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FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage Cheats for PC
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FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage PC Cheats

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FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Sofia Martinez Strategy for Street Class 100%
Sofia is usually a cautious racer, but she gets mean in the Street class with her Canyon. This truck is often too heavy to PIT or force into a crash, and she doesn't take kindly to overtakers, making her a serious threat if you get too close. However, she struggles with the weight and frequently overshoots corners, giving you an opportunity to steal her spot while she tries to recover. If you see her boosting from behind you, move over! If your car is heavy enough (like the Bullet GT or Speedshifter) and you're feeling brave, you can position yourself so that she rams you in the center of your back bumper, pushing you forward. Only try this on the straights or you could end up spinning.
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Frank Malcov Achievement 100%
After a race in Flatout Mode (the game's career mode), the Top Drivers section is shown. If you and Frank Malcov (the A.I. driver with the strongest vehicles in each class, shown by a purple triangle on the mini-map) are the only two listed, you will earn the achievement. This is tough because Frank often finishes in the bottom four, his vehicles are slow, and you never know what he's going to do. He's often knocked around, so he often gets the Bulldozer title and sometimes the Best Wrecker or Blast Master. It's up to you to get Fastest Lap and/or Best Wrecker or Blast Master, and with a little luck, you'll get the achievement.
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Baseball Strategy 100%
Before you even start going down the ramp, angle your car left to avoid the baseball. Launch at a 26 degree angle and nudge shortly before you hit the bat, aimed at the center of the sweet spot. If done correctly, you should get a long, low flight, easily getting a home run and a score of over 400. Doing this, my best was 453.
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Lei Bing Strategy in Derby and Race Class 100%
In the Derby and Race class races, Lei Bing has the fastest, most nimble cars: the Grinder and Insetta, respectively. She usually starts somewhere between third and seventh place, giving her an edge on the others. She doesn't handle elevation changes well, so you can catch her there, often battling for first. If you perform a PIT maneuver on her (nudge the corner of her rear bumper), you can spin her out. In the Grinder, she simply can't recover and the race is yours. Her Insetta is front-wheel drive, so she can recover rather quickly, but her movements are very predictable and you can easily block her.
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Water canal nitro 100%
The #1 way to gety nitro on the water canal map is to bust through stores and it almost fills up your nitro tank all the way!please use this
By: gamer guy 101(16)
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Flat out 75%
To ulock afre thin and have ocdes chet ler5c20bfdu
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Easier Race Wins 67%
Struggling to get past an opponent in a race? Use a PIT manuever! Drive up to the corner of your opponents bumper. Turn slighty so as to give that corner a shove. If done right, your opponent should spin out of control, letting you move up a spot and possibly giving you a Slam as well. Be forewarned, you must hit that corner with conviction, but not so much that you end up spinning yourself out!
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FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage 53%
Unlock Pimpster: Enter RUTTO as a code.
Unlock Mob car: Enter BIGTRUCK as a code.
Unlock Rocket car: Enter KALJAKOPPA as a code
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All the achievements on flatout ultimate carnage xbox 360 38%
Unlock all Achievements: Enter GOTEMALL as a code
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