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Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise Cheats for XBOX 360
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Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise XBOX 360 Cheats

Rating: 3.8/5 VOTE
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise Cheats

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Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise

Rating: 3.8/5 VOTE

Blue 100%
To get a blue preztall give it a blue bell
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Wanna get rid of weeds?(uses and ways to get rid of weeds) 93%
So, you wanna get rid of your weeds or at least find a use for them? here are some helpful cheats for you. first, let me tell you something you can do. buy a a couple of shellybeans ,then let 'em rip! don't worry about the pinatas, their immune to all weeds and they enjoy eating them.(warning! they will need help! target weeds that aren't mature ,get your shovel, and kill em' before they reach maturity.) if you have a lot of money,you could sell them. but, you could loose lots of cash. i'd only recommend it if you had no other choice or if you're a millionaire. also, some animals require weeds to become residents (bears), and others need them to turn into other animals (bird) or change colors. so,whether you are trying to get rid of them or trying to find a use for them, you can always come to here for advise need more? just email me at, Chilua Keith
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Evolutions 91%
Candary- feed a sparrowmint a dandelion
pieena- feed a bone to a preztail
moojoo- feed a doenut a fir tree seed
hoghurt- feed a rashberry a cheesecake
chocstritch- feed a cluckles two cactus seeds
polollybear- feed a blue jem to a fizzlybear
parmadillo- feed a fudgehog a coconut
reddhot- set a taffly on fire and then put it out
juicygoose- feed a quackberry a gooseberry
lackatoad- feed a nightshade berry to a lickatoad
then when its dancing tap/whack it with your shovel
pigxie- this one I cant explain as I have never had it :(
zumbug- feed a horsetacio with a daisy and blackberry
salamango- feed a chilli to a newtgat
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All Evolved 91%
Description: If you get one of the new evolved pinatas you will get an achievment as you know.

New evolved pinatas:
Cluckles+2 Cactus seeds=Chocstritch
Fizzleybear+Blue Gem=Polollybear
Doenut+Fir seed=Moojoo

Thats all I remember from the game.
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Carrot - carrot cake
holly berry - figgy pudding
corn-Bread - sandwich
monkeynut - peanut butter
Garlic - Garlic Butter
orange - marmalade
Pea - Pea soup
blue bone - part of dinosaur
Pumpkin - Jack o' lantern
green bone - part of dinosaur
radish - horse radish,
red bone - part of dinosaur
Turnip - Stew
bone - jelly
yam - crisps
milk - cheese - cheesecake
acorn - coffee
honey - medicine
apple - caramel apple
banana - banana split
blackberry - jam
blueberry - muffin
coconut - coconut macaroons
fir cone - air freshener
gooseberry - gooseberry fool
gem-rainbow gem
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White Flutterscotch Variants 91%
Water LillyPink
Bullrush HeadBrown
Bird of ParadiseOrange
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Get Choclodocus 90%
First you have to get a mine with at least four diggerlings. Next you need a candary in a gas mask, and a lantern o' loot. just like the dragonache, you need to wait a while, and randomly, a blue bone and a green bone will appear. then go to costolot's store to buy a red bone which is avalible at level 45 then you need the amber gem which you get from throwing 9999 chocolate coins in a wishing well. thinker the three bones then store the bones and the amber gem in a store house. they will fuse into an egg, and get a cluckles in a Jurassic hair accessory to hatch it.
The order in which you tinker the bones determines the kind of chocoldocus, if red is first you will have a triceratops head, if blue is first you will have stegosaurus head, if green is first you will have a brontosaurs head. If red is second, you will have a long tail, if blue, a spiky tail, if green, a short tail. if red is third, you will have horns, if blue is third, you will have a blue choclodocus, if green, it will be green.
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Unblockage 90%
In total there are 11 pinatas who have been trapped by Prof. pester. The ways to free them are:

ArocknidPay Willy 1000 coins to knock down the wall
BarkbarkGet five buzzlegums to drive away the ruffian
DragumflyCollect 5 reddhotts to melt the ice
EaglairGet five Elephanillas to stampede on the ruffian
ElephanillaGet five Salamangos to blow the fuse
FizzlybearGet five sweetooths to chew up the log
GoobaaGet five Candaries to wake up the sleeping chippopotamus
Parryboget two mallowolves to scare off the ruffian
PonockyPay Bart to tinker the Gate blocking the Ponocky
Pudgeonget five profitamoles to chew up the pile of dirt
SwananaPay Arfur 1000 coins to get a weedling to destroy the weeds

It is very highly recommended that you get seven instead of five pinatas for the ones that tell you to get five of those species, that way you have five master breeding awards which brings you up about three levels AND gets you a sour Macaracoon. Also After you have freed all the pinatas, you will be able to go to the credits, on the main screen which has a mini-game going on at the same time, allowing you to shoot many pinatas, and if you get all them, you get the wishing well, which is a requirement for getting the sacred and legendary Chocodoculus!
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Tinkerable items 90%
Always use gold tinkering, because if Bart fails, the item is gone, and a waste of money. the items tinker able are:

carrot-carrot cake
holly berry- figgy pudding
monkeynut- peanut butter
Garlic-Garlic Butter
Pea-Pea soup
blue bone-part of dinosaur
Pumpkin- Jack o' lantern
green bone-part of dinosaur
radish-horse radish,
red bone-part of dinosaur
apple- caramel apple
banana-banana split
coconut-coconut macaroons
fir cone-air freshener
gooseberry- gooseberry fool
gem-rainbow gem
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Rashberry to Hoghurt 89%
First get some cheese at Costalot's and have Bart tinker it at gold ticket and feed the cheesecake to a Rashberry. HELLO EXPERIENCE GAINER AND NEW SPIECES FINDER!
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How to get a dragonache 88%
First you need a mine and 4 diggerlings ok first you get a mine and the diggerlings and then a while later a egg will shoot out the top and land somewhere then you need a cluckles to hatch the egg thats realy it but if you want it blue hatch it in water or snow (im not quite sure about snow) if you want it green hatch it on grass if you want it brown hatch it on mud if you want it red hatch it on sand (im not quite sure about sand because in the first one it was hard mud) ok to mature it you need to feed it a salamango, reddhott, a bottle of milk, drangumfly and a snapdragon flower this will make him go into a cucoon and grow into a fullsize dragon ive found out that if you become a master romancer of a dragumfly you have a dragonache apper in your garden I herd this from lefos so I think its proberly true if you this and it works then please message me
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White ponocky 88%
To turn a ponocky white ---- make it eat bread
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All Mousemallow colours! 88%
To change a mousemallow green, feed it a daisy.
To change a mousemallow yellow, feed it cheese.
To change a mousemallow blue, feed it a bluebell.
To keep him/her purple, feed it none of the above!
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How to distract dastardos 88%
If dastardos is coming into your garden direct a crowla at him.
the crawla will do a kind of dance and he will leave.
By: Sanjayy(86)
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Neon mousemellow? 87%
Make a mousemellow eat a daisy and it will turn neon green
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Tigermisu Variants 87%
Description: Feed the following to change colours

Water Lilly FlowerPink
Banana SplitYellow
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Pigxie 87%
Get a swonanna and a rashbery and go to willy bilder, buy the mistery house and romance the swonanna and rashbery, once the egg hatches you have a baby pigxie have fun : D
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Taffly 2 red hot 86%
Make taffly go through fire and then water it while its still on fire
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Yellow syrupents 85%
Feed a syrupent a buttercup then it will turn yellow
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Barkbark 85%

Appear Requirements:
Have a Kittyfloss resident in the garden

Unblock Requirements:
You have enough Buzzlegums to scare the Ruffian away (5)

Visit Requirements:
Have 3 Kittyfloss residents in the garden

Resident Requirements:
Has eaten 1 jelly
Has eaten 2 bones

Romance Requirements:
Is wearing a collar
Has fought a Kittyfloss and won
Have a Barkbark house in the garden

Trick Requirements:
Wool =trick 1
Bottle of milk = Trick 2

Species Variants:
Bottle of medicine =Pink
Banana split =Yellow
Poison ivy =Green
By: jordand100(21)
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$$$$$easy money$$$$$$(not plant way) 84%
First you must get a wishing well(u get a wishing well by watching credits).then you go to store and buy it and put it in garden. then you throw $1000 in the well after you do this in about 1 or 2 seconds later lots of $$$ pops out . do this lots of times and you will be rich. i,ve been doing it and now I have 120k.
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Tinker 84%
Tinker GOLD
Pea- Pea soup
Turnip- Stew
Holly Berry - pudding
Blueberry - Blueberry muffin
Garlic- Garlic Butter
Yam- Crisps
Orange - Orang Juice
Radish- Horse Radish
Fir Cones - Air Freshners
Rose Flower - Romance Candy
Coconut - Coconut Macaroon
Acorn - Coffee
Monkey Nut - Peanut Butter
Sunflower - Happy Candy
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How to make pengwin red 84%
Eat 1 poppy
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How to kill profesor pester by river herron 83%
A lot of people ask me can you kill profesor pester and the awnser is yes you can kill profesor pester and it is a verry simple thing to do all you have to do is put your row of houses in front of the way that profesor pester comes to block him if there is any gaps that you think he might be able to get through wait until he comes to see if he can get through the gaps if he can then you will have to fence of the bit that he got through after you get him out of your garden by giving him £500 or by directing a limeoserous at him to make him run away keep repeting this methard untill he cant get through anymore and you will find that he will wait outside your garden as he cant get in and that he keeps making anoying grunting sounds but then after about 7 weeks of pinata time he will disapere and never bother you again and then after the 7 weeks the big mountain thing with pesters face on will start to fade away and turn into a mystical 3rd dimention that I will not tell you about yet as it is easy to figure out what to do with it

p.s these cheat codes published by river herron are 100% garunteed to work
p.p.s these cheats have only been tested by me on the xbox 360 they may work on other
consoles but I dont think the

:D by river herron :D
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Money Money Money! 83%
First you need to get a wishing well by unlocking the credits then get a Lantern O' Loot and place it right next to the wishing well then put 1000 down the well and you get an lot of money back I got
800000 by doing this
By: JellyIsgood(51)
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How to get a candary 83%
Feed a sparrowmint a dandilion not a buttercup

by:river herron
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Saving pinatas from pester 83%
When pester coms in act like you are going to sell all of youre pinatas make sure that costalots face icon is on all of your pinatas and wen he leaves take the icon off of your pinatas and he has not smashed any of your pinatas
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Pester 83%
Pretend like your going to sell all of your pinatas and place a row of decoy pinatas and he'll smash the decoy only
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Limeoceros 81%
Once you're gardener lever 38, get a Parmadillo master breeding award (feeding a fudgehog a coconut). Then have the sour limeoceros to eat three of them. Caution! before trying this, sell everything in your garden, the limeoceros will trample trees, helpers, fences, plants, and even pinatas. After getting it tamed, you can use it to trample Professor pester. Even if professor pester puts his mark on the limeoceros, the limeoceros will trample him when he sneaks close to him.
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Getting a dragonache in detail!!! 81%
There is another way. you caaann no matter what eny says i have tried this! if you become a master romancer of the drgumfly then a drgnache of random colour will appear. but... if u wanna go and do the mine way then when the 4 diggerlings find the egg and the cluckes has hacyched it u will need to mature it by getting it into its cocoon. it wont do it alone. u will need to feed it the following:- a snapdragon flower, a salamango, a reddhott, a dragumfly, and a bottle of milk. p.s. if u wanna choose the colour hacth it on the following surfaces:- hacth it on grass u get a green dragonache, hacth it on soil it will turn brown, hacth it in/on water it will turn blue and on sand it will turn red. hope that helps you out mate.
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How to get the Wishing Well 81%
Method 1:First make a new garden called Pinata people with a ~ over the n in Pinata. Then you will unlock the credits. View the credits, then you will unlock the wishing well.

Method 2: Unblock every pinata that are blocked.Then you will unlock the credits. View the credits, then you will unlock the wishing well.
By: desier103(97)
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Blue snake 81%
Feed a snake a bluebell seed and it will turn blue
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Pro go low 80%
To get rid of profeser pester you need to get a limeceros or dragonarche or pay him 500 choclate coins or get a pinata decoy from costolot
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Lackatoad trick 2 80%
Feed a lackatoad a nightshade berry and he does the trick
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You can get a pigxie by 5 simple steps.
1 Get a swanana and a rashberry.
2 Fill both of there romance needs(all of them but if you have 2 of the same pinata don't romance them).
3 Get a pigxie house from willy builders(the house will appear when you get a resident swan and pig).
4 Feed BOTH with a joy sweet.
5 Romance them(includes cool dance).
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Mousemallow variant 78%
Feed a mousemallow a DAISY FLOWERHEAD and it will turn green. I don't know how, but it works.

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Bunnycomb Variants 78%
Pumpkin: Orange

Water Lily flower: Pink

Gooseberry seed: Green
By: nickyb2208(146)
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How to keep professor pester from not killing your most valuble pinatas 78%
Once you are a level 27 or 30 gardener go to costalots go to garden items go down by the sour pinata blocks by one it says decoy pinata put a couple of those in your garden and when professor pester com he will smash the decoy insead of a real pinata but he will still shout out victory is mine and run off
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Viva pinata trouble in paradise 78%
Hey, to get a wild card bonus you have to do incredibly well on the romance game after you become a master romancer. You have to do it with a good bit of time on the clock. I have done this on worms and snakes. Also to get twins you have to do the same thing.
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Feed a doenut a fir seed
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How to keep away pester 77%
You dont need to fence of your garden just get a dragon ash beacouse he will fight off pester and allways win
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Easy chocolate coins 77%
When you've leveled up to the point where you have the bird of paradise seed you put a couple of holes in the ground, plant the seeds and use the orange fertilizer three times on each plant. The total cost of one fully fertilized bird of paradise flower is 81 coins but it sells for 1440 coins. don't plant TOO many seeds because you wont be able to fully fertilze all of the plants
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How to get a pigxie 76%
To get a pigxie you have to get a rashberry and a swanana, then buy a house for each of them and meet the requirements for both of them. You should now be able to buy a pinata house named mystery house, buy it. Now set the rashberry on the swanana and they will go into the mysrey house. Then wait for Storkos to deliver the egg and for it to hatch. Wolla! You now have a pigxie!
By: anonomous(14)
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Chilli Cash 76%
Here are the steps to earn LOTS of money:
1. Buy loads of chilli seeds (Make sure you have some money left).
2. Give all the chilli plants 3 doses of red fertiliser.
3. When the plants die and give you chillies, sell all the chillies (for 400 each!).
4. Repeat until you have lots of cash.
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Professor Pester 75%
To keep him out of your garden you have to place a "stone" wall along your garden where the Tower of Sour is. This will prevent him from coming in.
***If you don't have the stone wall yet, pay him $500 coins and he will leave***
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Lickatod to lackatode 75%
Feed a lickatode a nightshadberry then hit it with your shovel
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Viva pinata TIP get cash fast 75%
1.Buy a FIREBAND from costolot's store and place yor garden.

2.Get a TAFFLY and direct him into the fireband.

3. When the Taffly catches fire he should land then use your watering can to put the fire out

4. The Taffly should then become a REDDHOTT and is worth 2205 chocolate coins.

5. Keep doing this and you will be rich quick

                  That's All hope its useful
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Fudgehog colour changes 75%
Feeding it a chili changes its color to red.
Feeding it a bluebell seed changes its color to blue.
Feeding it poison ivy changes its color to green.
By: chedcharlay(22)
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Money, Money, Money!! 74%
I have made around 300,000 chocolate coins doing this. When you romance the syrupents (a very low level easy pinata) up to the master romancer level, complete the romance maze super fast and get all the hearts. This will give you the twin bonus and wildcard bonus. Be careful because you can not hit any of the loathers. After the egg is delivered to your syrupent house you must change the egg into Twingersnaps (two headed snakes). To do this get your shovel ready and place it on the egg. You have to watch the egg and wait until the egg jumps really high. The eggs hop for a couple minutes then they jump real high right before they hatch. Wack it with the shovel as soon as it jumps really high. Once the twingersnaps hatch and mature you can sell them for over 23,000 coins each! -That one egg is worth almost 50,000 coins. Not bad for 3 minutes worth of gardening!
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Vairent 74%
Get a moth drop to eat a tiger lily and it will turn red

get a whrilm to eat a turnip and it will turn purrple

get a crab to eat an orchid to get it to turn blue
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Gatherling dirty money 74%
Hire a gatherling then go to costlots shop then put a bird of paradise seed on the ground but don't actually buy it then gatherling will pick it up and sellit for you then you get dirty money
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Medicen 74%
Tinker a jar of honey to get medicen
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List of All Pinata's for Expert Records Keeper Achievement 74%
To get Expert Records Keeper Achievement you must restore ALL 97 of Pinata Central's computer records.  Below is a full list of Pinata's required to do this.

Arocknid-Badgesicle-Barbark-Bispotti-Black Flutterscotch-Blue Flutterscotch-Bonboon-Brown Flutterscotch-Bunnycomb-Buzzenge-
Geckie-Goobaa-Green Flutterscotch-Hoghurt-Hootyfruity-Horstachio-Jameleon-Jeli-Juicygoose-Kittyfloss-Lackatoad-Lemmoning-Lickatoad-Limeoceros-Macaracoon-Mallowolf-Moojoo-
Moozipan-Mothdrop-Mousemallow-Newtgat-Orange Flutterscotch-
Parmadillo-Parrybo-Peckanmix-Pengum-Pienna-Pigxie-Pink Fluterscotch-Polollybear-Ponocky-Pretztail-Profitamole-Pudgeon-
Purple Flutterscotch-Quackberry-Raisant-Rashberry-Red Flutterscotch-Reddhott-Roario-Robean-S'morepion-Salamango-
Twingersnap-Vulchurro-Walrusk-Whirlm-White Flutterscotch-
Yellow Flutterscotch-Zumbug-
By: nickyb2208(146)
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Turn a Four heads blue 74%
Give a four heads a bluebell and it turns blue
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Sarsgorilla Variants 74%
Apple: Red

Pea soup: Green

Bone: White
By: nickyb2208(146)
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Arocknid Variants 74%
Bluebell flower:  Blue

Water Lilly:  Pink

Jack O' Lantern:  Orange
By: nickyb2208(146)
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Feed a clucles 2 cactus seed
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How to get the wishing well 73%
First go to the main menu and then create a new garden and call it pinata people(note: the "n" must have a ~ over the "n" it is in one of the areas of letters if it is not there then this cheat will not work) then you unlock the credits when they are unlocked just go on to the creadits and prof. pester will say "do me a favor and destroy everything in the garden" somthing along those lines then when you get in and destroy all the pinatas (not including the sour ones) in the garden you get the wishing well
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Red lickatoad 73%
To turn a lickatoad red feed a lickatoad an apple
By: pinata keeper(52)
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How to get a dragonache 73%
First you buy a mine at willy's shop
and you buy a diggerling at arfur's shop
the diggerling will dig up an egg (unbreakable)
select a cluckles with the cursor and bring it to the egg.
The egg will hatch and you will receive a dragonache!
By: bowie98(36)
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Gifts 73%
Go to the post office and go to the gift box. all do cost money but have cool things in them. most of stuff inside cost more to buy at store then in gift box.
By: sgtecho1997(54)
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Rivers easy money tip 73%
First copleate pen gum minigame on final dificulty colect all the hearts and you will get 2 wildcard pinatas witch are worth 23 grand 2 sell if you keep them pester will get them not your other pinatas

by:river herron
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Roario Variants 73%
Bottle of medicine: Pink

Bluebell seed: Blue

Sunflower seed: Yellow
By: nickyb2208(146)
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Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Dinokeeper Achievement Guide (Video) 73%
Shows how to get the elusive "Dinokeeper" achievement in Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise.
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Wishing well 73%
Make a file named pin~ata people and you unlock the credits kill all the pinata and you can buy the wishing well.
By: corry211(12)
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How to get a pigxie 72%
Its quite simple actually all you have to do is romance 2 pigs and then romance 2 swans then at willy the builders shop there will be a mystery home buy. once it is built get the 1 pig and 1 swan to romance (just direct 1 to the other) and they will go in the mystery home and the baby will be a pigxie.
By: itfcrocks(72)
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How to turn your mousemellow blue! 72%
Buy a bluebell seed then if you have a mousemellow feed it the bluebell and it should turn blue.
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Feed a fudgehog a coconut
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Quick money !!!!!!! 71%
This cheat will work.. trust me
1.first thing you need to do is make a garden named Pinata People go to the credits BUT smash the junk first(its for accesories)
3.leafos says blablabla you have unlocked the wishing well
4.go back to your original garden the wishing well and put 1000 cc in it keep doing it untill hardly anything comes out
6. buy a lantern-o-loot and place it near the wishing well
7.when the same thing happens as no.5 put another lantern-o-loot down
8.keep repeating the process and in 15 mins or less you'll have roughly 1000000 cc/ 1 million!
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All 3 varients of preztail 71%
Bluebell flower head,tinker a goose berry,water lily flower head
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How to get a hiyena 71%
First get a fox. To do this get a bunnycomb or a tarindge or whatever. You can also get the hunter to get you one. Once you have your fox/pretzeil go to costolots store and buy a bone. Direct your fox to it to eat and he/she will turn into a hiyena!
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How to get four headed SNAKE 71%
Romance 2 snakes. Then when the egg does its biggest bounce whack it. You should get a twingersnap. Do the same with the twingersnap and there you go.
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How to get a sour leommoning 71%
First, go to the pinartic and set out atrap any bait will go to the mail shop and pick up the package un less there is nothing inside and it tricked you. then place it in your garden the unpack the confirm packing. once it is in your garden geta tunip tinker it then it turns into stew the get a radish tinker it, it turns in to horse radish. after you do that apply about 10 perimeters of snow. next the sour leommoning should eat the horse radish and the stew and now it should go into a cocoon and then crack and turn into a cute little leommoning. there you hve it good luck:)
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Fertilizer 71%
When it is possible to use the fertilizer bag, use one of the following fertilizer colors for the indicated plant:

Apple Tree: Red
Bird of Paradise: Orange
Bluebell: Blue
Buttercup: Yellow
Daisy: Yellow
Gooseberry Bush: Green
Hollybush: Red
Poppy: Red
Sunflower: Yellow
Turnip: Purple
Watercress: Green
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Yellow juicey goose 71%
Feed it a banana
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Tigermisu 71%
Here are the step's that make getting a Tigermisu easy

1) Plant 12 Tiger Lilies (8 meet's appear requirements)
2) Go to the hunter and get a Doenut
3) Do step 2 again
4) Feed both the Doenut a Fir Tree seed each (Turning them into Moojoos)
5) Get a Horstacio and turn it into a Zumug (earning the player an echeivement)
6) Get a Buzzlegum
7) By now your Tiger lilies should be in flower
8) Smash all the pinata's and get their life sweets
9) Wait until the Tigermisu comes over to eat the sweets and put all the life sweets in one spot and he'll come over and eat them makeing him a Resident
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Lackatoad trick 2 71%
Feed a lackatoad a nightshade berry and it will do a trick
By: christiankrodel(7)
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More on Tikering 70%
Acorn to Coffee
Apple to Toffee Apple
Banana to Banana Split
Blackberry to Blackberry Jam
Bread to Sandwich
Carrot to Carrot Cake
Corn to Bread
Gem to Rainbow gem
Gooseberry to Gooseberry Fool
Honey to Bottle of Medicine
Monkey Nut to Peanut Butter
Pumpkin to Jack o Lantern
Toadstool to Mushroom
Coconut to Macaroons
Radish to Horseradish
Garlic to Garlic Butter
Yam to Chips

Deanna and Me
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Caleb johnsons cheats 70%
Feed a blue gem to a fizzlybear to get a pololly bear
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Facts about the Jameleon 70%
Here is a fact about a Jameleon when you attract a Bonboon to the Jameleon and then While the Bonboon is sneaking to the Jameleon and then when the jameleon is looking at the sneaking Bonboon He gets scared and turns invisible and runs away!
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How to get a Rainbow Gem 70%
Tinker a purple gem and it turns into a rainbow Gem
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Pro ruf dis go 69%
To make distardos to go you need a distardos scarer. to make a ruffian go you need to a a captain cutlass and to make pro go get a dragon or limocores
By: finnmcd(464)
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How to get a dinosaur 69%
You buy a mine and 4 diggerlings and you see red, blue and green bones you buy a storage shed and get bart to use gold tinker on the bones the red will turn into a head and the blue will turn into a spine and green will turn into ribs and put those in the storage and buy a wishing well if you cant buy the wising well make a new garden name it Pinata People the n in pinata is a accent if you have a cluckles buy jurassic hair then hatch the egg and boom you have a baby dinosaur
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100K in a day! 68%
Just by the wishing Well (after credits) and get a latern 'o loot and you can be rich in no time. When it asks you to put money down the well put 1000 then 2000 ect.

To do it before credits, just buy a whole lot of chili and plant them in one area, next you use the red fertiliser to make them to full maturity. You can put mutiple plants in full maturiy by puting them in clusters. After this is done just sell them all for maximum chocolate coins. Reapet if needed.
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Green mousemellow 68%
Mousemellow = feed it a daisy flower head and it will change green
By: Andymo5000(19)
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Say evolve! 67%
Give a fudjehog a coconut(parmodillo)give a doenut a fir seed or 2 (moojoo) feed a clucles 2 cactus seeds(chocorist)feed a preztail a bone(pieena)
By: finnmcd(464)
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How to get more than 1 dragonache in a garden (Only works for number 2 Trouble in paradise) 67%
Get a dragonache in 1 garden then another in a different garden get a crate pack the dragonache send to primary garden or garden with other dragonache unpack it then you have 2 or more dragonaches FYI:you can do this more than once!
By:Three D Rocker
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Dragnach 67%
Go to wily the bilder and get a mine. then get 4 digerlings . pay them each 1,000 chocolate coins. then look around your garden for a egg . when you find it ,go get a cluckls and derect it to the egg . it should be jumping and paeking at the egg at the same time. then a dragonache will hop out of the egg .
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Two head snake 67%
Get 2 snakes make them romance when have egg place down in the garden somewhere else then where the egg was after that take out shovel and make so you can see the eggs health and when it bounces like its about to hatch hit it the egg will stop and open it will have 2 heads no tail 1 head on each side don't sell them until you give clothes and full happiness on and you had it for long time then it really rare you can also git up to as I know right now 4 head snake it very hard
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Prof. Pester 65%
Professor pester is avalible from gardener level 16 and will always head for your most expensive pinata. you can stop him by:
-get a dragonache to guard you're garden
-sell your best pinatas and get them back with G. Fetchem's
standard hunt for the same price you sold them for.
-have a choclodocus patrol the garden.
The captain's cutlass will keep away ruffians, but no longer keeps prof. Pester away.
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Buy a torch from lottie`s shop and then make a taffly a resident.Tell the taffly to go to the torch.(IT MUST BE ON!).Then pour water on it.You have a Redhott.


P.S. You also gain experience!
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Get cash really fast $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 65%
Start a new garden and call it pinata people then save your game and just to the left of play just for fun the credit's will be unlocked click that t the n you have to smash pinatas the go the garden you called pinata people and got costless store and you should have unlocked a wishing well if you have then perchess it and throw 100'0 coins and lots more coins pop out  repet this  and vola! there you have it

iv try ed it my self millions of times
By: mad dog(22)
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Coins coins coins 65%
Plant two or orchids on how many rows you want and buy special fertilizer mix and let every flower three times. of two rows vide you with around 30,000 chocolate coins.
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How to make jelly 63%
Tinker a bone
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Get twingersnap 63%
You have to romance two syrupents. Right before the egg hatches(when its hopping), break it open with your shovel.
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How to keep away pester of your garden 63%
First go to buy a fence by costolots store.(any fence you want)

then place the fence by the tour of sour where pester come out.
He is running in a path.exactly where he walks in place the fence there
If you place it and he comes out he will be glitched. so he will think how he have to come in. then he gives up and go back. so you keep away pester.

P.S one time a ruffian came out by that fence. so he stand there and pester
was looking for a way in. so he found a way to come in my garden.
and kill my pinata. so I gave him 800 and he was gone. He killed my horstachio
By: Sanjayy(86)
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The gold Dragonache 62%
To get a gold Dragonache you must hatch its egg on a gold tile. To get a red Dragonache you must a a Rare employee
By: Yardoviche(26)
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How to make your lickatoad redish brown 62%
Easy feed it an apple and wait 5 to 20 seconds and done sometimes depending on weither it is still green or not it will take longer
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Keep out proffesor pester 61%
Okay to keep out proffesor pester you can wait to tame a limoceros or you can put up a fence around the tower of sour and pester's mountain. then put fence facing the opposite way in between. this will glitch pester out of your garden. he will always be on the outside but he will not be able to cause any trouble

by janeane calderon
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42 Achievements
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Arctic Green Fingers Arctic Green Fingers
Grow all Arctic plants to maturity
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Card Sharp Card Sharp
Use a Piñata Card
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Records Keeper Records Keeper
Restore 10 of Piñata Central’s Computer Records
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Master Exhibitor Master Exhibitor
Win 10 Piñata shows
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Desert Collector Desert Collector
Make 3 Desert species resident
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Couch Socialite Couch Socialite
Play One Box Co-op for 1 hour
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Master Couch Socialite Master Couch Socialite
Play One Box Co-op for 3 Hours
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Region 7 Challenger Region 7 Challenger
Complete all Challenges in Region 7
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Desert Green Fingers Desert Green Fingers
Grow all Desert plants to maturity
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Come And Have A Go Come And Have A Go
Earn a Gold Combat Medal
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Master Arctic Collector Master Arctic Collector
Make all Arctic species resident
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Region 2 Challenger Region 2 Challenger
Complete all Challenges in Region 2
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Packet Bulger Packet Bulger
Packet contains all surface types
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Region 1 Challenger Region 1 Challenger
Complete all of Langston’s Destination Challenges in Region 1
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Full House Full House
Play 4 Player Online Co-op for 1 hour
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Master Card Sharp Master Card Sharp
Use 10 different Piñata Cards
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - SpeedFreak SpeedFreak
Win a Piñata race
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Expert Records Keeper Expert Records Keeper
Restore all of Piñata Central’s Computer Records
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Master Records Keeper Master Records Keeper
Restore 30 of Piñata Central’s Computer Records
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Exhibitor Exhibitor
Win a Piñata show
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Region 3 Challenger Region 3 Challenger
Complete all Challenges in Region 3
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Region 4 Challenger Region 4 Challenger
Complete all Challenges in Region 4
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Region 5 Challenger Region 5 Challenger
Complete all Challenges in Region 5
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Master Speedfreak Master Speedfreak
Win 10 Piñata races
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Region 6 Challenger Region 6 Challenger
Complete all Challenges in Region 6
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Master Desert Collector Master Desert Collector
Make all Desert species resident
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Arctic Collector Arctic Collector
Make 3 Arctic species resident
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Master Challenger Master Challenger
Complete all Challenges in all Regions
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Moojoo Evolution Moojoo Evolution
Evolve a Moojoo from a Doenut
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Hoghurt Evolution Hoghurt Evolution
Evolve a Hoghurt from a Rashberry
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Polollybear Evolution Polollybear Evolution
Evolve a Polollybear from a Fizzlybear
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Dinokeeper Dinokeeper
Obtain a Choclodocus
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Master Candied Camera Master Candied Camera
Take a Special Photograph
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Choo-Choo Master Choo-Choo Master
Have a Spectral Locomotive in the garden
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Gone Clubbing Gone Clubbing
Knock 5 Sweets into Seed Holes using the Shovel
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Pieena Evolution Pieena Evolution
Evolve a Pieena from a Pretztail
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Candied Camera Candied Camera
Take 10 Photographs (Normal)
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Parmadillo Evolution Parmadillo Evolution
Evolve a Parmadillo from a Fudgehog
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Yakity Yak Yakity Yak
Collect milk from a Flapyak
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Chocstrich Evolution Chocstrich Evolution
Evolve a Chocstrich from a Cluckles
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Long Shot Long Shot
Knock 1 Sweet into a Seed Hole from Long Distance
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Choo-Choo Choo-Choo
Have a Woo Woo Train in the garden

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