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NHL 09 Cheats for PS3
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NHL 09 PS3 Cheats

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NHL 09

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Created player on be a pro(99 overal) 98%
First you create a player by going to my NHL 09. then go to creation zone,then create player,after that pick skater or goalie. then make your player.(to test him on the ice press start and to save him press circle and hit apply changes and continue.)If you already had a created player you didn't need to do that.Then go back to NHL 09 and select roster management. then select player movement. Move over to the free agent side and scroll down to you see your created player, click on him, go over to the other side find your team and select someone on that team and press square. then go back to the main menu and go to game modes, go to be a pro, go to NHL pro go to new and find your team that you put your created player on go up to the rating you put him at. once you see him press triangle then scroll down and click X on him, pick your expectations and make the game settings how you want them click X, save your be a pro and get on your way.
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Alternate Jerseys 95%
Description: Unlock alternate jerseys for NHL teams

How to unlock: Enter this cheat code:

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Created player on be a pro continued 54%
Also if you go to options and go to gameplay settings choose no line changes(the second one down) you will stay in every game the whole time.(if you foul someone you will go in the penalty box)
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Long awaited Jersey code 50%
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Nhl09 glish goals 41%
Once you have the puck go up to the red line and come back in front of the net with a back hand once the goalie is down
By: loco9979(43)
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How to make the goalie fall over 39%
Go by the goalie when you have the puck and spin in circles until he falls over and when he falls over, shoot.
By: Evilhuio(115)
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Vintage Teams 33%
Enter this:771vin
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Well you are on a powerplay press r3 l2 l1 r1 after you score and it will give you 3 goals
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Win the cup 28%
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First go to the menu and go to the cheat codes place and put in this. WG1HT65E4LDAWG8
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Batters up 23%
Press xxxx up up up
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MY NHL 18%
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During a game press...x, triangle, x, x, x, o, square, o,x,x triangle.
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Online master bates 15%
Its nothing really but if you make your online guy's name MASTER BATES when you play a differnt name comes up...i don't know if there creator's names or what but every game a new name
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25 Trophies
NHL 09 - Position Player Position Player
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile win a Ranked Versus Match locked as the goalie
NHL 09 - Shut the Door Shut the Door
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile get a shutout in a ranked versus match locked as the goalie
NHL 09 - Streaker Streaker
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile win 5 ranked matches in a row
NHL 09 - People Person People Person
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile complete an OTP game with 10 players
NHL 09 - Team Player Team Player
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile play 25 OTP Ranked Matches
NHL 09 - Be A Pro Be A Pro
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile play EA Sports™ Hockey League with a random team
NHL 09 - Play Like The Pros Play Like The Pros
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile execute a created play online
NHL 09 - Big Club Big Club
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile be part of an online team with 15 players
NHL 09 - Online All The Time Online All The Time
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile play 30 Versus Ranked Matches
NHL 09 - Enforcer Extraordinaire Enforcer Extraordinaire
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile win a fight against a non user controlled player
NHL 09 - Media Man Media Man
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile assign any playlist to a game area with the Custom Audio feature.
NHL 09 - Show Off Show Off
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile create and upload a video
NHL 09 - Say Cheese Say Cheese
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile take and upload a screenshot
NHL 09 - Build Your Legend Build Your Legend
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile apply a new screenshot to your hockey card
NHL 09 - Be A Pro Legend Be A Pro Legend
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile unlock your Be A Pro Legend hockey card
NHL 09 - Complete Legend Complete Legend
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile unlock both the Be A Pro and EA Sports™ Hockey League Legend cards
NHL 09 - DEL Victory DEL Victory
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile win a game with a German DEL team on Pro Level
NHL 09 - Russian Superliga Victory Russian Superliga Victory
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile win a game with a Russian Superliga team on Pro Level
NHL 09 - A Defense Pro A Defense Pro
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile achieve an overall Be A Pro rank of A as a Defencemen on Pro Level
NHL 09 - A Center Pro A Center Pro
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile achieve an overall Be A Pro rank of A as a Center on Pro Level
NHL 09 - A Winger Pro A Winger Pro
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile achieve an overall Be A Pro rank of A as a Winger on Pro Level
NHL 09 - A Goalie Pro A Goalie Pro
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile achieve an overall Be A Pro rank of A as a Goalie on Pro Level
NHL 09 - Hat Trick Hat Trick
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile score a Hat Trick with your Be A Pro Character
NHL 09 - Passing Machine Passing Machine
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile get 3 assists in a game with your Be A Pro Character
NHL 09 - Bully Bully
As the lead NHL?? 09 Profile win a fight against another user

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NHL 09 407356What is R3? Answers: 1
NHL 09 388499I'm tired of jer** online... it's been 5-6 times I win the game look my 3 stars... and when I go to my player hub... they say I lost .. but I won 5-0 ... what the hell ? is that a bug or ? it's just happening to me ... and i'm not losing connection because I finish those games ... is there a cheat or something ? Answers: 1
NHL 09 421949Trying to play a friend online but cant. how do we meet up for a game Answers: 1
NHL 09 486544How do you create a league and get the league name accespted? Answers: 1
NHL 09 408676Hi you guys How can you get the Ps3 Network. Answers: 1
NHL 09 417154How do you start a fight? Answers: 2
NHL 09 450193How do I spend the exp points I get in dynasty mode? Answers: 4
NHL 09 470831How to be called up in be a pro the fastest cuz my guy has 67 points in 33 games and hasnt got called up yet Answers: 1
NHL 09 488904How do I double play? Answers: 1
NHL 09 514026How do you hit someone speed burst? Answers: 0
NHL 09 678027I entered a cheat and it will keep showing congrats you entered a cheat and wont let me enter any more Answers: 0
NHL 09 404298On my nhl 09 the lines on the opposite team don't switch and it is on auto what do I do? Answers: 1
NHL 09 422752Can you play two players online for nhl 09 Answers: 1
NHL 09 427592When is the roster update 5 coming out? Answers: 0
NHL 09 435893Can you play against or with other people online when I have a PS3 and they have an x box 360? Answers: 1
NHL 09 462126When I invite a friend on an online game it freezes, and doesen't let us change teams, then after a while of waiting it goes off, this also happens when my friend invites me, Anybody know how to solve this problem? Answers: 1
NHL 09 466315Is there a fantasy draft option in this game? Answers: 1
NHL 09 473048How to keep strategy settings from changing during gameplay Answers: 1
NHL 09 475353Where is Season Mode in NHL 09 for PS3? My brother and I play head to head for a season with 2 user teams. Dynasty Mode only allows 1 user team? How can you play head to head in a full season? Dynasty Mode is only against computer? Answers: 0
NHL 09 483310How do you play against another person in dynasty mode? Answers: 1
NHL 09 498637Can you really get Wayne Gretzky with the cheat Answers: 1
NHL 09 505874Is there a way to save your chat questions, for example I want to play 2 on 2, do I have to type that out each time? Answers: 0
NHL 09 527815How do you costomize your player hub like face and clothing? Answers: 0
NHL 09 527817How do I get a player from khl to my dynasty or just to the nhl: Ray Emery? Answers: 2
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