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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Cheats for PS2 Page 2
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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed PS2 Cheats

Rating: 4.2/5 VOTE
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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Rating: 4.2/5 VOTE

An awsome strategy for Kazdan Paratus the boss 44%
When you are fighting Kazdan, you rapidly press the purple square button until you throw him back. then use double lightning(it is square square if you have it) til' you're out of energy, and repeat til' you can type in the code thingy and then he should be dead now.
By:Aidan S.
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Star wars the force unleashed 44%
Go to your ship and then go to cheats and say lightsaber (and you should have a
stronger lightsaber) and say han solo (and you can play with him)
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Death star 43%
When you are vesing at-ts if there is a few stones or rocks that are in a pile press triangle once to force all of the objects in to at-ts.
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Aayla 43%
You have the power to unlock Aayla Secura
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Kill flying enemies easy!!! 42%
You use the force grip, drag the enemy above a fall and impale them with your lightsaber.
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Lightsaber 240 38%
Gives every thing you need
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Anikan skywalker 35%
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How to unlock general grevious 33%
The cheat is fourarms
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Thor 33%
Go and get the sith robe.after that get the lightning combat crystal.and then get the light blue then your character should be just like thor(ps2 is better for this).he may not look like thor but he'll look a little bit like him(also to make it better type in cortosis and vergence as cheat codes)good luck!
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The CHOKER 31%
While you press trangle you press L1 to CHOKE the prson.
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To unlock twileck costume. 30%
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Have very much force points 29%
Enter an area where you will fight numbers of enemys,kill some enemys and let the enemys kill you.after you revive at the checkpoint your force points will remain intact. repeat the battle to increase your force points !
By: agilix(249)
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Star wars force unleashed ps2 27%
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Cheat Code 25%
SITHLORD- Darth Vader
SCOUNDREL- Lando Callrision
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Chats 25%
All cheats is in jedi holocron al people is know from jedi holocron

saber crystal locations
top red: felucia first visit. after you defeat the 1st rancor the next checkpoint will be off to your left, go to the right and there will be a large purple/white stone, the crystal is under it.

middle red: raxus prime 2nd visit. one of the rooms after the AT-ST fight. jump on top of the consol in the middle, look around for a ledge on one of the walls, a crystal is on top of it.

bottom red: kashyyk. after you destroy the 1st AT-ST the crystal is behind some burning wreckage.

top green: felucia 2nd visit. after the bullrancor you blast through 2 slime walls. the crystal is on the right behind fungus trees.

middle green: jedi temple 2nd visit. after enter great hall go to right corner.

bottom green: nar shaddaa tie facility. easy to spot.

top blue: cloud city. after you find out senator is kidnapped, look behind the turbolifts.

middle blue: jedi temple 2nd visit. on left side, above the ruble.

bottom blue: raxus prime 2nd visit. after the AT-ST fight destroy the consoles at other end. jump up into the open doors above the empty AT-ST slots.

top purple: felucia 1st visit. after fight with 2 rancors you will face the exit, there should be a bone to your left. cut it, the crystal is inside.

middle purple: jedi temple 1st visit. inside one of the statues.

bottom purple: before you fight kaszden/titan there is a pile of dirt, the crystal is next to it.

top orange: before you destroy the AT-ST on the deathstar, jump on the ledge and go to the side farthest from where you came in.

middle orange: kashyyyk. left of the door that you enter to fight the 2nd AT-ST.

bottom orange: raxus prime 1st visit. before 2nd golem.

Hilt hint -[Star Wars: The Force Unleashed]

PS2 Cheat by: mandalore
Nar Shaddaa: defeat the enemies in the first bar then go out the door. the hilt should be on top of the first arch

Felucia,first visit: kill the two rancor. after cutscene go to left, hilt on top of musroom sticking out of wall

Felucia: after kill bull rancor hilt right in front of exit to next checkpoint

Deathstar: after you cross the first bridge that takes you past the laser there is a door in front of you and one to your left. blast door in front, hilt is inside

Jedi temple,second visit: enter great hall look in rubble on left

Cloud city: first set of windows with ledge, hilt is on left side of ledge

Raxus prime,first visit: after encounter DREXL area has AT-ST head, hilt on ledge few feet left of head. need piece of junk to stand on so you can jump up to get it

Kashyyyk: destroy the AT-ST and the towers before the boss, hilt will be on ground

Raxus prime,second visit: after fight with AT-ST destroy consoles at other end go up through open door over empty AT-ST slot go to window near entrance double jump then Force dash to ledge

PS2 Cheat by: CheatMaster
Cheat: Costumes & Chaos
The following codes unlock costumes not normally earned through stage progression. You can save your game after entering these codes to save the result (holocron costumes only). These codes are for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game only and do not work for the PSP, Wii, or PS2 versions of the game. Also note that should you save the game after you add a costume normally acquired by holocron, that holocron will not appear (even if you haven't acquired it, hence wrecking your score)

MANDALORE - Master Kota Costume (cannot be saved)

PROTOTYPE - Proxy Costume (cannot be saved)

FERRAL - Scout Trooper Costume (cannot be saved)

VICEROY - Bail Organa Costume (cannot be saved)

WOOKIEE - Master Kento Costume (unlocked by holocron)

HOLOCRON - Jedi Adventurer Costume (unlocked by stage progress)

DANTOOINE - Ceremonial Jedi Costume (unlocked by Jedi ending)

KORRIBAN - Sith Stalker Costume (unlocked by Sith ending)
The following codes disable your save (until you reset your system) since they alter the reality of your game (cheating). These codes are for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game only and do not work for the PSP, Wii, or PS2 versions of the game.

MARAJADE - Unlocks Force Combos

LIGHTSABER - Extra Damage effect always on

KATARN - All Force Powers at maximum potency

EXARKUN - Force Push at maximum potency

ADEGAN - Force Saber Throw at maximum potency

MOLDYCROW - All Force combos available

VENTRESS - Aerial Ambush move available

EETHKOTH - Aerial Assault move available

YADDLE - Aerial Blast move available

MASSASSI - Lightning Bomb move available

RAGNOS - Lightning Grenade move available

PLOKOON - Saber Slam move available

KITFISTO - Saber Sling move available

LUMIYA - Sith Saber Flurry move available

DARAGON - Sith Slash move available

SAZEN - Sith Throw move available

FREEDON - Aerial combo move available

OSSUS - All databank entries unlocked

LEGION 501st Legion
AAYLA Aayla Secura
ITSATWAP Admiral Ackbar
CHOSENONE Anakin Skywalker
ACOLYTE Asajj Ventress
DANTOOINE Ceremonial Jedi Robes
NOTIMO Chop'aa Notimo
TK421 Classic Stormtrooper
SERENNO Count Dooku
PAUAN Darth Desolous
ZABRAK Darth Maul
SITHLORD Darth Vader
PALPATINE Emperor Palpatine
MANDALORE General Rahm Kota
SHOCKTROOP Heavy Trooper
ECLIPSE Juno Eclipse
WOOKIEE Kento's Robe
SCOUNDREL Lando Calrissian
T16WOMPRAT Luke Skywalker
STORMTROOP Navy Commando
BENKENOBI Obi Wan Kenobi
INTHEDARK Shadow Trooper
KORRIBAN Sith Stalker Armor
SECURA Twi'lek
GRANDMOFF Unlocks all costumes

PEEDER 1,000,000 Force points
COUNTDOOKU All combos at maximum level
TYRANUS All Force powers
KATARN All Force powers at maximum level
LIGHTSABER Amplified lightsaber damage
CORTOSIS Immunity to all damage
VERGENCE Unlimited Force power
AAYLA Unlock Aayla Secura costume
GRANDMOFF Unlock all costumes
CHOSENONE Unlock Anakin Skywalker costume
DANTOOINE Unlock Ceremonial Jedi Robes costume
PAUAN Unlock Darth Desolous costume
HIDDENFEAR Unlock Darth Phobos costume
DREXLROOSH Unlock Drexl Roosh costume
PALPATINE Unlock Emperor Palpatine costume
MANDALORE Unlock General Rahm Kota costume
NERFHERDER Unlock Han Solo costume
WOOKIE Unlock Kento�s Robe costume
T16WOMPRAT Unlock Luke Skywalker costume
JEDIMASTER Unlock Mace Windu costume
MARAJADE Unlock Mara Jade costume
MARISBROOD Unlock Maris Brood costume
STORMTROOP Unlock Navy Commando costume
BENKENOBI Unlock Obi Wan Kenobi costume
HOLOGRAM Unlock PROXY costume
TOGRUTA Unlock Shaak Ti costume
INTHEDARK Unlock Shadowtrooper costume
HOLOCRON Unlock Sith Robe costume
KORRIBAN Unlock Sith Stalker Armor costume
By: Alfarabi(2)
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Costume glitch 24%
NO matter which costume you use its A COSTUME they dont act any differant
By: SWBF(59)
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How to unlock all of the warriors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 24%
The cheat is blaster
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Get a black lightaber by useing red lightsaber for 50 secs then quit and then ther will be black
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Enter this code to unlock PROXY costume 22%
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New lightsaber 21%
Make a new light saber, newsaber
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Coustume glitch thing 20%
When you put on a costume you dont act any differant like vader you dont walk you still run
By: Boba Fett(760)
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Unlock General Grievous 17%
Press in the cheat screen : grievous than you are able to play as General Grievous leader of the droid army..
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Unlock all lightsaber hilts 17%
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Defeat Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine easily 17%
When you first reach the boss level in the DeathStar, the Emperor orders Vader to deal with the boy (which is the charcter you are playing. I find that annoying). I just keep running away from Vader and useing Force Push, Lightning, or any other Force powers. When I get into a Force lock, I tap the buttons madley! Die, Dark Idiot Stupis Vader! When hes life is depleted, I quikly tap the buttons and kick his butt. After you defeat him, a clip shows the Emperor commanding you to kill Darth Vader. General Kota grabs the Emporer's lightsaber and charges. The Emperor zaps him and Bail Organa shouts 'Help him!' The Emperor is a total @#*!{@$#}! (Sorry about tha language) to kill! I just zap him with Lightning and jump when he zaps the floor. I can easily hit him with my lightsaber. When I'm in a Force lock, I tap the buttons easily. Then, if I'm in a litsaber lock, I tap the buttons madley! It usualy takes me five or ten times to do the action secone. Then, there you have it, you have destroyed the two Sith. Then, watch the clips and relax!

Cheat submitted by: DarkRyyaaan
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General rahm cota glitch 17%
When you fight general rham cota you can use any force power on him
By: Boba Fett(760)
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Life Horogram on Felicua 17%
At the start of the mission where you have to kill Shaak Ti on Felicua,kill the eniemies.When you get to the part where you have to kill the Felicain warriors,kill the ones in the opening.Head to the tunnel.Before you enter,turn left till you see the rock with the plant on top of it.Run past it,and you will see the same rock.Go past this rock and on the other side of the rock is a health horogram.You may have to look at little bit,but ts there.
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Play as Qui Gonn Jinn. 17%
Unlock the Qui Gonn Jinn costume.Make your lightsaber green.Chose the combat crystal that enhances lightsaber damage.There you go!A complete Qui Gonn Jinn costume with lightsaber.
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All light saber hilts 16%
All light saber hilts cheat in the force unleashed : ALL HILTS in rouge shadow
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Play as Ahsoka Tano 15%
Type Padawan in to play as Anakin Skywalker's apprentice, Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars the Clone Wars
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Jump as high as you want 14%
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Unlock all lightsaber hilt 14%
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Lightsaber hilts cheat 14%
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Unlock all levels 14%
Enter this at the cheat menu bluefox
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Warrior 14%
I hit K.O
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Infinite force 14%
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Tranform to all enemis 14%
Allpower in hand
By: freeze65(6)
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Hurrikane 13%
Unlocks all lihtsaber crystals
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Push cheat and float cheat 13%
Float:b twice and hold down c

push with nunchuck and press c
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Double bladed light saber (enter zabarak for darth maul) 13%
Just enter 2saber and if you have Darth maul you can look & be like him!
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Unlock all lightsabre crystals 12%
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Becom invinsible 12%
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Unlock jar jar binks 12%
By: franzangelopere(16)
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Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

All colour lightsaber 11%
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Unlock general grievous 11%
By: franzangelopere(16)
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Uinit 11%
Up left
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Findthemall 11%
Unlock all light sabers
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Frpstqn 11%
This cheat is for autimatic damge without even atacking, and kills about 50 people at a time in 1 second.
This is what your suppose to do, Turn off wii for 2 weeks and never turn on wii in between it for any use, second after you have waited for 2 weeks you turn on wii and make a mii make sure it is a female then name it frpstqn then leave the wii on for a day,
finally you play your game go to cheat menu and type in frpstqn, Then play and this Ultimate cheat will work.
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Unlock all lightsaber Crystals
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Unlock all lightsaber hilt 10%
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Unlock all lightsabers 9%
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Unlock all saber crystals and hilts 8%
Enter jedi
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All saber crystals 8%
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