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SimCity Creator Cheats for NDS
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SimCity Creator NDS Cheats

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE
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SimCity Creator

Rating: 4.3/5 VOTE

Cheat List 95%
Description: Insert the specified password below for the desired result. All passwords can be inserted via the options menu.

ANCIENTDawn of Civilization map
BEYONDPost-Global Warming map
DAVINCIRenaissance Map
FEUDALAsia Age map
HEREANDNOWRenaissance map
MODERNGlobal Warming map
MONEYBAGSMaximum money
NEWWORLDAmerican Propsperity map
REBIRTHRenaissance II map
SAMURAIAsia Age II map
SCIFI"Global warming age" map
COLONIAL"American Prosperity Age" map

Industrial Age Maps

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Asian Development Age 81%
DYNASTY for bonus map
SAKURA for excellent map
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Bonus map dawn of civilization 79%
Made a lucky guess: STONEAGE
By: mediumaster(1053)
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Bonus map for European industrial age 74%
And I just asked the question for the password, too. The password is:
I just discovered it by making a wild guess and it was actually the password!
By: mediumaster(1053)
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American Prosperity Age 73%
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99999999 money 63%
Go to otions at screen of were to choose to freeplay or what but go to password then lock the caps to make it easyer then type MONEYBAGS warning this money only goes to freeplay
By: dark shaddow(54)
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How to get out of dept!(onlyif your funds are under $863...) 25%
Just find the budget sheet and raise the taxes.whoa there!dont raise them too high or residence will get stressed out and move out.about 305 people or more will move out a day.
By: gazpachohead(39)
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SimCity Creator 517452How do I get the pollution away? Answers: 8
SimCity Creator 554171How do I reduce pollution without destroying buildings or power plants? Answers: 3
SimCity Creator 465587How do you get people in to your city without there houses being destroyed on the first challenge Answers: 1
SimCity Creator 469511How do I make an eco-friendly city without stopping electricity supplies and raising land values? (P.S: I've tried making parks and trees and using power lines!) Answers: 5
SimCity Creator 544814How do I get past the american prosperity age on challenge mode! i've tried everything I can think of, and the circle dial thing on the main sheet wont move! HELP PLZZ Answers: 8
SimCity Creator 546325How do I complete the renaissance period Answers: 5
SimCity Creator 628290How do you get past the Europen age? I even place police but riots keep on happening. Answers: 4
SimCity Creator 773479How to get power from power plant to building Answers: 4
SimCity Creator 458950How do you get people to move on the yellow places Answers: 4
SimCity Creator 577904How do I make my funding go down Answers: 2
SimCity Creator 586110How do you tell the difference between salt water and fresh water? Answers: 6
SimCity Creator 731757How to unlock more residentals? I'm in the Asien Age I...Please help me! Answers: 1
SimCity Creator 766962What is the password for the Post Global Warming Age? I've put in the password from the cheats page and it says the password is already registered, but the age doesn't show up. Answers: 2
SimCity Creator 781160How do I unlock the other maps on freeplay mode? Answers: 1
SimCity Creator 858985What should I do if the coal plant going to destroyed and destroyed after few years it used? it make my money keeps going down and then negatif..plz help me Answers: 3
SimCity Creator 899333In Global Warming age, my population wont increase anymore. No one builds anything and my R,C,I Chart at the upper left corner are all equal! And I and this allways happend at around my population is 500,000! plese help! Answers: 1
SimCity Creator 885825How do you destroy things such as buildings or roads? Answers: 1
SimCity Creator 903942How do you create apartments in SIMCITY CREATOR DS Answers: 2
SimCity Creator 906088How do you get houses and appartments to appiear? Answers: 1
SimCity Creator 915948How do you get past Global Warming Age? Answers: 1
SimCity Creator 920453I have 300 000 people (56)% and my city isn't poluted and my hole city is full of big buildings and i'm stuck Answers: 2
SimCity Creator 943596How do you cut some of the trees on simcity creator,under the challenge Answers: 1
SimCity Creator 944819How do you get "there's a new notice! Let's go to the mayors office!"? Answers: 2
SimCity Creator 959988How do you stop the pollution? Answers: 1
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