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NHL 09 Cheats for XBOX 360
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NHL 09 XBOX 360 Cheats

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NHL 09

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Alternate Jerseys 95%
Description: Unlock alternate jerseys for NHL teams, enter this code:

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Cones on the Ice in a Pro Game 95%
How to: In BE A PRO CENTRAL press START to bring up the menu. Select TEAM NEWS and PRACTICE MODE. Choose SKATING DRILL. At the settings screen, back out to the BE A PRO CENTRAL screen and choose PLAY NEXT GAME. Hit A to cycle through all the options and when it gets to the BE A PRO CONTROLS screen press START extremely quickly so that once it loads it starts the without it telling you to 'Press Start.' Start the game and you should have cones on the hockey rink while you play.
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Shootout goal for ps2 70%
Get the puck and come sliding on either the left or right before you get to the goalie spin and press o button to shoot
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Spinarama 69%
To do the spinarama you hold in LT ten do a full spin with right stick
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Easy goals HINT 65%
Take the puck behind the net but as you go behind do a one handed deke. the goal should dive in the crease like its a pass and then you wrap it around and goal.
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Achieve more goals in "Be A Pro" mode with your skater by choosing a better stick combination in the edit your pro section.
1) Choose the stick any brand of stick.
2) Choose the 90 flex rating
3) Choose the blade that gives you the most slap shot accuracy.
This stick works the best when using the wrist shot ironically!
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How to make the goalie fall over 55%
Go by the goalie when you have the puck and spin in circles until he falls over and when he falls over, shoot.
By: Evilhuio(115)
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Easy Goal 54%
Go across the crease causing the goalie to fall over lots of the time or be out of position and its an easy goal with a wrist shot.
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Very easy goal and u don't have to shot 54%
On be a pro be a goalie. go on play next match. when you play the match and your team is on a rush from there zone hold LT and skate to the blue line. then it and 90% chance that your team will score on the rush
By: ozone(21)
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How to score easily 53%
If you r a lefty go to the right side and do a wind up rist shot and aim left, vice versa rightys
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Targets in the net 53%
When your on be a pro go to practice mode and then to shooting drill let it load and then once you get to the shooting drill exit out of it quickly then go to play next game and on the opposing teams net the targets will be in the four corners
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Easy goal 53%
On be a pro mode go behind the net so the puck is behind the post, the skate the other direction a little bit the goalie will move to the other side of the net then score an easy wraparound goal
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Easy goals 50%
As you take the face-off,pass the puck to one of your wingers and keep skating at a slanted position.before the goalie poke-checks go for the back-hand on the other side and BOOM!....GOAL!
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On the opening face-off win it then pass the puck to defender then the other defender then pass the puck to your center.go kinda close to the defender on your right then turn left and go a lil bit around the other defender,stretch your stick to the right then try to shoot around the golie. its easier if your at home and if your guy is right handed. works a few times in a row,but then stop doin it for a while and do it some more.i do this all the time.GO RED WINGS!
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Easy Shoot Out Goal 49%
Go Towards The Net and keep holding the LT button until he skates to the left or right side, as soon as the skater does so you press up on the right analog stick.
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Easy way to score on NHl 09 46%
Go to the left or right side of net,Then cut in and then when the goali goes down sideways shoot the puck high or shoot it right at the goalie glove and it will slid right under the glove 90 percent of the time you do that you will score.
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Easy Be A Pro 99 Cheat 46%
First you make a regular player (skater, goalie) then you put your character on any team you want, on my NHL 09, then go onto player movement, then put your character on any team you want, then go back to Be A Pro Mode, and instead going on (be a Pro) go on NHL Pro and find the team that you put your player on , then you can use him during the season, and he'll be all 99
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Easy goal on allstar 43%
If you are home get the puck in your zone and intersept the puck when you do bring the puck on the left bords and go past goal line then stop go by goalie and stop the shoot. try in pratctice mode before using in game
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Vintage Teams 43%
Enter this:771vin
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Easier goals!!! 42%
Go up the left or right wing five hole and shoot.90% of the time it goes in
By: tayu7890(36)
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Xbok cheats for nhl09 42%

take slapshots into the fivehole
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Shootout hints 41%
Ok, so here is my tip, when you are doing a shootut, here is what I do. When you are about in the middle of the face-off hash marks, do a full circle.Then after you have done tha, do a fake shot,.This will make the goltender do either a butterfly, or do the splits.So, go out and try my tip.

P.S.,,,, Go KINGS!
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Easy goal! 41%
Use your RW! skate down the ice, just when you cross the blueline out on the side go in against the middle, when the defenceman gets alittle close you make a deke out to the side again, then the defenceman should be behind you alittle. Now go down to the line that seperates behind the goal and infront of the goal! Start stear in against the goal! When you are like say 1 guy from the goalie make a deke to the left (out against the field) Then the goalie will think you are trying to go around him! So right after you have make the deke you aim for top corner right side (the side you came from, over the goalie shoulder if he still stands, or over the legs if he trows himself down! If you time this right its a goal 8-10 in a row! But its not that easy if its a human goalie!
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Cheat code 39%
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Spin a rama 36%
To do the spin a rama you use the right control stick if he is left hold it on the side on the left and if he is right hold it on the right side HE SHOOTS HE SCORES
By: ryan17(10)
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Easier Goalie Mode 34%
When in goalie mode make sure you keep your chest centered on the puck and that you make small movements because youdont want to over commit and give a hole side of the net to the player.also dont come out to far because he can deke right around you and never do a desperation save because IT IS A LAST RESORT SAVE>IT IS OVER USED AND YOU ONLY USE IT WHEN YOU ARE ALREADY KNOW YOUR GETTING BEAT!for example if the player goes forehand,backhand,forehand and you went down on the backhand just butterfly slide over to the puck you will save yourself the anger and frustration of getting beat.This will take time and practice to get good at goaltending so dont expect to jump in to it and be amazing.
By: Lightningfan54(35)
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NHL 09 Actual Jersey Code (no lie, legit, I have them!) 33%
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The easiest way to score in nhl 09 33%
Come in on either side of the ice. then you go like you are going to do a wrap around and right when you get to the side of the net you dangle like your going to shot in then the goalie will fall go on the other side on the net and shot and you will score!
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This is not really a cheat its a stategy.
yu go in front of the goalie and you shoot it middle right of left it has a 90 percent chance of going in. I do it all the time
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Easy Goal 33%
An easy way to score when your playing on be a pro mode when your team mate has the puck in the corner cut across the net get your team mate to pass it to you fake a slap shot the loop back around the net and do a rap around.
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Easy save in goalie mode 33%
When the shooter comes down on you at the last second you slide out by clicking RT and he saves it.
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Easy goal 30%
Go down towards the goalie and deke outside then inside then take a wrist shot.
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Fight the goalie 19%
U half to do 3 whole turns around the ice with the puck and then go take a slapshot on the goalie.after this you should be able to fight so press (y) then you will see 2 players befor the controles show up press lb and rb then it shouls work
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Ulimted hitting 19%
If you go close to the boards and press rb and y you will hit him through the glass.
By: Jack
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Awsome goalie for dynasty 18%
Go to gm options the to trade players, go to colombus blue jackets and go to goalies. they have some weird looking goalie named sabrina abarha
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Best cheat !••• 16%
When you go to edit your lines click ls then you will see straitges use them in the game also. Remember live your life like if it was. Your last. Day on earth
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Two goaltenders in the same net at the same time. 13%
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Easy win 13%
Score more goals than the other team and 100% of the time you should win. Remember that 100% of shots that don't go in don't count as goals!
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Fly 10%
Dureing a game press up down left r5ight then let them get the puck your player will fly for 2 sec
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Be a pro 6%
Add growth ratings
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25 Achievements
NHL 09 - Position Player Position Player
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile win a Ranked Versus Match locked as the goalie
NHL 09 - Shut the Door Shut the Door
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile get a shutout in a ranked versus match locked as the goalie
NHL 09 - Streaker Streaker
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile win 5 ranked matches in a row
NHL 09 - People Person People Person
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile complete an OTP game with 10 players
NHL 09 - Team Player Team Player
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile play 25 OTP Ranked Matches
NHL 09 - Be A Pro Be A Pro
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile play EA Sports™ Hockey League with a random team
NHL 09 - Play Like The Pros Play Like The Pros
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile execute a created play online
NHL 09 - Big Club Big Club
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile be part of an online team with 15 players
NHL 09 - Online All The Time Online All The Time
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile play 30 Versus Ranked Matches
NHL 09 - Enforcer Extraordinaire Enforcer Extraordinaire
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile win a fight against a non user controlled player
NHL 09 - Media Man Media Man
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile assign any playlist to a game area with the Custom Audio feature.
NHL 09 - Show Off Show Off
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile create and upload a video
NHL 09 - Say Cheese Say Cheese
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile take and upload a screenshot
NHL 09 - Build Your Legend Build Your Legend
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile apply a new screenshot to your hockey card
NHL 09 - Be A Pro Legend Be A Pro Legend
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile unlock your Be A Pro Legend hockey card
NHL 09 - Complete Legend Complete Legend
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile unlock both the Be A Pro and EA Sports™ Hockey League Legend cards
NHL 09 - DEL Victory DEL Victory
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile win a game with a German DEL team on Pro Level
NHL 09 - Russian Superliga Victory Russian Superliga Victory
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile win a game with a Russian Superliga team on Pro Level
NHL 09 - A Defense Pro A Defense Pro
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile achieve an overall Be A Pro rank of A as a Defencemen on Pro Level
NHL 09 - A Center Pro A Center Pro
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile achieve an overall Be A Pro rank of A as a Center on Pro Level
NHL 09 - A Winger Pro A Winger Pro
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile achieve an overall Be A Pro rank of A as a Winger on Pro Level
NHL 09 - A Goalie Pro A Goalie Pro
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile achieve an overall Be A Pro rank of A as a Goalie on Pro Level
NHL 09 - Hat Trick Hat Trick
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile score a Hat Trick with your Be A Pro Character
NHL 09 - Passing Machine Passing Machine
As the lead NHL® 09 Profile get 3 assists in a game with your Be A Pro Character
NHL 09 - Bully Bully
As the lead NHL?? 09 Profile win a fight against another user

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