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Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise Cheats for NDS
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Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise NDS Cheats

Rating: 4.6/5 VOTE
Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise Cheats

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Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise

Rating: 4.6/5 VOTE

Pinata varints 100%
Gooba feed blueberry seed blue
moozipan feed sandwich blue
fudgehog feed chilie red
horsestascio feed chilie seed red
By: redhott01(25)
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Having a pet Sour shellybean 100%
Ok, so you need to make a fence place to trap the sour shellybean the get some seed to make it go in. Once its in buy a fence and close the trap.
on the ds it will never get ill! but on the x-box it will get ill D= this will also work for the other sours but you need to tend it with what it likes but DO NOT
tame it the the item it needs or you will have to try again. this will also work with ruffians but you will need to dig a hole.

Ruffian - Be a level 5 or higher
Sour Shellybean - be a level 2 gardener or better
Sour sherbet - be a level 3 gardener or better ( appears at level 4 )
Sour crowla - be a level 3 gardener or better ( appears at level 5 )
Sour Profettamole - be a level ? gardener or better ( appears at level 6 )

The rest I don't know sorry!
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Newtgot to Salamango 98%
How to make newtgat evolve into salamango: first get a newtgat then get a chilli then feed the chilli to the newgat then it will evolve to a salamango.
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Syrupent egg, TWINGERSNAP HATCHES! twingersnap egg, FOURHEADS HATCHES! 96%
Description: To get a twingersnap romance two syrupents and wait for the egg.
when you hav the egg tap with spade until smoke comes out the top.
when it hatches YAY! TWINGERSNAP!

To get a fourheads romance two twingersnaps and wait for the egg.
when you hav the egg tap with spade until smoke comes out the top.
when it hatches YAY! FOURHEADS!
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How to tame sours 93%
Description: There R A 8 Sours that need taming and IM going 2 tell YOU how.

1.Shellybean-feed it an apple seed (level 2)
2.Sherbat-feed it an jack-O-lantern (NOT a pumpkin) (level 3)
3.Crowla-have a birdbath in the garden feed it medicine bottle (level 3)
4.profitamole-have 2 mushrooms in the garden feed it a RED flutterscotch (level 6)
5.macaracoon-5 master romancer awards feed it a cluckles (level 7)
6.cocoadile-16% water has eaten 2 swananas and 1 sweetooth (level 8)
7.mallowolf-feed it a pigxie (level 8)
8.bonboon-has lost a fight against a syrupent twingersnap OR fourheads (level 10)
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Easy money + free stuff (+ free pinata ) 93%
Easy money
1.Hire sprinkling and trap her in a fence or water.
2.Hit her with spade and collect coins.
3.If she calls a Ruffian you can pay it to leave, scare it away, or dig water
around it and keep it!

Free stuff
1. go into the DS settings and set your birthday to today.
(If it is your birthday today then skip step one and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you")
2. next go into your pinata garden and wait a few minutes.
3. then it will say happy birthday and give you a cake, put it somewhere and
smash it open.
4.It will give you lots of romance candy, happy sweets, and a pinata egg
(normally it is a kittyfloss or a barbark)
5.hatch the egg and keep, sell, share or smash the pinata and do this again

to scare away a Ruffian you can use a barbark, just wake it up and send it to
the Ruffian!

Hope this helps!
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Whack Sprinkling for chocolate coins 92%
Description: If you have sprinkilng, then this cheat will work. All you have to do is whack Sprinling with your shovel and chocolate coins fall off of her. Each chocolate coin is worth $10. She will NOT quit, just get a little unhappy, the scream and run around in your garden, but she will not leave the garden.
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How to get redhotts and candary 92%
To get a redhott:

get a taffley and direct it to a lanturn (it should be on fire if not direct it to the lantern again)
when the taffly lands pour water over it (with the watering can) it should have turned into a

to get a candary:

get a sparrowmint, feed it a buttercup it will automatically turn into a candary!
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Evolution Pinatas 91%



lickatoad+N.shade berry+whack with spade=lackatoad

taffly+firebrand(direct taffly to firebrand)+watering can= reddhott
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This will only work if U R LVL 9

Buy a mine (after you tame a sour profitamole)
Get a candary (feed a sparrowmint a buttercup) and give it a gas mask
send the candary into the mine and keep doing this until an egg flies out this will be the:

(to hatch the egg you need a cluckles)

to mature a dragonache feed it a bottle of milk and a snapdragon flower.
it will win a fight against a salamango, dragumfly and reddhott.
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Produce Stuff 90%
Description: The only way this will work is if you have bart the scarecrow

apple=toffee apple
blackberry= jam
bread= sandwich
banana=banana split
gooseberry=gooseberry fool
gem=rainbow gem

*to get honey get buzzlegum and get willy to build a honey hive
feed buzzlegum a buttercup first to make honey.
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To get ur own Pigxies 88%
To get a pixie you need to have a swanana and a rashberry or thier varients ie a red rashberry instead of a purple one, have thier houses and have already romanced them with thier own kind (this does not however mean that the rashberry and pixie you use have to have romanced personally) you need the mystery home built and for the pinata to have the romance sign on thier heads then just romamce them like you would any other pinata and POOF pixie egg however they do tend to fight the rashberry or swanana when they have grown up
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Feed a quackberry a gooseberry
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ALL evolution 87%
lickatoad+n.shade berrie=lacatoad
swanna+rashberrie romanced in mystery house=pigxie (you must have a swanna and rashberrie house in garden too and have romanced rashberries twice and swannas twice)
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How to get a candary 86%
If you get a sparrowmint and a buttercup, feed the buttercup to the sparrowmint. It will turn into a canday! LEVEL 2!
By: Cookie Crumble(88)
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Salamango 86%
If you get a newtgat and a chilli, feed the newtgat the chilli and it will turn into a salamango. LEVEL 5!
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Get Seedos to give you seeds. 85%
If Seedos won't give you a seed, just get out your shovel and whack him. It's also pretty funny because he screams and runs away.
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How to make a Reddhott 85%
To get a Reddhott, direct a Taffly towards a Firebrand that is lit up and water it when it catches on fire and it will turn into a Reddhott.
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Transform Lickatoad into a Lackatoad 84%
Feed lickatoad a nightshade berry then WHACK whith your spade before it gets ill
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Get money fast!!! 84%
If you copy your game onto both your other slots, you can go on those games and send all your money to your other one, do this until you have 99,999 chocolate coins! :) P.S. you can only send things if you have gretchem fetchem.
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How to catch a Ruffian 84%
If a ruffian comes in your garden while it is attacking something dig water all around it, dig a lake and it is yours. I have ruffian 3.
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Blue dragon 84%
Hatch the dragonache egg in water & get a blue dragonache!
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Extra fast growing plants 82%
First get a coccodile.
Next led them to a plant.
You cannot do it to a tree.
I have not tried a bush so try it!
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Evolvation 81%
First get a firebrand from Cost a lot`s store and lead one of your Tafly residents to it. Then wait for it to set on fire and land by the firebrand then quickly water the Tafly with your watering can . Now you have a Redhott resident.

Get a Quackberry resident and lead it to a gooseberry now you have a Juicygoose resident.

Get a Newtgat resident and feed it a chilli and now you have a Salamango resident.

Romance two Syrupent then poke (tap) the egg till it bounces and a twigersnap will hatch from the egg.

Feed a Sparrowmint a buttercup flower head and it will turn into a Candary.

Feed a Flutterscotch a poppy flower head and it will turn red if you feed it a watercress flower head it will turn green and a bluebell flower head it will turn blue and a buttercup flower head it will yellow.
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How to get a candary 81%
Feed a butter cup to a sparowment
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How to attract a Jeli 80%
When you are a level 6 gardener you probably see this weird caveman pinata walking around the outside of your garden. Well, it is attracted by blackberries. My brother is level six and put around 12 of the blackberry trees in his garden. Sure enough, the jeli kept on coming in and he has it right now. Good luck and no I don't know if you HAVE to be level 6 or not...
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How to get a hooty frooty 79%
This is how you get a frooty hooty 1. you need to be a level 6 need some mouse mallows in your garden you need 3 mouse mallows for it to need 5 mouse mallows for it to come inside your needs to eat 3 mouse mallows to become a resadent.
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More Evolution 79%
Salamango= newtgat+chilli



reddhott=burn/w fire brand, then put out with watering can.

lacatoad=get a lickatoad to eat a nightshade berry then when he is coughing, hit him
with your shovel.

pigxie=get a: rashberry, swanana, mystery house, swanana house, rashberry house, and romancing requirements for your swanana &amp rashberry. then romance swanana and rashberry.

candary=sparrowmint+buttercup flower

dragonache=get a candary with a gas mask to work in the mine, (egg should appear after a while) then hatch egg with cluckles.

blue dragonache= hatch dragonache egg in water (?).

twingersnap=tap on syrupent egg with shovel until green gas comes out.

fourheads= tap on twingersnap egg with shovel untill green gas comes out.
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ZUMBUG evelution of HORSTASHIO 79%
Easy one give a horstashio a black berry
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Many Jelis 78%
U only can get one jeli but if you copy the game to a different slot you can send your jeli over and have as many as you want!
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Evolution 78%
Quackberry&goose berry=juicy goose
Sparrowmint&buttercup head=candary
lickatoad&N.shade berry&whack with shovel=lackatoad
taffly&direct taffly to firebrand+watering can= reddhott
to mature a dragonache feed it a bottle of milk and a snapdragon flower +it will win a fight against a salamango, dragumfly and reddhott.The next message I post will tell you how to hatch a dragonache egg.
By: pretztail101(34)
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Owning a ruffian, etc. 77%
When ruffians eter your garden, dig a lake around it or trap it with a fence!
Same with sprinkling and seedos and pinatas that are visiting.

For sprinkling, you can hit it with the shovel and steal its cash! BEWARE! It can atract ruffians BUT you can trap them too...
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JELI 77%
Dont listen to people that say "you can only get it at lvl 6" I found out that you can only get one per profile,but you have to remove all light sources.then you wait till night, there is no warning when it comes so you have to keep a watch on your map and then when you see it wait untill it walks in your garden. then SMACK it.
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How to got easy money on vivia pinata pocket parodise 77%
Go to lotties and buy a firestand for 220 then go to gretchans ( if unlocked ) and get 4 tafflys for 2400 chocolate coins wait about 2 minuets for gretchen to hunt them down place them in the garden escort all 4 tafflys to the fireband and sprinkle water over them while on fire untis you see circling stars around the taffly and its a red hot you can turn is to a variant by using blue bells for more value sell them all if there not varients you will get 8800 chocolate coins if you turn them all to varients you will get more than 10000 chocolate coins
By: Doctor who73(54)
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just pour water on it.


medicine is made from honey but is worth less when turned into medicine.

if you think ice cream is made from milk, think again.
tinkering milk only makes CHEESE

tinker a banana for banana split its obvious :)

you dont need to make a buzzlegum eat flowers to make honey, get it a hat(weird right?)
and it will b auto.


Process to get a fourheads

get a syrupent. romance it. when the egg comes, poke it until it farts green gas. remember, POKE not SMACK

then romance the twingersnap and do the same thing.

and you get a fourheads.
(dont put a badgersnap with fourheads, it will b murdered.

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Gamemaster 007 76%
For this you need a spare file space and the hunter

1) Copy your exsisting file using the options menu and the horatio
2) Go to the newly created file and sell everything
3) Go to the hunter and by a p.o crate in the post section

(you can only have 1 crate at a time)

4) Click on the crate and select the money icon in the top right corner of the screen
5) Place the maximum ammount of money in the crate
6) Click the crate again and selec the send icon
7) Send the crate to yourself

(You can buy another crate when your existing one has been sent)

8) Repeat this as many times as you want
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Evolution 76%
Newgat into a Salamango feed it a chiliy. Twigersnap to a fourhead do the same thing in how you got a Twigersnap. Quackberry into a juisygoose feed it a gooseberry Pigxe romance a Swanana twice and a Rashberry twice then romance a Swanana and a Rashberry together in a Mystery house hope this helps!
By: Pearli97(78)
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Money money get rich 76%
Plant alot chily seeds they can be selled for 300 if you sell 10 is 3000 and 100 is 30000
easy way to get rich cuz seeds are only 20
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Happy birthday 75%
Set your ds setting for your birthday as tomorrow they will then send you a birthday cake in it and a special egg.
By: emzlou81(46)
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SUPER EASY CASH!!!!!!!!!! 75%
1st make sure you can send p.o. box from gretchens fetchem
2nd copy account
3rd go to copied account and sell EVERYTHING
4th buy p.o. box from gretchens fetchem
5th send $ to regular account~note: you're only allowed 3 boxes in your inbox at a time~
6th repeat as needed and when you're out of $.... delete the copied one and re copy it and repeat as many times as you want~note: only allowed 99,999 coins at a time
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I can sees it and money 75%
Both to do withPAFITAMOLE 1st give it glasses to help it see 2nd buy a mine use pafitamoles to dig for MONEY SWEET SWEET MONEY
By: areodactyl(319)
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Salamango how to get one! 75%
To get a salamango you feed a newtgat a chilie
By: alevender2(115)
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2-4 headed snake 75%
1st tap a syripent egg two heads then tap a 2 headed one bingo 4 heads
By: areodactyl(319)
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Free egg for your birthday! 75%
Hey! Set your Nintendo DS's Birthday setting for today or tomorow and when you log on to Viva Pinata you will recive a birthday cake! Smash it open and you get a ton of romance candy and happy candy PLUS you will get either a kittyfloss or a barkbark egg!
Do this with all your profiles!
By: Squeakawhirl(44)
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When u get a dragonache egg 75%
1.put your dragonache egg in grass (any kind) and when it hatch's it will be green.
2.put it in water it will be blue.
3.put it on dried/cracked earth it will be gold
4.put it on freash soil it will be plain.

I do not know how to get a red one yet.
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Get double pinatas from hunter and only pay ONCE!!!!! 75%
1.get hunter to get you a pinata or pinatas in main file

2.while she is gone copy the main file copy get the pinata(s)

5.pack pinata(s) and send to main file

5.(optional) sell every thing and pack the money and send it to the main file. This is called the money cheat.

6.go to main file and unpack everything.

7.(optional) Go to main menu and delete copy

8.By the time everyting is unpacked the hunter should be back with the original pinata(s) you ordered so get those. now have double the first amount of pinatas to sell, mate or variant for experience or money.

I hope this helped!
By: Lpsgamer01(5)
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Cheats 74%
When your birthday rolls around and you turn this game on, you will be rewarded with a special item (according to what you set it as on your Nintendo DS unit).
Hint: Piñata Evolution
Some Piñatas can be changed into others by feeding them certain items or tapping their eggs. These are as follows:
• Candary - Give Sparrowmint a buttercup flower
• Salamango - Give Newtgat a chilly
• Juicygoose - Give Quackberry a gooseberry
• Twingersnap - Tap a Syrupent egg until smoke comes out
• Fourheads - Tap a Twingersnap egg until smoke comes out
• Redhott - Give a Taffly a firebrand.
• Zumbug - Give a Horstachio a blackberry.
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How to get a lackatoad! 74%
You have to feed a lickatoad a nightshade berry and then WHACK not tap, WHack it with your shovel.
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How to geta RED HOT(evolution of TAFLY) 74%
First buy a torch (stick with fire on end ) have a taffly ,now set your tafly alight , then water it
By: areodactyl(319)
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How to get a salamango 74%
If you get a newtgat and a chilli, feed the newtgat the chilli and it will turn into a salamango. LEVEL 5!
By: Cookie Crumble(88)
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Jeli 73%
To get a jeli get to level 6 sell all lights it well come at night on level 6 when it comes in it stays on the coner of the garden take out your shovel hit it and it is yours. hop this helps
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Splash The Cash££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ 73%
Get as many pinatas in your garden then save and QUIT then go on options then go on the horstachio stamp then click copy game and copy the game onto a empty spot then sell EVERYTHING and go to Gretchen Fetchems and go on the mailbox and click on the P.O. Crate [5 chocolate coins] and put it on your garden and put as much money as you can into it holds up to 9999 coin per crate the send it to the other game and keep doing it until all the coins are gone.
By: RedPalkia(28)
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The REAL way to get a CANDANARY 73%
By: areodactyl(319)
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Extra fast plant growth 73%
First get a coccodile.
Next led them to a plant.
You cannot do it to a tree.
I have not tried a bush so try it!
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Fertilizer 73%
Feed apples,blackberries,bananas,pine cones,hazel nuts,and other fruits to a taffly it will make a pile of fertilizer
tap on it
put the fertilizer on flowers or vegtables(it has to be the same color as the flower or vegtable)
then with vegtables it will make them bigger and you can sell them for more and for flowers it will give you 3 of the flower
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How to get a lackatoad 73%
If you get a lickatoad and a nightshade berry (available level 8) and feed the berry to the lickatoad, you will get a lacktoad. LEVEL 8!
By: Cookie Crumble(88)
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Jeli (Yeti) 73%
Teh Jeli will come when it is dark in you'r garden. You have to be level 6 to get him to come. When you see him hit him with you'r shovel. You can only find 1 Yeli in one acount. You have to go to the options and copy you'r file and get the Yeli there then send it over to the other acount. I hope this helps. :)
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What happens if i acidentally hit my sprinkling with my shovel 72%
She gets mad and starts to call a ruffians or she sffocates your flowers with mass amounts of water witch makes them die

How do I stop her?
You fire her
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Easy money 71%
Buy tons of orchids and plant them. once they are fully grown dont pick them but sell them on the stem. they are worth 450 chocolate coins. if you fertilize them they will be worth a lot more.
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Redhott 71%
How to get a redhott is by using a taffy and pointing it to a firebrand which you can get at costolts ,also use fire from the firebrand and spray water from your water can and tada a redhott
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How to get a redhott 71%
If you get a taffly and a fire thing, direct the taffly to the fire but make sure it is ON! Then it will fly but when it has landed, sprinkle water over it and it will turn into a redhott. LEVEL 3 READY FOR LEVEL 7!
By: Cookie Crumble(88)
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Sour bonboon and the four head family 71%
The Syrept can not win a fight against the sourbonboon. only twingersnap and four heads.
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Romancing jeli 70%
1. Get a jeli(hit jeli when in garden)

NOTE : only one jeli will EVER come

2. copy acount with Jeli

3. send jeli in copy acount in P.O. crate

4. unpack crate in real account

5. get jeli house from willy builder

6. give them love candy OR ten rainbow gems each

7. romance

8. tap on the house to see them dance(while they are in it)

9. get a cluckles to sit on the egg to speed it up

10. delete copy acount(if you want)

By: Spyro73(33)
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Seedos warning 70%
When seedos comes into your garden you ask him 4 seed then hit him then ask then hit
but when he comes back the next time he will not give you seeds but throw weed seeds into your garden
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Meeting ivors standers 69%
After giving ivor the money he needs he'll come back for food aftre you have given him what he needs. he will open a store with plants and other needed godies!
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Lackitoad 69%
(before you read this I wasnt playin when I wrote this so dont question my spelling of the purple acide digesting toad) I found this out in the playground if you feed a lickitoad a night shadeberry then wack it with a shovel it will turn into a lackitoad!
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Dragonace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!how to get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 68%
You have to get a candary (sparromint+buttercup flower=candary)put a gas mask on it (in accesories at gretchem fetchems) and send it down a mine,and an egg will come out. P.S you will have to feed it things for it to go into its cacoon,and WHAT EVER YOU DO,DONT CLICK ONE OF THE BUTTUONS UP TOP WHEN YOUVE CLICKED ON AN ADULT DRAGONACE!
By: alevender2(115)
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Evolution 68%
Sweetooth= get a badgesicle and get it to go in water
candary= get a sparrowmint to eat a buttercup
Golden Dragonache= must be born on dried/cracked earth
salamango= get a newtgat to eat a chili
reddhott= get a firebrand and get the taffly to go to the firebrand it will be on fire then por water on the taffly
lackatoad= feed a nightshade berry then hit with a shovel to a lickatoad
twingersnap= get a syrpent egg then tap it till steam comes out
foreheads= get a twingersnap egg then tap it with a shovel till steam comes out
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Trapped on a lonely island. 67%
First you probably want to copy a slot with sprinkling because your garden might get destroyed. You use the water shovel to trap the sprinkling in your garden. Then dig a lake and put the sprinkling on an island so it is stuck. You can hit it with a shovel and it doesn't run from you. It calls for a Ruffian to come help it. The Ruffian has to go though the lake to get to the sprinkling and if you had it in a corner you can hit it until the ruffian comes for a long time.
You can also trap sour pinatas this way and keep them sour.
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Evolve 67%
Zumbug= horstachio + blackberry
candary= sparrowmint + butter cup
salamango= newtgat + chilli
sweetooth= badgesicle has to swim inn water
juicygoose= quackberry + gooseberry
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Newtgat into salamango,feed it a chili!
quakberry into juisygoose,feed a gooseberry
bunnycomb into pink bunnycomb,feed it a waterlily
clukles into green clukles feed it a acorn
fourheads into green fourheads feed it a gooseberry
whirlm into purple whirlm feed it a turnip
zumbug into a pink zumbug feed it a waterlily
By: lewischeats123(63)
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Viva pinata poket paradise hints and tips MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 67%
When you are lvl 2~3 cos that is when you need the money,get a bird of paradise seed.mabye 20 of them then plant them in the ground and water them!when they are fully grown you will get over 300 coins for each one.
By: lewischeats123(63)
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Money cheat 67%
You'll have to delete one of your games for this so you copy your good game onto your bad one go into your bad game and sell every single thing then go to the hunter and get a P.O box send all your money in that box to your good account on your good account unpack it and you'll have heaps i'm a wealthy master its a real helpful tip

this was found by my friend
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Lackitoad 67%
If you want one you need to be a lvl eight and grow a n.shade bush (i sugest you get a sprinkling for this)then give it to a lickatoad then wack it with a shovel after it starts going cough cough and TADAAAA its urs
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Sour Pinatas: How to take care of them the easy way 67%
Build a fence around your garden. Then smack the sour pinata with your shovel. Remember to destroy all sour candy.
*You will not level up that much this way.
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Salamango 67%
If you get a newtgat and a chilli, feed the newtgat the chilli and it will turn into a salamango. level 5! hope this helps you allso i done this cheat on my sisters file and shes level 4
By: sadyoshi(3)
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How to scare ruffains away with a mallowolf 66%
I HATE ruffains. Thats why I always have a mallowolf in my garden in case one comes. I get it to howl and it scares them off. Simple as that.
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Varients 65%
Bunnycomb+waterlily=pink bunnycomb
cluckles+acorn=green cluckles
fourheads+gooseberry fool=bright green fourheads
whirlm+turnip=purple whirlm
Zumbug+waterlily=pink zumbug
By: explode9(95)
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Mushrooms 65%
Use bart to transform a toadstool
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Whirlim glitch 64%
This is a glitch or an easter egg(maybe).All you do is have an complete shovel upgrade.Then, you find a whirlim and break it.It might get sick or it would split into two newborn whirlims.Ive done this before and its works!
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More cool vaireants and tinkerable items 63%
Carrot,bart,carrot cake
monkey nut,bart,peanut butter
banna,bart,banna split
apple,bart,toffe apple
gooseberry,bart,gooseberry fool
pumkin,bart,jack o lantern!
feed a dog medicine it will turn pink!
By: lewischeats123(63)
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Getting money 62%
This may take a while and may cost you a good amount but it's so worth it. Get a buzzlegum, goobaa, and moozipan. Then buy a shearing shed, milking shed and honey hive. Then give the buzzlegum a beekeepers hat. (This is important so you don't have to pay to have it make honey.) Plant a watercress seed and a sunflower seed. Feed the moozipan the sunflower and the goobaa the watercress. Then just lead them to their shed and you have your produce. it takes awhile but it really pays off.

By Platinum82
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The esyist way To get Sepurents stop eatin your Moues mallows is to have LOTS OF BADGESICLES. NOw I have a garden full of Mousemallows and 4 BADGESICLES
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Evolve the duck 61%
Feed a duck a gooseberry and it becomes a juicygoose
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Dancing Seedo's 61%
To Make seedo's Dance Water him with them watering can
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Da masta pinata 60%
Dunno how to finish da game?havin trouble wit dat pinata on da top of da pyramid?wel im here da help:)!da pinata dats on da top of da pirimid is...DRAGONACHE!1.get da lv9 2. get candary a gasmask 3.get da mine 4.make it go in da mine til da dragonache egg 5.hach it with da cluckles and your DONE(u have to evolv it too!
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Quick Cash 60%
Start With Some Red Fertilizer.
Then Plant Some Chillies.
Fertilize The Chillies.
And They Sell For $600 Each.
By: DjToniik(7)
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Real jeli 59%
YOU CAN ONLY GET IT A level 6 NO higher NO LOWER WAIT TILL NIGHT AND WHEN IT COMES IN YOU GARDEN WHACK IT but it won't come with a warning so use the map at night a level 6
By: Doctor who73(54)
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Evoulution 58%
Feed a chille to a newgat and it turns into a salmango
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To get Dragonache (Dra-gon-ash) you need to be level 9. When you are lvl 9 go to willy builder and get the mine (You can buy it at lvl 6 when you get a sour profitamole but you can only get a Dragonache at lvl 9) and then get a candary (you get it by feeding a buttercup flower to a sparrowmint and it evolves inot a Candary) and when you have a caught or evolved candary go to Gretchmen Fetchens and go to accessories and buy the candary a gas mask and send it into the mine, then it will eventually come out with a Dragonache egg, you also need a pet cluckes which can be bought from petulas papper pets or on DS you get it in Gretchmen fetchens. so when you buy a cluckes make it hatch the egg. OTHER CHEATS

Capture a Ruffian by during it fighting a pinata you fence it with the blackishe fence.
To evolve a newtgat into a Salomango feed it a chilli. To evolve a horstachio into a zumbug feed it a blackberry. To get a Pixgie romance a swannana and a rashberry in the mystery house after you romance them with there breed.
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Holy sugar!!!its 57%
I,like,just hit lv6 and this creepy monster thing entered my I just,like,hit it with my shovel and it said ''resident requirements met''and it also said 'jeli'and I got a hole lot of experience!
By: pretztail(77)
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éxperience 57%
Romace,variantate all of you residents.also,evolve the following:
hope this helps:)
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How to make Willy build faster 57%
Once willy gets in the building, stay by it and wait till willy falls asleep. (sometimes he doesnt) then get out your shovel and tap it twice. if you tap it again you can change the pace he builds it by repeadetly tapping it.
By: Evilhuio(115)
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Pet your pinata 57%
When you have any typew of pinata double click it and move your stylus around the screen on top of your pinata and you can pet it also if you do this over an over again then you can get 2 certificates for this.
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Cloning! 56%
A pain in the but for some species, and a 50/50 chance, its still awsome! To make sure you know how to do this, lets start with whirlms(im not sure on spelling). Get 99 whirlms overall, not in your garden at once, just overall.sell number 99. now have gretchen fetch 2 or more whirlms. now they are both named "whirlm 99". smash one of your choice untill it breaks. on a half chance basis, candy wont pop out when you smash this 99th creature. instead........two whirlms(or other species) come out! They will both be new borns. Try different species! Then brag to your friends this cool trick! now get an expensive species....maybe redhott? keep doing this. sell one of the clones, keep and smash the other. (newborns cannot be cloned) within a few minutes you will have a lot of cash!
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Viva pinta pocket paradise 56%
If you keep giving stuff to ivor he will open up his own store at costolots
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Glitch of dragumfly (dragonfly) 54%
As soon as a dragumfly touches a toarch pour water on top of it then you have an invinsible dragumfly but on fire so it cant be put out.
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Naughty Ruffians! 53%
When A Ruffian Enters Your Garden, It Can Cause Mayhem! If Your garden Is Surrounded By Water It Will Dig To Get Through. If You Have A Sprinkling In The Garden, The Ruffian Will Drag Her Away. If You Surround Sprinkling I a fence, Mr Ruffian Will Destroy The Fence And Still Drag Her Away. The Only Way To Keep, Her From Being Taken Is To Fire Her Before She Leaves The Garden Then Buy Another One. Naughty Ruffians!
By: knuckvin10(184)
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Lollies for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mmm! 50%
Get a Macaraccoon.Click on the pinata and at the top of the screen it will have a little icon which will have the head of the pinata with a romance lollie under it click on it and the pinata will head out of your garden and go into a cave. After a while it will return to your garden with a lollie .Most of the time it comes back with a romance lollie!I currently have 44 romance lollies!
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