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Spore Creatures Cheats for NDS
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Spore Creatures NDS Cheats

Rating: 3.3/5 VOTE
Spore Creatures Cheats

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Spore Creatures

Rating: 3.3/5 VOTE

Growing Fruit 94%
How to: If you are low on health and a herbivore, but there is no fruit readily available, use a water flower on a living tree, and 3 fruit will grow, letting u heal.
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Easier Parts 91%
How to: To find rare parts from a particular creature, be sure to wear the parts you already have from that creature to increase your chances.
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Species Guide Entries 91%
Each time you discover a creature, its info will be added to the Species Guide, including a biography and stats.
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Quicker Digging 91%
Instead of moving the stylus back and forth over a dirt mound, quickly rub it in a wide circle over the mound. This can cut your digging time in half.
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Cheats 90%
By earning Badge Points, you can purchase various cheats at the Cheat Shop in the Sporepedia. Your Badge Points must be earned by completing challenges in your Sporepedia. You will not be able to purchase these until you reach the fifth planet and unlock replay mode.
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Replay Mode 89%
Beat the 5 planet to unlock Replay Mode.
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Rare and Unique Parts 82%
These parts require a lot of patience, multiple nest dominations, and/or multiple befriending and defeating of a creature.
Supupie Arm: 13 attack and 11 defense, Tapti region 2
Ohi Mouth: carnivore with 9 attack and 31 metabolism, Tapti region 3
Jungu Arm: 19 attack and Leaf Flurry 1, Tapti region 3
Marconeer Arm: 30 attack, Tapti region 4
Skuzzalope Fin: Tapti region 4 or 5
Gorggue Mouth: carnivore with 17 attack and 65 metabolism, Tapti region 5, Super Sight required to see dirt mound near cave
Skribskrab Tail: 15 attack and Leaf Flurry 2, Pangu region 1
Flabawaba Eye: 63 social, Pangu region 1
Bubleebu Mouth: herbivore with 7 attack and 83 metabolism, Pangu region 2
Salafend Arm: 49 attack, Pangu region 2
Salafend Mouth: herbivore with 22 attack and 87 energy refresh, Pangu region 2
Spierters Mouth: carnivore with 30 attack and 112 metabolism, Baysee
Arclart Body: Baysee
Buffballows Arm: 42 attack and Heal 3, Baysee
Fan Tail: 21 attack and Leaf Flurry 3, Baysee, Super Sight required to see dirt mound at waterfall
Lileepa Eye: 95 social and 43 defense, Flubit
Scrop Eye: 99 social, Flubit
Scrop Arm: 63 attack, Flubit
Starspeck Fin: Zencrie region 1
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SECRET island 72%
Replay the first level with water legs go to the ocean and keep on walking to find a secret island.
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How to Make a Dragon 71%
Start with an Ohi or Salafend body, and add an Ohi mouth to it. Put a Marconeer eye on the main part of the mouth. Use the front and back legs of a Spierters, and after purchasing it at the Part Shop in the in-game Sporpedia, put a Dino Tail on the back. The Marconeer Fin will serve as the dragon's wings, and it doesn't hurt to hide a shrunken Supupie Mouth at the base of the Ohi Mouth. For additional flair, add two Bubleebu Fins to the back of the Ohi Mouth to serve as horns. END RESULT: a medium-sized, carnivorous dragon with 33 social, 36 attack, and 66 defense and Stun 1 and Flame Jet 1. It can be found in the first region of Pangu.
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R4 Card 69%
With a R4 Game Card including SporeŽ Creatures you can use cheats with the R4 Software on your DS! And you don't lose any Badge Point's. Not all cheats are avaiable with the R4. If the cheat you want is not avaible in the R4 and you have Spore on you R4, you always can use the Badge Menu in Sporepedia, on a R4 or a game card.
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Spore make creature...and planet 66%
After you beat the game you could get terraform mode.this means you could decorate the planet your on. it's fun!
By: morax1(116)
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Gar'skuther 58%
When you vs gar'skuther at the end dont pick dance because he is a champ at it just attack with the mouth that breaths fire until he kills you you will resporn at your rocket and a friend will be waiting there to help fight the you go and fight again until you die then there will be another friend to help and so on until you win.

it's quick and easy p.s bulldog.
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Deafeting Gar'skuther 47%
When you are level 30 or higher you can purchase gar'skuther's parts which means you have the highest attacks in the game then you can attack but if you don't want to attack him you can just dance it is hard so if you have enough badge points you can go to the cheat shop and make all the dances to an easy level.
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THE BEST EVERYTHING body parts up to the 4th world 46%
The best walker that can walk on everything is an oggies body is the glob-lod leg the fyistook leg the skuzzalope leg the stump and the gorggue back leg.

the best fighter that can kill everything with no legs is 4 glob-lod arms and 1 flabawaba arm.

the best eyes for ultimate sight are 8 takto eyes 1 jungu eye and 1 striklet eye.
By: HTOZER(89)
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When you see a sporeling click on it till you see the buttons but you must be FAST! When you click the sporeling press the call button(the one you befriend with) But RIGHT WHEN YOU PRESS IT you see the smile bubble and you just rub it on him once or rarly he will show 2 smile bubbles. BUT BEWARE he will keep on following you till you leave. But you will notice when you throw him when he lands you see a bunch of small hearts!
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To beat the game 34%
The face icon tells how fast you can make freinds so make freinds that will help you on you way!
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I would recremend for your creature 33%
Long legs you unlock like to walk on certain terrain because they are good defence
and like arms that you unlock for good attack
social doesn't matter to me.....
By: 3hailey8(290)
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Look Out 27%
Look out in spore because there are hidden creatures and loads of hidden items and try to get as many cards as possible good luck.
By: Blingcool5(212)
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Gar scuther 15%
It makes you have all the parts from gar'scuther
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SPORE Cheats 12%
-Cheat Codes (Creature Creator)

While in Creature Edit/Create mode, press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C to display the console window. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
Add 150 DNA points addDNA
List console commands help

-Will Wright's spinning head

Click on the galaxy to view it. Zoom out and begin spinning the galaxy. After a few seconds, Will Wrights' head will spin out of it.
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New Super Mario Bros. 8%
At the file screen, press LRA to play as Luigi
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Spore Creatures 341025How do you save little oogie on the 3rd level on the planet tapti? Thanks Answers: 7
Spore Creatures 349377What is a meeper? Answers: 8
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Spore Creatures 371792How do I kill the blue thing nere the borken parts? firest world Answers: 2
Spore Creatures 389524I'm stuck at the lava planet. Flubit I think. I have broken all the boulder, but I the lava doesn't cool, so I can't go get the starmap... I didn't break the one in the middle of the lava last, maybe that's why... Do I have to start over? Answers: 3
Spore Creatures 636674How do I delete my profile so that I can start the game again? Answers: 3
Spore Creatures 341883How do you refight gar'skuther?please help I really want to fight him again from replay mode. Answers: 6
Spore Creatures 373283How do you enter combat and win Answers: 5
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Spore Creatures 399158Where do you find the meat on the 4th planet to feed the spartins Answers: 1
Spore Creatures 423923On the second planet where you resock the food thay got 7 bannanas then I saved my game,later I went back on and knocked the bannanas down & they would not take them,help! Answers: 3
Spore Creatures 417369How do you get replay mode if you are on planet 2 but on level 30 because I need it to unlock certain cheats and body parts I really need. thanks! ~Pepsi~ Answers: 2
Spore Creatures 430825Which planet is the fyrisaba on because thats the only creature I need to finish that one badge? Answers: 1
Spore Creatures 447517Wheres the parts shop Answers: 1
Spore Creatures 462638Im stuck I cant get across this road thing in the snow cuz there is a frozen fish in the way it sez I have to warm it up first how do I do it please help Answers: 2
Spore Creatures 487316I'm stuck on Planet Baysee. My goal is to find the Arclats's missing object. Where can I find it? Answers: 2
Spore Creatures 508887How do you get the starspeck body? nds last planet Answers: 1
Spore Creatures 600378How do you unlock all parts? Answers: 1
Spore Creatures 624165How do I get a skuzzalope decoration? Answers: 1
Spore Creatures 863274On the 2nd planet first part I can't get the legs so I can walk on the dark blue ice.How do you get them. Answers: 2
Spore Creatures 414537I am in region Zager and have followed the digging skuzzalope, he has stopped at a little dirt pile which I have tried digging on but that just takes me back to the nest, im not sure what I need to do here, hope someone can help! Answers: 5
Spore Creatures 417148How can I the race with kimpoko Answers: 2
Spore Creatures 443437Where do you Find the Old Skuzzalopes dessert on the planet Tapti? Answers: 1
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