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Wizard101 Cheats for PC
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Wizard101 PC Cheats

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Wizard101 Cheats

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Wizard101-Wizard City Cheats 67%
"History of Magic" book locations
1.Unicorn Way, Lady Blackhope's Room-History of Life Magic.
2.Cyclops Lane, General Akillies's Room-History of Myth Magic.
3.Triton Avenue,Harvest Lords Room-History of Storm Magic.
4.Firecat Alley, Prince Allicane Swiftarrow's Room-History of Fire Magic.
5.Colossus Boulevard, Prince Gobblestone's Room-History of Ice Magic.
6.Haunted Cave, Lord Nightshade's Room-History of Death Magic.

For the first book, complete Unicorn Way, an Olde Town guard tells you to defeat Lady Blackhope, then you can access the next 3 streets, then finish all the quests in each street and defeat the bosses 1 by 1 (including the Storm Kraken), then go to the Headmaster and he will give you access to the last street, finish those quests, defeat the boss, (you'll be asked to defeat 2 other bosses on the street, then asked to defeat the main boss again, then you'll be done)! then go back to the Headmaster and you'll have to defeat Foulgaze in Olde Town then go after Lord Nightshade in Stormdrain Tower in the Haunted Cave.

"Smith" Locations
Ravenwood-By that bench near the Myth school also near that gap where the Death school used to be.
Golem Court-Look behind the Golem Tower near Dragon's Mouth Cave.
Shopping Distract-When you first enter, take a right and then go through a narrow opening between some plants and a non-accessible building, then continue walking until you find another tree.
Olde Town-Look to a side of the building near Gloria Krendall.
Unicorn Way-Look near the entrance to the Hedge Maze.
Cyclops Lane-Look in the park where Nolan Stormgate and 2 Wizard City guards are located.
Triton Avenue-Look in the non-enemy area with waterfalls and portals.
Firecat Alley-Look near Fireglobe Theater, (AKA the place Prince Allicane Swiftarrow lives in).
Colossus Boulevard-Look near the Gobbler Palaace.
By: JasonReed05(184)
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Free Hidden Furniture Guide 66%
Did you know that in Wizard101, there is furniture hidden everywhere in the spiral, and it's all FREE? In this guide, I will show you where most of the furniture is. Please note that not every furniture item is found yet. If you found a new one, please post it in the comments! Thanks! Also, the furniture is one per person, so you can't take more than one!
Wizard101 cheat video Cheat Video
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How to get free Painting and Brain in a Jar 66%
Free Painting:
Go to Ravenwood.
Go inside the Myth School.
Go up the steps to Cyrus Drake and turn right.
You should see a Lynx Gazer painting.
Walk up to it and press X.

Brain in a Jar:
Go to Triton Avenue.
Go down the street until you find Dark Cave.
Go down THAT street and go to Stormdrain Tower.
Defeat Lord Nightshade.
Run up against the wall and go around in a circle against it.
Find the Brain in a Jar it should be against the wall.
Press X.
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Keep Your 1 Day Mount Forever (Works On Any Day Mount) 64%
When Your Mount Is About To Run Out Of Time, Go To Your Castle Or Dorm, Open Your Attic And Put It In The Attic. The Next Day, Go To Your Attic And And Take Your Mount Out And It Will Have All The Time Back On The Mount.
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How To Get Easy Gold 60%
You Don't Want To Sell Them In The Shopping District
This Works If You Sell Clothing From Outside Of Wizard City. You Sell The Unwanted To The BAZAAR Or Feed Them To Your Pet. If You Sell Items From Outside Wizard City To The BAZAAR, It Sells Them For An High Price Since You Cannot Earn It From Wizard City And It's Hard To Earn! :)
I Know Some Of You Might Know This But It's Helpful!
Thanks For Checking Out This Tip.
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Sprite Pet For Free 57%
To a sprite pet you have to defeat rattlebones survial times until you find it
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Baily Spiritblades amazing cheats 56%
1. Have you ever wondered about the waterfall next to rainbow bridge? Well it has a secret door and in that door there is the death school and if you want to see it look no further. Just find me in the commons, ( wizard city, krokotopia, grizzlehiem ) and ill show you.

2. If you can go to krokotopia, and go to the shopping place wich is next to the oasis there is a secret shop and it has a shopkepper below and a trainer above.


4. The best place for selling stuff is the bazzar.

5 . Here are SOME of the hidden furniture that you can get in WIZARD CITY.
If you go to lady black hopes tower in unicorn way you get a FREE open book if you look all around her tower.
If you go to myth classroom look to thr Right of cyrus drake and there will be a picture of a lynx gazer.
Ok those are just 2 of 4 ( one is in the wizard city pet shop and one is in lord nightshades tower in haunted cave


By baily spirit blade lvl 20 conjurur ( myth )
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Dark Sprite Pet 55%
If you want a Dark Sprite Pet go to the boss Lord Nightshade in Haunted cave and defeat him over and over you will get it soon.
The Dark Sprite Pet gives you a Dark Sprite Spell.
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Easy leveling up 54%
How to level up in 3 easy steps
1:Go to castle tours.
2:Go to top rated houses
3:Go to Logan ash vaults house

You will find winter bane gauntlet and midnight sun pagoda.Do them 2-3 times per day and you will level up.Please add me if you see me.My wizard name is Charles shadowmancer in School of Life level 17 and Blaze lifehammer in School of Death.Again please add me if you see me I have no friends.Ill be posting more hints,cheats and tips.
Bye everybody.Have a nice day.
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Pets Cheats 52%
Okay there r not cheats and sorry if this is 2 long
Blue Ghost Dropped pets N/A Cyclops Lane Wizard City 1) Defeat General Akilles at General Akilles' Keep
Dark Fairy Dropped pets Some have card and some do not N/A Haunted Cave (at end of Triton Avenue) Wizard City 1) Defeat Lord Nightshade at Stormdrain Tower
Fire Salamander Dropped pets N/A Throne Room of Fire (Instance)Palace of Fire Krokotopia 1) Defeat Prince Manu Nirini in Throne Room of Fire (Instance)
Firewing Dropped pets N/A Yoshihito Temple MooShu 1) Defeat Ember Everburn in Ancient Burial Grounds
Drips O' Slimey (Blood Bat) Dropped pets Has card (Blood Bat ~ 85-125 damage, Myth, 1 Pip) N/A Tomb of Storms Krokotopia 1) Defeat Krokopatra in Temple of Storms (Instance)
Ghoul Dropped pets N/A Krokosphinx Krokotopia 1) Defeat Prince Suten Sokkwi in Emperor's Retreat (Instance)
Green Ghost Dropped pets N/A Tree of Life Instance 1) Defeat Akuji in Tree of Life (Instance)Yoshihito Temple MooShu
Grumpy Snowman Dropped pets Has card (Evil Snowman ~ 280-340 damage, Ice, 3 Pips) N/A Scotland Yard Marleybone 1) Defeat Jacques the Scratcher in Knight's Court
Krokomummy Dropped pets N/A Krokosphinx Krokotopia 1) Defeat Keeper of the Fang in Vault of Ice (Instance)
Melty Jack (Evil Snowman) Dropped pets N/A Digmoore Station Marleybone 1) Defeat Pops O'Leary in Ironworks (Instance)
Minotaur Dropped pets N/A Yoshihito Temple MooShu 1) Defeat Youkai in Tree of Life (Instance)
Pixie 1 (Healing Fairy) Dropped pets Has card (Fairy ~ 480 health, Life, 2 Pips) N/A Scotland Yard Marleybone 1) Defeat Smogger in Katzenstein's Lab (Instance)
Rat Magician (White Rat) Dropped pets N/A Royal Museum Marleybone 1) Defeat Sprockets in Counterweight East (Instance)
Snow Serpent 2 (Serpent) Dropped pets N/A Colossus Boulevard Wizard City 1) Defeat Prince Gobblestone at Gobblestone Castle
Spider Golem Dropped pets N/A Digmoore Station Marleybone (Ravenwood Wizard City) 1) Defeat Stoker in Kensington Park (Instance) 2) Defeat Pumpkin Head in Master Tower (available during Hallowe'en only)
Sprite (Light Fairy) Dropped pets N/A Firecat Alley Wizard City 1) Defeat Prince Alicane Swiftarrow at Fireglobe Theater
Storm Bat Dropped pets Has card (Lightning Bats ~ 285-325 damage, Storm, 2 Pips) N/A Shoshun Village MooShu 1) Defeat the Great Water Spirit (Wavebringer) in Shirataki Temple (Instance)
Storm Hound Vendor Pets Has card (Storm Hound ~ 120 damage per pip over 3 rounds, Storm, X Pips) 40,000 coins or 14,960 crowns Dragonspyre pet vendor or Prospector Zeke in Dragonspyre y
Storm Salamander Dropped pets N/A Tomb of Storms Krokotopia 1) Defeat Prince Aka Karanahn in Karanahn Palace
Sunbird 1 (Sunbird) Dropped pets Has card (Sunbird ~ 345-405 damage, Fire, 3 Pips) N/A Hametsu Village MooShu 1) Defeat War Oni in Crimson Fields (Instance) 2) Defeat Katsumori in Crimson Fields (Instance)
Treant (Tree) Dropped pets N/A Yoshihito Temple MooShu 1) Defeat Great Forest Spirit (Oakheart) in Village of Sorrow
Troll 1 (Troll) Dropped pets Has card (Troll ~ 200-240 damage, Myth, 2 Pips) N/A Shoshun Village MooShu 1) Defeat Plague Oni in Shirataki Temple (Instance)
Yellow Ghost Dropped pets N/A Tomb of Storms Krokotopia 1) Defeat King Shamet Djeserit in Djeserit Family Tomb

heh heh told ya it wuz long rite! i'll post some more later D my wizard101 account is julia griffin
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Easier Time As a Life Wizard 52%
For all you life wizards out there, you know how it's hard to hit hard on a lower level? It starts around level 6, continuing until you hit the higher levels like around 16-22 when you start to learn seraph, centaur, etc. Well, there's a solution to your problems! Have your secondary school be (the school you spend your training points on) Death. This helps because Death attacks either do solid damage or do damage and heal half to yourself. HOPE THIS HELPS!
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More Pets Cheats? 49%
Okay ill try and make this one shorter.

Shard Tail Dragon Special Pets Beckett Magazine Purchase Page 33 Enter Redeem Code into website (1 use only)

Sheep Special Pets 1) Not found from battle. Special gift from KingsIsle to some members.

Black Cat Special Pets Has card (Black Cat ~ 80-120 damage, Death, 1 Pip) 1,500 crowns Spooky Bob in Shopping District Wizard City Available during Halowe'en only

Cupig Special Pets 750 crowns Valentina Heartsong Shopping District, Wizard City Available during Valentine's only

Jack Frost Special Pets ? (crowns) Felix Navidad Shopping District, Wizard City Available during Christmas/Holidays only

Santa's Little Helper Special Pets ? (crowns) Felix Navidad Shopping District, Wizard City Available during Christmas/Holidays only

Wraith Level 48 Pets Has card (Wraith ~ Steal 575 health, Death, 6 Pips) +5% Power Pip Chance N/A Quest School of Death only 1) Become a level 48 Necromancer and complete the quest given by the Professor

Stormzilla Level 48 Pets Has card (Stormzilla ~ 755-835 damage, Storm, 5 Pips) +5% Power Pip Chance N/A Quest School of Storm only 1) Become a level 48 Diviner and complete the quest given by the Professor

Satyr Level 48 Pets Has card (Unicorn ~ 315 health to all, Life, 3 Pips) +5% Power Pip Chance N/A Quest School of Life only 1) Become a level 48 Theurgist and complete the quest given by the Professor

Orthrus Level 48 Pets Has card (Orthrus ~ 50 then 755 damage, Myth, 7 Pips) +5% Power Pip Chance N/A Quest School of Myth only 1) Become a level 48 Conjurer and complete the quest given by the Professor

Helephant Level 48 Pets Has card (Helephant ~ 725-805 damage, Fire, 6 Pips) +5% Power Pip Chance N/A Quest School of Fire only 1) Become a level 48 Pyromancer and complete the quest given by the Professor

Hydra Level 48 Pets Has card (Hydra ~ 220 each fire, ice, & storm damage, Balance, 6 Pips) +5% Power Pip Chance N/A Quest School of Balance only 1) Become a level 48 Sorcerer and complete the quest given by the Professor

Ice Colossus Level 48 Pets Has card (Colossus ~ 600-680 damage, Ice, 6 Pips) +5% Power Pip Chance N/A Quest School of Ice only 1) Become a level 48 Thaumaturge and complete the quest given by the Professor

Osiris Papyrus (Krokotillian) Dropped pets Has card (Krokotillian ~ 315 damage, Balance, 3 Pips) N/A Royal Museum Marleybone 1) Defeat Meowiarty in Big Ben (Instance)

Greater Imp Dropped pets Has card (Imp ~ 80-120 damage, Life, 1 Pip) N/A Triton Avenue Wizard City (Ravenwood Wizard City) 1) Defeat Baron Mordecai (available only during Hallowe'en) 2) Defeat any enemy in the Hallowe'en Tower (available only during Hallowe'en) 3) Defeat Grubbs in Sunken City

Dire Ghoul Dropped pets Has card (Ghoul ~ Steal 180, Death, 2 Pips) N/A Yoshihito Temple MooShu 1) Defeat Death Oni in Tree of Life (Instance

Black Spider Dropped pets N/A Scotland Yard Marleybone 1) Defeat Black Widow in Knight's Court

all thats left that I know about is the vendor pets so here they are quickly

Blood Bat Vendor Pets 250 coins Shopping District Wizard City pet vendor
Brown Spider Vendor Pets 4,000 - 5,000 coins Jade Palace MooShu pet vendor
Death Leprechaun Vendor Pets Has card (Leprechaun ~ 160-200 damage, Death, 2 Pips) 21,600 coins Shopping District Wizard City pet vendor
Dragon Vendor Pets vary with color Shopping District Wizard City pet vendor
Earth Walker Vendor Pets Has card (Earth Walker ~ 420-500 damage, Life, 5 Pips) 30300 coins Shopping District Wizard City pet vendor
Fire Cat Vendor Pets 350 coins Shopping District Wizard City pet vendor
Goat Monk Vendor Pets 4,000 - 5,000 coins Jade Palace MooShu pet vendor
Heckhound Vendor Pets 1,500 coins Krokosphinx Krokotopia pet vendor
Imp Vendor Pets
Krokotillian Vendor Pets 1,500 coins Hidden Shop, Krokotopia pet vendor
Lava Spider Vendor Pets (+ 50 Health and +50 Mana) 8,585 coins Shopping District Wizard City pet vendor
Ninja Pig Vendor Pets 4,000 - 5,000 coins Jade Palace MooShu pet vendor
Piggle Vendor Pets vary with color Shopping District Wizard City pet vendor
Storm Hound Vendor Pets Has card (Storm Hound ~ 120 damage per pip over 3 rounds, Storm, X Pips) 40,000 coins or 14,960 crowns Dragonspyre pet vendor or Prospector Zeke in Dragonspyre
Unicorn Vendor Pets 450 coins Shopping District Wizard City pet vendor

sorry, thats all I know about. again julia griffin hope I helped! =^D
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Draken come alive 49%
Once you have defeated the kracken it takes a while for it to come back so if you go out of the teleport and then come back in the teleport the kracken will be there for you to fight
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Free treasure cards 49%
I just figured out that you play 2 different accounts on the same computer. And also each time you create a new account, you automatically get 101 crowns which is enough to buy booster packs and transform elixirs and nothing else. SO... follow:
1. If you already have a wizard101 account ( your main one) , awsome!
2. Create a new wizard101 account
3. Launch wizard101, login to your main account
4. keep going until you are in the game.
5. Launch a second wizard101, login to your newly created one.
6. Make sure both are in the same realm and area.
7. Add each other as friend.
8. ON YOUR NEWLY CREATED ONE, go to the crown shop, gift the booster pack to your main one ( whatever booster you want, eye of bartleby or marvelous minion, or marvelous reagent or snack pack, just choose one)
9. gift to your main one and go to main one and redeem the stuff
VOILA! Sometimes you can get good treausre cards either sell or use it
By: Bii(227)
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Cheats and Tips Guide 49%
This guide will provide you cheats and tips for the popular MMORPG game, Wizard101.

Read the Guide --> Cheats and Tips [Guide]
By: Toebin(12756)
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How to get rare pets! 49%
For this to work you need midnight sun pagoda. If you don't have one you can teleport to your friends home and if they have midnight sun pagoda you will get rare pets only if you defeat the enemies there. NOTE: you can't do this alone you'll have to get a friend or more to enter it,the more powerful the wizards are the more easier it will get so enter it and you can get 700 exp if you finish the quest there! You can get very rare pets the more you fight. Have fun with the pets!
By: chegue(223)
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Gold tip 49%
If you go to haunted cave every 10 battles you should get enough gold to sell for 5000 up too 10000
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The Bling cheat 48%
When you wanna learn a new spell, just go whre you learn it anb press X and 1 at the same time to learn 2 spells instead of one.
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To be invisible 48%
Here is a cool cheat I learned from my friend.

buy a maple bookcase or something similar. next, have a friend at you house. put the bookcase on your friend so they cant move. then teleport to them.have the friend teleport to you, and repeat once. move the bookcase and you'll be invisible! oh and if you have a pet equipped you will be you pet. but sadly it will wear off after a while. ty for reading and I promise this will work!
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Death school 48%
When you are level 12 and in death school go into waterfall in Commons you need to walk in death door and then you will be in night side then you will find death school death tree and death tower
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Cool, Rare, and awesome pets 48%
Watch the video to see them:
Wizard101 cheat video Cheat Video
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Money fast and easy 48%
How to get money fast and easy
Wizard101 cheat video Cheat Video
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Spells and Pets 47%
This is all the new spells in wizard101, but only some of the new pets!
Wizard101 cheat video Cheat Video
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Secret Shop 47%
This is a secret shop on wizard101 it is real! it is in krokatopia only members can go in and you must have accsess to the spiral chamber in ravenwood! - stephano626
Wizard101 cheat video Cheat Video
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Summoning Orthrus Quest 47%
Wizard101, The Myth quest to summon the Orthrus. For some reason the Wizard101 Staff decided to make the Orthrus' voice the Balance spells. Dedicated to Benjamin for asking me to upload thid! :P
Wizard101 cheat video Cheat Video
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Money 47%
If your character is low on gold here is a good way to get some. 1.Make another character. 2.Go through the intro and stuff until you can go to your dorm. 3.Collect the two plant pots beside your door and put them in shared bank. 4.Then go to your main character and open up shared bank. 5.Take the plant pots out and go to bazaar. 6.Then sell them both.You will get 110 gold out of it. If you repeat this over ten times you will get over a thousand. I hope you guys like this cheat.My character is Nathan Fire Sword!
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More money 46%
Hi well you guys know how when you want more gold younger levels and takes forever well I have a soulution make about 2 other wizards or more then level them up the hard way once there like level 6 or so go to your home and put all your things in the shared bank in your bank (the chest thingie on the left)Do this with both wizards then go to good wizard and sell all the stuff keep doing this and you will have a fortune I know I do try it works!
By: austun(249)
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How to become a level 20 in two weeks without doing quests! 46%
Ok you should go to the haunted cave if only if you defeated lady blackhope then enter triton avenue then click on the compass and you should a word called haunted cave then go to haunted cave and you will only see rotting fodders and field guards you should mostly go to the field guards they are at the end of the haunted cave then move in front of one at you will enter a battle then the more longer you fight the more exp you get! i am not a level 20 yet but i know you can get to level 20 in one week or two! i mostly put a lot of shields in my back pack and i put two healing spells and one attack that is 45 damage! you won't believe how much exp i got! remember if somebody enters the battle with you then ask them to leave or if they don't leave then try to not help them! if it is your friend then just ask them to leave then they will leave of course because they are your friends! if somebody or your friend is on a quest to defeat to defeat a field guard and they enter the battle with you then they should because if you ask them to leave they will say no! i got mostly 48 or above you should fight them in two weeks then you should be level 18 or 19 or 20 and you can learn powerful spells! in your school! if this works don't thank me just vote how you like it to be... level 20 you can evens get new cloths from the shops and you can go to grizzlehelm just talk merle ambrose and go to the bear in olde town and talk to him then he should take you to grizzlehelm and you get to fight another boss good luck! and do you know why i am typing in capital letters? because it is soooo exiting to be a level 20 i am just a level 12 and i do believe that i will reach level 20 in no time! oh and check the hint how to hack gold in wizard101 here in cheatmasters that is my hint too! man i can't wait until i am level 20 you could have so much fun in wizard101 how fight the boss in grizzlehelm over and over and you will be at least 33 or 20 something you will lots and lots and lots of fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! stay on me because i am making a hint how you can make a membership if you are a child in wizard101! do not delete wizard101 never in your life because when you are an adult just use your credit and buy a membership or crowns and finish your account for good and don't give it away! you will mostly be the saviour of wizard city! check my hint how to get a membership if you are a child in wizard101. have a fun life! bye!
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Glitches and priced gold 45%
Ok I got a glitch for you all you have to do is go to the bazar in I think its olde town and go to sell and if you click on one of your items really fast it will be on a higher price NOTE:they do not sell at these price for example 23....123 cool huh! Alright another cheat is sell all your items at the bazar and not the shopping district because at the bazar it sells for more gold example 16 is 45 its awsome I know well thats it ask questions on my moms email adrees my wizard name is ryan ashflame.
By: austun(249)
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Be your pet/mount...or invisible! 45%
1. go to your dorm or house.
2. have a friend with you.
3. put a bookshelf on top of your friend and leave.
4. teleport to your friend.
5. hav your friend teleport to you.
6. teleport 2 your friend again.
7. remove the bookshelf
8. if your outside you will be your mount (if you hav one). if you have a pet equipped, you wil be your pet. if you have neither, you will be invsibe! this really works me and my friends do it all of the time! Julia griffin is my account :)
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FREE Codes! 45%

Log in on
Click on the Redeem Card or Code Button
Click Wizard101 Promotional Codes
Enter the codes in the video
Get a prize!

Wizard101 cheat video Cheat Video
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Free Gobbler Transformation 44%
Hey guys! Heres a cool new free Gobbler transformation code!


Please enter the way it is. No space, capitals, or any other characters. This code still works for 2011. I do not know when will it expire or been used how much times it is allowed.
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Dungeon Boss Battles 44%
If you have more than two wizards in a dungeon and the dungeon tells you to go fight something in another room, allow a maximum of 2 wizards at a time to go inside and start the battle. That way, you won't get any additional minions because the room only counts the two wizards that went in first.
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Buying A Black Cat 43%
Buying a Black Cat On Wizard101
Wizard101 cheat video Cheat Video
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Ultimate running cheat 43%
First hold down the straight arrow then hold striaght arrow and shift at the same time
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Mount forever! 43%
When you get mount ( 7 days or 1 day ) quit the game ( but first use little the mount )
and when you quit the game change the datum one ore more days back ( one day for the mount for 1 day) ( more days 1-6 or 7 for mount for 7 days) and you can do this every time and use your mount FOREVER!

I hope it was helpful :)
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Getting in the world tree 42%
If you can't get in the world tree get a friend who can when he(or she) goes in teleport to them then click the mark location by your compass when you get in
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Hidden schools 41%
I already took all the fire spells from all the schools so for all you pyromancers out there.
Wizard101 cheat video Cheat Video
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Dragon for cheaper 40%
Got to pet store and buy a dragon all brown for like 364 then got to the dye store and dye the dragon all red or any color and you save a 300-400 gp
By: wizard101legend(68)
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Friend codes that gives 2500 crowns instead of 1250 crowns 40%
Hi guys

i have been looking to get more crowns for less and the most common one is the "use the friend code" so I did some research and tried many friend codes and wasted a lot of money then I came across this certain code: 3732D-8L8T4-3949M-LL5LL

if you use this code when you subscribe instead of getting your usual 1250 crowns when you subscribe you get 2500 crowns. to be honest I dont know why you get more with this code, if anyone has has found any friend codes or redeem codes or other codes that give you crowns or extra crowns please dont hesitate to comment

thank you
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Lvl up challenge 40%
Go to pagoda or winter bane or goto any boss fight them at least 5-15 times and you will Lvl up if you are lvl10-19
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How to get tons of pets and two rare pets and armors 40%
Goto a pagoda or a winter bane with a team or alone (Lvl 75-90 advised if gonna solo). Once you beat the whole pagoda you should get a ton of pets (also tc and pet snacks). If you get lucky you should get one part of the armor or get the rare pet (in pagoda) the jade oni. For winter bane it's a lot harder so get Lvl 80-90 friends fire or storm and life type with fire dragon, meteor, tempest, storm lord, forest lord, rebirth, or dryad. You will get lucky if you get any peace of the armor or the rare pet (in winter bane) red cap. Sorry for it being so long
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Promo codes 39%
This isn't actully A CHEAT OR HINT!


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How to get money quick and easy! 39%
First you go to your wizard 101 person the take everything out of your room or house (this works better if you have bought most of the items) then put it in shared bank then delete that person then go to your favorite wizard (person) then go to your home or dorm room and go to your shared bank and everything from that other wizard should be there if not you did something wrong when your done you can go sell it all! thats all for now have fun!
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Cheat codes 39%
To put you codes in go to wizard 101 website. Next log in to your account.Than click Redeem Card Or code.You will have 2 choices Wizard101 gift cards or Wizard101 promtional codes. Click The second choice. Finally you will have enter your code box.

Code - Effect
Gamma - gives a Nacklace
Frog gives - 500 gold (money)
Castle - gives Stained Dresser
Summer Dragon - gives you a summer dragon witch is full grown and comes with a random name
Merle - gives A gem
Wizard - gives a Storm Slithered Amulent
Special Gift - Dark pet if you pick summer dragon you wont get the dark pet
Wizard101 cheat video Cheat Video
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Float 39%
In ravenwood go to the fire tower and charge at fire sheild you will float made by mason redeyes
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Item Stuck Glitch & Inside Closed Item Glitch 39%
Item Stuck Glitch
1. Have friend go next to closed item
2. Teleport to them while they are very close to closed item
3. If it works right you will be stuck in a closed item

Inside Closed Item Glitch
1. Have owner of house click MOVE on an object
2. Tell them to move the object and then stop but don't press put down
3. Go in that spot
4. You will now be inside
5. ( Entertaining with the the cage item :D )
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Pick your wizard tipe 38%
Hint:Make a new wizard and before you take those guestion at the botom left it will say skip the test and then you get to choose.
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Cheapest Dragons (Not Cheap, CHEAPEST!) 38%
Well' you know how they all say if you buy the dragon all white it is cheaper' it's not. The cheapest way is buying the dragon white with BROWN TRIM !
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Victory for fire! 38%
My fire has gotten 200 wins and 0 losses so if you pay attention to how to win you can get that to! get as many power pip chance as possible for 1. and for 2. fire blade and elemental blade possibly bubble to, and for 3 how to beat shields. if the person uses a shield big woop dont cry about it USE FIRE MINION IT'LL TAKE THEM OUT! after if they have NO SHIELDS use heckhound with full pips ( preferably power ) with those blades ( normal and elemental ) then after you use heckhound USE FIRE ELF SO THEY CANT SHIELD FROM IT! and you'll pretty much be invincible THANKS FOR READING THIS PEOPLE I HOPE IT HELPS YOU WITH RANKING UP!
By: riley9856(208)
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How to get myth sprite faster 38%
Hello.i´m here to show you how toshow you how to have beter chance to get myth sprite.wirst,go to unicorn way,then go to near the rattlebone´s tower.there are the a lots of skeletons.with with 3 of them.then go to rattlebones tower an wirst kill the dark sprite,then rattlebone.i not tell that will working ALL times,but try 3-6 times,and it will working! I will give you another tip or hint next week. please,be my friend,i am micthell spritecoin,fire shool,lvl 11,max health 855,max mana 76,i have 1 blood bat,1 imp,1 firecat,7 piggle(one is stray piggle),1 unicorn,1 dragon and 1 myth sprite.and I want to buy another dragon,because I have 2300 gold.and,i m usally in the triton avenue,bazar an the haunted cave.
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The furious Joglo 38%
Hey guys you want 6500 crowns for free (members or crown people only) you need to go to Azteca and defeat Malinowski The Elephant devil then take his treasure chest and just spend 20 crowns you have a grand chance to win 6500 crowns otherwise you will get a Aztecausor
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Lvl up easy 38%
All you have to do is find someone with winter bane dungeon then ask them to take you their . Then go in you will Lvl up after you beat every monster in their you should Lvl. You should only do this with two people Lvl 90 any type should help. Oh th armor you can earn their is good depending on what Lvl you are you can also get red cap pet their.
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Astral TC 38%
I have only just discovered this.
You know how some people know astral spells? (Sun, Star, and Moon spells) Well today I discovered you can get Sun and Star spell treasure cards in the bazaar. Unfortunately they are quite expensive and there are no moon spell TC, but it's very worth it buying astral TC from the Wizard City Bazaar in Olde Town!

Here are the steps to browse for astral TC:
1. Open Wizard101, log in, etc.
2. Head over to Olde Town (you might be on too much of a low level to go there).
3. When you are there the bazaar is on your right hand side.
4. Enter the bazaar and press X near the vendor.
5. When the items that you can buy appear, click on the arrow with a house on it in the top right corner. This will take you to the housing section.
6. Click on the arrow again, this time with the treasure cards icon on it. Here the treasure cards that you can buy will pop up.
7. Click on the last tab, the astral tab. Here you will find some cool Sun and Star spells.
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How to spin when your gone 37%
Push ctrl then arrow key push them the same time go off push open thing come back on there your still spinning!
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Decrease damage cheat :P 37%
When the thing or person you are fighting starts to draw the symbol FOR THE CARD THEY ARE GOING TO USE you must do this quickly just so you know hit the shift and the down arrow key and the spell they use should do less damage some times it does not work but some times it does just keep trying it YOU ARE WELCOME :)
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How to get 100000 gold! (only for those who don't have crowns or memberships) 37%
Trust me this will work you'll be surprised! Go to Wizard101 get a new character you must already have a character or its your problem. Choose any school for your new character I'll choose fire then play the game you'll have to skip the toturial don't worry you'll still get exp then start the game. you will start with Ambrose's quest do all the quests (not in the spiral or firecat alley or cyclops lane) finish your quests (most important part) DO NOT SELL ANYTHING FROM YOUR WIZARD because its the most important part of the cheat then go to your dorm room and take everything from your backpack to the shared bank then go to your created character and then go to your dorm room and go to your shared bank and take everthing from the new wizard101 you have and then go to the bazaar and sell everything you got from your shared bank. If you do this more than once you can get 100000 gold! oh and most importantly DON'T BY ANYTHING! I f you can't understand this cheat well... I can! I guess I'm the lucky one!
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How to get easy gold 37%
First go to the baazar in old town click on the guy that sells things then click sell then it's going to show all your item start at the biggining of all your stuff sell anything that you dont like or that doesn't give a lot of health or mana or it's for other schools for example I am a pryomancer [fire] and I have a hat thats for diviner only [death] I would sell that because I can't use it you will have easy mony in no time aka i'm cody thunderdust level 28 mostly in house or old town
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Jade oni pet 36%
Defeat jade oni a cuple of times and you will get the pet
By: chapo121(1519)
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How to get a heck hound 36%
Go to krokatopia and go on the boat and look for a lizard behind a stand
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Easyer time as a level 45 life wiz if you have money 36%
Soooo, you know Bailey SpiritBlade. Well Im back as Michelle Starstalker.
Well if you have money in the real world, buy the majestic bundle cuz' it gives you some good critical ratings and spells ( including death minotaur, hex, and myth banshee). So heres another thing. Unless you want your computer to possibly get a virus, dont get the crown genorator.
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For wizard101 36%
At halloween you can go to merica tower and you can get the vampire pet hope this help
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Wizard 101 cheats 36%
Cheaper dragons
Get between 300 to 360 gold. Go to the pet shop and select the dragon. It will cost about 850 gold. Change the color to all white. It will now cost exactly 340 gold. Buy the white dragon. Go to the paint shop next door. Paint your dragon a different color for between 240 and 320 gold.
Go to the pet store and get the dragon. Then, change both colors to brown. The price will now be 288 gold. You can go next door after you buy the dragon and change the color at the dyers.
Jordan Gaskamp
Cheaper piggles
Piggles normally cost 890 gold. However, if you change the color to all yellow it will now cost 309 gold. You can then use the paint shop to give it a new color.
Use the following trick to get a Piggle for only 224 gold. Go to the pet shop select a Piggle. Choose one that is all brown with brown trim. After buying it, you can go to the paint shop and paint it with any desired color.
Defeating Field Guards
Become a Myth student or choose Myth as your secondary school. Get to the point were you have a troll. If you have a Myth Trap, use it, then play as a troll. You should be able to defeat a Field Guard with those two moves.
Defeating the Storm Kraken
Use the following trick to defeat the Storm Kraken as a diviner (Storm wizard). Try to have a conjurer (Myth wizard) to help you. Make a lot of defenses. Make sure you have Storm Prism in your deck, and have a Myth type wand.
Make sure your side or the battlefield is full with four wizards. Have yourself as the second person. Let the first person get all the blows. Because the Kraken is Storm, it is weak against Myth. Before the Kraken puts up a shield, attack it with Myth. If you do not have a Myth spell, get the necklace called "Choker Of Ferocity". It adds Myth to your deck (bottom part if you look at through your backpack).
Easy gold
Have one or two friends that are at least level 9 help you battle the Harvest Lord about several times. Then, go to the shopping district and sell items that you do not want.
Create a new character and skip Headmaster Ambrose's tutorial. Once you get to his house, select your "House" button. When you get there, pick up all your house items and place them in your shared bank. Do this about three to six times and you will have 300 to 700 gold.
When at the indicated level, have the listed number of wizards and fight the corresponding enemy to get gold.
Level Number of wizards Enemy
5 2 or more wizards Kraken
10 2 or more wizards Nightshade
15 2 or more wizards Nightshade
18 1 or more wizards Nightshade
20 3 or more wizards Kroketopia final Boss
25 3 or more wizards West or East Counterweight
30 3 or more wizards Big Ben
35 2 or more wizards Big Ben
40 3 or more wizards Oyotomi
42 2 or more wizards Oyotomi
45 4 wizards Ladybirth
48 4 wizards Malistare
50 4 wizards Ravens or Oyotomi
Easy experience
Gave a higher level friend that is at least In Mooshu (Fourth World) and have completed Crimson Fields. Have your friend enter first, then port to him. Finish the quests and you should level up.
Making treasure cards
Go to the library and buy Tough or Keen Eyes treasure cards. Add them to your spell deck, then get in a battle (Lost Souls in Unicorn Way recommended due to the easy difficulty). Right Click a weak card in your deck, then press the "Draw" button. Click on the Tough or Keen Eyes treasure card then click your strongest card.
Skull Riders mini-game
Kill the enemies but do not collect the skulls. Wait for them to appear as enemies again. Kill them again when they fly. Do this repeatedly on a level to get a lot of points.
Secret shop
In Krockotopia, go to the shopping district (directly next to the Oasis). Go to the very end. Go behind a building where there is a beetle. Go back and there should be two posts with lights and a teleporter. When all the lights are lit up you can use the telporter. Go on top of the building (you need a training point for this). Talk to the lizard and he will teach you spells on how to take life from minions. Go inside and talk to that lizard. He sells rare pets until you go to the Krockoshpinx.
Cyclops minion
You must be a Myth wizard and be able to go to Krokotopia. At about level 22 you will get a quest from Cyrus Drake. He will tell you to go to Krokotopia and learn about the Death Pixies from Zan'ne the librarian. Zan'ne will tell you where the Death Pixies are found. Go to the door where the Death Pixies are located. There are three Death Pixies you must defeat. The Death Pixies are Life-type and have 435 life each. Having Death-type treasure cards is helpful. After defeating them, talk to Cyrus Drake. He will tell you to go to Cyclops Lane and talk to a Cyclops. After you talk to the Cyclops he will give you a chant. Go back to Cyrus Drake and repeat the chant to him. He will give you the Cyclops Minion spell.
Buy crowns or have a subscription. Complete all the streets on Wizard City including Col Blvd. Master Ambrose will want you to defeat Lord Nightshade. He will then drop a pirate key. Take it to Master Ambrose and you can now explore Nightside.
Smiths locations
Smiths can be found at the following locations.
Colossus Boulevard: In Hildreth Perch next to the left statue.
Commons: Behind a big tree in the festival park (left side).
Cyclops Lane: Tree behind Nolan storm gate (festival park).
Fire Cat Alley: next to statue to the left outside of Fire Globe Theater.
Golem Court: behind a tree behind Golem Tower.
Olde Town: Left side of nearby house near Gloria Krendell.
Raven Wood: Behind Myth school bench (behind the school).
Shopping District: Behind wand shop.
Triton Avenue: Far down on the left in waterfalls, about 68 steps away from Duncan Grim Water.
Unicorn Way: Hedge maze hiding on the left edge.

No wand or spell book, and skip tutorial
Make a new character. After talking to Ambrose and his owl, go inside the castle when instructed. When Ambrose tells you to confront Malistaires henchmen, do not. Press [Home]. This is the Dorm Teleportation technique. The game does not disable it at the beginning. You will be at your school's dorm. Go out and unlock Unicorn Way. You should be able to duel without spell cards, wand, spell book, etc. Note: It is not confirmed if you can duel, and what spellcards you use.
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Money & exp. (tip) 35%
Go fight the Draken in Triton Avenue. Once you defeat the Draken, you will recieve a slight amount of exp. (depending on how much damage it took from you) and a little bit of gold and maybe some equipment. You can decide to use the equipment or sell it for 10-64 gold.
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Most expancive dragons for less (pet stop in shop dictrict) 35%
Buy white+light brown trim for 313$ than go to dye shop and dye dragon base black and trim red or purple.Black+red trim=223$ to dye black and purple im not sure but anyways dye them that color and there you go a n ormally 1400$ dragon for 536$! under half price!
So try it out and see if you like it, I did this
Hunter Blade
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Geting more crowns 35%
Are you board with out crowns weell I solved your provbem go to cheat engine type in how many crowns you have then buy somthing with it the type that in then click next scan lastly you find an adress then click on it then type in as many crowns as you want!
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Less dragons price 35%
When you get a dragon make the color brown its the cheapet (to me it looks the color gold)if you dont like that color spray paint
By: austun(249)
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Redeem code 2011 35%
Go to the wizards 101 website go to redeem codes and type in panther
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To get free stuff 35%
When you fight the kraken and then when you win you get stuff and if you you fight it alot you get lots of stuff and then you can sell it for a lot of money your you can wear it some times you can get horses our magic flying bromes
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More Crowns! 35%
If you get anything like boss drop that costs crowns like a hat that gives you the spell Storm Elf Who Hoo! you can SELL it for crowns

PS: I know this is true because I got some crowns myself
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How to get a membership if you are a child in Wizard101 35%
Welcome back! Remember the person who told you how to get to level 20? That's me! OK first you you must wait. NOTE: Do it with your mom because your dad will say no! OK you must wait until it is Christmas or your birthday if you forget don't blame me blame yourself well... Bad Luck because to get to Christmas it will be long! Ok if it is your birthday or Christmas and if your mom says that she is going to buy you a present say no before it is to late! If she allows you to have chance you are lucky! Then ask her to buy you a membership on the internet DO NOT SAY 6 month your mom wont accept! well at least say 1 month she will agree trust me! She will use her credit card and buy it for if she only has debit cards well bad luck she should use a credit card ask her to use a credit card DON'T be naughty on your birthday! she will buy you nothing if you are well behaved she will say yes! This hint can be a little difficult so she will go on the internet and buy you a membership if you DON'T say thank you she will never buy you again! Say thank you and give her a hug! Then you can enter the world tree in Ravenwood in Wizard101 and you can access all the worlds but if you access Malistaires world he won't be maybe or he will! Don't fight him yet unless you are tough enough to beat him! Have fun!
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Permanent Transformation Cheat 35%
If you want your transformation to be permanent, go to the crown shop, buy a transformation, and then, when the timer is about to run out, log out of your account for a little while, and then log back in, and your transformation timer will have start over!
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Free mount cheats 35%
First you go to the crowns shop pick any thing you want then you click it and hold it for fifth minutes then log off then log back on and it will be there enjoy this code
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Major Xp 34%
Ok first go in harvest lord and shield and heal and put on blade and stuff ONLY DISCARD YOUR ATTACKS leave only ONE ATTACKING CARD then when you run out of ALL CARDS then use your attacking card you will get like 65 or something xp once I did it on lord nightshade and I got 135 xp.

Hope I helped
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All premotional codes i know 33%
Here are promotional codes that I know

summer dragon works if you didnt use and pet codes
(summer dragon given)

frog works unless another money code is used (gives 500 gold)

wizard magic and I think gamma gives you a (snake slither amulet)
only one may be used.

house,castle and land gives a random house item only one may be used.
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Sprite pet 33%
Deafeat prince allacane firecat ally
By: chapo121(1519)
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Be a ghost 33%
From emily night cloud.Go to your dorm or house take a round pit fire.Then put you or somebody else in it finally go inside the house if the fire is out side go outside if its inside.port to the person in the pit fire then they port to you then you port to them then your both your pet your mount or a ghost to where nobody can see you at all! your friend emily night cloud thanks for reading this bye bye
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How to get to new worlds faster! 33%
Do only story quests not side quests
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Turn invisible for amount of minutes 33%
First buy renforced crates. get a friend. put you and your friends in a crate. then port to a friend. tell the friend to port to you. then if you wanna be a pet. unequip pet then equip again. if you wanna do a mount do the same but you have to be outside. please rate
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How to train pet faster 33%
1.go to petpavillion
2 play pet game and feed pet
3 repeat step 2 a lot .more food will give pet more xp
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Sharkweek 33%
Gives a pretty cool free swift shark mount p
By: awangg0146(16)
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The furious Joglo 33%
Hey guys you want 6500 crowns for free (members or crown people only) you need to go to Azteca and defeat Malinowski The Elephant devil then take his treasure chest and just spend 20 crowns you have a grand chance to win 6500 crowns otherwise you will get a Aztecausor
By: Wizard101Master(16)
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How to double mounts format least a day 33%
First you must have a mount.when you teleport to your dorm or castle put the mount down.then you click it and the pick up sign or the move sign should the move sign and drag the mount fast across the castle or dorm and put it down. The other mount should appear some where.(the fake mount is often darker than the real) this May not work. It worked with my stag but not my raven.
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How to get rare pets 32%
Wait for holidaqys and new people will aperar in shping diestrect
By: chapo121(1519)
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Choose school 32%
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Secret boss in Big Ben 31%
You knw when your fighting the little thing before the bosses you know the milk DONT SPILL IT UNLESS YOU WANT ONOTHER BOSS AFTER YOU FIGHT THEM! (that means you will have to ight him)
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Submit this and you'll get a lava spider! and 1250 crowns! 31%
My code: X67LD-2L462-232LM-LLL98
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How to get to the historys of magic 30%
Go to fight Lady blackhope,fight the reper in dark cave,
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Jail 30%
Put a curse word as something you say then you appear in a jail THEN TELL ALL UR FRIENDS TO PORT TO U
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Blue ghost pet 30%
Defeat general akilles in cyclops lane
By: chapo121(1519)
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Beat quests in firecat alley triton avenue&cyclops quests only for asighned person.(the quests only for the person the guard that you talk with in olde town. when you're done talk to the headmaster & he gives you a letter for collous boulevard. good luck beating the monsters,golden9899
By: golden9899(39)
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Easy pvp wins for storm only so beware ( or storm treasure with you know treasure left over) 30%
This isnt really a cheat more like logic but the first thing you do is get in the match (duh) then you use these spells and no order dont matter. they are elemental blade elemental trap storm trap storm blade then get rid of your weakness with a wand attack (that is if you have a weakness on you) then use these 3 options for 1v1 bolt, kraken, triton and if they didnt shield its game over for them! and for 2v2 or higher keep out the elemental trap and use either 9 pip ( most likely you'll have a couple of power) tempest or use storm lord if you have it that is. well have fun i'm tanner soulcloud lvl 30 commander i'm not warlord because I was hacked :( well have fun and if you see me tell me where you saw this
By: riley9856(208)
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How to get level up fast 29%
You go to unicorn way go to arena then fight after two battles you will get a level up
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Glitch 28%
As you should know there is no balance school in ravenwood go to the entrance of ravenwood and you will see the symbols of the schools go to the ice one and then move back and fourth and you will keep tele back and you can only use it once it does not make your wizard cooler or anything its just fun use it wisely
By: livewire80(30)
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School teacher as card 28%
If you get your final spell and you get all the other spells of the schools of ice storm and fire you can trade your spell for your teacher as a card each teacher leads up to 10,000 damage at most but it gives you a 15 % chance of working I did it and got cyrus but lost my account thnx bye
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Thiefs! 28%
To get behind jail in olde town they say give'em a card for sewer entrance,but instead go to their location when you get a friend before they can delete you.
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How to make your weak wizards strong 28%
Lvl your strong wizards to lvl 40 and get gold and get good itms at bazar then put them in sared bank them make a new wizard and go to shared bank and get the items
By: chapo121(1519)
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Dark fairy queen 28%
If you look around carefully ther is a dark fairy queen in unicorn park. She has stars behined her back
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How to earn money fast and get gold fast and get lvled up fast for lvl 54 - 60 27%
Some good things to fight for some good cloths and gear are the 2 wild claw bosses in Celestia in the Floating land for some good items and drops or just fight malistaire or even the final boss in Celestia to get good items and gear

If your looking forward for some money just fight malistaire,Gurtok demons in malistaire lair quest fire or ice,Jade oni,General in ds, or there is one I think you should get alot of money from its The final boss in Celestia Alot of money from him

If your looking forward to lvl in up fast just defeat Gurtok demon's or do quest in celestia if do them in celestia every quest is like 30% to lvl in up so 30 60 90 120 so its a lvl up its past 100% and I think to lvl up fast just defeat lots of crabs in celestia

Hope I helped bye!
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Promotional codes 26%
Summer dragon- gives you the pet summer dragon (its bigger than normal)
frog- gives you 500 gold
land, castle or house- gives you a house item
Gamma or merle- gives you a storm slitherer gem (that give you a thunder snake)
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Wizard101 540348Where can you find black pearls? i need them for crafting and cant find them any where. Answers: 1
Wizard101 543370Is it true that if you delete any of your crafting quests it messes up any crafting quests after that point? I thought I read something about that at the forums at wizard101. Answers: 3
Wizard101 555285Where are simple vials? Answers: 1
Wizard101 563425Where's the amulet of the night in triton avenu on wizard 101? Answers: 3
Wizard101 588412How do you wait 4 him to come back in the beginning Answers: 3
Wizard101 611653Plz tell me how to unlock other stages than triton avenue and what comes after the research of the librery (trees,and history books...)? plz hel me FAST PLZ Answers: 3
Wizard101 633889Help sunken city Answers: 3
Wizard101 859909I need help I tried to log into my account and it says my account has been deactivated I have done nothing wrong on w 101 I just spent 80 dollars on my account is there any way I can get it back or who do I need to talk to to straighten this out help pls I am a level 60 conjuor pls pls pls help asap Answers: 2
Wizard101 652056Where do you buy a Hydra pet? Answers: 1
Wizard101 665168How and where do you get diamonds? Answers: 1
Wizard101 670944Looking for ninja pig statue with sai Answers: 1
Wizard101 689296How do you get the master of oasis badge? Answers: 2
Wizard101 770478I'm just starting wizard 101 and headmaster Ambrose just went to get my papers filled out. I've been waiting like 5 to 10 minutes. Why is this taking so long? Answers: 2
Wizard101 949309I'm using a mac to play wizard101 but im having trouble using my treasure cards. The Draw button doesn't highlight. Am I doing something wrong? Answers: 1
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