (Nicky van der Pol)
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More items 50%
Hint: if you fight against 2 0r 3 monsters the chance of getting an item slightly increases
it isn't much but if you're fighting monsters for an item on big scale it wil help better
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