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Pure Cheats for XBOX 360
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Pure XBOX 360 Cheats

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Tips for Each Race Mode 100%
Race Mode

1: Make sure you make the most out of your kickers. Pull off as many tricks as possible on the big jumps. You can usually pull off a special trick on a kicker.

2: Once you get access to the special tricks, make sure you deplete your thrill bar by boosting (crashing will take away the special and expert tricks) and when you reach a big jump, pull the special trick to practically refill your thrill bar.

3: There are many alternative paths choose the fastest ones (or the ones with the sickest jumps) to get a good advantage.

4: Your stats will affect how you'll do in a race make sure you get the stats really high.

5: There are at least 8 different tricks in each trick level. Pressing the Left or Right bumper when you press a button (not the speial tricks) will give you a different trick that gets you more boo. The modified tricks are as follows:

Up + A + LB/RB = Shaolin
Left + A + LB/RB = 1 Handed Nac
Same if you tilt right
Down + A + LB/RB = Lazy Boy
Diagonally down right + A + LB/RB = Either 1 Handed Can or Pointback
Same for diagonally down left
Up + B + LB/RB = 1 Footed Cordova
Left/Right + B + LB/RB = Running Mom
Down + B + LB/RB = Superman Seat Grab
Diagonally down (either direction) + B + LB/RB = 1 Handed Indy
Up + A + LB/RB = Scorpion Fender Kiss (my fav)
Left/Right + A + LB/RB = Flinstone
Down + A + LB/RB = Skyscraper
Don't know for diagonally down

6: Use your boost wisely. If you use too much, you'll lose access to expert tricks, then you'll lose access to advanced tricks if you keep boosting. Unless you have a special trick ready, don't lose the tricks unless if it's the last stretch or something like that.


1: ALWAYS trick on the jump(s). There are very few, so it's best to trick on them.

2: The turns are tight so you must know when to turn.

3: Again, use your boost wisely. You don't have the risk of losing the good tricks, but you'll get a limited amount of boost.

4: The slightest mistake can have a big effect in Sprint races.

5: Usually the jump(s) are pretty small, so don't go wild.

6: You probably won't get the expert tricks, so don't save your boost trying.

7: And I don't recommend going for advanced tricks, but you can if you want.

8: A high acceleration and handling stat is key for sprints.


1: Power ups are scattered all over the track but try to get the one with the star on it as early as possible it gives you access to special tricks earlier!

2: Every time you complete a lap, your gas gets a little boost, so don't waste your time with all of the jumps.

3: There aren't any bad power ups, so don't worry! Go crazy!

4: Awesome ramps have been added to the tracks allowing you to cash in some points and combos.

5: DON'T use the same tricks over and over again specifically the special tricks. You'll get less points AND less boost for repeats.

6: Whenever you pull a trick, look for the nearest jump. Pull a trick as fast as possible and you'll get combo points. You'll also have a multiplier to add to that.

7: A high trick stat helps a lot in freestyle.

8: REMEMBER: Freestyle is for the tricks, not for racing. Being in last place racewise doesn't affect your score your points from your tricks do.
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General Tips 89%
1) If you can not place in an event, just move on and come back to it later. Winning other events further in the Tour will unlock new parts to beef up your bike. Then come back and ace those troublesome tracks with those upgrades

2) Finishing the World Tour requires you to get 1st place in every event in the 10th stage. Do this, and you will unlock character-specific ATV shells for every character in the game.

3) In Freestyle events, go for the Star powerup as early as possible. The sooner you can pull off a special trick, the better.

4) Holding down a face button while doing a front or back flip will modify your flip and give you even more points/boost.

5) A purely freestlye bike isnít always best for every freestlye track. If you are having trouble winning a freestyle event with a freestyle bike, try your race bike instead. Sometimes being fast over jumps is more important than getting air.
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First fill up your boost bar it might take 1 or 2 minutes but all the tricks you can land the tricks then your bar will be full then press x and that is how you do that
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Wana be gd at freestyles 34%
When you go over a bid hill press a b or y and then press the top right sholder button to tweek it
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Point trick 34%
Keep on pressing you nitrous when you land a jump, try to hit the next jump as fast as you can and keep doing that but make sure that you don't fall or else you start all over, try to get as much doubled points as you can so you can get more points
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All peases for bike is unlouced 31%
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Censured name 27%
Try "negro" as name for your ATV...
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My pure cheats 26%
Stage creator mode :xaxaxbay by:WilliamNash
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Ddc 26%
Stage creator :xabbbay by:WilliamNash
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Csllv mlxv 22%
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Upgrade everything by 60+ 18%
Up, down, R2, L2, left, eft, o, x
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PULSE33T45 18%
You get a full thrillbar when used
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Pure 17%
All Purks DD CC AA BB A In Bike
By: AnthonyClark(17)
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50 Achievements
Pure - Finished an event Finished an event
Complete an event.
Pure - Unlocked Stage 2 Unlocked Stage 2
Successfully unlock the 2nd Stage.
Pure - Unlocked Stage 3 Unlocked Stage 3
Successfully unlock the 3rd Stage.
Pure - Unlocked Stage 4 Unlocked Stage 4
Successfully unlock the 4th Stage.
Pure - Unlocked Stage 5 Unlocked Stage 5
Successfully unlock the 5th Stage.
Pure - Unlocked Stage 6 Unlocked Stage 6
Successfully unlock the 6th Stage.
Pure - Unlocked Stage 7 Unlocked Stage 7
Successfully unlock the 7th Stage.
Pure - Unlocked Stage 8 Unlocked Stage 8
Successfully unlock the 8th Stage.
Pure - Unlocked Stage 9 Unlocked Stage 9
Successfully unlock the 9th Stage.
Pure - Unlocked Stage 10 Unlocked Stage 10
Successfully unlock the 10th Stage.
Pure - Completed Stage 1 Completed Stage 1
Place first in all four events in Stage 1.
Pure - Completed Stage 2 Completed Stage 2
Place first in all four events in Stage 2.
Pure - Completed Stage 3 Completed Stage 3
Place first in all four events in Stage 3.
Pure - Completed Stage 4 Completed Stage 4
Place first in all four events in Stage 4.
Pure - Completed Stage 5 Completed Stage 5
Place first in all five events in Stage 5.
Pure - Completed Stage 6 Completed Stage 6
Place first in all five events in Stage 6.
Pure - Completed Stage 7 Completed Stage 7
Place first in all five events in Stage 7.
Pure - Completed Stage 8 Completed Stage 8
Place first in all six events in Stage 8.
Pure - Completed Stage 9 Completed Stage 9
Place first in all six events in Stage 9.
Pure - Completed Stage 10 Completed Stage 10
Place first in all seven events in Stage 10.
Pure - 1 of a kind 1 of a kind
Build an ATV from scratch in the garage.
Pure - Fully Loaded Fully Loaded
Unlock and then fill all ATV slots in the garage.
Pure - Mechanic Mechanic
Build five ATVs, each with a different engine.
Pure - Flawless Lap Flawless Lap
Complete a lap of a Race event in World Tour without dismounting.
Pure - Flawless Event Flawless Event
Complete a World Tour event without dismounting.
Pure - Tricked Out Tricked Out
Perform every normal trick in a single World Tour event.
Pure - Specialized Specialized
Perform 8 different special tricks in a single World Tour event.
Pure - Freestyler Freestyler
Extend a Freestyle event past the third lap.
Pure - Triple Flip Triple Flip
During an event; pull off a 1080 forward or backward rotation in a single jump.
Pure - Nice Combo! Nice Combo!
During an event; perform a combo of at least 50,000 points.
Pure - Sick Combo! Sick Combo!
During an event; perform a combo of at least 125,000 points.
Pure - Killer Combo! Killer Combo!
During an event; perform a combo of at least 250,000 points.
Pure - You're special! You're special!
During an event; perform every special trick in the game.
Pure - Pure Perfection Pure Perfection
Come first in every event in the Pure World Tour.
Pure - Grease Monkey Grease Monkey
Earn a 1st place with every engine type in World Tour Mode.
Pure - Comeback Kid Comeback Kid
Come from last place on the last lap to win a race event in World Tour Mode.
Pure - Fresh Air Fresh Air
Win a competitive Freestyle event with Fresh tricks only.
Pure - No Messing No Messing
Complete World Tour Mode while participating in a maximum of 42 events.
Pure - Zero to Hero Zero to Hero
Acquire a special trick within 30 seconds of starting a Race event.
Pure - You reckon? You reckon?
Pull a special trick during a Sprint event.
Pure - Two time! Two time!
Perform two special tricks in one jump.
Pure - Hang Time Hang Time
Spend 150 seconds in the air and go on to win the event.
Pure - Learner Driver Learner Driver
Lap another rider during an offline Sprint event.
Pure - No Pain, No Gain No Pain, No Gain
Crash more than ten times and still win a competitive Race or Sprint event.
Pure - Full speed ahead. Full speed ahead.
Hold down the accelerator for an entire competitive Race or Sprint event and finish in first place.
Pure - Show Off Show Off
Win a Race or Sprint event and crossing the line doing a Wheelie on every lap.
Pure - Win Online Win Online
Come first in an online event.
Pure - 5 in a row 5 in a row
Come first in 5 online events in a row.
Pure - Underdog Underdog
Use a class D engine to beat an opponent with a class A engine in a ranked match.
Pure - Online Champ Online Champ
Come first in a online championship.

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